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Former drug dealer gone straight has a REALLY bad day...
FurthurQ18 July 2004
Loved the movie, could kick myself for not buying it right away when the Unrated version was (briefly) re-released on DVD and generally available.

Similar in flavor to "Pulp Fiction," but I wouldn't call it a knock-off, as so many have. Tarantino and Woods both have a talent for realistic, believable dialogue by colorful but still believable characters in a genre where it's seldom seen. But, in this movie Woods also shows a flair for using the absurd, and annoying, realities of everyday life to move the plot along. Woods, like great comedians, exposes the little frustrations of life that we all experience but few will admit to, and deals with them in politically incorrect, yet satisfying, finality.

This movie is well worth watching: sex, blood, outrageous dialogue supported by even more outrageous action, corruption, redemption, and the satisfaction of finally seeing a loud-mouthed, nagging wife at a loss for words when she is forced to confront the fact that there's more to her husband than just the long list of imagined faults she's dreamed up.

See it...soon!
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OK, not THAT original,but very good none the less!
liam-tully12 April 2005
OK,so this film is NOT very well known,and wasn't very well publicised.I discovered this fairly brutal gangster gone good movie by complete accident on one of Skys millions of movie channels late on some boring evening,but I'm glad i did!The opening sequence to this film is fantastically comical in a very dark way.This in fact sets what i think is the general tone for the movie.I think a lot of critics and movie fans that have actually seen this film have been a bit unfair to just write it off as a lower budget gangster movie in the Reservoir Dogs vein.OK,so there are undeniable similarities between Thursday and some other crime genre films that it has been compared to,but in all fairness,i think this film takes a much more darkly comic look at this type of film,and the end result is a engrossing,well made,funny,if not totally original film.Tom Jane is good in this,and deserves the recognition he will now hopefully get thanks to the The Punisher.His performance as the bad guy gone good is realistic,funny and just cold enough to make you believe Casey really was a bad ass before he reformed.Thats another thing that makes this film stand out for me,the characters.In Nicks gang you get the strangest trio of criminals ever assembled,a smooth,charismatic but very cold leader(Nick),a trigger happy blood loving sexually predatory bitch of a woman(Dallas)and a psychotic hill billy with brains with a penchant for torture(Billy Hill).Throw in the most bizarre police detective ever seen on screen,beautifully over played by Mickey Rourke,and you've got a recipe for...well for Thursday really.Its at times darkly comic,sometimes brutal,sometimes unoriginal,but always engrossing and worth watching.8/10
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A Damn good movie!
g_man25200314 November 2005
It is a damn good movie,with some surprising twists,a good cast and a great script. Only a couple of stupid bits,like the Rasta hit-man scene (This guy's a professional?) but that has been commented on already. The fact I had only heard one guy at work mention it before, and did not have many opinions or reviews to go on, made it even more entertaining. This gets a higher score than maybe some people think it deserves, but I have to factor in the low budget and the good effort from the cast. It sickens me that some movies get made whose budget equals the GDP of a small country,with a hyped up release,good reviews,an Oscar winning director and/or actors, and turn out to be so disappointing,with actors sleepwalking through their roles and uninspired directing,with predictable plot lines and a story with holes in it so big,Sandra Bullock could drive a bomb-loaded bus through it. (Examples in my opinion are The Terminal,Castaway,Matrix:Revolutions) Extra points are awarded for the wardrobe department choosing great clothes for the cast,especially Paulina Porizcova,who wears a rubber dress in one scene,and a jacket with "c*nt" on the back in large letters in another!A sex scene which shows off her tight ass and a good soundtrack are added bonuses! And PLEASE,enough with the Tarantino comparisons,this did not remind me of a Tarantino flick at all.... and Tarantino borrows virtually every idea he has ever had from other movies! Even if that is your opinion,are we saying once a certain film or book is written or directed one way,no-one can ever use the same ideas again? get real. This film has it's own style.
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As classic as Pulp Fiction
stamper13 November 2001
As I stated earlier this year, in my review of Swordfish (which was scripted by this films writer/director/producer Skip Woods) this is a good film. It ranks very high up there in my crime flick list among Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Pulp Fiction and Snatch. Basically I think this film is for me what Reservoir Dogs was for many people - a cult classic - although I prefer to compare it with Pulp Fiction. I mean I never liked Tarantino's first effort a lot, but I sure as hell liked this one as much as I like Pulp Fiction, for it simply has everything a classic needs. A great story and good actors. OK the budget might be not as big as in for instance Godzilla, The Avengers of Mission to Mars but it sure as hell beats the living crap out of those films (and numerous others).

