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Joy Behar
rlokremer13 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I've listened numerous times as Joy Behar thinks she knows everything about the South - how we think, dress, eat, vote. Today (12/13/07) again she referred to the South as racists, would not vote for Obama just because he's Black, etc. Every time she speaks, I want to jump right through the TV and tell her that she is a New Yorker, not a Southerner and most definitely doesn't know diddly-squat about anything in the South. She is a know it all who knows nothing!!!. I try to be open-minded and listen to other people's comments. This is done to gain a better perspective of issues but I've learned that there is nothing to be learned from this show - sadly.
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I've taken in The View and Don't like what I see
jaiami25 December 2013
I don't normally watch daytime TV since I work days, but I have from time to time, over the years, watched several episodes of The View. At first, it comprised of experienced journalists, a respected attorney, and a stand-up comedian. The discussions were intelligent, thought-provoking and enjoyable. It soon morphed into 3 stand-up comedians, a has-been TV journalist, and Elizabeth H. (whatever she is or claims to be). The discussions were loud, ill-informed, and mean-spirited. The panel seemed more interested in arguing than providing any semblance of meaningful discourse. Obviously, the show's producers didn't think much of their audience to dumb down a once promising talk show so severely. Now, all stand-up comedians (although Barbara is usually sitting). The show is too loud, too abrasive, and totally irrelevant. I couldn't get through 10 minutes of it. Although you can draw a parallel to the far superior and extremely great, great show Breaking Bad: watch as the good show goes terribly, terribly wrong.
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Steadily going down hill
wjewilliams@yahoo.com11 March 2003
This show is going down hill at warp speed. Three years ago, the show was interesting and intelligent, especially their "Hot Topics" segment where hosts Meredith Vieira, Joy Behar, Star Jones, then host Lisa Ling and occasionally the show's den mother, Barbara Walters would comment on newsworthy stories, often exposing a hidden side that had been buried in the pages of the country's newspapers.

Since then, however, it has regressed into a talk show parody, ranking in terms of content somewhere between Maury Povich and Ricki Lake. No matter how serious the subject at hand, the topic quickly turns to sex, Payless Shoes (for which Star Jones is the spokesperson), Joy's hot flashes or Star's celebrity friends. Subjects like war, murder and child abuse are punctuated either by jokes about viagara, or by Star Jones informing everyone of her self-proclaimed diva status -- Again!

Even Babs herself has fallen into the trash talk abyss, only managing to grab a foot hold long enough to shout out a promo for yet another "riveting" 20/20 special.

If it were not for Meredith Vieira, I would boycott this show completely. Only she seems to have the vaguest clue as to when it is appropriate to push the envelope. But each day I find myself turning it off earlier into the broadcast, shaking my head at the vapid, vacuous piece of pseudo entertainment/journalism this show has become. Please Emmy voters, don't encourage this show with an Emmy nod this year.
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Sick of the divisiveness...
MarieGabrielle4 October 2010
Barbara Walters, when interviewed by Larry King is articulate and interesting. Whoopi is talented and has interesting ideas. Joy is a bit intrusive, but can be entertaining and funny. The reality "Survivor" girl is no talent and placed there to create tension, deliberately.

Why oh why do we need more arguing and hateful TV?. People are sick of it. The news these days is too depressing to even tune in. The popularity of this show is declining. Walters is a talented interviewer, why does she want to be on such an abrasive show that accomplishes nothing.

TV "entertainment" needs to be improved by more astute and talented directors. Personally I am sick of hearing about trash reality TV, Michael Bolton, "DWTS" and other reality trash that will be gone in five years.

Please, ladies don't insult your own intelligence, or the audience. American audiences have had enough.
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The View, In Context
DeanNYC5 August 2006
The View was first stated by news legend Barbara Walters as a program with a meaning: a discussion of various topics from five different women of differing ages and cultural backgrounds. It was to be a think tank for women to look at their lives and see how they fit with the world! With the program telecast live to most of the Eastern and Central time zones and a fresh concept, this seemed new and worthwhile.

The original cast featured newswoman Meredith Vieira, who had previously worked on "60 Minutes" and other news programs on CBS. She quickly became the de facto leader of the company, representing the 40somethings.

