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It outstays its welcome.
lost-in-limbo8 December 2005
A large number of killer fire ants have awaken and start to consume people and animals in a remote area of Alaska. So it's up to a small group of people to figure out how they can stop these dangerous predators before they reach a major town.

Yep, that pretty much sums up this dour TV feature. It's bad. Again, did I tell you that it was bad!? I recorded this thinking that it might be cheesy fun, but really, there's no fun to be had. Gee, I should have gone fishing instead. True, it's a nature vs. man story, which that genre flooded the 50's, but for recent times this one is utterly boring and hardly enjoyable. Even a bad film made back then on this topic, at least it was unintentionally humorous, though sadly it isn't the case with this one. The opening sequence proves it! Most of the time I was thinking how did that happen or you got to be kidding me. This is because there is SO many things that lacked consistency and how many coincidences can you get, plenty! These one- dimensional characters are plain senseless and seem to forget too often that there are killer ants around, after battling them just a second ago and they don't seem to know ants can climb! What are terrifying are the ants themselves, the CGI effects are awfully staged and rather shoddy. That really goes for the lame explosions and patchy flamethrower too. But these ants can supposedly strip the skin off a human body within 30 minutes, although with out an ounce of blood. There's really only one drop! Just how big are they supposed to be because the rubber ones used to stick on someone when they are being attack is about twice the size of the CGI designs! They even take the lazy option of by providing a lot of deja vu moments involving scenes of the ants being used over and over again.

The plot goes for some intellectual speeches that bore you to death with its scientific mumbo jumbo. No way is this predictable hokum entertaining with its galore of clichés and mind numbing dialogue. A lot of the things you hear just make you cringe in disbelief. Please stop the bad pun! The corny acting was rather standard for this type of production, but there are some recognisable faces. Like Eric Lutes and Mitch Pileggi from X-files fame. Julia Campbell was lovely too. Just expect the usual enthusiastic performances. The acting might have been better than expected but also the cinematography was rather breathtaking in bringing the Alaska's wilderness on the screen. The backdrop was elegant. Too bad the direction and pacing was shamelessly lethargic and handled in a flat manner and plenty of the sequences show it. The telegraphed score is terribly worked in, but not as bad as the use of the stunt doubles (, the white water raft sequence where they decide suddenly to wear hats for the occasion). But like everything does in these shamble TV features, all the things work out in the nick of time… yeah right!

"Marabunta" is nothing but sour grapes. At least a hinted sequel won't see daylight, well I hope so.

"…flush them back to South America…" You tell 'em!
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We'll blow up the dam
MartianOctocretr57 October 2007
A swarm of ants from South America decide to over run Alaska.

Cheesy and silly from start to end. Poor animation on the ants, to begin with. Sometimes you see some actual footage of about three or four real ants: scary. Attacks are the most contrived sequences you'll ever witness. One dummy climbs into a giant ant hill. Another guy fires a pistol at the ant hill. Some other clod tries to attack them with a tractor. Still another dimwit fires a rifle at the swarm as they try to surround her. Nobody ever seems to think of running away; the ants move at about 1/1000th the speed of a human.

One guy is in a truck driving in circles while fire bombs go off on either side of the truck, no matter where he is at any given moment. But I love the "Let's blow up the dam" sequence best. There's no reasonable explanation for why this would help, or any assurance that it would work. They just decide to blow up the dam. A helicopter picks up a guy after an 2-second earthquake knocks him off his feet, and he rolls down a hill to land atop some dynamite he just lit. And on it goes.

Good for a laugh at how stupid it all is.
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One of the stupidest...
Psycho Mantis29 June 2001
A small town in Alaska is being threatened by a legion of killer ants, which by some particular reason go crazy every twelve year and just wants to kill everything and everyone in their path. The town is soon evacuated, but some slack people persist with staying put to battle it out with the ants.

This has got to be one of the stupidest film I have ever seen. Sure, it was made directly for TV, but that does not mean it can be as bad as "Legion of Fire: Killer Ants".