The story of this film, is about a man named Casey (Thomas Jane), who has settled down with his wife in Houston. Unexpectedly an old friend of his comes by disrupting his life, revealing his secrets and basically making his day a living hell (and a bloody one too).

The film is very original and quite bloody / sexually tinted. So based on that first and that last quality I can assure you that if you like this film, you'll also like Swordfish, which of course has a much bigger budget and more famous faces than this one but is just as good (though not as bloody and not quite as sexually tinted). I saw this film for the second time last night and I really enjoyed it (again). I mean all the characters and actors are good, although I must give very big credits to Thomas Jane and Paulina Porizkova, who were the best actors (and had the best characters) in the film. Also I'd have to thank Skip Woods for being so imaginative and original. Brutal, sexual, offensive??? Maybe, but sure as heck enjoyable and a thrill ride to the end.

8 out of 10
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praise: plot, script, sequencing, cast etc.
liveitup200114 June 2004
This film is hard to knock. It follows in the tradition of Pulp Fiction, yet succeeds further by stamping its own unique style. The cast is awesome, the script is great - and things like the odd (Pulp Fiction-esque) time-sequencing is done brilliantly. I particularly like how the images provided in flash back vary dramatically depending on who is telling the story at the time. When it is one of the indoctrinated criminals everything is flashy and cool, but when it is the hero's recollection everything is skanky and disgusting.

This is an awesome film - and so I am extremely annoyed to find that I cant buy it anywhere!
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Great flick, until the ending
Antagonisten11 June 1999
When i watched this movie i had no idea what it was about, and i had never heard of it before. But i must say i was positively surprised. The first few minutes are almost the most funny of the whole movie. The store clerk from India is just too funny! Anyways, the story isn´t really too much to talk about, but i think it´s ok. The acting on the other hand is quite good, and still the only actor i recognized was Mickey Rourke who wasn´t really in the movie until the ending. And the ending is where the turn-off is i think, it´s not bad but i don´t feel like it really ends. I feel like there should have been something more. A final battle in some way. I don´t know. All in all, this was a good movie and i recommend it to anyone into Tarantino-type movies with loads of violence and dark, sinister humor! I rate it 7/10.
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Excellent thriller; highly amusing but extremely violent
merricat433 November 2001
The movie is a riot - hilariously funny yet graphically violent. Just when you think you can't take any more it gives you more. Great thiller. The cast is excellent and the plot is very convincing. The past does indeed catch up with our hero, but right(?) prevails.
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Good, but not original
rbverhoef21 November 2003
'Thursday' is a good movie but we recognize too much from other movies in its genre and therefor it lacks originality. If you have seen 'Goodfellas', 'Reservoir Dogs', 'Pulp Fiction' and a bunch of other movies that were inspired by that last one you have seen almost every part from 'Thursday'. There is a scene that involves torturing that has even the same dialogue as in Tarantino's 'Reservoir Dogs'.

Still, it is a good movie. Because not every part is taken from the same movie the complete thing has some new ideas and some nice touches. The opening sequence to begin with, is quite impressive. We meet Nick (Aaron Eckhart), Dallas (Paulina Porizkova) and Billy Hill (James Le Gros). They get into a fight with a clerk in a gas station over a cup of coffee and it ends with the death of that clerk and the arrival of a cop. We've already glimpsed at a suitcase with a lot of money in it.

Then we meet Casey (Thomas Jane) in Houston. He is married to Christine (Paula Marshall) but used to be working with Nick. She doesn't know a thing. Then Nick gives him a call and says that he is coming. We learn that he has screwed his friends over and the problems are about to start.