Star Jones made a name for herself during the O.J. Simpson trial. Her reporting was often insightful and worthwhile and was in her 30s when the program began.

Joy Behar was a stand up comic and a quick-witted, jovial sort that said exactly what she thought, especially when she expected it to get a laugh and she was in the 50+ set! Last, Debbie Matenopoulos, the 20something kid who had little to no experience in broadcasting, gave the more youthful and exuberant opinion of that generation.

Problem: Five women talking at once. Ringmaster Vieira kept things in line as best she could; patterns began to form. Debbie was often ridiculed as being a no-nothing, and did sometimes say and do things that displayed her naiveté.

The show was so eager to dump Debbie, she was removed before a replacement had been selected! The "ladies" then held a nationwide search. The winner: Lisa Ling, a former correspondent for Channel One, the cable news service for grade schools.

People either saw Lisa as intelligent and charming or dull and boring, but either way, The View lived up to its name, providing useful and informative discussion during her tenure. However, this job was a mere stepping stone for Lisa. She quit and moved on to National Geographic, where she could cover stories of global import, first hand.

With the "20" chair vacant again, the show held another set of auditions. This time, the winner came from the world of reality television. "Survivor" contestant Elisabeth Filarski, who married and became Elisabeth Hasselbeck, won the job this time. Elisabeth's overt political conservatism rubbed both Star and Joy the wrong way, causing some extra friction within the group.

Meanwhile, Star was having weight problems. There were frequent segments designed to help her and those in the audience in her position, get back to a healthy figure. However, after a brief hiatus, Star came back with a slimmer new body. It was widely rumored that she had "stomach stapling" surgery, though she never confirmed (nor denied) this.

Star was also focusing on her wedding. She was to marry Al Reynolds and many episodes were about preparations for the day, including gifts, catering, and other such features. However, when the wedding itself took place, Star disallowed cameras, even those of her co-hosts.

Things came to a head in 2006. Katie Couric, longtime popular host of NBC's Today Show was offered the anchor's chair at The CBS Evening News. NBC then plucked Meredith Vieira to take over for Katie, which left a hole in The View lineup.

Barbara selected Rosie O'Donnell to replace Meredith, despite knowing that Rosie had publicly insulted Star, and the handwriting was on the wall. Star knew that this situation would be, at best, uncomfortable for her. But she never got that far. She was privately told that her contract would not be renewed for the 2006-2007 season and that she would play out the string until September, when the new season began.

Star didn't see it that way, and in a moment reminiscent of Dustin Hoffman in "Tootsie," Star went entirely off-script to voice her grievances to her co-hosts and to the world, live on the broadcast, in a candid statement that garnered national headlines.

The next day, she was off the program, permanently.

With only Joy and Elisabeth as hosts, Barbara returned to the role of everyday member of the cast for the rest of Summer 2006, and the show brought in replacement hosts to take Star's former chair.

The "Rosie" era for The View began on September 5, 2006. Where it was first predicted that Rosie, one of the most liberal voices in broadcasting, would have constant run-ins with conservative Elisabeth, what originally happened was a battle between the two stand-up voices, As Ms. O'Donnell and Ms. Behar began trying to out-joke each other. The quips and barbs (no Walters pun intended) these two hurled at each other had an undercurrent of malice that even a casual observer could note. After feedback, they have since toned down the oneupwomanship.

More recently, the show's claim to fame is in Rosie's commentary about various celebrities, including accusing Kelly Ripa of homophobia because of a comment Ripa made to American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken (who had not stated anything about his sexual preference at the time) and Donald Trump of being a hypocrite for his handling the situation with Miss USA, Tara Conner, both of which prompted quick responses from the accused parties. If nothing else, Rosie's "view" has kept the program in the news and people tuning in to see what bon mot will fall out of her mouth next.

The View began with the best of intentions, however, in catering to the all important ratings (it is head to head with Bob Barker's "The Price Is Right" in many markets), the meaning of the show's name ebbed away.