The characters we are supposed to care about are: a lame guy from LA, an irritating teacher, a tired sheriff and finally his son, who screams in horror almost the entire film. Perhaps he had realized what he had got himself into when he signed up for this movie. And the otherwise gifted actor Mitch Pileggi, who stars as the sheriff, really should try to find better projects to work on when he is not shooting X-files episodes.

The ants are just as unconvincing as the characters, if not even more. When the movie is over, you will be very tired of close-ups of poor computer made ants that climb over sticks and rocks.

The movie also contains a lot of incredibly stupid action scenes. For example: when the two heroes are trapped between two flocks of ants out in the wilderness, they don´t realize that all they have to do is take one step out in water next to them, and they would be safe. Perhaps they were too scared to remember that ants can´t swim. And one time the kid is trapped inside a school bus, and there are hundreds of ants on it. But when the heroes arrive a few seconds later, all the ants are gone. Why? Many scenes are unconsciously funny, like when the heroes escape from the ants on a motorcycle and she screams, "Hurry! Faster!", when they easily could have walked away from the little troublemakers. And when all the mess is finally over, you have not seen a single ant been trampled to death, which probably would have been the easiest way to finish the little creatures off. Just jump on them, for Christ´s sake!

I could go on and on, but I think I will stop here. "Legions of Fire: Killer Ants" is a horror movie you will be laughing out loud to, which indeed also can be nice sometimes.

* out of * * * * *
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MetallicaIGN18226 January 2004
I taped this one last week, it got three stars (good) in my TV paper so I was expecting a decent film.

I didn't get that.

What I did get is a film that goes so far into being bad, it actually becomes good. There aren't any scares, dramatic moments or good special effects but this film is FILLED with unintentionally funny moments. My favourite part was the stupid cop who after getting over the death of his 10 year old brother (the cop was at least 30+, how does he have a 10 year old bro?!) really quickly, later goes on to hilariously stumble and put a tractor into drive causing a barn to collapse with him trapped inside with the KILLER ANTS!!.

My other favourite part was the hero and the all action local school teacher/marksman escaping from another barn on a small bike so pathetic looking that even Harry & Lloyd would have refused to ride on it.

Ah yes, I also got a kick out of how they manage to make an ant poison potion in the school lab, not only does it kill ants but it's also apparently non toxic as the school teacher sprays it all over a guy's face lol.

Well worth watching!
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Works on two levels--both very entertaining
BrandtSponseller23 January 2005
Entomologist Jim Conrad (Eric Lutes) is finally taking a vacation. He's headed to Burly Pines, Alaska, to visit a friend, relax, and fish. Of course, this being a horror film, and Conrad being the main character, he doesn't get much relaxation in. Shortly after arriving, Conrad discovers first a moose, then a person, who have been killed then stripped to the bone in a matter of hours. It's a good thing an entomologist is on duty, because it just seems that we might have some killer bugs on the loose! Although this film has received some terrible reviews, I actually like it, a lot. In fact, I'm giving it an 8 out of 10, and at times, was almost going to give it an even higher score! And no, it's not because it's "so bad, it's good".

Which is not to say that there's nothing campy about Marabunta: Terror in Burly Pines (aka Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!). I'd swear that directors Jim Charleston and George Manasse knew all along that they were creating a campy horror film, ala Lake Placid (1999), say, but one that plays extremely dryly. Heck, one of the screenwriters is even named Wink! That it is played so straight makes it easier to watch Marabunta on a couple different levels. You can enjoy it as a serious film, and it's a very engaging, suspenseful story on that level for the most part, and you can also think more "realistically" about the scenarios, and it's even funnier for being dry.

On the serious side, Marabunta follows the somewhat stereotypical plot line for the "bugs gone wild" horror subgenre. It may be predictable on that level, but it's also very enjoyable and effective. The three principle cast members help a lot. Lutes is very good, Mitch Pileggi is excellent as Police Chief Jeff Croy, and Julia Campbell, as Laura Sills, may have been very good, too, although it was more difficult for me to judge her objectively because she is so beautiful. There is also a lot of gorgeous Utah scenery (doubling as Alaska) and some nice cinematography. Also, for a low budget film, the effects were good.