What happens exactly is not for me to reveal but we meet some other characters, all interested in the money or the drugs Nick also had with him. Casey has flushed those down the drain.

Very funny moments, a lot of blood, a very funny sub-plot involving actor Michael Jeter and some surprises (although if you really think about it you see them coming) this is a good movie with some very fine performances, nicely directed by Skip Woods.
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Hip, almost ridiculous fun
PhukGOD22 January 2001
This movie almost doesn't try hard to be serious at all, but it is, and it's a pretty damn good flick. This role seems to be made for Thomas Jane. If you didn't see the beginning sequence, you could definitely believe that his character, Casey, is just a hapless and dull husband. This assumption is a tribute to Thomas Jane's range. He is utterly convincing as both a sweet and seemingly dull-witted house-husband, as well as a cold, swaggering badass with that thousand-yard stare. Throw in some crazy plot twists involving his ex-partner and a grotesquely malformed Mickey Rourke (sporting a slimy, perverted version of his once-great pompadour) and you've got yourself a good action-thriller.
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Will this movie change your life today?
stephen niz11 July 2000
Want a film that's hip, loaded with attitude, funny and shocking at once, packed to the rafters with wild lowlifes? Skip Woods has delivered one, but about five years too late. We've seen everything in THURSDAY before, so you'd best enjoy this film without the baggage of seeing PULP FICTION - and that's a tall ask.

Compared to FICTION or RESERVOIR DOGS , THURSDAY is as flawed as you'd expect. Spontaneous raps about Star Trek, the sadistically amusing torture of a helpless, bound man, and drug-dealer flashbacks all ring a bell. It's derivative, but it's still fun.

Against the leagues of Tarantino ripoff's on the market, you could do much worse than THURSDAY. The day-in-a-life saga, and flexible pace are sometimes a blast. The violence makes you squirm and laugh, so at least it hits the mark, even when it aims low. And the havoc sown on the picturesque picket fence suburb is cruelly effective.

Going out of his way to shock, Woods' film goes wrong because for all his youthful arrogance, THURSDAY isn't half as original as he no doubt thinks. And be warned, the ending is a travesty. It's abysmal and uninspired enough to make you reassess the merits of the picture before the credits have even begun.
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Completely shameless and asinine Tarantino ripoff
outlawvern14 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I don't write too many of these comments but I couldn't believe how many positive reviews there were of this thing. I'm sure glad I didn't see them until after the movie so I wouldn't get my hopes up.

This is one of the most shameless and embarrassing of the many Tarantino ripoffs that came out in the '90s. In the opening scene there's even a character who for no reason asks Aaron Eckhart whether Picard or Kirk is better. Later the movie blatantly copies the Dennis Hopper/Christopher Walken scene from TRUE ROMANCE (but in unbelievable circumstances so there's none of the tension), the torture scene from RESERVOIR DOGS, the cleaning up dead bodies in a suburban house before the wife gets home business from PULP FICTION, the criminals who casually say racist and misogynistic things to shock the audience type dialogue of RESERVOIR DOGS, the story about Marcellus injuring the Samoan guy in PULP FICTION, etc.

True, Tarantino didn't make up the elements that make up his movies. But be honest. Clearly he is the one who brought all these things together and created a style of presenting them (with the mundane moments, darkly humorous situations and random pop culture references, all badly aped here). A dude putting all of these things in a movie in 1998 is not a coincidence. I don't know who he thought he was fooling.

More importantly though, he just does a bad job of it. The situations aren't believable. The whole movie revolves around the ridiculous idea that a criminal would leave a suitcase full of heroin sitting in plain sight on a bed in a friend's house with the door open. Even though he knows that various factions of hit men and corrupt cops are trying to get it. And then just leave the house for no reason, leaving it there for the taking. There's no reason why he would do this except that it's the premise of the movie. Just like there's no reason he would carry suitcases of freshly stolen heroin and money into a convenience store while buying coffee. No reason except to have a "cool" scene where they kill somebody and almost get caught.

