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Good old-fashioned dirty-minded fun, even when Jennifer Love Hewitt isn't on screen.
Victor Field20 July 2002
Director David Mirkin used to write for "The Simpsons," which explains why Danny Elfman did the main theme for "Heartbreakers" - a movie that, success-wise, has more in common with The Greatest TV Show Ever than with Mirkin's earlier "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion," and not just because Shawn Colvin makes a guest appearance here as well. Don't get me wrong, it's not nearly as clever - but it IS often as funny. Plus you get to look at Jennifer Love Hewitt a lot.

Mother/daughter grifter duo Sigourney Weaver and JLH are on the verge of splitting up, but agree to do One Last Big Score (isn't it always the way) in order to get out of trouble with the IRS and part sufficiently loaded; Gene Hackman, as a chain-smoking pensionable zillionaire ("His liver spots are positively luminous") is their mark in Palm Beach and also the source of a lot of the fun. In fact, he and an under-used Ray Liotta come close to swiping the film from the leads, but Sig and Love make a good team, each complementing the other - Weaver's the better actress, but Hewitt holds her own; and though the former's attractive, the latter - even in her blonde disguise - is smokin' (something the film never forgets - you get to look at Jennifer Love Hewitt a lot).

The Robert Dunn/Paul Guay/Stephen Mazur script won't win plaudits from the PC brigade; "Heartbreakers" is often a farce in a good sense, but the female characters come off for the most part not as morally upright as their male counterparts (though Hackman's moneybags is by far the most repellent person here). Pacy for sure, and often funny if not always in what the late British DJ Kenny Everett's Cupid Stunt character called "the best possible taste" (witness the oral sex gags early on), there's a distinct slowing down as the tale unfolds and Jen's growing feelings for a potential mark (Jason Lee) makes it more sentimental than cynics would like; the first half of the movie is funnier and edgier than the second. But you get to look at Jennifer Love Hewitt a lot.

In the end, "Heartbreakers" has a tone a bit too much like the likes of "Are You Being Served?" to be a must-view for all; the movie sometimes comes across like a "Carry On" film. Only with a budget. And good performances. And decent writing. And funny. And with a fine soundtrack. Okay, so it's not much like a "Carry On" film, but it does make for a good two hours' watching; Weaver fans will get a particular kick out of her rendition of "Back In The U.S.S.R.", and Hackman fans will enjoy seeing him upstage everyone except for Hewitt's anatomy; I gave this 7 out of 10, but I should have given this an 8 purely on that count. This is one movie that lives up to its title.

And did I mention you get to look at Jennifer Love Hewitt a lot?
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The Con Is On
jhclues16 April 2001
A movie that proves that what you see is not necessarily what you get, as a mother/daughter team con one well-heeled member of the opposite sex after another, in `Heartbreakers,' directed by David Mirkin and starring Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Yes, the con is on, as mom takes ‘em to the altar, daughter seduces ‘em (getting caught in the act by mom, of course), and mom settles for a divorce and some big bucks. For the women, it's like having the goose that laid the golden egg, and all is going well; the bucks are rolling in and Cupid's path is being littered in their wake with the carnage of the men they've despoiled. Then Page (Hewitt), much to the chagrin of her mother, Angela (Weaver), decides it's time to strike out on her own and take down a score for herself. But as fate, luck, chance or what-have-you would have it, at that moment the IRA steps in and not only wipes out their bank account, but hands them a bill for back taxes that far and away exceeds the amount already confiscated. At that point, what's a girl to do, but find another mark. Only this time, it has to be one rich beyond their wildest dreams. And with that, the hunt is on.

An amusing, and at times hilarious comedy, the fact that it works as well as it does can be attributed to two things, by category: Weaver and Hewitt; and Ray Liotta and Jason Lee. For what the movie lacks in originality is made up for with the performances of the aforementioned four. As far as the women, such a pair of femmes fatales you've never seen; Hewitt has it and flaunts it, but she's still overshadowed by the gorgeous Weaver. Looks aside, however, what really makes it cook is their shared if-you-see-me-comin'-better-step-aside, take-no-prisoners attitude, a Mae West meets Kate Hepburn persona that gives their con its zing. Weaver plays it to the hilts, saucy, seductive and sharp as a tack. And not to be outdone by her co-star, Hewitt stays right there with her, by giving a performance that makes you believe that this is a young woman who could actually pull this stuff off. Together, their antics on screen are reminiscent of Lemmon and Curtis in `Some Like It Hot,' or Caine and Martin in `Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.' There's a refreshing lack of pretentiousness about them that really makes them fun to watch.