The principle aspect that for me detracted from viewing the film as a serious horror vehicle was the score, especially towards the end. Composer Daniel Licht goes into a mode where he seems to be scoring a reality "challenge" television show rather than a film. Admittedly, the plot might also start to resemble a reality "challenge" television show by the climax.

But Marabunta is even more fun when we start to think about it "realistically". This is a film where people shoot guns at ants. They think it's an effective idea to stop ants by blowing out a mountain road. We get to see them race a tiny scooter away from ants, where the scooter is so slow, the ants almost beat them. We get to see a character drive wildly around in circles, putting others' lives in danger, rather than just step out of the car, because ants are on his leg. We get to watch characters take a canoe down rapids and waterfalls as a means of safe escape. There is no end to fun plot points like these. There are also a number of very amusing continuity "errors". In the realm of intentional camp, this film is near genius.

Marabunta is definitely worth watching, although preferably by those with a taste for dry absurdism as well as a love of "nature gone wild" horror.
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Ripe for MST3k
Rattrap00717 May 2002
If you read or have read many of my other reviews you will find I love bad films. A few days ago I was looking for a tape to record on. I pop a tape in and what do I find? A tape of Legion of Fire: Killer Ants! A lucky(?) find!

I just finished watching it. Man is it bad. The entomologist is an idiot. Anyone who knows insects should know that ants cannot swim. They need a twig/log/ground or some sort of bridge to cross a body of water. Our "hero" seems to forget this when they are on the bank of a river being attacked by ants. Hello? I'm overweight and even I could outrun these poor CGI ants.

Another problem I found was with the kid. Not him personally. Poor "Chad" has his name screwed up several times. He is called Scott, Jake, and maybe one or two other names in this film in addition to Chad. I found myself laughing my butt of at each of these goofs. Once it happens twice in one scene each time was a different name.

You do not want to see this. The acting is bad all around. The effects are incredibly bad.

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If you see a big, muddy hill in a grassy plain, DON'T CLIMB TO THE TOP!!!
Phillemos29 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
So the movie starts out with a honeymooning couple giggling in the woods when they come upon a giant, muddy hill. The husband says, "Honey, climb to the top of the hill so I can take pictures of you?" And I'm like, "Sure, why not? I'm sure there are no killer ants in that hill..." WRONG!!! Suddenly the wife is being pulled into the hill (after she was clearly tired of being photographed, no less), and when the husband tries to come up to save her, he gets dragged under too. So I'm sitting there saying to myself, "Wow. These must be some big-honkin'-a** ants. I'm intrigued." WRONG AGAIN!!! The ants are about the size of my thumbnail, which makes me think, how in the world could they all climb to the top of the hill and pull two grown humans under. Whatever. The other highlights include one of the natives seeing the skeletal remains of his deceased brother and saying to the coroner, "What could have picked my brother flesh clean," with all the emotion of a bad actor reading cue cards. The ending is silly, and there is, of course, the setup for "Marabunta: Terror in Burline Pines 2." But it's entertaining enough in a bad way that you'll keep watching until the end. A mediocre 4.
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alex2272620 January 2010
If you've got a weak heart, then beware; "Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!" Is not for you! The edge-of-your-seat action combined with the suspense and constant threats our hero's face is enough to keep the adrenaline flowing in this action packed film starring Eric Lutes As Dr. Jim Conrad, an Entemologist with a whimsical but determined attitude to stop a legion of killer fire ants from taking over a peaceful small Alaskan town in New Mexico, and the beautiful Julia Campbell, who looks kind of like that lady from Seinfeld which is probably why no picture of her was available.

Directed by Jim Charleston; perhaps best known for his Oscar worthy direction in the hit series "V.I.P." This movie continues his legacy of intellectual yet thrilling plot twists at a level previously unreached by any man before him.

