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the title says it all
disdressed1219 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
i had high hopes for two came back.obviously the ending is predictable,given the title.basically,a group of friends agree to sail a yacht for someone from san diego to vancouver.along the way,they get caught in a massive storm and all but two of them perish.the main focus of the story centres not so much on the storm,but its aftermath.the crew is left adrift in the middle of the ocean and struggle to survive,as they hope to be rescued.of course as days pass,each of them deals with their plight differently and eventually,when they are rescued there are only two remaining alive.that is the gist of the story.i thought it would be a better movie than it was,but it was mostly a bore.most of the actors weren't convincing.then again,they didn't have a lot to work with dialogue wise,so they can't be faulted entirely.the scenes of the storm were pretty exciting,but fairly brief.pre teens will probably enjoy this movie, but if you are in your mid teens and older,don't expect to be too entertained. 3*
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worth watching
karenthomas6111 April 2004
Even though the title and opening sequence give away the ending, this film is still worth watching. Melissa Joan Hart, Jonathan Brandis, Susan Sullivan and Susan Walters give good performances. There is a lot to learn from this film about leadership and survival.

If the producers would change the name of this film and delete the opening sequence, this would be a truly dramatic film.

Nonetheless, it still worth watching for the performances and lessons taught.

With all due respect to Melissa Joan Hart, Jonathan Brandis gave some truly spirited moments in this film, particularly when the characters are finally rescued. Ms. Hart, who is quite talented, could learn to show strong emotion on screen, when it is appropriate.
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Jack-3 August 2005
First of all I am a fan of Melissa Joan Hart so that I've watched the film. The Title "Two Came Back" gives us the ending.Although on the cover we can see Hart and Brandis' picture, so it's not hard to understand "who will come back?".I wish the title changed.On the other hand the movie has a only a few cast.But I can say their performance are well.They play really well. Brandis and Hart are doing whatever they can for survive. I like "survival movies" but this was a little bit simple.Did I expect too much from this movie?? It's not easy to make films, which will be watched by people. It's not a well-done job as well as "Twisted Desire" and "Drive Me Crazy". Heracting has been getting worse.But we don't know the reason, do we?. I think Melissa was good on just in 2 TV-Series: "Clarissa" and "Sabrina" . As a really fan I expect from her better films.But she got married and we don't know if she will continue her job as an actress.Maybe we can see her as a producer like her mom.At what career is Melissa Best? We'll know the answer soon. But it's also worth to buy and see the movie because of Jonathan Brandis, who also has fans from all over the world. Finally, If you have time for you, you can see the movie .
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I just saw this movie yesterday
SongChelsea30 October 2006
I sat down and watched this movie yesterday out of pure boredom. I am not a fan of Melissa Joan Hart, so it was hard for me to watch the entire thing. I am, however, a fan of Jonathan Brandis. I had the pleasure of watching his career from beginning to end. Since we are the same age, it's almost as if I watched him grow up as I did. I miss him and will never understand. But, enough of that, on to the movie. While Brandis' best performance, in my opinion, is a toss-up between his character on Seaquest DSV and his role in Stephen King's It, this performance was pretty top notch for him. He delivered well, considering the poor script and terrible, childish acting from his co-star Melissa Joan Hart. As far as survival movies go, this one is pretty lame. The movie on the whole is not worth one's time unless you just happen to be a fan of Jonathan or Melissa(ugh).
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comquest26 June 2001
'Lost at sea' epics are among my favorite film genres -- especially if, like 'Dead Calm', the story has plenty of action, twists and turns.

'Two Came Back' has some exciting moments, but overall it's just too predictable. The problems begin with the title, which discloses the number of survivors before the movie even begins. Within the first 30 minutes, it's pretty obvious which two characters will make it through.

If you're a teenager who's a huge fan of Melissa Joan Hart, you'll love this film. If not, you're likely to find it way too predictable and boring.
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chicagirl51230 January 2005
Predictable. Hokey. Waste of time. Don't see it.

The title ruins the movie. A lot of their survival tips were completely ridiculous ('don't drink seawater' was the only acceptable one).

The acting was poor, but maybe that was just because the script was cheesy. It's really a shame that Melissa Joan Hart and Jonathan Brandis chose to appear in this movie--they could both do waaaaaaaaaaaaay better. I don't even know if you could say that they were acting--there was no real emotion and zero believability.

If you're a fan of either Melissa Joan Hart or the late Jonathan Brandis, you'll lose respect for them if you see this movie. Avoid it at all costs.
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title is a dead giveaway
mbg4114 July 2007
I saw this movie today on Lifetime. This has to be one of the most predictable movies I have ever seen. If you watch this movie, place bets on who can explain the ENTIRE plot in the first few minutes of the whole movie. It's one thing if a TV movie like this at least has a decent title. Instead, this movie fails to present interesting drama. From the beginning, we all knew which two people would come back. And I've seen so many people say "You won't believe who those two people are who come back!" Right. At least Melissa Joan Hart does a great job. She is not a good actress but she's so good in her TV movies. The other actors are fairly decent. People could watch this movie partly for the overall good acting. More people will watch it to see if it presents an interesting storyline. Unfortunately, that movie doesn't really do that because it's so predictable. The movie isn't as bad as the title though.
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Very Bad
omikkel14 September 2005
Awful acting from everyone, the actors seemed very uninspired (perhaps with the exception of Susan Sullivan as Mom, with an on-screen time of maybe 5 minutes).

