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Drive-In Dust Offs: Silent Madness (1984)

Tales as old as time, Slashers are. Okay, maybe not as old as time, but certainly as old as me, which is close enough. To say the horror market was saturated by the mid ‘80s would be an understatement; every theatre, drive-in, and video store shelf was oozing content involving implements, pretty people, and the dark secret that comes back to haunt them. Speaking of dark secrets that never fail to return, always faddish 3D made a surprising early ‘80s comeback; franchises such as The Amityville Horror, Jaws, and Friday the 13th all threw blurry stuff at blurry screens in the hopes of enticing viewers with varying degrees of success. Converging at the tail end of both, Silent Madness (1984) crams in so much absurdly wonderful plot you’d think the filmmakers were afraid Hollywood was going to stop making movies altogether.

Distributed by Almi Pictures in late October, Silent Madness
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To Horror, with Love: Cinema’s Biggest Genre Fans – Sean Crenshaw from The Monster Squad (1987)

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[Hello, readers! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we here at Daily Dead thought it would be fun to do things a little different this year. We're putting the spotlight on our favorite horror-loving characters from genre cinema, people who have represented our own fandom on screen and, in many cases, helped bring our passion for horror into the mainstream. Be sure to check back here on Daily Dead every day through Valentine's Day for our tributes to some of the greatest horror fans to ever grace the big screen.]

The history of horror movies is full of Monster Kids—those young boys and girls obsessed with all things horror who are, sooner or later, able to put all of their knowledge gathered from hours spent in front of Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolf Man to good use. From Tommy Jarvis in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter to Paula in Neon Maniacs, the genre knows that the quickest way to our horror-loving hearts is through representation and identification: us fans love seeing some version of ourselves on screen acting out the fantasy of standing side by side with axe murderers and fantastic beasts. There are few things more satisfying to a young horror fan than seeing one of our own go toe to toe with a nasty creature and come out on top.

There is no better example of this in all of horror cinema than Sean Crenshaw, the
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Neon Maniacs! Artist Turns Horror Heavyweights into Neon Signs

A few days ago we showed you artist Michael Whaite‘s incredible mash-up of The Shining and Pac-Man, and now we’re back with more eye candy from Michael that has us grinning from ear-to-ear! Below you’ll find some horrific entries in… Continue Reading →

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Kurt Russell to Attend Beyond Fest 2016 for 30th Anniversary 35mm Screening of Big Trouble In Little China

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Beyond Fest must have their check in the mail, because ol' Jack Burton himself is coming to the festival for a 30th anniversary screening of Big Trouble in Little China. Filmmaker James Gunn will be on hand to discuss the cult John Carpenter movie with the beloved actor, and that's only one of many events fans will want to mark on their fall calendars.

Taking place September 30th–October 11th at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles, Beyond Fest 2016 will also feature screenings of Phantasm: Ravager, Phantasm: Remastered, George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead in 3-D, Martin, In a Valley of Violence, The Wolf Man (1941), The Bad Batch, Raw, and City of the Living Dead.

A 4K restoration screening of Romero's The Crazies will also take place, as well as a live performance by composer Fabio Frizzi and his orchestra during a showing of The Beyond: Composer's Cut.
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DVD Release Details for Neon Maniacs, Nightmare, Shakma & More

This Halloween season, Kino Lorber and Code Red will offer horror hounds a nice batch of treats with their DVD releases of Neon Maniacs, NightmareShakma, and Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary.

From Kino Lorber: "Code Red in conjunction with Kino Lorber presents the following October 13 releases only on DVD and Just in time for Halloween!

Neon Maniacs (1986) - Directed by Joseph Mangine $19.95 Nightmare (1981) - Directed by Romano Scavolini $19.95

Bonus: Audio commentary with stars Baird Stafford and make-up artist Cleve Hall, moderated by Filmmaker David Decoteau Shakma (1990) - Directed by Tom Logan and Hugh Parks $19.95

Bonus: Watch In: Katarina's Bucket List Mode Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary (1975) - Dir by Joan Lopez Moctezuma $19.95

Bonus: Interview with Producer Henri Bollinger"

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Hey, Toronto! The Royal Cinema Celebrates Halloween With Rosemary's Baby, Night Of The Creeps, The Bird With The Crystal Plumage And More!

