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Interesting, if not wonderful.
aeh1626 July 2003
To say that this movie is shallow, or unrealistic, is to miss the point. While it certainly has a lot to say about sex, and especially sexual fidelity, the point of the film is not that at all, but that concerns of sex are not truly the most important factors in a relationship. While loyalty and honesty certainly are, forgiveness is still a virtue, and lying about sex is not the same as lying about feelings. Though I, of course, do not agree with what the female characters in this movie did, at least the movie makes the oft-overlooked point that sex isn't everything, a point seldom made in movies, and often made in life. Though it is certainly not an exceptional movie, it is worth seeing, and an interesting look into the privileged status sex has attained in our modern society.
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Good Ensemble Acting
gbheron31 October 1999
Two Girls and a Guy consists of an extended conversation between three people; a guy played by Robert Downy, Jr and two girls played by Natasha Wagner and Heather Graham. Both young ladies have been Downey's lover over the past year, and through that time each believed they were his one and only. Unfortunately they both show up unannounced at his loft apartment to 'surprise' him and discover the charade. The discovery occurs in the first scene and what follows is a verbal confrontation between the three in which they discuss love, sex, commitment, truth, yadda-yadda.

I'm not knocking it; the movie is really very good. The three actors work very well together in what is sometimes fine improvisation. Definitely worth the rental when you are in the mood for something different.
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dreadfuldan22 August 2000
I watched it last night and thought it was brilliant. Robert Downey is just stunning, and the final scene of the movie floored me. I''m not sure how to use the word pathos properly but that final scene exudes it. But before that the whole movie is an excellent examination of an actor who can't stop acting and the two girlfriends and mother he loves. Very witty and exciting to watch. I loved it.
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This is RDJ's best performance
RuggedAngel24 December 2001
This movie, may have been the best to focus on the many talents of Robert Downey Jr. I'm not sure if the movie was a full script for this movie, or if a lot of it was ad lib. It all seemed so very natural. About 90% of the movie takes place in the living room of RDJ's, character's NY loft.

I was never aware of RDJ's talent for singing, piano, and theatrical performances.

There are a couple of graphic moments, but all in all, it's a GREAT movie. Anyone who loves RDj, should most definately give this one a chance. Even though I hate Heather Graham, with a passion, I am able to watch this movie, over and over.
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Downey Jr. is what Brando intended on being in Last Tango
havana-211 June 2000
Toback's backbone of a script is great- it sets up the finest young actor of my generation (debatable- but worth saying) Downey Jr. is masterful in adlibbing and improvising. He accomplishes what Brando failed to do in Last Tango in Paris. Downey is real. His problems, his inner angst, his troubles all surface. This is like being with him. His magic and charm are entrancing and enchanting. Pretty cool. Worth a watch late at night- intense though.
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Underrated, sadly so
LisaMJ25 July 2005
i admit my love for this film is twofold--the setting (my City, Soho loft vibe!) and of course Robert himself. he is sexy, period. he is talented beyond what the public at large has realized. this was shown in his fabulous singing in this film. who knew he could sing? and don't start me on his acting--he is fantastic. this script is brilliant, tantalizing, intelligent, refreshing yet also so real that it's kinda eerie, but in a good way. so he's caught playing boytoy to 2 different girls. the girls could hit him, be stupid, and ruin the film but instead it gets heady, dare i say cerebral? and unlike most stuff out now that feels it must include a "dyke" subplot to be "hip", it doesn't "go there" but rather focuses on the dysfunction of this man and the 2 lovers he's been simultaneously f-ing. the staging is perfectly set--a tight, confining setting of a loft. perfect. and the lighting is great, a light you'll only find in Soho. just amazing. all the actors give perfect performances. every nuance is right, every word is felt, believed. it's simply divine.
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Extraordinary: Toback's best work to date
Jaime N. Christley5 April 1999
Convict/thespian Robert Downey, Jr. tops his frenzied role in "Natural Born Killers" with another manic Tasmanian Devil-style performance. It's the funniest of the year, an actor's nightmare (how far do you go when you can do whatever you want?), but also the quintessential Downey, Jr. persona.

