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4 Card Games You Can Play with Your Friends

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A rainy day on a vacation or just a boring night with nothing to do can always be spiced up with some fun games. Playing cards has existed since the middle ages, and over time people have come up with a multitude of different ways of using them for entertainment.Some of them are just for fun, while others can be highly competitive and include some gambling. In this article, we will mention some of the best card games that you can try out with a group of friends. Let’s begin.


Blackjack is an American card game that requires a minimum of two players. You will also need an additional player who is willing to be the dealer. Depending on the version of the game and the number of players, blackjack can be played with one to eight standard French decks. The goal of the game is to
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Doors keep opening for ‘Five Bedrooms’ star Doris Younane

Doris Younane in ‘Five Bedrooms

After years of fighting against being typecast as Lebanese or other Middle Eastern characters, actor Doris Younane is in a very happy place in her career.

She’s played a variety of characters, most of no specific ethnicity, in the past five years with recurring roles in Five Bedrooms, The Wrong Girl and Party Tricks plus guest appearances in Secret City, Harrow and Janet King.

“I just want to be seen as an actor in Australia,” she tells If. “I no longer want to be a pin-up for multiculturalism; I have passed that baton on to others. I’ve been really lucky. I think I am a good, solid actor and that’s what has got me through.”

Currently Younane is winning plaudits for her performance as the firebrand Heather in Five Bedrooms, Hoodlum Entertainment’s eight-part comedy-drama for Network 10 created by Christine Bartlett and Michael Lucas.
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Best Las Vegas Movie Moments

When it comes to iconic American Landscapes, the glamour of Hollywood is only rivalled by the thrills of Las Vegas in the hearts and minds of tourists. Which is probably why so many film-makers have used the City of Sin as a set-piece over the years with various films capturing different sides of Nevada’s crown jewel. Here are a few great examples of movies that captured Vegas at it’s heart.

Casino- “Cheater’s Justice”

Martin Scorsese’s under-appreciated classic is set during the Vegas’ heyday where Casino’s were just beginning to make it big and the mob was still trying to get a hand into the lucrative industry. Throughout the movie, you get a feel for how Sam, played by Robert De Niro, managed to get ahead in such a competitive industry. While nowadays online casinos can offer free spins on sign up, back in the day
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The Impact of Young Users on the Offer of Online Casino Games

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Casinos make a lot of money with table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. If you factor in the amount of money that sports betting brings in then that just adds to the massive profits. However, slot machines are the gambling industry’s bread and butter. A report done by the Nevada Gaming Control Board found that casinos in the state made over $7 billion from slot machines between March 2015 and February 2016. In that same period, table games brought in a little over $4 billion while sports betting made about $19.2 million. If you were to take a stroll through almost any casino, you will likely see that slot machines occupy most of the casino floor and there are significantly more people spinning reels than playing table games. You will also probably find that the majority of these slot enthusiasts are from older generations. This also rings true at online casinos where
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Riverdale Promo: Betty's New Nightmare

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Life at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy is about to get a whole lot darker.

Our favorite Final Girl Betty Cooper will need to watch her back on Riverdale Season 3 Episode 7. Her life could be in danger now that she's trapped behind the walls of Riverdale's version of a horror house!

Alice's heart was in the right place by protecting Betty, but she made a bad decision. In what world would Betty be safe being confined to hell on Earth?

Now with the Gargoyle King's influence exposed at the Soqm, her escape is the only chance at survival. Will she make it out or could something sinister happen?

Based on the promo, Betty might be the next victim of this horror movie.

We see a few clips of Betty adjusting to the ordeal of living at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

She's in the same uniform that Cheryl had to wear as a patient,
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7 Best Casino Movies Ever Made

Movies are one of the most important aspects of popular culture that have a strong influence on the general public. Oftentimes, they make certain pop culture phenomena more or less popular.

Movies about casinos and the lifestyle associated with them are an example of this influence. Before casino movies became popular, gambling was thought to be the pastime of the rich. However, nowadays, there are more and more people who enter the gambling world after watching a casino movie, with little prior knowledge. Our advice to them is to start slowly by playing in no wagering casinos and learn something more about the theme on Casinopedia.

So, if you are a movie buff and you are looking for new casino movies to watch in your spare time, check out our list of the ones we always gladly come back to.

#1 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

Let’s start this
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Experience the Same Fun of Casino Games Online

Land-based casinos are what is otherwise known as “brick and mortar casinos”, they have real assets – buildings, hotel, restaurants, and glitzy entertainment centers.