As for the guys, Liotta gives a sharp performance as Dean, a guy with a hard edge and a soft spot for Angela, and Lee does a notable turn as Jack, a regular guy who finds himself in the eye of Angela and Page's storm. Lee has an especially engaging screen presence, and some of the most memorable moments of the film are in the scenes he shares with Hewitt.

Last, but far from least, Gene Hackman scores some guffaws as billionaire tobacco magnate William Tensy. He gets a bit tongue-in-cheek with his character, who with his tobacco stained teeth and smoker's cough is at the same time hilarious and repulsive. When Angela demurs his attempted kiss, you'd swear you can smell his breath and the reek of smoke from his clothes. And you have to give Hackman credit for this one, because to play this role all vanity had to be stuffed in the closet for the duration.

The supporting cast includes Anne Bancroft (Barbara), Jeffrey Jones (Mr. Appel), Nora Dunn (Miss Madress), Julio Oscar Mechoso (Leo), Carrie Fisher (Mrs. Surpin), Ricky Jay (Dawson's Auctioneer) and Elya Baskin (Vladimir). Director Mirkin must be given credit for his imaginative approach to some fairly unoriginal material, and for making up for it's lack of substance by extracting some top performances from his actors. The real strength of `Heartbreakers,' however, is the fact that it never takes itself too seriously. If you look deep enough, you may find some insight into human nature, but for the most part this is a movie that was made with nothing but fun in mind. It's entertaining, there's some laughs and some nice moments, and it's easy on the eyes. If you let it, it's a movie that will let you off the hook for awhile and show you a good time. And for my money, that's not such a bad deal. I rate this one 7/10.
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Screwball comedy; Hackman steals the show
FlickJunkie-24 November 2001
This screwball comedy brings together some great dramatic actors in unaccustomed comedic roles. The results are mixed (but mostly good), with some terrific slapstick and some pure drivel. Maxine (Sigourney Weaver) and Paige (Jennifer Love Hewitt) are two very slick con artists who find rich patsies and marry them, only to divorce them for big settlements after enticing them into indiscretions. When they get nabbed by the IRS for not paying their taxes, they must score one more time to climb out of their financial mess. The target is chain smoking billionaire William B. Tensy (Gene Hackman) who is dying before our eyes of lung disease. The only question is whether Maxine can get him to propose before he keels over. Meanwhile, Paige is running her own scam on Jack (Jason Lee) who owns a bar resting on prime real estate worth $3 Million.

It is mostly pratfall humor, with lots of sight gags and general nuttiness, which is often uproariously funny. The whole idea that the diminutive Paige could have been spawned from the Amazonian Maxine is implied comedy at its finest, leading us to conclude that Paige's father could only have been a midget.

Gene Hackman completely steals the show as the wheezy billionaire. Hackman, who is one of our national treasures as a dramatic actor, shows magnificent range, and he turns out to be the best comedian of the bunch. Sigourney Weaver is also in rare form brandishing some bodacious outfits and undergarments. She is especially funny as Olga, trotting out impressive broken English and even doing some vocals accompanied by a Russian balalaika band. Ray Liotta gives a lighthearted and funny performance as a chop shop owner who can't get over his love for Maxine, even though he knows she scammed him. Jason Lee's understated nice guy portrayal serves as the perfect counterpart to Jennifer Love Hewitt's bratty vamp. The perennially cute Hewitt still can't seem to transition into grownup roles. No matter how sexy they make her up (and they do quite a good job with her considerable attributes), her pubescent mannerisms and delivery still make her come off as a teenage harpy. In her defense, this is what the role required, but it doesn't do much to move her out of her character rut.