So what are you waiting for? This movie, while catering itself as entertainment, bases itself on fact - and reminds us with a sombering opening;"It could happen. . .tomorrow!" which is why you need to see this movie today!
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A dead body covered in ANTS!
theissea14 December 2005
Well this movie was completely insane. Where to begin? I won't bore you with any details because its not worth me typing any of the names of characters and only there is an "famous entomologist from LA", a teacher, a kid and a cop who we will refer to as xfiles since he played Asst. Dep. Skinner on the show.

Well now, shall we begin with the Oscar worthy script complete with plot holes the size of the CGI ants the feast on the human flesh. Some magical force of nature has cause a popular salmon fishing hot spot in Alaska to have increased subterranean temperature. This causes the salmon to flee and a unusual increase in the number of earthquakes. Ants begin to invade. Killer ants. When asked the question later of where there ants came from: "Have any boats been in dock?/ Yes, actually last week./ Was it from South America?/ Yes, Actually." These ants are rare because they only travel on roads. Cleverly they wait until humans discover them and their giant nest to decide to go on on all out rampage on society.

When someone gets eaten by ants they are replaced by fully clothed skeletons with a wig on. Apparently ants lick the bones clean. It was delicious.

The solution xfiles comes up with is to blow up the pass with dynamite if they cant eradicate them by Saturday (arbitrarily). This is the 20th century, even if they blow up the pass we don't have to wait for a wagon to take an extra 2 months to go over the mountains. And the ants have been crawling around underground, so blowing up the pass, although seething with seemingly cunning genius would ultimately prove to be mentally retarded and the ants would be unaffected.. sort of like challenging millions of ants with a revolver while belaying down a cliff, but i guess he had to open the locked door of the trailer and the revolver ended up being a key part. Why's that trailer there in the middle of a huge valley again?

Wait until you see the flame thrower scene. Here they try to burn a nest of ants with a flame throw that needs to be manually pumped. Listen as the entomologist tells the teacher to "Pump Harder" and her respond "I'm Trying" Then as ants crawl up her pants and on her feet, he turns and unleashes a s fury of flame over her feet, successfully destroying all ants without rendering her pants or shoes slightly burned. They then hop in a canoe. Then randomly hit a stretch of white water and as it turns out amazingly and quite conveniently, that they are both expert white water canoers. Watch for the ideally placed logs.

The ants will later burrow underneath people, pulling them under reminding us of the movie "Tremors". They then go on all assault including what appears to be some sort of explosive device. Fortunetly the entomologist remembers that he studies this for a living and comes up with a plan. Dstrpy the queen.

The plan itself is both idiotic and asinine. See it to believe it but know it includes a dam, 3 bundles of dynamite, 1 shovel, 1 lighter, an earthquake,a helicopter, and ants. The only thing that could have made this movie better would have been the appearance of Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal to fight each other to be the king of the ants and lead them to prosperity in Los Angeles. If either are reading... My people will call your people. I smell sequel.
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A b-movie that is so bad it's good
lickleys19 July 2003
I know it as "Terror of the Burley Pines" when shown here on Channel 5 in England. It comes across as very tongue-in-cheek (whether that is intentional I do not know) and is a good laugh at its b-movie style. If you have nothing better to do on a Saturday night then watch this.
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hahahahaha. how ants can be funny
virlyn221 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This must be one of the funniest movies ever made. Everything about it is so stupid. The acting is hilarious. The protagonists have no idea what they are doing or saying. The dialogs don't mean nothing. The example:

  • "they stroke here, here and here...do you see a pattern?"

  • "no"

  • "it's something we learned about the marabantu, they move clockwise in 30° angles"

  • "you mean we're next?"

  • "yes"

  • "how much time do we have?"

  • "24h, probably less...we have to kill their queen!"

"you mean we're next?" ...hahaha if that isn't hilarious I don't know what is. The action scenes are even worse. The ants are so un-scary. A bunch of little black plastic dots moving like Parkinson patients. The plot is....HAHAHAHAHAHA. Especially the scene where suddenly there is some kind of earthquake and then they blow up the pass. What the fck was that.

