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Sex & Nudity

    • Several scenes where a stripper is seen topless and shooting darts from her vagina (she has a zipper on her panties).
    • It's implied that a man is having sex behind a woman although we just see a woman moaning.
    • Two scenes where a man's penis is very briefly seen before he turns around and we see his butt as he stands fully nude.
    • Two men stick an object which looks like a vibrating butt plug up another man's butt (nothing graphic seen besides rear nudity).
    • A woman's breasts and butt are seen.
    • We can see a bulge in a woman's panties and she says that she is a hermaphrodite. She then has sex with another woman (breasts and butt seen).
    • A man cuts open a woman's dress and we see her breasts.

Violence & Gore

    • Lots of scenes where people are shot and bloody.
    • A man in a car drinks acid and blood flies everywhere. A man opens the car and blood pours out.
    • A man beats a boy's head on his desk and he is bloody afterward.
    • Two scenes where a person's urine stream is seen.
    • A woman has her period while shooting a dart from her vagina (blood sprays all over a man).
    • Some kids kick around a man's decapitated head. Another man kicks it and the head splatters.
    • A woman has acid poured on her body. We see her injured arm at the hospital later.
    • A man chops a boy's head off (very bloody).
    • A man is stabbed through the neck with a sword
    • A man's head is sliced off and blood spurts out.


  • 'Fuck' is said twice, also 'bastard, hell, bitch, dick' (in subtitles).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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