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Natascha McElhone: Deirdre



  • Deirdre : You're scared!

    Sam : Of course I'm scared! You think I'm reluctant because I'm happy?

  • Deirdre : [Sam retrieves his gun from behind some crates]  What exactly were you doin' back here?

    Sam : Lady, I never walk into a place I don't know how to walk out of.

    Deirdre : Then why are you gettin' into that van?

    Sam : You know the reason.

  • Sam : So, how'd you get started in this business?

    Dierdre : A wealthy scoundrel seduced and betrayed me.

    Sam : Same with me. How about that?

  • Sam : What's in the case?

    Deirdre : That isn't necessary.

    Sam : Is it heavy, is it explosive, is it chained to some unlucky bloke's wrist? Are we gonna have to chop it off?

    Deirdre : All right. But I am not under any obligation to let you know...

    Sam : If not, the price has gotta go up. I'll get you the case, but the price has gotta go up. If it's gonna be a amateur night, I want a hundred thousand dollars. I want it upfront. I want it in a bank account. I want another $100,000 when you get the case.

    Deirdre : [after a phone conversation with someone]  You'll get your money when we get the case.

    Sam : The others too.

    Deirdre : That is what I understood. We've gotten the word.

  • Seamus O'Rourke : You bollocksed it up.

    Dierdre : I bollocksed it up?

    Seamus O'Rourke : You hired them.

    Dierdre : Through your fucking contacts!

  • Seamus O'Rourke : I was clearing up your mess.

    Dierdre : My mess? Oh, well, you take over then.

    Seamus O'Rourke : Eh?

    Dierdre : But you can't, can ya? It's you that's hidin' isn' it, Seamus? It's you that can't show your face.

  • Deirdre : We were working with a bunch of lames!

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