To me the characters don't have personalities, they all seem like poses, trying hard to be Tarantino types and not pulling it off. Nobody seems very tough except Mickey Rourke, and he's only in it for a couple minutes near the end. The only part that doesn't seem directly lifted from Tarantino is actually the worst part, a painfully bad comedy routine where the main character has to pretend to be a normal guy while hiding guns and blood and a guy tied up in the garage. Somebody else could make it funny but the whole thing is badly overacted and it drags on forever, like a bad Saturday Night Live sketch from hell.

Worst of all, Thomas Jane isn't very good. He's the whole reason I decided to give this one a chance, but he overdoes it and they make him into kind of a dork. He's much better in THE PUNISHER and especially STANDER. If you want to see a little known crime movie starring Thomas Jane, FOR GOD'S SAKE you gotta go for STANDER. He gives a great performance and it's a truly riveting, intelligent and beautifully directed movie. It has a unique feel and has something to say about our world. The opposite of THURSDAY in just about every way imaginable.

I guess there are people out there who like this movie for whatever reason, so it serves its purpose. But I'm betting Skip Woods is real embarrassed that he made this amateurish ripoff. It was a phase he went through that seemed to make more sense at the time, like when he used to wear MC Hammer pants.

p.s. When I submitted this I got an error message that said, "Your comment contains a very long word which is not allowed." Then it highlighted the word "dialogue."
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TGIF...Thank God It's Not Thursday Anymore!
MrGrundle30 May 2006
Ouch. This film was recommended to me as a low-viewer-investment feature. My friend described it as the kind of movie to watch half drunk after midnight. A movie to kick back and enjoy some mindless fun. Unfortunately he was only half right...

THURSDAY is a vapid, hollow, misconstructed crime yarn that would have been better served as an hour long TV movie (the production looks like Canadian offense kids in the hall). The plot is contrived and the characters are bland and shallow- depth and complexity are foreign terms. The dialog was uninspired and at times, wooden. THURSDAY doesn't even provide a steady diet of cynicism, as it alternates between sardonic, tongue in cheek moments and sappy melodrama. I wasn't exactly expecting a grand cinematic experience, but this lack of substance, combined with a hallmark soundtrack at the sentimental moments, was painful.

This is the same kind of narcissistic, neo-noir drivel that suppurated from tinsel town in the 90s (see WHITE SANDS, RED ROCK WEST, AFTER DARK MY SWEET, all of which have more plot than THURSDAY). Yes it is supremely Tarentino-esquire: James Le Gros utters lines severely reminiscent of Mr. Blonde, True Romance rip offs abound. Yet this is more like a semi-literate cinematic love letter to QT, and I've always been sensitive about QT anyway. Exploitive violence is just exploitation. David Lynch for dummies.

This movie has a few redeeming qualities in its talented supporting cast, but the male lead could suck the life out of any scene. There is a great rape scene (continuity gaffe-explain to me how he got his package back in his pants?), and Mickey Rourke doing Mickey Rourke quite well as a sleazy, greasy, dirty cop. I should probably get a hepatitis shot after sitting so close to the screen.

If you want misanthropic, 90's Y-Generation entertainment, check out THE DOOM GENERATION. This movie succeeds in its irreverence because of it's impeccable color, creativity, and unpredictability. Sadly three virtues THURSDAY labors without.