Yep, one for the local crowd here with a quick heads up that Toronto's Royal Cinema has one killer selection of Halloween themed titles screening all week from acknowledged classics like Rosemary's Baby to should-have-been-acknowledged-classics like Fred Dekker's Night Of The Creeps along with the likes of Argento's The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, The Carrier, Neon Maniacs, Poltergeist, and Mister Vampire 3 along the way. Hit The Royal website here for details!...

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New L.A. Slasher One-Sheet Features a Neon Maniac

Okay, so not really. There are no Neon Maniacs on the brand spanking new one-sheet for the upcoming flick L.A. Slasher. Not even the cool Samurai one. However, there is lots and lots of neon to light up your day in the darkest possible way.

From the Press Release

Sales agency Circus Road Films has picked up Martin Owen's horror/satire feature L.A. Slasher. Glenn Reynolds' Circus Road is handling domestic sales.

The film stars Danny Trejo (Machete), Mischa Barton (“The O.C.”), Dave Bautista (Riddick), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Drake Bell (“Drake & Josh”), Brooke Hogan (“Hogan Knows Best”), Tori Black (Not Another Celebrity Movie), and Marisa Lauren (“Superhero Movie”), with the voice of Andy Dick (“News Radio”) as the 'L.A. Slasher'.

Produced by Jeffrey Wright and Daniel Sollinger (Girls Against Boys), L.A. Slasher is a biting, social satire about reality TV and the glorification of
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Cavity Colors to Release New Limited Edition Necronomicon Poster

“Bound in human flesh and inked in blood…” Written by the Dark Ones and containing hellish passages and chilling drawings, the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis takes on a demonic life all its own, as Ash and his friends discovered in The Evil Dead films. Now Cavity Colors is commemorating the book’s storied horror history with a limited edition poster that gets up close and personal with the ancient literary evil.

Featuring a painting of the yellow-eyed, sharp-toothed Necronomicon Ex-Mortis by artist Aaron Crawford, this line of giclee print posters titled “Necronomicon” are limited to 100 and will be officially released this Friday at 5pm Est. This is the latest entry in Crawford’s Neon Maniacs collection:

“An excerpt from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortus…

“Great holes are digged where earth’s pores ought to suffice, and things have learnt to walk that ought to crawl.”

This Friday at 5 pm (est), we are releasing a
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Neon Maniacs (1986) Review

Reviewed By: Chris Wright,

Directed By: Joseph Mangine

Written By: Mark Patrick Carducci

Starring: Alan Hayes (Steven), Leilani Sarelle (Natalie), Donna Locke (Paula), Victor Elliot Brandt (Devin), David Muir (Wylie), Marta Kober (Lorraine), P.R. Paul (Eugene), Jeff Tyler (Wally), Amber Austin (Lisa), James Acheson (Ray), Chuck Hemingway (Gary), Bo Sabato (Manello), Jessie Lawrence Ferguson (Carson), John Lafayette(Thomas), Gene Bicknell (Cozzie)

Neon Maniacs is by far one of the most obvious 1980s B horror films I have seen in quite some time. It doesn’t try to disguise the era at all with the blaring 80s songs, the teen sex, right down to the slightly cheesy monsters attacking people. I honestly don’t see how this movie has fallen by the wayside as I rarely hear any horror fan talk about it in the least in B movie circles. It is far from perfect but it is at least a fun movie.
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Hell Comes To Frogtown Blu-ray Review

Directors: R.J. Kizer, Donald G. Jackson

Starring: Roddy Piper, Rory Calhoun, Cec Verrell, Julius LeFlore, William Smith and Sandahl Bergman.

Running Time: 86 minutes

Certificate: 15

With the 20th Century drawing to a close, nuclear war has wiped out civilization as we know it. The embattled human race’s last remaining hope lies with one man and his loaded weapon. Sam Hell may be an ex-con, but he also happens to be one of the last surviving fertile men on the planet. Now, under the custody of a group of feisty female fighters, Sam finds himself enlisted on a mission to impregnate a harem of beauties. Sounds cushy enough, but the ladies in question are prisoners of Frogtown home to a gang of mutant (and ill-mannered) amphibians!

