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Episode List


Season 1

26 Sep. 1983
Diamond Ray of Disappearance
Skeletor uses the Diamond of Disappearance to cause King Randor, Queen Marlena, Men-At-Arms, and The Sorceress all to disappear. Now, He-Man and Teela must find a way to get them back.
21 Oct. 1983
The Cosmic Comet
Skeletor takes control of the powerful Cosmic Comet to destroy Castle Grayskull. To stop him, Prince Adam, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Orko and Cringer seek the advise of the comet wizard, Zagraz.
20 Oct. 1983
The Shaping Staff
Evil-Lyn and Beast Man get their hands on the Shaping Staff, a wand with great power. They cast spells on He-Man and all of his friends in order to take full control of the kingdom.
11 Oct. 1983
Disappearing Act
Orko accidentally sends Adam's sword to the past. Skeletor plans to kidnap Adam to use as bait for He-Man.
6 Oct. 1983
She-Demon of Phantos
Queen Elmora of the planet Phantos, has fallen under the power of Skeletor. He-Man, along with his friends, must rescue her. Unfortunately, Queen Elmora has access to photanium, the strongest metal in the universe.
27 Sep. 1983
Teela's Quest
As much as she loves Man-At-Arms, Teela has always been curious about who her real mother and father were. She seeks the Oracle of the Crystal Sea for answers. Unfortunately, the Crystal Sea is Mer-Man's territory.
30 Sep. 1983
The Curse of the Spellstone
Skeletor steals the Spellstone from its resting place and uses it to control the weather. With He-Man and friends going after the Spellstone, Evil-Lyn attacks King Randor's palace with a being known as the Creeping Horac.
3 Oct. 1983
The Time Corridor
Skeletor and his men go back in time to destroy Castle Grayskull.
29 Sep. 1983
The Dragon Invasion
Skeletor and Beast Man steal baby dragon eggs and use a growth serum on them in order to have them attack He-Man and the others. While He-Man is distracted, Skeletor attacks Grayskull and captures Sorceress inside the Dragon Pearl.
17 Oct. 1983
A Friend in Need
Teela's frail friend, Ileena, wishes she could be braver and stronger. Jarvan creates a potion to help Ileena with her problem, but only if Ileena does his biding.
10 Nov. 1983
Masks of Power
He-Man, Man-At-Arms, and Orko explore the City of the Ancient Ones. Skeletor sends his new servants to the city to retrieve the Masks of Power. Unfortunately, the masks cause the ancient evil rulers, Demos and Tyrella, to return and go after the Sword of the Ancients.
12 Oct. 1983
Evil-Lyn's Plot
Skeletor wants the Coridite from Widget Fortress, in order to make his own armor to match He-Man's. Evil-Lyn disguises herself in order to gain access to it.
10 Oct. 1983
Like Father, Like Daughter
He-Man and Man-At-Arms try to figure out what Skeletor's new plan is. Teela, secretly, follows them.
28 Sep. 1983
Colossor Awakes
Skeletor's new weapon turns everyone to stone and bring statues to life. He seeks to gather enough energy to awaken the giant statue, Colossor.
31 Oct. 1983
A Beastly Sideshow
A carnival comes to the kingdom. Cringer falls for the female cat and follows her into a trap set by Beast Man. He-Man must get him back.
7 Oct. 1983
Reign of the Monster
To release the giant monster, Molkrom, from his crystal prison, Skeletor seeks the Staff of Avion, which resides with Stratos.
18 Oct. 1983
Daimar the Demon
Bored, Orko brings a baby demon out of a spell book to play with. Unfortunately, the demon begins to cause problems for Eternia.
4 Oct. 1983
Creatures from the Tar Swamp
Prince Adam's spoiled cousin, Lady Edwina, comes for a visit and Orko immediately falls for her. To buy love, Orko decides to find a gold medallion that he lost in the Tar Swamp. But Skeletor is beginning to wake the monsters of the swamp.
26 Oct. 1983
Quest for He-man
Skeletor erases He-Man's memory and sends him to another planet. Orko, Cringer, and Ram Man try to find out which one.
13 Oct. 1983
Dawn of Dragoon
Dree Elle, one of Orko's people, arrives and asks for Orko's help in stopping Dragoon from destroying their world. With He-Man's help, Orko faces the danger on his planet, Trolla.
23 Nov. 1983
The Royal Cousin
Jeremy, Adam's kid cousin, comes for a visit. But all he does is cause trouble for everyone. Evil-Lyn and Tri-Klops plan to use this to their advantage.
5 Oct. 1983
Song of Celice
Skeletor abducts Celice, the Singer of Tahryn, in order to awaken the monster Yog and destroy Eternia.
27 Oct. 1983
Orko's Favorite Uncle
The evil wizard, Tauron, uses Orko's uncle, Montork, and his pet, Gark, to attack Castle Grayskull.
2 Dec. 1983
Wizard of Stone Mountain
A young wizard, Mallek, sells his soul to a demon in order to win Teela's love.
19 Dec. 1983
A mysterious sorcerer, Evilseed, uses his magic to cause plants to take control of Eternia. To stop him, He-Man and Skeletor must join forces.