Overall, there is a lot of good fun here that is often dissipated by puerile absurdity. Still, there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, mostly delivered by Weaver and Hackman, that make this a better than average comedy. I rated it 7/10. Fans who like seeing Sigourney and Jennifer in sexy outfits will not be disappointed.
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So cool to watch again and again!!!!!!
inga_cutebaby_ella29 April 2006
What a fabulously funny film!!!! Jennifer love Hewitt and Sigourney Weaver work so well together, and the emotional scenes in the film are so believable. Plus looking at Jennifer love Hewitt in a series of brightly coloured micro dresses is fabulous. You can really tell she is turning from a little bitch to a sensual beauty who cares. Sigourney Weaver is so funny, I was in stitches listening to her as "olga". What I did find confusing though was her constant hair colour and length change. One minute its long and red, the next like a bob and blonde, was it a wig, if so where was the indication!!!! Her rendition of "back in the U.S.S.R" was hilarious yet catchy. Ray Liotta, Gene Hackman and Jason Lee as the love-struck victims are perfectly cast.In the scene where Jennifer Love Hewitt is on the bed "sleeping", and opens her eyes crying, I was and still am choked when I see it. Fab film folks 10/10
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I Loved Heartbreakers!
BettieTeese12 March 2005
Pussy Power is this films message,and Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt are two hot actresses who team up to create Max and Page Conners,a seductively sexy mother/daughter con team who deviously lure men into marriage and then leave them broken hearted,and....Broke. Heartbreakers is a delightful comedy that proves how deceitful a clever woman can be,as Weaver demonstrates as the gorgeous and alluring Max Conners,who targets wealthy gentleman,walks them down the aisle,and then empties their pockets through divorce when she discovers that they have eyes for other women.But the amusing thing about this film is that the other women is Max's sexy younger daughter Page,and she can turn just as many heads as her mother.Unknown to her husbands,Page is trained to seduce them,helping her mother get out of her newest marriage with a few bucks in her pocket,and the freedom to put more foolish men under her spell.Ray Liotta is hilarious as Dean,and Vinnie Stagliano,the ex husband of Max,who is bitter and desperate for revenge when he discovers how much of a bitch his ex wife is.Meanwhile,Page believes she could just as easily lure men into marriage like her mother,and sets her sights on Jack Withroe (Jason Lee)a bar owner who falls in love with her,unaware of her game.But the plot really gets interesting when we learn that Page has a heart and is in love with Jack.The ending is exciting,enjoyable and romantic.Heartbreakers is a fun film for the females,with plenty of eye candy and cleavage for the males!
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one of the most underrated comedies in years
Heartbreakers is one of the most underrated comedies in years. The dialogue is chock full of juicy one-liners. The chemistry between Hewitt and Weaver is fantastic, and Liotta is terrific as a near-parody of his previous mobster roles. Hackman is solid as usual although he isn't given as much funny material to work with.
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One of the funniest comedies of the year. *** (out of four)
Movie-1222 March 2001
HEARTBREAKERS / (2001) *** (out of four)

Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ray Liotta, Jason Lee, Jeffrey Jones, Gene Hackman, Nora Dunn, and Anne Bancroft. Directed by David Mirkin. Written by Robert Dunn, Paul Guay, and Stephen Mazur. Produced by John Davis and Irving Ong. Rated PG-13 (for sexual content and language). Released by MGM Productions.

It is becoming a genuine tradition for movies with sexy stars and seductive content to believe that males of all ages view the world not with their brain, but with the external organ between their legs. "Heartbreakers" does a convincing job at persuading us to agree, if we guy audience members can ourselves get past the ample amounts of cleavage and sexy dialogue inhabiting by this PG-13 rated comedy that contains enough suggestive material and revealing midriffs for many parents to pause over. The film is another mother-daughter story about letting your children grow up-but disguised itself as a hilarious comedy about sensuous swindlers who make their own luck. It makes us laugh because of the irony of its situations, and it makes us smile because of the knowledge of the writing by Robert Dunn, Paul Guay, and Stephen Mazur. "Heartbreakers" is easily one of the funniest comedies of the year.