If only there was a DVD release or a sequel.

1/10 as a horror flick 9/10 as a comedy
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Bad but not in a fun way!
adrian-adonis4 February 2003
Since it was nothing else on, and it stared Mitch Pileggi. I decided to watch this movie.

What a bummer! This movie had more cheesy dialogue and crap effects then some of the early B-Monster movies from the 50's. This turkey was made in1998!

If it was meant deliberately to be a parody I could accept these facts, but it was not! Why the hell did Mitch Pileggi take this role? He's a good actor and should be doing better things then this.

I'm usually fond of accidentally funny horror/monster movies, but this movie just annoyed me.
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manitobaman816 September 2014
This is one of the worst movies ever, and that's why you must see it. It is more unintentionally funny than most actual comedies, and it provides as much entertainment value by accident as many movies do on purpose. This film is funny and stupid! There's something for everyone here. I love this movie, which is hilarious! Sounds corny? No matter what anyone says, this is fantastic. I refuse to dismiss this, because I find it quite engaging, in a guilty pleasure sense. I thought this was cute and not bad. It's not the thing to see if you're in the mood for something uplifting, or something with tons of action. Final rating: 7/10.
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Dumb, dumber, dumbest...
film_afl10 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is about a scientist who is about to save a small town from hordes of killer ants. Already from this it is possible to draw conclusions about the quality of the movie, i guess...

In this movie no one say or do anything that is logical and reasonable. Already in the beginning this becomes clear when the main character Jim ask the helicopter-pilot if a volcano they see is active or not: "No it just burps once in a while"(!!) Well, that indeed means that it IS active.....Most things have already been said about this disaster but i guess my favorite scene is when the two police officers are at the farm and the farmer who live there have dug holes in the ground and poured gasoline into them to kill the ants, one of the cops fall into one of the pits and the other one runs over there and shout: "Don't use your gun, the place will blow up!" And what does he do? Well, then he just HAVE to do exactly that...After all, what good could it do to fire a gun in that situation at all...? And the worst thing is he already knew that there was gasoline there...Basically all scenes in the movie are of this intelligence. The solution to this whole thing is obviously to blow up a dam so the ants will drown but also the town will be flooded. There is absolutely NO logic in that decision, and consequently he also have to admit later: "I don't know if this did any good, i actually can't say that the problem is solved at all..." (uhu...) Plot, script, acting,... it doesn't get cheesier than this...the absurdities are heaped on top of each other non stop. I guess the kid should be given an Oscar just for being able to keep a straight face when he see the two main characters come rolling down the street on that mini-scooter.....

Conclusion: This is the kind of movie where you start to suspect that the scriptwriters, the director etc. actually laugh among each other later about how many stupid things they could make stupid people say and do in front of a camera, kind of.....It isn't even so bad its good, it's even worse...
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Oh no!
airodyssey11 June 1999
This movie was really really awful. The title seemed interesting and I was really disappointed. And I mean it. Bad actors, bad story, not credible at all, bad special effects for the ants. I mean computer graphics weren't really nicely made (at least they tried!). Something tells me there's going to be a sequel to this terrible, terrible movie. I mean, look at the ending!
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This movie was so good it almost made me pee my pants
pnutprez5 November 2005
This is perhaps the greatest movie of all time. Its a beautiful piece of work that makes you wonder how you ever lived before you saw it. Once you see the special effects in this flick you will wonder what all the fuss about Episode III is. Anyone who says this movie is "made for TV crap" obviously doesn't know anything about TV, crap, or movies. A true movie connoisseur would appreciate this movie for what it is, a story that was told to the best of the directors ability with the resources that he had...and thats all you can ask for. Frankly I'm tremendously impressed with the effort of all the people in this movie (except for the guy who picked out the mo-ped) It made me laugh, it made me cry, and even made me angry...but all in all I would say that I am a better person for having watched this movie.
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Made-for-TV trash, to be avoided at all costs
Leofwine_draca24 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The same killer ants which attacked Charlton Heston in THE NAKED JUNGLE are back in this insipid made for TV movie in which boredom and lethargy are the order of the day.

