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Nicky Guadagni: Holloway



  • Holloway : You've got a gift.

    Leaven : It's not a gift. It's just a brain.

  • Holloway : It's all the same machine, right? The Pentagon, multinational corporations, the police. If you do one little job, you build a widget in Saskatoon, and the next thing you know, it's two miles under the desert, the essential component of a death machine. I was right! All along, my whole life, I knew it! I told you, Quentin. Nobody's ever going to call me paranoid again! We've gotta get out of here and blow the lid off this thing!

    Worth : Holloway, you don't get it.

    Holloway : Then help me, please. I need to know!

    Worth : This may be hard for you to understand, but there is no conspiracy. Nobody is in charge. It, it's a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a master plan. Can you grasp that? Big Brother is not watching you.

  • Holloway : [after Rennes is killed]  I think we *have* to ask the big questions! What does it want? What is it thinking?

    Worth : "One down, four to go."

  • Quentin : Why don't you tell us what your purpose is, Worth?

    Worth : Often wondered that myself. I'm just a guy, I work in an office building doing office building stuff. I wasn't exactly bursting with joie de vivre before I got here, life just sucks in general.

    Holloway : Oh I can't stand that attitude.

    Leaven : 'Cos he's right.

  • [Quentin and Holloway are discussing who could have made the cube] 

    Quentin : This place is... remember Scaramanga? The bad guy in "The Man With The Golden Gun?" It's some rich psycho's entertainment

    Holloway : [laughs]  Is that what you think?

  • Holloway : What have we come to? It's so much worse than I thought.

    Worth : Not really. Just more pathetic.

  • Quentin : Listen, we can't go climbing around in here.

    Holloway : Why not?

    Quentin : There's traps.

    Holloway : What do you mean traps?

    Quentin : Booby traps. I looked in the room down there, and something almost cut my head off.

  • Quentin : Start with us. We got an escape artist and a cop. There's gotta be a reason for that. You're a doctor, Holloway. That gives you a function, a reason, right?

    Holloway : No! It just makes me go, "Why me and not one of the other ten million doctors out there?"

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