11 Nov. 1983
Ordeal in the Darklands
Proud of her skills, Teela chooses to test her skills in the Darklands against Man-At-Arms wishes. Evil-Lyn kidnaps Mira, the daughter of the Darkland sorcerer, Kor, and frames He-Man for doing it.
4 Nov. 1983
The Return of Orko's Uncle
Orko's Uncle Montork pursuits the wizard, Azrog, to Eternia. Orko, He-Man, and Teela help Uncle Montork stop Azroth before he joins forces with the witch, Spydra.
15 Nov. 1983
The Defection
The sorceress, Sibyline, betrays her former master, the evil Gorgon, and joins King Randor in order to correct what her evil deeds have done. The only one who doesn't trust her is Orko.
14 Oct. 1983
Prince Adam No More
King Randor has always thought of Adam as unreliable. To prove his worth, Adam tries to change his ways.
24 Oct. 1983
The Taking of Grayskull
Skeletor sends Castle Grayskull into another dimension in order to discover its secrets.
1 Nov. 1983
A Tale of Two Cities
After He-Man rescues Princess Rhea from Queen Balina's guards, the queen believes that he is a spy from her rival city, Operon, and captures him. Now, He-Man must fight the queen's champion gladiator to survive.
20 Dec. 1983
Search for the VHO
The Royal Historian, Hovar, and his son, Justin, come under attack by creatures while researching the historic ruins on an island. To help them, Man-At-Arms invents a VHO, which Teela and Adam must get to them before it's too late.
17 Nov. 1983
The Starchild
The Tree People and the Cave Dwellers fight over a child with mystic powers known as, the Starchild.
19 Oct. 1983
The Dragon's Gift
Skeletor tries to cast a spell on King Randor, but Man-At-Arms takes the spell instead, turning him to crystal. To help, the Sorceress sends He-Man and Teela to see the ancient dragon, Granamyr.
6 Dec. 1983
The Sleepers Awaken
Adam and Teela explore an ancient castle that was once ruled by the evil Tyrin and his wife Valtira who have both fallen into a deep sleep for 200 years.
21 Nov. 1983
The Search
Zodac warns the Sorceress that Skeletor is planning to use the Starseed to conquer the universe. He-Man is sent to stop him.
28 Nov. 1983
It's Not My Fault
Podi and Orko accidentally break one of Man-At-Arms inventions and Podi doesn't want to take the blame. She runs away, only to be captured by Rago, who plans to use her to overthrow her father.
2 Nov. 1983
Valley of Power
A thief named Danavas captures the egg of the great Mother Roe in the Valley of Power and upsets her. He-Man and Teela must help her get her baby back.
29 Nov. 1983
Trouble in Arcadia
Adam and Teela come across a secret city called, Arcadia, where the women rule and the men are slaves.
14 Dec. 1983
The House of Shokoti: Part 1
When a mysterious pyramid appears in the desert, He-Man and his friends must investigate.
15 Dec. 1983
The House of Shokoti: Part 2
Stanlan explores the pyramid on his own, only to get caught by the sorceress, Shokoti. He-Man and the others try to save him.
25 Oct. 1983
Double Edged Sword
The Kingdom of Eternia has always been run on the power of Eternium, powerful gemstones. But the power supply is running low and it's up to He-Man and his friends to find more.
7 Nov. 1983
The Mystery of Man-E-Faces
A mysterious man called, Man-E-Faces, attacks the Widgets fortress and takes over as leader. He-Man and his friends stop him and figure out that this man might not be truly evil at heart.
9 Nov. 1983
The Region of Ice
The Ice Lord captures the entire Royal Family, along with Teela and Man-At-Arms. Orko finds out that Skeletor has taken the Ice Lord's daughter and would only trade her back if the Ice Lord brought the entire Royal Family to him.
18 Nov. 1983
Orko's Missing Magic
After one of Orko's experiments goes wrong, his powers are sent to another world, where they fall into the hands of an evil wizard.
22 Nov. 1983
Eternal Darkness
An old sorcerer, Darkdream, escapes his prison with the help of an eclipse. But now the moon has begun to head straight for Eternia, itself.
8 Nov. 1983
Keeper of the Ancient Ruins
Man-At-Arms and Professor Smallen get captured by ancient robots in the middle of desert ruins. Teela and He-Man must help them.
24 Nov. 1983
Return of Evil
An evil Electroid from Orko's dimension, Aremesh, comes to capture Orko because he has a secret that Aremesh wants. Skeletor finds this interesting and tries to find the secret out, himself.
7 Dec. 1983
Return of the Gryphon
Trap Jaw and Beast Man steal the Jewel of the Gryphon and hide it in the Kingdom of Eternia where it is found by a young servant boy, named Thad. When the Gryphon finds out that the jewel is gone, Eternia could be in danger.
1 Dec. 1983
Temple of the Sun
A poor peasant, Nepthu, discovers the Temple of the Sun and uses it's ancient treasure, the Scarab, to become powerful. Now, He-Man, Battle Cat, and Man-At-Arms must stop him before his evil spreads.