The film stars Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love-Hewitt as Max and Page, two conniving con artists who use their good looks to get what they want. As the movie opens, Max is married to small-time Jersey womanizer Dean Cumanno (Ray Liotta), but the marriage is short lived when Max shows up at his office the next day only to find her newlywed fooling around with an attractive younger woman-her daughter, Page. The whole act was a setup for a abrupt and easy divorce settlement, with the two double-dealers coming away from the act with their pockets overloaded with three-hundred thousand dollars and a really nice car.

Page is growing up and wants to start a business on her own, but her mother thinks she is not yet ready and finds them both in a demanding circumstance: the IRS needs lots of money real soon from Max and Page. A spiteful agent (Anne Bancroft) explains that their accounts have been drained and criminal charges are about to be pursued. Page coincides to help her mother with one last job in order to pay off the alleged debts. They find the perfect target in Palm Beach, an aging tobacco exec named William B. Tensy (Gene Hackman), who is worth over twenty million. Although neither Page or Max find this smelly chain smoking, old man particularly attractive, Max poses as a Russian aristocrat named Ulga Yevanova, while Page finds her way with Tensy as a revealing housekeeper for his local mansion.

This last job ultimately poses a few problems for Max and Page. Max finds herself followed by Dean, who seeks another martial bliss. Page finds herself falling in love with the kind-hearted owner of a local bar (Jason Lee), who is worth three million dollars. Max wants her to go for his pocketbook, but Page really has feelings for this person-even though romance is against her better judgment. The two must decide how to deal with these situations, all while persuading Tensy to further fall for Max in attempt to pay off the IRS.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sigourney Weaver deliver performances that are both sexy and funny. They are also very well cast; making perfect and believable mother-daughter chemistry. There are also some funny performances from the strong supporting cast. Gene Hackman makes a fool out of himself with a character on the other side of the world from anything he has recently done. The charismatic young actor Jason Lee ("Almost Famous," "Mumford") furnishes a convincing romantic interest-although there is little chemistry between Hewitt and him. Anne Bancroft ("The Graduate," "Great Expectations") fits in with the crowd gleefully. Other small roles from Jeffrey Jones ("The Devil's Advocate," "Sleepy Hollow") as a hotel manager and Nora Dunn ("Three Kings") as a maid framed for house robbing her own employer, are also entertaining.

Director David Mirkin struck out with the 1997 comedy "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion," but here captures the perfect tone for the comic material. Hearty laughs are frequent and big-and it takes a lot to make me

laugh. The film prospers with a script that provides its amusing characters with many active situations and plot twists that are unanticipated and effective. Eventually, however, the film becomes rapped up in a sappy love story that somewhat gets in the way of the comedy. The movie's tone becomes a little too serious, and we end up feeling cheated out of even more boisterously entertaining moments.

When it comes to getting tons of laughs out of the audience, the film prospers with no problems. Hewitt and Weaver make great career moves, especially after they each tried their strings with failed serious films (Weaver's past several "Alien" movies have bombed, and Hewitt could not do a thing with "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer). "Heartbreakers" contains enough effective comic material to warrant more than a single viewing. It is one of the best comedies of the year.
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Romantic Comedy (Not Exactly)
mjw23057 March 2004
The film was billed as a romantic comedy, but I didn't see it that way. It's certainly a comedy (with a little romance) but this is far closer to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels than Pretty Woman.

Anyway, when i watched it i found the film to be one of the best comedies i've seen for years. Its about a sexy mother and daughter pairing of Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love-Hewitt who basically marry men for their money; every character seems to be double crossing every other character, and it makes for terrific viewing.

Each member of the cast puts in a top performance, the characters are all intelligently written and the story is very strong and interesting.

I have to recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good laugh, this is definitely not just a another chick flick, it is a brilliantly funny movie. 8/10
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Utterly delicious!
Cipher-J2 December 2002
Stories this luscious and sumptuous, well directed and seamlessly edited, with characters faultlessly portrayed by an outstanding cast, come along rarely, and this is one of the best. It is so good that there are not superlatives enough to do it credit. The basic setup is that the principal characters, a mother, tantalizingly portrayed by Weaver, and her daughter, multifacetedly portrayed by Hewett, are "artistes confidence" to the core of their superficial existences. They cannot so much as have "lunch" without practicing their arts of the scam, but mainly they work the old "betrothal" game. Mom gets her rich mark to the alter, then even before the marriage can be consummated, the daughter, pretending to be unrelated, exploits the man's foolish libido, resulting in a substantial settlement after mom catches them apparently "in flagrante." But then things start going haywire when the daughter decides to strike out on her own, because the guy she fixes on as a mark is not like other guys at all. How he is not, and how her character develops as a result, makes for two hours of outstanding comedy and drama.
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Extraordinary Love Comedy
ebiros214 October 2012
Funny how easily guys can be fooled by women, but this movie is all about that. Tragically some women can't be trusted, especially when they're working on man's weakness, by using temptation.