Now, the concept of killer ants is a pretty good one. I mean just imagine swarms of them crawling through your house. A horrible thought. Sadly there is nothing like this in MARABUNTA. If it had managed to be an ant version of ARACHNOPHOBIA then it would have been a lot more fun, but the film is severely confined by the television movie format, offering no violence, no swearing, nothing remotely controversial or 'adult'. In all it's a tame ride, much like another television movie dealing with a similar theme, DEADLY INVASION: THE KILLER BEE NIGHTMARE. In fact it follows much the same plot as all killer insect movies: isolated killings lead to full-scale invasion. However, atrocious computer effects and a boring, clichéd plot put paid to any excitement the idea might have offered.

Now my house has been invaded by swarms of flying ants on one occasion, and there is nothing more disturbing than the sight of them swarming up the walls and all over each other as they emerge from various crevices. However, any of that fear is quickly dissipated when we learn that the killer ants presented here are little more than computerised blobs, which look like exactly that; poor, very poor indeed. I'm looking forward to the day when people realise that computer effects just aren't realistic (unless we're talking JURASSIC PARK), even less so on a low budget, and go back to rubber and plastic for their scares.

The film is populated by bland, beautiful television movie types who have about as much charisma as I have in my little toe. The only actor of note is Mitch Pileggi, who shouldn't be appearing in this junk: I guess he took the money and ran, as it were. He's a long way from the solid Assistant Director Skinner he plays in THE X-FILES, or even the homicidal maniac ("Finger-licking good!") he played in Wes Craven's SHOCKER. Still, he's the best thing in this film and he probably knows it.

It's really sad when a character uses a flame thrower and the flames are just projected in front of the camera, and no actual spray of fire comes out. Or when characters are chased by little black dots. Or when the most horror the film can muster is the sight of a human skeleton with hair and little bits of blood still left on. Still, there is one hilarious moment: a farmer falls off a ladder, breaks his back and has his face devoured by the ravenous insects. It's almost like a cheap take-off of a similar moment in THE BEYOND, but of course without the excess we've come to expect from gore-meister Fulci. Avoid this trash at all costs.
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Masterpiece of comedy
bustopher31 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is billed as a horror film. This is perfectly correct, because as a film, it is a horror.

There is no way this has been seriously made to be anything other than the funniest thing you will see for years. I laughed from start to finish. I only scored it nine out of ten as if it had been just a little bit worse, it would have been better.

The whole idea of the writer would have been to do a scene, then ask themselves what else could be added to make it even more stupid?

For example when confronted on two sides by marauding ants, but having a river on one side, totally discount the possibility of venturing into the river. But then have the characters shoot the ants which kills off four or five out of a few thousand. Yeah, that made it a bit less dangerous.

Then to get them to notice a rickety canoe a bit further upstream and have them paddle off in the canoe with one assuring the other there's only a bit of easy white water ahead. But actually have some killer rapids and the hint of a fifty foot waterfall (always out of shot) but with a convenient overhanging branch for when the entire canoe is shattered into several pieces.

Then when the actors get themselves to shore, add a scene where the hats are still on their heads, and just need a bit of wringing out before being replaced on their heads.

Have a scene where two guys go into a barn to avoid the marauding ants, one on foot and one on a tractor, and have one of them accidentally put the tractor into reverse resulting in the front wall caving in, trapping them in with the ants but with no explanation as to how the clutch can be disengaged with no-one sitting at the controls. If that's not bad enough have the first- killed taken by ants all over his face, and in about three minutes have his body stripped back to bone.

Not enough? Get the other guy to climb up in the loft with the assumption he'll be safe as ants can't climb the ladder. Then ensure the actor doesn't just use the tractor to punch through the wall that's collapsed, but instead kick out the boards from the loft, ignore the copious numbers of hay-bales he could have thrown down to break his fall, and instead have him jump from the top floor to the ground outside, land flat on his back without damaging his head, self-diagnosing a broken leg, but then running off with only a slight bit of help from his mate outside who's arrived in a ute (flatbed).