Heather Graham is my baby, she just doesn't know it yet. Just kidding--truth be told, she excels in the part of one of Downey Jr.'s girlfriends. Wagner nearly matches her in the role of the other.

Toback's direction is stagey (what else can you do with one set?), but his writing is on fire. Sometimes, you snag bits of the actor's riffs and laugh at what you can get your hands on. At other times, you sit back and let it flow over you--this is high-speed Jack Kerouac, coupled with Whit Stillman's keen ear for American bourgeois speech patterns. Wagner and Graham test each other on Downey Jr.'s lovemaking speeches, tying a noose for him before he even arrives, later Downey Jr. verbally abuses and repairs himself in his bathroom mirror--highlights of a dynamite script.

1998 was the year for actors and actresses, and many notables (and a few unknowns) did landmark work: Jim Carrey in "The Truman Show", Jane Horrocks in "Little Voice", Warren Beatty in "Bulworth", John Travolta and Kathy Bates in "Primary Colors", Roberto Benigni in "Life is Beautiful", Bill Pullman in "Zero Effect", and Robert Downey Jr. in this one. James Toback, who also penned the wretched (and similarly themed) "The Pick-Up Artist" in '87, is back on track. With "Bugsy", "The Gambler" and this film on his record, I eagerly anticipate his next picture.
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khouston8625 March 2003
I was flipping around from channel to channel on the weekend and stopped on this. It held me instantaneously and I watched the whole thing. The writing is special. Downey's charisma on the screen is almost unmatched, and he is in top form here. (Contrary to one review on this site, with Downey, as opposed to most effeminate, loser leading men of today, you actually see why the girls would, even should, stay). The two ladies are very attractive. The story becomes increasingly touching throughout, until you realize you have not been watching exactly what, or who (in terms of character), you thought you were watching. A special, memorable movie full of feeling. I would bet that many of the negative reviewers failed to watch the entire movie.
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Much deeper than it seems at first sight.
Gerry-1219 July 1999
I think all the performances were very good, although Downey's overshadows his two fellow actors. As I watched, I laughed a lot. When it ended my first impression was that it is a very clever lightweight comedy. Since then, the film has made me think fairly deeply, a rare effect indeed from any film.

To date it poses two questions to me:

1-can a man/woman love two people at once (or is s/he a simple philanderer)?

2-is fidelity possible or desirable in the milieu of this film?

A last question is whether self-destructiveness is inseparable from the talent of actors like Downey and Robin Williams and others?

I have revised my first assessment of the film upward.
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A great movie, but would be better on stage.
Slammy4321 January 1999
When I first saw Two Girls and A Guy, I thought to myself that something was wrong. The storyline impressed me, but the feeling that I got was that it would flow much better in the theater. The script through the whole movie seemed much more like a play, and not a film at all. After I noticed this, I began to watch the movie as if it were on stage, and it made it so much more meaningful, and the acting performances much stronger. If Robert Downey Jr. performed this role on stage, the audience would walk away with something really special. He is what makes the viewer forget that they are watching a film. He is outstanding in this role.
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I don't know if I love it or hate it...
songbird_mc30 August 2002
I enjoyed this movie so much because for 1 Robert Downey Jr. is in 97% of it & it's different from any other film I've seen. It is weird, thats a given, but I found it to be entertaining. One of the best sex scenes take place in this movie, very erotic. Seriously though I voted this movie a 10, only thing about it that I found even slightly disappointing was the ending. It was vague, lacking & kind of confusing. You can basically guess what happened, & guess whats going to happen, but you get nothing to back up your assumptions. Still, it lets your imagination do the work which is sometimes funner. Very artistic film. If you enjoyed the movies "Dreamlover", "Freeway", "Sex Lies & Videotape", "Slow Burn", "Showgirls", & "Crash" I think you might enjoy this one.

P.S. If you think hearing the word f*** used at least 100 times in a hour & 1/2 might drive you insane, maybe you better skip this one.
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Really good
Mark-2015 January 1999
This film is great. It manages to stay interesting even though it is shot essentially in real time and in just one scene. The dialogue is great and the acting is wonderful, particularly by Downey, who offers up one of the best performances of the year.
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An underrated, underappreciated masterpiece.
glassorange13 March 2002
James Toback's "Two Girls and a Guy" is a unique and extraordinary film. Its characters are so genuine and its dialogue so brilliant that it is beyond me how so many people detest this film so much. It is extremely smart and funny, superbly acted, and even better directed.