The movie takes maximum advantage of all the funny things that can happen when a mother and daughter team of marriage con goes out to dig the gold out of rich men. Unfortunately, the daughter falls for incorruptible decent bar owner. But the plan is still to con the guy into being seduced by the mother (who's pretending to be the cousin of her own daughter) on the night of the wedding of the daughter to the bar owner.

The movie is a comedy but hits close to home about how men can be conned by having wool put over their eyes in the name of love, and by some forceful means. That's what makes this movie an extra delight to watch.

The movie is actually a love comedy with a twist, and lives up to both the comedy, and romance aspect of the story as well.

Jennifer Hewitt and Sigourney Weaver puts on great performance as well as the supporting casts.

Great movie that I wish they made more of its kind.
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Great fun!
PizzicatoFishCrouch17 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Mercenary mother-and-daughter Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love-Hewitt have cruised their way through life by cheating money out of various men with the tactic of mother marrying rich man, then conveniently catching him with another woman, the strategically placed daughter. This way only gets them so far, when, fresh of such a con with Ray Liotta, their hard earned cash is taken right out of their hands from their dear friends the IRS, and they decide to target the big guns in the form of multi-billionaire Gene Hackman.

With a tacky premise such as this, it may seem somewhat of an embarrassment to have some talents (and Jennifer Love-Hewitt) involved. But it pays off surprisingly well. Heartbreakers is not a film that tries to be revolutionary in any way, just good entertainment, and that it is. Weaver is hilarious as the old-age goldigger, and Gene Hackman coughs and curses appropriately through his carcinogenic, repulsive richman. But for quality comedic turns, the best is by Ray Liotta, as the resentful ex who refuses to forgive and forget, who apes his own GoodFellas turn, freaky style, with laugh-out-loud consequences. From the younger actors, Jennifer Love-Hewitt is less capable, her constant bitchy act getting somewhat annoying. Her love interest, played by Chasing Amy's Jason Lee, is more likable, utterly adorable in his naivety and dedication (some would say stupidity) to his wretched girlfriend, who originally only pretends to be interested in him for his money, but ends up falling for him.

I'd like to think that Heartbreakers had set out to be more than a generic comedy, and to be a film with a few lessons to teach about love. However, in its 2 hours, it ends up using the standard template. Girls tricks boy, girl falls in love with boy, girl regrets mistake, etc. For that, the film seems pretty average. There are severe plot holes and thinly sketched characters too, plus the fact that the women's aspirations can fall from billions to millions in the space of seconds – it just doesn't make sense. There are additional problems that blaze out so obviously that they are impossible to ignore. But for the most part, this is a superior romantic comedy, with some excellent moments. A key one is when Weaver, keen to prove that she is, ahem, Russian, does her rendition of The Beatles' "Back in U.S.S.R." There are some snappy one-liners, amusing physical comedy (Gene Hackman dying never seemed so funny). The direction is nothing special, but the stars raise their mediocre material and aim for comedy heaven, often reaching it, in a deeply entertaining, sometimes sweet, movie.
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Surprisingly delightful
foundsomefun21 October 2007
This is a witty, clever and fast paced comedy. It was one of those unplanned viewings. I was scrolling through the online guide and thought "why not". Bravo to me for watching. The comedy reminded me of two great comedies... "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" from back in the 60's (I watched as a repeat in later years) and "Young Frankenstein".

Ray Liota missed his calling. He is wasting his time always playing a bad guy or thug. He should really be concentrating on comedy. For me he stole the movie. Maybe because I wasn't expecting him to be so spot on with his timing and his facial expressions.