Today, it's just another talk show that is frequently louder, more meaningless and more useless than any of the other programs of its type, especially with the verbal jockeying of the Rosie era. Perhaps it's fun to watch a daily train wreck, but that wasn't what was promised from this program.
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toilet television
rott215 December 2005
My mom is a big fan of this show. Every time its on she has to watch it. Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of it and it disgusts me every time I catch it. 4 women all sit around and talk about the stupid and most pointless things I've ever heard. They don't cover (well, at least not anymore) the smart or important issues. All they discuss about are stupid jokes and sexual innuendo that makes you want to shoot the T.V. Not to mention every time it is on, it seems like one of the women always has to mention something about the male part (you know). You don't have to go to prison to suffer. Hell, just watch this show. I ran out of things to say so I'm going to name names for this show. Not important; mindless; pointless; annoying; stupid;
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This was once upon a time,and now its once upon sorry and I do mean sorry
rcj53654 September 2005
Once upon a time it was brilliant and interesting to watch. Nowadays, "The View" has gone to hell in a handbasket,and for good reason. Its amazes me that ABC Daytime let this show run its course for over eight years and that show is nothing but a bunch of women who sit on there butts and cackle like a bunch of hens on the farm. At one time,this show talked about the news facts of the day,and nowadays its nothing but a bunch of sex jokes and diva issues not to mention some of the racist and foul comments that come out of the mouth of one of its co-hosts..Joy Behar. And Star Jones talking about her "diva status" get repulsively annoying. And as far as others are concern,I would not watch the show if it were not for Meredith Vieira,who in my opinion is the only one on the panel with common sense. And as far as the special co-hosts are concerning,they need to put the annoying as hell Rosie O'Donnell out of our misery. And they can figure out why the intelligent one out of the panel Lisa Ling left,and do you blame her? She got tired of the crap of this show and for good reason. Its amazing that the leader of the pack Barbara Walters hasn't call it quits either.
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I'm Done
ibbussin225 September 2006
I can't believe how BAD your show is getting. I used to enjoy listening to the different opinions of all the women that were on the show but now it's a joke!! If I wanted to see a musical I would go see one, but it's getting pushed on us at a daily basis by Rosie O'Donnell. What were you thinking adding her on your show?? Or should I say what was Barbara thinking? I think Barbara is losing it anyway. Rosie lost her own show because she stunk now you put her on your show? You must be trying to get the boot. Well you won't be around too much longer if you keep this up. I hope someone besides Barbara sees what is happening to this show and does something before it is too late. I change my channel from now on.
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SPOILER: Whoopi was wrong
billsmusic23 March 2009
I'm sorry, but Whoopi went totally overboard for the simple fact that she can't accept a little bit of constructive criticism. But as usual, one of the women on the Morning Estrogen Overload Show reads or hears something and takes it completely the wrong way.

How can she call someone an "anonymous bitch" right after she mentioned the woman's name? They have to realize, of course, that Hollywood and the fashion world are chock full of very harsh critics. I'm sorry, but look at Whoopi's wardrobe choices compared to all the others on the show. Maybe if she would stop living in the over-sized man shirts and made a little attempt to actually look like a woman, they wouldn't have been so harsh.