A lot of people panned "TGAAG" because it was "boring." It's true that there aren't a whole lot of earthshaking events going on. There are no loud noises, explosions, or automobiles catching fire. However, someone who bases their opinions of films on how much of this stuff is there is missing the point. In fact, they're missing the point of cinema altogether. Films are made for art, not to present us with a bunch of miscellaneous objects blowing up. If you respect the art of film, then there is no real reason that you should not like "Two Girls and a Guy."

**** out of ****. One of the best films of the past ten years.
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A poignant and witty slant on the downside of monogamy
idisliketonyblair26 April 2000
Its quite funny that many people who i've spoken to after watching 2gg, really seem to have missed the entire point of the film. For me, the production is summed up by the line "maybe we aren't designed for monogamy" uttered by a flawless Heather Graham. In what has been an almost institutionalised habit, the film industry has focused primarily on the joys and wonders of dual relationships without even giving airspace to alternative lifestyles that are far more rational and far more realistic.

The film itself is a classic hitchcock-style piece, set more or less in one day in one apartment. Two girls (graham and wagner) discover whilst waiting for there boyfriends to return home, that they actually have the same boyfriend. Deciding to confront him, but unsure how, they break into his loft and from there the hijinx begin. Truly a modern classic, and have i mentioned how good Robert Downey Jr is yet?? Boy he is good.
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And I thought there never would be a worse film than Face-off
LatinoMan29 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Wow! I truly regret watching this picture... Funny, I agreed to see it just for my wife, who endured the torture of seeing it about a half an hour before retiring, while I stayed in front of the TV, but only to feed the the masochistic in me and I because I wanted to know if this movie was so bad in its entirety or if there were some redeemable aspects which might alleviate the feeling I had of being a stupid for watching this **** called Two Girls and a guy...

Everything in this picture is wrong, totally wrong... since the initial, absurd, premise of two women stupid enough to stay with their common boyfriend, until the awful, but merciful, end, not forgetting the horrible acting of the three actors... Don't believe the rumors, the junkie's acting is bad and I don't see how Graham has made herself a known name within the movie industry...

I wonder why, after the producers saved some bucks with just three actors and an only location, they didn't hire a person to write the script instead of putting a monkey to do it with his ***...

At least, I felt a little fine when I destroyed the DVD and threw it to the trash... Anyway, I liked somehow (and just a little) the brunette actress, Natasha something, but that was not enough to beat the incredibly stupid and crazy premise of Face-off (changing faces), so Two Girls and a Guy to the bottom goes...

Stay away from this ****!
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What just happened to me????
ljw41527 April 2002
I had to watch this movie twice just to make sure I watched the WHOLE thing. This movie has been reviewed by some pretty snotty people that think it's genius. If genius is defined by making the viewer uncomfortable, then yes this is a work of genius.

This movie is dark and disturbing. I get the feeling that Robert Downey, Jr. is playing himself. There is a very dark scene where he confronts himself in the mirror, and I don't think anyone could have possibly written that dialogue.

This movie pushes the envelope on the way we think about relationships. The gritty, unrehearsed style may be a bit rough on an audience that is used to a polished performance.