3/10* AVOID.
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one man's pov
udscagz22 May 2001
Warning: Spoilers
i am a big tarantino fan. it appears that director skip woods is too. after the success of pulp fiction, there has been a wave of "tarantinoesque" movies. some of them are very good (check out boondock saints). thursday is not. i never thought i'd say this, but this film is too graphic in the sex and violence departments. paulina porizkova screws thomas janes' brains out just seconds before she has her own brains blown all over his forehead. is that really necessary? as i see it, the only reason skip woods even invented the character of dallas was for this one scene. other than that, she is totally unecessary. however, not as unecessary as the opening scene where they kill the convenience store clerk for absolutely no reason at all. the film tries to balance the gratuitous sex and violence with witter banter. this doesn't work either. the dialogue seems strained and it's not really even that funny. there are way too many good movies of this genre for anyone to waste there time on this. if you feel the urge, just take a deep breath and rent pulp fiction again.
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Some good ole-fashioned violence and yuks
Mr Parker15 August 2002
I saw this not too long ago at a friend's house and I have to say, this movie kicked ass! It has everything a growing boy needs, sex, drugs and violence. Thomas Jane plays a former drug dealer trying to straighten up but his old-partner shows up and before long the blood is spilled. People get it every way in this and while it's obvious that this is a Tarantino inspired flick, it doesn't mean it's not worth watching. The film's biggest surprise: Paulina Porizkova! I didn't even know it was her upon watching this. I thought she was Elizabeth Hurley for a sec! She plays a homicidal sexpot in this and the results are nothing but hilarious. Mickey Rourke is in this and I have to say I still give the guy a little respect, even though he's not looking too great. Thomas Jane carries this one well enough and the rest of the cast do their job. Glenn Plummer is pretty funny as well. Overall, a nice surprise! Check it out if you wanna see something funny and repugnantly violent. Rating *** out of *****.
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Lame Tarantino imitation
grantss7 August 2015

Clearly an attempt to plagiarise the Quentin Tarantino style of film- making, especially the swagger and dialogue. However, mostly just comes off as a lame imitation. Some scenes and actions seem lifted straight out of Tarantino movies.

Part of the problem lies in the casting. Thomas Jane and Aaron Eckhart don't have the swagger and delivery necessary for a Tarantinoesque role.

Or maybe it is just the fact that writer-director Skip Woods is no Quentin Tarantino.
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How can there be sooooo many positive reviews for this movie???
BigFanOfThePigPen4 April 2007
I saw this movie on Showtime on Demand and though I watched all 83 minutes of it, I did this for one specific reason: SO YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO.

This movie was terrible. The script was so bad that even a cast of good actors (Thomas Jane, Aaron Eckhart, Mickey Rourke) couldn't save it. It was hard to find any sympathy for any of the completely two dimensional characters.

And then I found out that director Skip Woods was also responsible for that movie "Swordfish" with John Travolta & Halle Berry. You know that movie, right? The one that Halle Berry kept telling people to go see because she bared her breasts in it? Yeah. That guy. Same asshole.

This is the kind of movie that would be watchable as a drinking game, if only because you'd be blurry enough by the end of the movie to pass out before you could remember how terrible it was.
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Thursday: entertainment & disappointment
bartverberne1613 March 2009
Casey (Jane) abandoned is old rogue life in LA and started a new suburban life somewhere in Houston, TX. Unsurprisingly, on a Thursday, his old partner-in-crime Nick (Eckhart) drops by to bring back some old memories. All is happy, but, as criminally active as Nick still is, he involves Casey in an icky situation that he was not waiting for. The rest of Casey's Thursday is one of multiple rendez-vous with his old life and doubts about his old friend's intentions.

'Thursday' surprised me, but couldn't convince me in terms of quality. The plot has interesting twists and keeps your focus to the film, much like Tarantino's movies often do. However I found the characters too shallow and the dialog's's too simple for the movie to ever become really good. A pity, because I think it had great potential. The fact that the film kept me focused on the story had the negative effect that I got a little annoyed by the simplicity of the characters. 'Thursday' to me is much like another 'Pulp Fiction' rip-off, but then original enough to be taken serious. If the dialogs were not so over-the-top as they are the movie would be a lot better then it is now.
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One of the worst films I have ever seen.
dvanhouwelingen28 September 2000
Thursday is quite possibly the worst of all the pathetic Tarantino ripoffs of the past few years. It is an offensive pile of trash. The plot is about one day in the life of a former drug dealing murderer (Thomas Jane) who is visited by his old friend (Aaron Eckhart) who leaves a package with him. Then, an assortment of lowlifes show up to try to get the package from Jane. There is the pot smoking Jamaican, the sex obessed woman and the horribly dumb redneck. A more horrible much of offensive stereotypes you will not find in one movie. The movie is also filled with such graphic and unneccessary carnage, that weak stomached viewers will have to leave the room. The reason why Tarantino's films are so great is because he knows how people talk and communicate with each other. All Skip Woods, the writer/director of Thursday, knows is how to offend.
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Great movie! Worth watching in cinema, owning on disc, et cetera!
KentaroK18 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is excellent. Not because it does anything special or new, but because it is consistently great in all of its parts. No part stands out as being "ground-breaking" or "stellar", but all parts are far above mediocre, and that makes, to me, an excellent movie.