Then, she goes on to say how people don't judge her by what she wears, but rather by what she says. Well, how does she think she made herself look with that immature, unnecessary, obsenity-laced tirade she went into? Gimme me a break. Whoopi just made herself look like an ass.
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A poor view of Barbara Walters and ABC
miopinyun3 July 2006
I am not a Star Jones fan, however, I am totally disgusted with the way Barbara Walters and ABC treated Star Jones after she announced that she would no longer be co-hosting the show. Also, Larry King's statement, in his interview with Star, that Barbara Walters doesn't lie is equally annoying. Who does he think she is? She tries to act holier than thou but she is totally unprofessional. As far as I'm concerned Barbara is the most irritating one on the show. On one of the programs, they had an audience full of military soldiers on leave from the war and she inappropriately talked about a stain that she gotten on her favorite outfit at a party that she had attended that weekend. She went on and on about it, oblivious to the fact that it was trivial in comparison to what was going on in the lives of her audience members. Also whenever she was on the show, she acted high and mighty like she was better than everybody else. She would interrupt and monopolize conversations and expect the others to acquiesce to her "holy" presence. In her one-on-one celebrity interviews, the actors that she interviewed who "cried" when she started prying into their personal lives with her nosy questions were sickening. She does not have a "special" interviewing technique that makes people cry. some actors will just do anything to get attention and publicity. How she has gotten as far as she has in the media is puzzling. This is a woman who is constantly mocked for her ineptness in speech, yet ABC continues to provide her with a platform to do interviews, news stories, etc. If she were black this would not be the case and If Star Jones was white she would not have been treated so disrespectfully. The way Barbara Walters and ABC "chastised" her for the way she left was unacceptable and hypocritical.
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Kids in the playground
anderson06412 September 2012
I don't get how a show that has so much potential can be reduced to who is the loudest! I can't understand what is going on when all these women start trying to talk over each other. I have children that can have more civil conversations with each other. If they are trying to get their point across, they don't have to try to do it all at once! Grow up ladies, you are embarrassing yourselves!! I an not being anti American but you people all seem to think that the only way you are going to be heard is if you do it louder than anyone else. Do you ever sit back and look at yourselves? I mean really, I can't understand what the hell you are going on about most of the time. If it gets to the point where we can't understand what your are trying to say, why would we bother watching you? I have to confess, e only reason I have watched your show is that for all the rubbish that is on television here, your show is one of the only ones that I can get a clear reception of. But after all the headaches that you give me trying to keep track of what is being said, I'm starting to think, that it is just easier to turn you off and listen to some relaxing music on the radio!
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The View's Atrocious Behavior
ifloyd508 October 2008
I want to express my opinion on "The View" The first time I was going to watch the show, I could not make out what anyone was saying. They all talk at the same time. So, I never watch it. Today, on another show, I saw scenes of what happened on the show yesterday and I think it is the most atrocious behavior of women that I have ever seen!!!!! Just because all the rest have different political views, why do they have to attach Elizabeth. Imagine, grown women screaming and hollering at one another. All the women except Barbara seem to think more people will watch the fighting and hollering, but I want you to know I would never watch that show. Unless you can have women on that show that are not screamers (like Nicole Kidman), then I would suggest that the show be taken off the air.
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Show is getting too political
bobbianna28 March 2007
The show is getting FAR too political. For heavens sake...lay off the Bush tantrums. I was never a big fan of Star Jones (not a big Trump fan either for that matter) but Rosie is so far left that I can only hope she falls off! Cut the politics and get on with the fun stuff. Rosie has literally taken over the show. Nobody seems to be able to get a word in. Why they stand for her I'll never understand. I can't wait until she leaves for her own show (which I have absolutely no intention of tuning in to). I hear that there wasn't enough time for her to get ready for her new show in the fall of 2007 so she signed for another year. I'm only sorry that she had to sign up for another season and will be back for another year before she's gone.
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roadbom814 September 2015
I liked the view when it first started and with the original cast, but now I have issues with their cast changes. I do not like Raven Simone being on the cast list. She is not the nicest person on the cast. I liked her in her Disney days, but not who she's become now. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and well everyone respects what she has to say she dogs on everybody else. I just can't stand watching her on TV anymore since she's developed into a rude person. I don't mind opinionated people unless they turn into someone ugly and are just trying to hard. I would love if the original cast was able to come back, but I totally understand if they're not able to.
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Thud, bottom of hill