The 'effects' were even worse: If you as a want to depict a storm on film, you will have to make sure that the boat involved rocks way more than it would in a small lake with a light breeze, if it is to be at all believable. Which it wasn't.

The soundtrack sounded like bad 80's muzak and was annoyingly present throughout the movie.

The 'plot' was very straightforward, no surprises there - apart from the fact that some of the characters surprised me by being totally out of character.

Steer clear away from this crap.
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I thought it was a good, intense movie with good acting.
Destiny_ELF14 March 2000
Two Came Back is about teenagers who set off to deliver a 60-foot ship to its buyer and get caught in a storm.

This movie is based on a true story (I know 'cos I've read it), and the plot progresses very well. A few of the characters make personality changes subtle and believable, as the mood tensed up.

I didn't think too much of the camera-work though. Sometimes it looked more like a documentary than a movie, with choppy scenes and erratic moves.

I saw it because of Jonathan Brandis, but the movie's really more about Melissa Joan Hart's character. Good movie, and it's got a 7/10 from me.
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Watch the documentary instead, this is terrible.
morphricky1 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
What wanted me to see this movie was the episode of "I Shouldn't Be Alive" told by the survivors when the ship they were on sank and they ended up adrift in shark infested water for days. The actors in the episode were great, they didn't skip out on telling about the horrible details and some of the things they showed were creepy.

How to summon up this movie... it takes a little bit of the original story, removes all the terrifying parts and adds a cheesy love-drama which distracts completely from the horrible event. Who wants to see two idiot men fist-fighting when the boat is sinking? That literally sucked out all suspension. And of course, the first 30 minutes of the movie consists of these characters whining about who loves who.

The acting is also mediocre compared to the "I shouldn't be alive" episode. One of the women barely looks bothered by her injuries, she just whines that her back is aching. They kept the part where one goes delusional and waves the hands, but it just looks goofy because of the terrible acting.

One of the women on the boat dies, but you never really get a feeling she is dying. Besides the leg, she looks pretty healthy and just seems annoyed when they try to help her. When she finally croaks, they just sob a little, then cut and her body is gone from the boat. Of course they didn't show what they did because it would be too "scary".

They also removed the scariest part about the survivor story when one of the men jumps into the water. In this movie, he just jumps into the water and swims off never to be seen again. That's it. Which also spawned the terrible line of "He didn't die - he killed himself."

In conclusion: The movie is just boring, the characters don't look like they are starving or dehydrated. I didn't care for a single person in this movie. It's as if they took a horrible event and then made it so cheesy you wouldn't think it ever happened. Just watch the "I Shouldn't Be Alive" episode instead.
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good flick, overall
Carlos Dux27 June 2001
While the acting in this movie leaves much to be desired if considered under the banner of drama, this is an adventure movie, and as such succeeds at immersing the viewer in the experience. Never mind that some of the sailing and survival details were a bit off. What reviewers and viewers alike so often forget is the the movie as a medium, just like theater, requires a suspension of disbelief, special effects notwithstanding. :)
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jenpowell8516 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
this was easily one of the worst movies ever made. first of all, jonathan brandis - dead giveaway that this will be awful. it was completely unbelievable and she's an "experienced sailor", um OK. they take a trip to deliver something and she goes along with all of these people whose characters couldn't be less developed. the storm scene is ridiculous and everything happens in about 10 minutes. it was like, whatever could go wrong here to make their situation seem more desperate - let's do it. the water that seems to be rushing out of nowhere, the pathetic fight scene, the constant screaming of JASON!, the brunette lady gets hurt, the boat y capsizes, they lose a life raft, they lose another life raft, they can't talk to the coast guard anymore, people fall overboard but are saved becuz the waves there were once there are suddenly non-existent, etc. its completely ridiculous. they get on a life raft, have something to make a tarp out of and also suddenly have something to hold up the tarp but don't have oars? OK. the shark that for some reason was swimming so close the surface? the picture that survived in that girl's pocket and survived completely unharmed? yeah OK. and lastly, after everything that happens in 30 minutes, melissa joan hart's character only takes that she should "learn to accept help from others" from the entire situation? that's it? really? wow. horrible. simply horrible. i can't stress this enough.
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Unrealistic.... yet...
getmeagasmask28 September 2007
Two Came Back is a nifty little movie about some young adults who find themselves at the mercy of the ocean and sun as they float on a life raft after their ship goes down. Two Came Back isn't really a movie to get worked up over, or dedicate an entire night too. It's really the kind of movie where you have some free time, you want to relax, you want to grab those potato chips and onion dip and relax on the sofa with a cold soda and find something decent on television. This movie is that decent thing you're looking for; though not amazing, not even great... Two Came Back isn't bad and is a substantial watch. The movie is unrealistic, and I'm not saying its impossible (I didn't read about the true story but I don't deny it), but if you've been sitting on a dinky rubber raft under constant sun for days and days, you're not going to just get a few new sun freckles, sexy tan, and chapped lips. You're gonna be red as a lobster, there's going to be white residue around your lips... the fact that the movie depicted the young adults as merely whimpering for water after days and days of no shade or drink is highly unrealistic, and even still they would've been in worse mental states and other bad physical conditions. Don't let this ruin it for you, though. Once it's done, you'll turn off the television, sit for a minute, maybe rub a few crumbs off your stomach, and feel at least a little content. I don't recommend spending your money on it though; usually a TV station will show it every once in a while.
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