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The A.V. Club
For his first feature, Canadian director Vincenzo Natali has, like the setting of his film, created a complex piece of work around an essentially simple foundation.
L.A. Weekly
Although character arcs are a little too abruptly truncated as the story moves, Natali never fumbles the big picture.
The New York Times
Cube, the story in question, proves surprisingly gripping, in the best ''Twilight Zone'' tradition.
Film Threat
With basically a single set and a limited cast, the producers get the most of their limited budget, particular with a couple of spectacular death scenes.
Dallas Observer
Cube is essentially a glossy, beautifully designed 90-minute Twilight Zone episode.
Cube falls into the dreaded trap of allegory -- aaaaaargh! -- and the clunky dialogue makes a midnight bull session seem brilliant by comparison.
Christian Science Monitor
The characters are stereotypes and the psychology is simplistic, but the movie builds an effective sense of claustrophobic menace that thriller fans may enjoy.
This very Canadian thriller (i.e., no humor, lots of literal-minded future-shock portentousness) certainly does a number on you, though not necessarily a pleasurable one.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
With its confined setting and its existential predicament, the picture owes an ostensible debt to the likes of Pinter and Kafka and Pirandello -- you know, Six Characters in Search of an Author, or, failing that, just getting the hell out of this weird place.
It's an existential, Kafka-esque nightmare with no real resolution, although if you've been biding your time waiting to see some high-strung, ham-handed bickering on-screen, this is your A-ticket.

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