They play host to millions of people who come to enjoy themselves spending money and, hopefully, making some money, as well. Whether you visit The Venetian Casino in Macau, China, with its 3000 game machines and 870 gaming tables, Casino Baden-Baden Germany, South Africa’s Tusk-Rio Casino Resort in the town of Klerksdorp, or whether you check out the venues in Lisbon, Portugal or Oklahoma, USA, Melbourne, Australia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Stratford, UK, or Lyon, France, to mention just a very few, you are sure to find an incredible source of energy. This pulsating pace appears to ignore the difference between day and night, weekdays and weekends, Summer and Winter – as it is all happening in a fantastic 24/7 sounds, movements of wheels, bells, falling cards, shrieking winners and calls of croupiers.
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Film Review: Girls vs. Gangsters (2018) by Barbara Wong

Following the unexpected success of the documentary “Women’s Private Parts”, director Barbara Wong became one of the newest hopes of the female-centric comedy/dramas that had exploded in Chinese and Hong Kong theaters. Despite a string of financial successes that belie the critical response to the films, her 2014 film “Girls” was successful enough to spawn this outright trash fire of a film sequel several years later after a few years of being held in release limbo.

After becoming engaged, Xiwen is persuaded by her friend Kimmy to take a fun Bachelorette Party trip to Vietnam. When Jialan and Jingjing (Wang Shuilin) decide to come along on the trip, a night of heavy drinking leads the three friends to wake up naked on a beach, while two are handcuffed together to a locked suitcase, one has a strange new tattoo and no one can remember what happened the night before.
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Top Licensed Online Casinos

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In the recent past, casinos running on the virtual platform have been on the rise as an emerging trend. They have in turn connected game providers with consumers. Among the benefits you acquire from virtual casinos are signing up bonus package, support services, and loyalty programs.

Every online provider of casino services works each day to build their brand. The brand name is what sells their product in the flooding market, and this has made altered gambling sites to excel in distinct areas. Getting an on-gaming house which has been licenced by the relevant authorities assures you of safety and protection. Some of the top approved gambling houses can be found here:

EU Casino

EU Casino has been authorized by the Malta Gaming Authority and has a well-featured software that protects you from any malware. The support that you get for any inquiries and help
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Fear The Walking Dead season 4 episode 15 review: I Lose People…

David S.E. Zapanta Sep 24, 2018

Fear The Walking Dead season four is shifting towards optimism and hope. Spoilers ahead in our review of I Lose People...

This review contains spoilers.

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4.15 I Lose People...

While one wouldn’t describe Fear The Walking Dead as happy-go-lucky, the show as of late has veered into more optimistic territory. A lot of this can be attributed to Alicia, for making peace with her brother’s killer. In doing so, Alicia has also quelled her demons, in effect pulling herself back from a mounting bloodlust that sought to consume her. Morgan, too, is a peacemaker, a warrior monk intent on pulling fellow survivors back from the brink of self-destruction. Then there’s John Dorie, the sort of
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 Review: I Lose People…

Fear the Walking Dead stretches credibility with one too many plot contrivances.

This Fear The Walking Dead review contains spoilers.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15

While one wouldn’t describe Fear The Walking Dead as happy-go-lucky, the show as of late has veered into more optimistic territory. A lot of this can be attributed to Alicia, for making peace with her brother’s killer. In doing so, Alicia has also quelled her demons, in effect pulling her back from a mounting bloodlust that sought to consume her. Morgan, too, is a peacemaker, a warrior monk intent on pulling fellow survivors back from the brink of self-destruction. Then there’s John Dorie, the sort of silver-lining optimist who believes in the power and purity of true love. So it makes sense that this season’s back half seems to be riding an upward trend of hopefulness that is so unlike
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Fear Twd Recap: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished — Plus, [Spoiler] Is Bitten

Fear Twd Recap: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished — Plus, [Spoiler] Is Bitten
Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s Fear the Walking Dead. Proceed as you might if the Filthy Woman was coming toward you with one of her “pets.”

A hazard of Fear the Walking Dead repopulating itself with characters who are easy to care about is that, when one of them is handed a death sentence, it actually hurts. So it is with some regret that I inform you that Sunday’s “Mm 54” put a ticking clock above the head — and a bite mark in the side — of a Season 4 newbie to whom we were just starting to warm.
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Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Help Less — Plus, the Filthy Woman Opens Fire

Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Help Less — Plus, the Filthy Woman Opens Fire
The strangest, coolest, most inspiring thing has happened to Fear the Walking Dead during Season 4 (the Walking Dead spinoff’s first under its new showrunners): It’s become a series about really flawed characters doing their best to do better. So it was particularly upsetting when, in Sunday’s episode, the Filthy Woman (as you’ll recall we’re calling her until she’s given an actual name) ordered Morgan & Co. to lay off the altruism… or else. And when, as you’d expect, Morgan & Co. didn’t lay off the altruism, she demonstrated just what she meant by “or else.
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Fear the Walking Dead: Lennie James Explains Morgan's Relationship to the "Filthy Woman"

"Blackjack," Sunday's episode of Fear the Walking Dead, showed us more of what the perplexing new antagonist known only as "Filthy Woman" (Tonya Pinkins) is capable of while deepening the mystery of her relationship to Morgan (Lennie James).