Sometimes the music in a movie misses the mark but this time it really enhanced a scene. I highly recommend it. It was such a pleasure to watch a movie that didn't have gratuitous sex or nudity or over the top foul language. It was just fun and this movie relies on writing and acting to carry it and not nudity, sex and vulgarity.
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Overall funny and carried on by great performances.
insomniac_rod4 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"Heartbreakers" is a surprisingly good comedy that has been overlooked for it's simple plot. The situations are funny and creative, and so are the dialogs. I think this is a really funny movie with great performances. I watched it on late, late cable and I don't regret.

Watch "Heartbreakers" if you are in the mood for a light, fast paced Romantic Comedy with an edge. It deserves more recognition.

The acting is really great and that's what makes this movie. Sigourney Weaver shines in her role; I didn't know she had such great comedic skills. Ray Liotta also shines even with minimal on-screen time. He's always great. Gene Hackman proves once again he's one of Hollywood's most talented actors; the man is hilarious! Jason Lee also does what he can but come on! how can you go wrong when all you got to do is make out with Jennifer Love Hewitt? Which, by the way, she's the main reason to watch this movie. She's extremely hot, unbelievable. She's curvy, voluptuous, and sexy. I really dug the scenes where she wore sexy, tight mini dresses. Her legs are perfect. Oh my. She's probably the hottest woman in the business.
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A really funny romantic comedy.
Jack the Ripper188821 May 2002
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was really funny. I saw it maybe eight times when it was in theaters. The first time I saw it, I didn't know what it was about, but all I knew by the end of the first five minutes was that it was really funny. I almost died laughing about twenty times during the film.

PLOT (spoilers): Max Conners (Sigourney Weaver) and her daughter, Page (Jennifer Love Hewitt, I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER) are professional cons. Max marries a man, and then Page sets him up to cheat, then they walk away, after a divorce settlement with half of the guy's money. After heisting a rich, Italian, mob-boss like car dealer (Ray Liotta, HANNIBAL), they head for Palm Beach, where they begin a con on billionaire, William B. Tensey (Gene Hackman, BEHIND ENEMY LINES). But complications arise when Page begins falling in love with a bartender (Jason Lee, DOGMA) who may actually have feelings for her.

After the story gets moving, things get really funny. The story is fresh, and different. A rare movie gem that makes us laugh all the way. It is really rare nowadays to find a movie that actually entertains us with good, original humor. Unlike so many other comedies, HEARTBREAKERS did not crash and burn at the box-office (partially due to me, because I went and saw it so many times at the cinema).

See this film if you are a fan of good romantic comedies. This is a film that entertains us with loads of humor and some dramatically touching moments. Also, look for Jeffrey Jones (SLEEPY HOLLOW) in a small role as a hotel manager. I'm also glad we got to hear John Lennon's song 'Oh my love' in this film. HEARTBREAKERS: 5/5.
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An Excellent Comedy
atzimo16 April 2006
'Heartbreakers' is one of the greatest comedies of the last ten years. You can say that everything works great in the movie. The story is interesting, the laughs are plenty and the acting is top notch.

Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt play mother and daughter who con rich men into marrying them, to divorce them soon after for a hefty divorce settlement. For their last con they go to Palm Strings, where they are faced with their biggest challenge ever.

Gene Hackman is probably the funniest in the movie, playing a retired businessman fanatical with smoking. Ray Liotta is also extremely funny proving his unlimited talent in a role that is almost a parody of his mafia roles. Jason Lee is the weakest in the movie, not bad really, but rather uninteresting and not that funny.