I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it. Robert Downey, Jr. is always worth watching, even when it isn't much fun.
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Two Girls and a Guy
jboothmillard18 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is a ridiculous film that goes on and on. Basically these two girls meet each other outside an apartment and soon discover that they are both waiting for the same man. One of them is Heather Graham, I don't recognise the other one. They decide to teach their boyfriend a lesson. They sneak through the window and wait for him to arrive. He is Robert Downey Jr. This is the part that goes on for ages, they just keep going backwards and forwards, argue again and again. This gets really annoying and confusing after a while. This is why I have given it such a low rating. Also I was hoping Heather Graham to get her clothes off, as she usually does. I mean she did, but it wasn't good enough. I admit I may want to see it again to confirm my opinion. Poor!
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Script lets it down. Downey Jr Shines
cwhitfield3 July 2001
While the prominent and over use of the play-like format is in total operation throughout the film, it is not however this that lets this picture down. Rather it is the unconvincing female performances and rather tedious script that the film so obviously relied on a little too much. With an idea that had potential, the simple plot is diminished still by Graham's failure to truly express the devastation her character so adamantly claims to experience. The use of improvised scenes by all the actors would not be such a bad idea if only the two leading ladies could take advantage of this privilege. As Downey Jr proves as usual what a gifted actor he is, he shadows the two actresses in their scenes together which is constantly noticeable. The pointless yet intense sex scene seems merely to exist in order to prevent the film from being too verbally expressive giving the actors a much deserved break from talking. With an unsatisfying conclusion, Two Girls and a Guy has very little to recommend it other than Downey Jr's formidable if not out of place performance.
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self-indulgent tripe
hosehead-321 December 1998
The most self-indulgent movie I have every had the misfortune to

rent. Unwatchable. Much of the movie is obviously improvised,

and not well. It looks like Toback took the first take of

everything. The movie gets good for a couple of minutes when

Robert Downey Jr. shows up, then goes to hell again real

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The worst film in the history of mankind
paleswelt3 January 2002
I am being in no way facetious when I say that this movie was worse than any other movie ever made. Worse than "Batman & Robin". Worse than "Manos, Hands of Fate". Seriously, it's that bad. When people tell me that a movie is terrible I use the "Two Girls" scale to figure it out. If the movie is comparable to "Two Girls" then I won't watch it. If it's twice as good, maybe I'll watch it, but only to laugh at the retards who paid somebody to make it, because a movie twice as good as this one would still be a piece of garbage.
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I Want to Have James Toback's Agent!
mrtnn1 July 2008
After sitting through this god-awful 82-minute excuse of a film, and having previously wanted to gouge my eyes out after having watched another James Toback-directed mess called "When Will I Be Loved", I've come to the conclusion that he has the best agent in the world. How else can these horribly written, painfully-directed pieces of trash get made in the first place.

I like Robert Downey Jr., but perhaps being in this movie drove him to substance abuse.

Heather Graham has to be embarrassed about her zombified performance. Half the time the camera is on her she just is looking off in a daze.

Such a crappy script. Prepare yourself for Hollywood name-dropping galore (example: five minute meandering discussions on Denzel Washington's acting....etc.)

There's a great character in Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22 named Dunbar. He spends most of the time in the novel shooting skeet, which he abhors. When asked why he shoots skeet all the time if he hates it so much, he replies that it makes time CREEP by, and he'll have a longer life. Well....if you really want to feel time creep by, watch this film! I swear...the 82 minutes will feel longer than a 4 hour David Lean epic. It goes on and on and on and on...

I hope I never watch another James Toback film again. If I could give this NO STARS, I would.
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Pretentious Tripe
bob_bear25 December 2006
First and foremost, an utter waste of three extremely talented actors. Though, since they chose to appear in this pretentious tripe, maybe one should put the blame on them? But no. An actor has to earn a living just like the rest of us. I feel sorriest for Wagner. She was a talented nobody going into it and a talented nobody coming out of it.

Stagey in the extreme, it is like a piece of pretentious, off-Broadway, New York psycho-drama in fear of disappearing up it's know what! Why on earth would two attractive, intelligent women stay in the apartment of the contemptible philanderer that Downey plays having once confronted him except to stretch out a ten minute drama into a full length movie??? I have no sympathy for any of the characters. It's all a load of bunkum. Watch and waste valuable hours of your life. Clipping your toenails would be more productive and profoundly more desirable.

Utter rot.
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Amateur Hour (and a half)
curtis-813 July 2003
I've rarely seen a movie by a Hollywood pro that had dialoge as stilted, fake and stagey as this. Makes the dialoge in old Charlie Chan movies seem realistic and fresh. This reminded me of the many bad community theatre stage plays I saw when I was a theatre critic. Characters talk in staccato, finishing each other's sentances "cleverly." Made me wanna puke.

Skip to to the BJ and blow the rest of the movie off.
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