I own several copies of this movie, and may acquire it on collectors DVD or Blu-Ray, someday (holding off right now due to high blu-ray prices, and of course the face that I don't have a blu-ray player... but that's beside the point of this review).

It stars off sort of ordinary, but quickly turns into a drama filled with tension, some action, strongly portrayed characters, and a well though out plot which keeps you interested until the very end.

Wait, no, it does NOT start out ordinary.

It starts out sort of like what a Qun. Tar. movie WISHES it could be. With an awesome scene where an attempt to buy coffee and a donuts goes... very, very wrong.

By the end of the movie, nothing was as it seemed, and a few people are dead, and a few people are very rich. I won't tell you who... watch and enjoy! Overall rating: 10/10, A**, Excellent!
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3 Good Things and 1 Bad Thing about... Thursday
thedairylanddon18 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
ONE GOOD THING: This hidden treasure of a crime drama is incredibly entertaining from beginning to end. An example of low-budget film making at it's best, writer/director Skip Woods uses seemingly everything he could find (ex: Lamborghini, super model, cow phone) and an ear for dialogue to add levels of satire to the plot and all of his camera set-ups.

ANOTHER GOOD THING: This movie seems to be made for the DVD era, with several segments that comprise a larger story (similar to the work of Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's Desperado). Each "chapter" of the film features Thomas Jane's main character spending one day at home encountering quick and memorable performances by Aaron Eckhart, Glen Plummer, Mickey Rourke, Michael Jeter, James LeGros, and an unforgettable role by Paulina Porizkova.

EVEN ANOTHER GOOD THING: Not exactly a "good" thing, but incredibly shocking and memorable... Every person who sees this movie remembers one important scene. Much as Deliverance will always be remembered for it's awful rape of Ned Beatty, Thursday will go down as the movie where a woman forcibly rapes an unwilling man. Unforgettable.

ONE BAD THING: The title makes people think it is somehow related to (or derivative of) the "Friday" series of films featuring Ice Cube.

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Paulina Porizkova, seeing her is enough reason to watch this
Redwood558 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This film is outstanding! On this date of APR, 8 2007 it was on On demand from show time. It had been a while since i seen it, but it does feature Thomas Jane in the first role i seen him in. At first you see a normal guy that seems kind of henpecked, with a wife that seems close to going her own way. The directors cut which i just watched has a opening scene that is cool. Paulina Porizkova is dressed as a cheerleader type, looking very fresh and hot. Trying to buy a coffee late at night with no small bills turns violent in a hurry, Paulina shows that her name on her letter jacket is the real deal. Meeting up with his old road pal Nick played by Aaron Eckhart was cool at first, and he even loans him his wife's car to take care of some business. Then he spots nicks silver briefcase, and the day changes for the weird and violent. There is a cast of real characters that parade through the next series of scenes. But, Paulina's Dallas steals the show i think. Her telling of a Casey story to the doctor that is there to get a personal interview in a adoption application, is outrageous. As a rule i have never thought tall women were that sexy,but as with any rule there are exceptions. Paulina is as one has never seen her before in films. Sexy and lethal, like in the one movie with Tom Selleck, but with a never seen before malevolence. If your looking for film to add to your collection, this one is worth the price. Paulina in the nude is worth the price alone, but this story has everything one might hope one has. Love,friendship,sex and violence in a terrific mix. When i first seen it years ago it blew my mind, and i know you will feel the same way.
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The King Of Clichés
boogiebuugie2 September 2005
The Genre: A post Tarantino video junkie rambling: Thursday, described as 'an intense thriller full action and eroticism in pure Pulp Fiction style' The Taste: so-called vehement and indifferent, but at the same time, an easily digestible and light(when not extremely violent) The Recipe: Each chapter begins with a marginalized group, violent joys, young and especially masculine criminals(even the girl), that not so much portrays characters as it plasters obese stereotypes with a palette and trowel. The gangsters in Thursday are the respective dealer/ well to-do middle-class architect , a rubber fetishist with a and overwhelming sex drive, a torturous sadist (high on grass) and as usual, the brilliantly clichéd gangster: you know the type-he wears sunglasses-indoors.

