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MPAA Rated PG for momentary language

Sex & Nudity

  • Madeline flashes the girls while in the hospital, lifting up her shirt (presumably to show them a surgery scar).
  • Girls spy on a boy out their window.
  • Madeline and Pepito, while initially hateful towards each other, hug and hold hands at the end of the film.
  • A tutor tries to ask out a nun by asking her, "what do you do on your day off?" she turns him down by telling him, "I pray."
  • A girl dances around with a large bra and knickers, referring to the attire as "booby baskets" and "boobies boobies boobies!" She pretends to make out with an invisible man while waving the bra around.
  • Some mild innuendo jokes.
  • A man is kicked in the crotch by a little girl (see Violence & Gore below).
  • Helen, while at the circus, tells the girls that she was in love with a carny who had a beautiful tattoo on his... and Mrs. Clavelle cuts her off before she can finish speaking, looking horrified.
  • A man gooses a gypsy woman in the butt, and she calls him "cochon!" (which is French for "pig").

Violence & Gore

  • A girl kicks a man in the nuts.
  • A boy and girl wrestle on the ground.
  • A "man-eating" tiger roars at a girl, but she isn't afraid.
  • A boy and girl are forced into a truck and tied up.
  • Clowns push each other.
  • A girl gets appendicitis and has to stay in the hospital.
  • A man steps in dog poop and then hits the dog and tells it to leave.
  • A boy sets off cherry bombs behind people.
  • A boy teases and frightens the girls in school, playing pranks on them and stealing their stuff.
  • A boy is neglected by his parents who leave him home alone most of the time. In fact when Madeline tries to tell him while they are kidnapped that his parents will pay a ransom for him, he has tears in his eyes and doubts that they'll want him back because of his bad behavior.
  • A boy threatens to bite the head off a mouse. A guillotine is featured and its sharp blade is seen.
  • A woman kills a chicken (off-screen, but shouting and chopping can be heard).
  • A girl falls into a river and nearly drowns but is rescued by a dog.
  • Death and grief are reoccurring themes in the film. It is mentioned that Madeline's parents are dead, although it doesn't explain the cause of death. Lady Covington dies and her husband, Lord Covington, is grief-struck but hides it by turning his rage towards the school and trying to sell it. Madeline is able to talk him out of it by telling him that she knows how sad he is since her own parents are dead, too.
  • Helen tells Miss Clavelle that "during the French Resistance, they sure knew how to deal with a man like Lord Covington!" and then makes a throat-slitting motion across her neck.
  • Helen has road rage (intended to be comedic but may frighten younger audiences).


  • Humorously ironic, Miss Clavel (a nun) panics and yells "mon dieu" after seeing mice and faints
  • "Damn", "hell" and "oh my god" are said and briefly in the beginning Helene yells "Merde" which is "shit" in French
  • One dog poop joke, one fart joke (involving "Helen's special cheese")
  • A few mild sex jokes, innuendo and phrases, e.g. "boobies".
  • Some childish name-calling, e.g. "Lord Cuckoo-Face", "thick as a plank" and "bad hat".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Helen drinks from a glass which may have an alcoholic beverage, but otherwise there is no apparent sign or mentioning of smoking, street drugs or alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • When Pepito and Madeline are tied up, Pepito is surprisingly scared and sad because he's afraid that his parents won't pay a ransom because of him being rotten, he also says that Madeline's parents will have to do the same, but Madeline tells him her parents are in Heaven; He whispers "I'm sorry" it's a bit sad and heartbreaking, because Pepito is usually cocky and funny, but here he's frightening and terrified.
  • Pepito Scares Most of The Girls (Except for Madeline) by Dangling a Mouse in front of them in His Menagerie then Madeline Releases the Rest of the Caged Micr which causes the Girls to Flee in Terror
    • A kind, elderly woman, whom Madeline bonds with at the hospital, dies the next day after being sick. Her husband's grief causes him to become bitter and mean.
    • It is revealed early in the movie that Madeline is an orphan, her parents died when she was very young, and she lives at the school.
    • Madeline stands up on the edge of a bridge and accidentally falls in the Seine River. She struggles to swim as her teacher and classmate cry and yell out from the bridge. She almost drowns, but a dog comes and saves her life.
    • Madeline becomes very upset when she learns that a live chicken was killed and cooked for dinner.
    • Pepito sneaks up on Madeline and scares her in a dark room at a museum. He also paints a bright red devil face on his face and scares the girls at the house.
    • Madeline and Pepito are kidnapped and tied together.

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