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Season 2

Water & vuur
Kurt and Samantha are leaving the base for better jobs. The crew meet Dany, the new medic, and Tom, the new young navigator. Anne returns from holiday and meets the new diver Ronald (arrived when Anne was on holiday). Nobody suspects what is going to happen that day.
Strepen zijn zilver, zwijgen Is goud
Jean Louis Hubert has been promoted to lieutenant-colonel. But when he hears that the person he submitted for becoming the new C.O. has been rejected, his mood drops below zero. But the events of the day involving his "papa" turn everything around...
Nieuwe vaders
A young maritime pilot just became a dad and is in 7th heaven. Several hours later Koksijde receives a emergency call... Now that Peter is the new C.O. rules get a bit stricter.
The former CO, now colonel on the general staff, orders a favor to replace his former squadron's desk officer. Ronald discovers that Danny can't cope wit three exhausting jobs and abuses pills. Patrick plays a dirty trick on superstitious navigator Tom but fails to prevent Stef and his other crew-mates to go after a sea-dumped African stowaway's family aboard a Russian cargo ship. This latest illegal stunt forces Peter, who already becomes unpopular over enforcing fire safety procedures, to suspend Stef as crew captain.
Colonel De Jonge eagerly returns to Koksijde base to preside over a died in action diver's memorial sea reef ceremony. Learning that his chooses successor Peter's disciplinary obsession runs his squadron into the ground, as even best mate Stef preferred a transfer, De Jonge takes drastic measures.

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