laurelp526 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Ratings more important to Walters? If Rosie O'Donnel raised their ratings then their viewers must have been culled from the National Enquirer's subscription list. When Star Jones was forced off, I felt the most logical and fair voice there was gone. To be replaced by a loud mouth that always talks over everyone.On THIS show of all shows. Sounds like a President Bush decision to me. Yep, I'm a Democrat from Oregon. (no gun rack or pick-up truck.)I work full time and have TIVO. I have lost my respect for Barbara Walters when she showed what a small and calculating person she is. Of course I thought she got to the top of her professions because of the quality of work, but it takes some back stabbing along the way as well I guess.
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McCain interview
Dennis / Gail Campbell17 September 2008
Being a Canadian citizen spending 6mths each year in the the southern USA we are very interested in your Politics and want to be able to discuss issues with our American friends in an intelligent way. But we just have to comment on the "The Views" interview with Sen. McCain. We always respected Barbra Walters but not so much anymore. This show was a complete farce! Sounded like a bunch of screaming teenage girls at a rock concert, it fact the show has been nothing but a screaming contest for months now. By comparison the Obama interview was a love in! Actually the show hit its all time low when Rosey was brought in, but since she left its even gone further downhill. Time for Joy to move on, won't be watching this program ever again!!!
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The View is losing the respect of women
Sherbelle2 June 2007
I respectfully want to say the "The View" is losing the essence of respect that Barbara Walters brought to the show. She should have realized that bringing a crude mouthed person on the show would not boost the standards of the average American woman. It has made me fight to maintain the respect that I have always had for Barbara..I have not watched it since you know when, but the other day when Whoopi guest hosted, I felt the character (if not the ratings) was making a return. It should never have been about ratings anyway, but about good, honest American values. I do not support our troops being deployed to Iraq, but I respectfully disagree. As a Democrat and a Christian and a Mother, I hope our very young boys come home soon. I will not, however, fabricate lies about America to express any opinions I may have about any event.
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Rosie should be cancelled now!
anmarsh-118 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
About a year ago, I thought seriously about disconnecting my cable service. One day after seeing The View I actually did it. I am so sick of all the junk that is on TV now. However, on Feb 28th 2007 I did see a few minutes of The View while at a friend's house and was so glad that I made the decision that I did. I have NEVER seen a cohost be so rude and belittling to another cohost as Rosie was that day. I am amazed those other women can stand to work with her. Any time that I have seen even just a little bit of the show since Rosie has been on there all she does is talk about gay people and/or politics. She dominates every show. I think it's great to talk politics and get different viewpoints but that is not what she allows. She is loud, overbearing, rude, and disgusting. I have also noticed from reading these messageboards that there are liberals and conservatives, gays and straights, and pretty much the majority of viewers, who cannot stand her and would like nothing more than her removal from the show. Why anyone gives her a platform is beyond me.
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Rosie O'Donnell
csiejna11822 November 2006
The view was at onetime one of my favorite shows. No more, I rarely watch. It was great when it first started now it is just a cat fight with Rosie. Why does she think that her opinions are the only correct ones. Fine she's gay, with that I don't have a problem but she must make something out of everything. She never allows anyone else to even speak not even Barbara and its her show. She makes me sick. Barbara find a new replacement fast before the show is off the air. What happened to the jokes and interesting conversations? Now if it isn't what Rosie wants to discuss don't even try because she'll find a way to change the subject to what she wants. Its none of her business what Kelly does is she trying to take over that show too. I love the Regis and Kelly show and can understand why Kelly did that, she has small children and a TV show of her own that she has to keep healthy for. Let Rosie worry about Rosie and not everyone else. I'm sure she has other things in her life to worry about. At one time I thought she was great not any more. Can't waste my time Cathy
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The View
rainrain-goaway2 August 2006
The View should not be produced anymore. Barbara Walters' comments about Star Jones were very professional and were uncalled for. Star Jones made mistakes, but so did every host on the show. Barbara Walters' actions were juvenile the day after Star gave her notice. As if Barbara's words impact my life. I think she may have me confused with someone who gives a ____. The show, never a favorite of mine to begin with, has not only gone south but truly is no more than a Jerry Springer show in is made cheap by these hosts. Who does Barbara Walters think she is? Please let's keep the Goddess off TV so real issues can be voiced, considered, and discussed.
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Very stupid show
emampour200523 December 2006
I have seen a few episode of this show and I have to say its one of the best way of torturing yourself.four women sitting around a table doing nothing but talking about stupid and pointless things. one day i was watching one episode of the show and they were talking about some sexual stuff.then i went to bathroom and took a cold shower and when i got back they were still talking.the worst thing is that they are always trying to be funny and making jokes even during serious discussions. I think Barbara Walters should get out of the show because she is a good correspondent and she has a very good reputation interviewing famous people. The only good thing about this show is that sometimes they invite some good actors or singers but they are spoiling it by asking useless question and spending only little time with the guest.

