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Ramis has made a fleet, unself-conscious, eminently enjoyable picture, where one-liners carom merrily like stray bullets, and where there's casual ease, like the drape of a sharpster's trousers, in the rapport between its two stars.
Watching De Niro take Paul through his first panic attack ("I'm crying like a woman") is an unalloyed joy.
The A.V. Club
A funny, tightly plotted, well-conceived comedy that transcends both Crystal's '90s curse and its horrible title.
It's the most liberated and alive [DeNiro]'s been since his deluded Rupert Pupkin tried to kidnap Jerry Lewis in "King of Comedy."
Chicago Sun-Times
The comedy here isn't all on the surface, and Viterelli [the bodyguard Jelly] is one reason why.
Analyze This won't win any Oscars, and its comedy is pretty tortured in places, but the pleasures of watching DeNiro onscreen never diminish--not even when he's putting the glories of his criminal past at risk.
Its structure is repetitive, but each scene begins with a joyous blast of comic energy...A hoot.
As enjoyable as it is, it's hard to escape a sense of Analyze This being the work of competent talents who knew exactly where the good-enough line was and didn't feel particularly inspired to push far beyond it.
USA Today
Because De Niro's performance is aptly ''Scorsese-aggressive'' while Crystal effectively underplays, one can easily sit through this bottom-line disappointment with a smile painted on, waiting for belly laughs that rarely come. [5 Mar 1999]
Chicago Reader
This blunt comedy suffers from poor pacing, colorless dialogue, and subpar performances by the two leads that reveal just how much a director contributes to our perception of what a star is.

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