'Heartbreakers' is a rare comedic gem. The story is interesting and funny and this is quite and achievement as the only comedies of the last years that were able to maintain that, were the first three Farelly movies.
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Great movie and very funny at times
korgpaxkorg26 April 2018
Great movie that shows you not everything is as true honest as it seems. A team of mother and daughter play the perfect duo to work their way through easy money from men that fall in the trap and are charmed by these two. The movie has humour as well and really funny at times.Really enjoyed it
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Entertaining well made comedy
davispittman25 April 2017
Heartbreakers (2001) starring Jennifer love Hewitt, Sigourney Weaver, Ray Liotta, and Gene Hackman is a very funny well done comedy about conwomen mother and daughter. I loved the casting, Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer love Hewitt play their roles very well and they have good on screen chemistry as a team. Ray liotta is alright I guess, his role is super duper important but he's alright, and then Hackman is funny in what little of a role he has. The script has its definite funny moments and I was never bored with what was happening, I never checked to see if the film was getting close to being over. What these women do is one of them will start seeing a very wealthy man, eventually marry him, and then the other will seduce the man hours or a day after, the other woman walks in on it, then divorces him and they get a huge load of money to play around with. I thought it was a pretty well thought out good premise. The movie has some real romance mixed in not just conning and pretending. What real romance did happen was natural seeming and the chemistry worked. Overall, this is a pretty funny film that I think just about anyone would enjoy and it's got an A list cast that does a great job with the well put together writing. 8/10 for Heartbreakers.
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This is almost worth going to see just because of Jennifer Love Hewitt!
paul_supercala12 May 2002
Much to my surprise, this movie is actually very funny and entertaining! It's about a mother/daughter con team of Max and Page (played by Sigourney Weaver of `Aliens' and Jennifer Love Hewitt of `Can't Hardly Wait') who prey upon wealthy men with the mom as bait and the daughter as cheating material to end the marriage in a fraudulent divorce. Therefore, they get half of everything he owns, which tides them over until the next poor sucker is tracked down. And these are supposed to be the good guys (or girls)? Just like `Hannibal', you end up rooting for the main characters, regardless of their motives. While this seems to work fine for them on a rich chop shop owner named Dean (Ray Liotta of `Goodfellas') and tobacco tycoon William Tensy (Gene Hackman of `Enemy of the State'), they run into a unexpected problem when Page falls for a bar owner named Jack (Jason Lee of `Chasing Amy') and actually grows a conscience on their supposed `last con'. Meanwhile, Dean tracks the two down and uncovers their scam. Due to the hilarious performances by Liotta and Hackman, and the amazing turn for Hewitt (from the dreadful `Party of Five'), this movie stayed on track and kept the laughs rolling. While this could've fizzled in so many spots, it managed to turn itself into one of the most surprisingly enjoyable comedies in a while, possibly due to director David Mirkin's (Romy and Michele's High School Reunion') fast-paced, yet lighthearted touch.
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Cute comedy
Walls Of Jericho9 April 2001
First, before I get into the review itself, let's get this out of the way. For all those guys who debated seeing this movie because it looks like a chick film, but you really like Jennifer Love Hewitt.....GO SEE IT! Trust me, she is hot in this film. Not just hot, but smoking hot. I mean hot enough for you to cry in pain at how unfair life is hot. So hot she might as well have wore a nun costume in "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" because she was never as hot as this. There is no excuse for you not to see this, as well as BUY it (Not rent) on DVD or VHS when it comes out. Oh, and if you like Sigourney Weaver, the same goes for you. But I can only speak for Love fans.

As far as the film, I liked it. I thought the comedic chemistry between the characters was on target, and while it wasn't roll on the floor funny, there were some pretty amusing bits. A lot of risque humor of course, and I was surprised this got a PG-13 rating. You might want to keep the kids home for this one. The Gene Hackman character was funny, especially regarding his obsession to smoking. I thought Weaver and Hewitt had good byplay as a mother/daughter who just tolerate one another. The plot is easy to figure out as to where it's going, but it's funny along the way and that's what matters. And Jason Lee was really good as the average guy who has to put up with the coniving ways of the Hewitt character. Overall, a good way to spend a couple hours at the movies.

By the way.......did I say how hot Jennifer Love Hewitt was?.......
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Better than average black comedy has amusing highlights...
Doylenf12 May 2003
A black comedy with the accent on sexcapades. I caught this one quite by chance on cable and intended to switch channels if I found it boring. I didn't switch--not that it's something you should rush out and see, but it's got some very funny bits of business supplied by Gene Hackman (as a disgusting old man) and Sigourney Weaver, funny when she's impersonating a Russian chanteuse.

It's a tepid variation on the "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" theme and this time it's a mother-daughter team who make an unforgettable pair of schemers. A scantily clad Jennifer Love Hewitt is a bit irritating as a vampish daughter who can't make up her mind whether to pursue Jason Lee or not. Lee seems willing to take whatever he can get from her, regardless of her abusive treatment.

