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I loved this back in the day
9sam15 January 2007
i really liked this show when i was a kid so now when i watch it the nostalgia automatically makes me love it. it probably isn't to good if you didn't watch it as a kid but it is still a very good show. not to scary but since it was a kids show you cant expect much. Definitely worth a watch if you saw this show as a kid or just like the original. If i remember correctly the original voice of the cryptkeeper does the voice for this animated show as well.

As much as i love this show ill admit it was not as great as the original because of obvious reasons. but for a kid show it is damn good :)
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Op_Prime25 March 2000
Think 'Tales from the Crypt' animated. This series was Saturday morning cartoon and aired in ABC. Being on ABC and on Saturday morning kept the show from living up to the live action show. It wasn't able to be as scary or funny with those restrictions. On it's own, I'd say it was an okay show; but compared to the live action show, it does not measure up.
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"Have a'Ghoul' Old Time!"
gattonero9752 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I never got to see this animated for kid's version of Tales from the Crypt.

To tell you the truth , I didn't know it existed! I saw the very 1st episode "While The Cat's Away" by Manny Coto.

I was surprised on how somewhat intense it was! I mean this was suppose to be aimed at kids and I expected a 'Scooby-Doo' type of shenanigans at the very least. Boy was I wrong! This little creepy tale has two little kids breaking in a obvious haunted House to steal something valuable in order to buy some 'dream bikes' the kids have been wanting to get.

Problem is that said house is not abandoned like these two taught and you got everybody from Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein's Monster, Ghosts and even Zombies to contend with! Plus secret trapped doors & walls galore! I truly was expecting a spoof-like entry on the classic series and comic. But they remained creepy even if it was animated.

I look forward to see more and more of these tales. I'm really happy/ surprised that they got the original voice of the Cryptkeeper himself from the TV series: John Kassir, to voice the animated Cryptkeeper and introduced all the episodes like he did on the TV show.

Like the TV show , it teaches lessons of right and wrong and the consequences it has when you choose wrong over right, but more so here because it's really suppose to be aimed at kids. I have no issues on that. In fact, it makes it better.

I'm just excited I'm finally getting a chance to see this classic animated series for the 1st time! So if you get a chance, give it a chance and check it out and have a "Ghoul" old time!
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Well if you're not a kid...........
jasonbradleyeades5 January 2018
It definitely won't be scary, but if your a fan, it was great!
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Awesome Cartoon!
MisterKevin21 October 2018
This was an awesome cartoon! Great stories, quality animation and voice work, nice stories and monsters etc that did not talk down to us kids, it was great. Wooot wooooooooot!!
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Tales from the Cryptkeeper is amusing at times, but it's brought down by lazy scripts and horrible animation.
TOMNEL12 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Tales from the Crypt was an adult horror anthology on HBO, but it liked to tease children to watch. After all the Cryptkeeper never said anything to the adults, and all of his comments were said to the "kiddies". So why not give the Cryptkeeper his own kid's show? Well how about because Tales from the Crypt was a violent comic book full of horror tales, and no children show would ever allow the amount of violence needed. So instead we get a poorly animated TV show where the Cryptkeeper teaches kids' lessons about what not to do. Truly a great premise!

Alright, so as stated earlier, the plot of this show is that the Cryptkeeper hosts and teaches children lessons and makes them pure. Of course, this does not fit with his very unpure character on the TV show, but that's okay, it's a kiddie show.

This show was bad for a variety of reasons. It had lame story lines to teach lessons. Don't cry wolf, be courteous, reading is cool...and then the Cryptkeeper keeps saying how scary it is. It's like watching Bambi with an audio commentary by Vincent Price making spooky noises. It's not scary in the least, and it's just dumb.

To make matters worse, the animation is just horrible. It's fluid enough, and not choppy, but the animated acting is horrible. Characters have blank expressions when they should be scared. The characters put their arms in strange ways, and overact everything. It's like the animators have never observed how an actual human being walks, talks and looks. It's hard to watch this horrible animation with these awkward characters.

This show is poorly animated and too heavy on the messages to be good by any means, but it's kind of funny in a bad sort of way.

My rating: * 1/2 out of ****. TVY7. 30 mins.
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