Previously, the Filthy Woman had stolen Al's (Maggie Grace)


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Other Links From Fear the Walking DeadLennie JamesTonya Pinkins
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Morgan Is Quick with the Shovel in This Fear the Walking Dead Exclusive

In "Blackjack," the thirteenth episode of Fear the Walking Dead's fourth season, Morgan's (Lennie James) past will come back to haunt him. Right now, Morgan cares about his companions and wants to make sure everyone survives the trip east. But Morgan is like this now because at other times he's been


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Other Links From Fear the Walking DeadLennie JamesMo CollinsMaggie GraceJenna Elfman
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Fear the Walking Dead Photos: No One Left Behind

The group's string of luck may have finally run out.

Morgan, June, and Althea might have found each other, but the rest of the group remains scattered and in imminent danger. Will John, Strand, and Luciana find their way back to the group, or will the Filthy Woman reach them first?

Check out photos of the upcoming episode titled: "Blackjack."

Get caught up and watch Fear the Walking Dead online.

1. Marooned John (Garret Dillahunt) and Strand (Coleman Domingo) find themselves in a precarious situation. 2. Pit Stop - Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 Morgan (Lennie James) and June (Jenna Elfman) continue their search for their friends. 3. Left Alone - Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 June (Jenna Elfman) doesn't appear to be in a talking mood as Morgan approaches. 4. Beer Break - Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 Jim (Aaron Stanford) takes a moment to enjoy a warm one. 5. Left
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Fear The Walking Dead Episode 4.13 Photos and Preview Videos

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"Take what you need. Leave what you don't." Those words have an eerie new meaning after the latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead, and photos and preview videos for the next episode, "Blackjack" feature more dangers of both the living and living dead variety for the assembled survivors.

Fear The Walking Dead Episode 4.13 – "Blackjack": "Strand and Dorie are marooned; Luciana aids a man in need; the group's efforts to help a stranger put everyone in danger."

Season 4B Synopsis: "The first half of season four began with one figure huddled around a campfire, and ended with nine. Characters who started their journeys in isolation collided with each other in unexpected ways and found themselves in one of the last places they ever expected to be...together. In the back half of the season they will explore who they are now – as individuals and as part of the greater
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3 Of The Best Casino Scenes Not Set In Las Vegas

When you think of casinos, we’re sure you immediately think of Las Vegas. The gambling mecca in Nevada is absolutely the most well-known for casinos and adult entertainment anywhere on the planet, and sure, the movie and television industry has had a lot of its productions set there. However, the entertainment business and the gaming industry’s relationship goes much further than Sin City. Here. we take a look at three of the best casino scenes not set in Las Vegas.


Remember this 1990s Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster team-up? Well, this western comedy earned a ton of money at the box-office, and despite its gambling themes, was set well away from the bright lights of Vegas. Released in 1994, Maverick is set in the old west and revolves around Gibson’s title character who is getting some cash together to enter a high-stakes poker game on a boat on the deep south.
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The Best Casino Scenes In Film

Ah, the pull of Las Vegas. Millions upon millions of people journey to Sin City every year – a reported 40 million people travelled to the casino oasis in the middle of the desert in 2017 – and a lot of it is due to how the place is depicted in the movies.

Las Vegas, and casinos in general, have been featured in film pretty much since Vegas was founded at the start of the 20th century. Their allure is constant, an now more than ever with the rise of online gaming industry with some of the best casino sites pulling in thousands of customers on their own around the world every day. In this article, we take a look at casinos in film and three of the best scenes located within them.

Rain Man

Who could forget the award-winning 1980s film Rain Man starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman (in an Oscar-winning turn
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Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Efp reveal 2018 Future Frames directors

The initiative is a showcase for emerging film talents from Europe.

Efp Future Frames, the showcase for emerging film talents from European Film Promotion (Efp) territories, will present the work of ten young directors at Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2018 (June 29-July 7).

The event, a co-production between Efp and the festival, will introduce the filmmakers and their work to the public, industry professionals and press for four days from July 1 to 4. Participants will take part in a master class and meetings with experts from different fields to augment their international network.

To be eligible, films must be Czech premieres and of
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