i cant even watch the show if i get paid for.
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From bad to pathetic
hrmgr3121 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This show was a tough sell to begin with, but with the advent of Rosie the mouth, it has gone to really bad to utterly pathetic. There is something to be said for stupidity and whether or not an actress is worth watching, thank God I can turn the TV. She was never that good of an actress but to watch her on TV day in and day out is nothing less than absolute torture.

Here's an idea for ABC, play the episodes back to back in prison and you'd have criminals going straight just to get away from the program. This would solve the crime issue in America and give Rosie a captive audience that would be willing to listen to her useless spew of idiocy.
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Just Awful! Mail Rosie a mussel to shut her big mouth!
Syl28 June 2006
Believe it or not, I watched this show in the beginning in 1996 and I was a fan of it then. Not anymore, I grew to lose respect for all of the co-hosts at one time or another. Never did I think that Meredith Viera would announce to the world that she is not wearing underwear. Debbie Matenopoulos was far better than her replacements despite her sometimes idiotic comments. Until yesterday when Star Jones Reynolds announced her departure from the show did it hit me, I can't stand Rosie O'Donnell to begin with because she is a lying hypocrite of a human being and for her to succeed Viera's departure only supports my decision to have stopped watching. Who wants to see Rosie O'Donnell again as a talk show host anyway? That was what was behind Star's departure was the Rosie's arrival. Not that Star is herself blameless, she has changed a lot since her surgery and her marriage but she managed to maintain some of my respect. After all, she is a lawyer and I don't think she's no dummy. Barbara Walters, what have you done to this show since it first aired 9 years ago. I could see why Meredith is leaving for better opportunities. I can't stand Joy Behar anymore who I used to enjoy watching as a comedian. I had respect for Star Jones until this show and watched it deplete over the years. Debbie's replacements have never had the same magic as the show once did when it premiered and even less when Rosie joins the show. With Star, I wish her and Meredith the best. But come on, Barbara, you can go outside and get somebody off the streets of New York City who doesn't talk English and do a better job then Rosie. They could be homeless, drunk, and wasted and I bet they would be funnier and more original than Rosie O'Donnell could ever be. I was reading that you were going to ask Marcia Cross about those lesbian rumors in front of her parents even though she was engaged to a man at the time but Marcia's quite a lady but you lost her respect. How many other people's respect are you going to lose now. Maybe Barbara should retire herself. Now if Barbara was smart, she would have gotten Kathie Lee Gifford to take over Meredith's spot. I plan on watching something less argumentative, maybe I'll switch over to Jerry Springer from now on.
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The View
donnasden28 June 2006
I cannot believe you are letting The View turn into the Rosie O'Donald show. She will walk in and never shut her mouth. There will be no need for anyone else on the show because she will do all the talking. I am so sorry to see Star leaving. I think she is an intelligent well informed woman and to exchange her for Rosie is a shame. Well, I guess The View has run long enough because you just sentenced it to death. There have been many replacements over the years but this is the worst. I am appalled at your lack of integrity. The View is fun and informative and not afraid to discuss any subject. Just bring up the subject of gun control and see how Rosie blows her top. Just invite Tom Sellick on the show and she how your favorite comedian behaves. We really don't like Rosie as a spokesperson. I like her acting and respect her personal choice of lifestyle, but her mouth is just plain offensive in her narrow-minded attitude. She seems to believe that the louder you speak the more right you are.
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Get rid of Joy and save your show while you can
theresa-k-dienethal26 September 2008
Joy is destroying the show. She is cynical, mean, and insists on spouting her perverted points of view so loudly that no one can ignore her nasal irritating voice. She has been on the show too long and she is such a bias host that I find myself changing the channel every time she starts to speak no matter what the subject. And if the subject is politics I know that I am going to change the channel, she is so completely stupid and she states things that are untrue as if they were fact....please to save your show and get rid of her NOW! I wish she would take the time to actually investigate some of the things she thinks she knows. The interview with Sen McCain was reprehensible, he handled himself very well considering because he has class and tact, but the questions posed by Joy were completely off base. She needs to get a grip and go home and do the world a favor and retire.
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