Much of it is very amusing if you can accept the fact that none of the characters are exactly likeable. Gene Hackman has a comic field day as a man with a hacking cough, dingy teeth and deathly pallor who finds himself being pursued by Sigourney Weaver who is after his wealth--what else? One of the funniest scenes has Weaver (with thick Russian accent) having to get up and perform with a balalaika band at a night spot.

Moves at a brisk pace with some funny pratfalls and plot twists that will keep you watching until the predictable fadeout. Good light entertainment for a rainy day.
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Surprisingly Clever Film About Filthy, Dirty Women
gavin69427 August 2006
There was a rumor in high school that I had an incredible crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt, presumably based off my love of the movie "Can't Hardly Wait". Well, that rumor was false. But if I had seen this movie in high school (a temporal impossibility), things might have been different.

This film stars Hewitt, alongside Sigourney Weaver, as a pair of black widows who con men into marrying them so they can reap the divorce money. What is not so interesting is the plot (clever, but nothing special). It's the impressive list of guest stars they con along the way: Kevin Nealon, Ray Liotta, Jeffrey Jones, Gene Hackman and Jason Lee.

If the cast doesn't sell you, there are key scenes you won't want to miss: Sigourney Weaver posing as a Russian woman singing the Beatles' "Back in the USSR"... and Ray Liotta hunting fish with a pistol.

If nothing else, the subtle "Chasing Amy" reference probably makes this whole film worth it. (Okay, not true... but I appreciated it.) My only two complaints: Sarah Silverman needed a bigger part (maybe TJ Thyne did, too). And who is the guy who keeps thinking that Sigourney Weaver should be put in sexy roles? That person needs to be strung up in the alley.
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A "female" Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
kraziken28 July 2002
After laughing thru most of this movie, it just really reminded me of another "CON artist" movie that made me laugh quite a bit. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Although possibly not as great a comedy as that movie, this flick has many good laughs. And for the complaints of the happy ending, this movie is really a romantic comedy.

Sigourney Weaver is great, and is another female Hollywood lead that proves that older women can be incredibly sexy.

Jennifer Love Hewitt does a convincing job of playing daughter and has good chemistry from Weaver.

Honestly, the people who don't enjoy this movie, are trying to be some sort of online "Siskel and Ebert." We aren't grading a drama or something here, it is a comedy. It is supposed to make you laugh, and in this respect for me, it succeeds.

I was definately laughing thru most of the movie. What more could you want. It is definately worth a rental. Don't let the few bad comments scare you from getting a few good chuckles from this movie.
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Amazed, ashamed and loving it
soralapio8 July 2002
First a disclaimer - I would never rent or go see a movie like this. It's just not my cup of tea.

That being said, when I tore my ligaments and was forced to stay in bed all day long, I quickly ran out of things to do. My brother rents this kind of stuff all the time and out of boredom I popped the disc into my DVD player and prepared for pain. To my surprise I loved this movie. It's witty, it's funny and it's sexy. Of course scantily clad Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love-Hewitt contribute to the last item of praise.

Give the movie a chance and rent it. You might like it.
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Born in the USSR
vlatka6228 March 2007
"Da, Da, Da, Born in the USSR" "I am Olga from RRRussia" "I am a little babushka" My girl and I have watched this movie before a couple months ago and are still (laughing out loud) on these few quotes from the movie. It was a relief watching it after a hard days work. That is why I grade it with a 10. I recommend Heartbreakers for all ages because it is really a excellent relaxing movie for all members of the family. Funny and romantic with two beautiful and very talented actresses who do not always successfully con the rich guys. The most funny and grouse was the screen with Gene Hackman. Even though it is not a new movie I will get a copy so I can watch it when ever I feel blue.
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Jennifer Love Hewitt is great in this
jessie-811 April 2003
I really Enjoyed this Movie, Both lead Actresses play well and are funny.I've seen it about 5 times and am gonna buy it on dvd.Jennifer love hewitt was the main reason i watched this as i've liked all her movies but this is probably my favourite of hers,The movie's got a great storyline and laughs from the start, I'd give it a 8/10
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