This basis of characterization deserves missiles for target practice, as the writer/director seems to have missed the point. In no way are we allowed the privileged of a tangible history, nor rhyme or reason for cartoon behavior, if not only to satisfy a particular group of teen boys. (This is the same guy who wrote swordfish-a film I question for obvious reasons-why test a computer hacker whilst he receives a blow job-why hang Halle Berry, as if she's pre civil rights folly for the KKK-why is John Travolta talking out of his ass!). The writing is immature evoking the sense of masturbation rather than intellect. In Thursday, we remit humor at the expense of the audience and are relived by unforgivable contrivance; If you arrive at a house to kill a guy, you do not find yourself smoking grass with him for hours on end only to decide you still need to shave his face with a circular sander(If this reality actuated itself you probably would-as did the killer-find himself bushwhacked in the garage.the suburbs. Yet, somehow the film beckons viewing, the satisfaction of simplest writing, is poetry to the ill informed or quite frankly.....uninspired sensibilities within us all.
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Some good scenes in an overall mediocre movie.
sychonic1 May 2000
I'd never heard anything about this movie until I caught it on cable one night. The similarities to a Tarantino movie are pretty clear, though it's not nearly as bad as Pulp Fiction was, but not nearly as good as Reservoir Dogs. The movie follows Thomas Jane, a reformed drug dealer haunted by troubles brought by an old friend. The movie takes place during one day, not surprisingly it's a Thursday. During the day, all kinds of improbable and barely explained events occur. The black humor comes from Jane's attempt to preserve his placid suburban lifestye, complete with station wagon and cute cow shaped phone, from the bizarre lowlifes who come calling.

The violence, though ample, is pretty tame compared with Natural Born Killers, Saving Private Ryan or Pulp Fiction. The real problem is that the movie doesn't quite hang together, it has some very effective scenes, particularly those with Paulina Porzkova. But the whole is considerably less than the sum of its parts. The resolution also seems hurried and contrived.

This is a movie that is worth watching if only for a few scenes which are quite good, but don't expect much from the whole thing.
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BobRobertson24 January 2005
Dear public,

Are we so content to fabricate a relationship between items that we do not see when something is different. You all compare this to a Quentin movie yet fail to mention how it is different except to berate it. The only problem I see with this movie is that it is out of print. the cast is amazing. the visual production is something to write home about and the way it makes you ponder whats happening in your quiet suburban neighbors' homes is vile yet still appealing. Don't get me wrong this is no classic like Casablanca but thank god we don't need anymore substandard copies of Casablanca. Well I think it deserves 20 stars but 10 will have to do....

P.S. I want to give a copy of her jacket to all my exes.....
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Comedy, Crime Caper! 3/10
leonblackwood15 August 2014
Review: I wasn't that impressed with this dated film which has a silly storyline and a bad script. It all based around an ex-con who gets dragged back into his bad ways when his brother turns up on his doorstep. I wasn't expecting that much from the film because of its age and the fact that I hadn't heard of it when it first came out, but it's watchable and there are some intense moments. It is a poor attempt of a comedy crime caper, by the director, but It didn't hurt damage any of the actors careers. Average! 

Round-Up: Aaron Eckhart is one of those actors that doesn't get the praise that he deserves. He has starred in some top films like Olympus Has Fallen and The Dark Knight were he put in a good performance as Harvey Dent, but he hasn't become an household name. Thomas Jane is another actor that hasn't really blown up in Hollywood but that is due to the bad attempt at The Punisher, were he played the leading role, and The Deep Blue Sea, which also didn't go down to well.

I recommend this movie to people who are into there comedic crime capers about a man who trying to go straight after being in a world of crime. 3/10
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