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5 Jan. 1998
He Shoots, He Scores
Sean sets out to fulfill three goals: to play on a sports team, to see his name in lights, and to experience his first kiss.
12 Jan. 1998
Jimmy Behaving Badly
On the boat, Jimmy becomes the third wheel with newly dating couple Sean and Tamira and can't seem to leave them alone. He then accidentally broadcasts their make-out session on Shipwreck Radio.
19 Jan. 1998
Regret Me Nots
On the boat, Max spies Cassidy and Alex kissing, causing Max to retaliate by kissing Tamira. Sean tries to teach Tamira to dance but she's torn over her relationship with Sean and her attraction to Max.
26 Jan. 1998
New Kids on the Deck
In New York, the students reminisce about their first days on Breaker High when they are quarantined due to a supposed Hepatitis A outbreak.
2 Feb. 1998
Six Degrees of Humiliation: Part 1
In New York, Max catches Cassidy cheating on him and runs away from the ship. Sean pretends that he is Mr. Big Shot City Guy who knows everything. Denise takes Jimmy out to lunch with her and her family and a Harvard recruiter.
3 Feb. 1998
Don't Go Breakin' My Art
In New York, Cassidy tells Max she loves him and he returns to the boat. Ashley buys one of Jimmy's paintings at an art exhibit thinking it was painted by the artist Serge.
9 Feb. 1998
Worth Their Waste in Gold
Denise leads a group effort to save a polluted beach. Ashley is jealous when Cassidy gets a chance to model.
10 Feb. 1998
The Deck's Files
Sean and Denise play detective when the ship enters the Bermuda triangle.
16 Feb. 1998
Rasta La Vista
Denise falls for a Jamaican reggae singer during a stop; Jimmy thinks he ate poisonous fruit.
17 Feb. 1998
Max-He-Can Hat Dance
Alex's homesickness strains his relationship with Ashley; Max wants to learn to dance in time for a Mexican festival.
23 Feb. 1998
Kiss of the Shy-Er Woman
Denise organizes a party for tropical storm victims; Tony and Nigel settle an argument.
24 Feb. 1998
Lord of the Butterflies
Alex plans a romantic weekend for himself and Ashley in Costa Rica. Jimmy loses an important butterfly specimen.
16 Mar. 1998
Chile Dog
Ashley sells her tiara to buy Alex a gift while Alex sells his fishing pole to buy Ashley a gift.
17 Mar. 1998
Heartbreaker High
On the boat, Alex thinks Ashley's cheating on him with Max, when Max is innocently painting Ashley's portrait as a present for Alex. Sean announces that he's over Tamira and decides to hold a Seandezvous. However, when a boy named Brent asks out Tamira, Sean panics and asks out a girl named Kerry. Brent and Kerry ditch their dates for each other, leaving Tamira and Sean together wallowing in their own grief.
30 Mar. 1998
To Kill a MockingNerd
On the boat, Sean stands up for himself and the nerds of the ship when a tough guy called the House mocks the nerds and himself. Alex is green with envy when his soccer star brother Lyle visits.

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