The film is one I remember discovering as a kid during the height of VHS rental period of the late 1980s. Probably mixed in with
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Code Red Seeing Blu with Shakma, Neon Maniacs, Andy Milligan Titles, and Director's Cut of Sweet Sixteen

Code Red has been going “code blue” of late, releasing the likes of Nail Gun Massacre and Just Before Dawn on Blu-ray. We now know of seven more forthcoming Blu horror titles from the 70s, 80s, and 90s they have in the works to further empty your wallets in the coming year.

We haven’t come across any official word from Code Red regarding these newest offerings so it may be that let the proverbial cat out of the bag by listing these titles for future release the other day. In any event, here are the details:

First up, for the first time ever, a director’s cut of Jim “Forced Entry” Sotos’ 1983 chiller Sweet Sixteen, starring the all-star cast of Aleisha Shirley, Don Stroud, Bo Hopkins, Dana Kimmell, Patrick Macnee, Susan Strasberg, Larry Storch, Henry Wilcoxon, and Michael Pataki.

Sweet Sixteen (1983) - When Melissa Morgan (Aleisha Shirley), a gorgeous big city girl,
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Dust Up (2012)

Written and Directed by Ward Roberts

Featuring Amber Benson, Aaron Gaffey, Devin Barry, Travis Betz, Jeremiah Birkett

As a dumb kid, I spent considerable time camped out in front of cable TV. The programming I begrudgingly missed for school or basic hygiene, I captured with my Vcr set to record the maximum hours allotted on a standard VHS tape.

Poorer quality, sure, but it was suitable for the six hours worth of garbage movies and random junk I recorded on a daily basis. I was, however, able to discover some pretty nifty shit during that wondrous time; films like The Zero Boys, Hunter's Blood, Neon Maniacs, Alligator, Quiet Cool, Waxwork, and Dudes remain staples of my diet to this day. Today, I'm a dumb grown-up, and at the risk of this sounding like an Abe Simpson rant, I feel sorry for kids growing up today. I really do. My growth
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It Came From 19-italo-x: Revenge of the Dead

Note: This week is Italian Horror Week over at WWW.Docterror.Com, which is the blog from which I hail, Dr. Terror’s Blog of Horrors. I’ve cooked up some extra special giveaways, some extremely fun content and a bunch of guest contributors that will make you bleed red, white and green. Stop by, enjoy the festivities. This particular entry is a crossover entry into the It Came From 1980X feature as the title suggests. It’s important to note before we begin that so much Italian Horror and Giallo is stuck on VHS. That isn’t to say that you should appreciate it any less, but that does mean you might need to go an extra step or two to make sure you see ‘em all. VHS is not a dead format. That’s half the reason we write this damn column and why magazines like HorrorHound and
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B-Sides: Baby Lied about the Neon Maniacs

If you remember the movie Neon Maniacs, congratulations, you actually remember the movie Neon Maniacs. I’m getting obscure with this week’s B-Sides, so obscure even finding a copy of this tune anywhere is nearly impossible.

Horror, strangeness, and Eighties tackiness collided head-on in the low-budget 1986 creature feature Neon Maniacs. A gaggle of zombie mutants each garishly gimmicky enough to have been released as Masters of the Universe action figures lurk beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. The only thing that can kill these foul creatures is good ol’ H20. Yep, a little water or a little rain makes these monsters go the way of the Wicked Witch.

You don’t suppose M. Night watched this flick before making Signs?

Neon Maniacs is mostly forgotten today. Fitting, given how forgettable the movie is, aside from the campy designs of its murderous mutants. The song “Baby Lied” isn’t terribly memorable
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Late Night Classics – The Supernaturals

Men in Black III, Hellboy II: The Golden Army and Fantastic Four are big time films that make-up/visual effects artist Bart J. Mixon has had a hand in. His name doesn’t jump out at you like Rob Bottin and Rick Baker, but the man is one of the best in the business. Today we go old school with Bart and look at the southern fried zombie flick The Supernaturals.

Jason Bene: The field of special make-up FX took off in the 80′s. How did you start out in the business?

Bart J. Mixon: I started out as a fan doing make-ups on myself and friends in Houston, Texas, in the ‘70’s. I was a member of a comic book club (the Hcca) and one of the other members new some very basic information on make-up effects – taking life casts with plaster, slip latex casting, etc. – so I
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