Then have him stand on an ant's nest filled with petrol (gasoline) by the skeletal farmer from the previous sequence to his full knowledge, have him fall into the hole up to his neck and then have him fire his gun, thus setting off a chain reaction of ALL the holes that had been filled with petrol blowing up despite lack of an obvious connection.

Have a father driving another ute and getting ants crawling up his leg resulting in him not getting out of the ute but driving around almost uncontrollably in a deadly manner to all bystanders, one of which included his ten year old son who he almost squashes against a schoolbus he TOLD his son to get into assuming the ants would not be able to penetrate because of the really good seal you get on an old schoolbus. Then you have the son stuck in the bus because the door lever gets jammed, but smash the window with a canister rather than just getting the kid to open from the inside. The smashed glass is not a worry - the ants are far worse than that.

Then at the end, have the solution of the ants - blowing up a dam - without apparent access to any explosives, by blowing up a dam with about 20 sticks of dynamite with three fuses that "you wish were a lot longer", which have been ignited by a woman who looks like a non- smoker who has a lighter, a police officer with a Zippo lighter and the last guy with the worst box of matches you'd ever have that ends up getting lit by the Zippo lighter thrown to him after the first two fuses are well and truly on the way.

Despite this, and the evacuation of the first two to a helicopter that just happened to be passing by with no apparent reason whatsoever, with fuses burning short all 'round, have an earthquake make it very difficult for the third guy to get on to the helicopter, but still manage to get rescued. Just in time.

I could go on and on at the ridiculousness of this movie, but the massive plot deficiencies, dreadful acting, and the incredibly obvious fact that a bunch of ants were far more intelligent than the characters in the movie they were trying to attack, yet still manage to get away from (well, four of them, anyway) make it so hilarious it's a movie you have to watch.

By the way parts 1 & 2 of the movie "Marabunta" are on YouTube (easily searched), sent up without fear of a copyright suit whatsoever, as no-one would be brave enough to admit they wrote/produced the movie to launch a claim!

Must-see stuff - absolutely hilarious.
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This is a horror movie??
metalrage66616 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The problem with killer bug movies, particularly ants, is that they all try to recapture the suspense that was done so well in movies such as "THEM", but end up failing dismally. Everyone in this movie is a complete moron and it's too stupid to even be considered funny. Classic example at the start of the movie - so called entomologist turns to helicopter pilot and asks if the volcano is active. Pilot says no, it just burps every so often. Hello, that means it's active retard! And the dialogue continues like this throughout the movie. No matter how ravenous ants are, they can't drag fully grown people underground. Ants can't outrun people, they also can't strip them to the bone in minutes. Ants don't have a sense of smell like us and locating food is practically random, so they don't "hunt" humans. Standing on an open beach trying to stop millions of ants with 1 poorly made flame-thrower and a gun, of all things, is too stupid to comprehend. The entomologist never really uses his expertise, so why even have that character in a movie like this. I don't see the point in blowing up a dam to kill ants. Ever hosed ants off a path?, they're back again the following day. Overall, a lame movie with a bad plot and no acting to be seen. Give it a total miss.
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Oh my God....
kabegg6 October 2009
Worst. Movie. EVER!!

Nothing much more to say really. Just bad. This is my personal opinion of course, and I really did try to see god things in it. I just couldn't find them.

The plot stinks. The actors don't even try. The special effects are so bad they would make any decent grandma cry. The music has as much of a mood making in it as a fridge.

My advice? DON'T BOTHER!!!

Go rent or buy another movie. And if you're here to see if the TV movie of the night is for you, and it's called KILLER ANTS, then just turn off the TV and find a good book. Or go visit a friend.
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steffi_weffi18 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
has anyone noticed that this "movie" is made up of about 6 scenes in total? Each scene if you look closely (which really, you don't want to) is played at least 3 times over. and who noticed the massive case of 'cameltoe-itis' that the teacher lady had when asking for the gun? man, she's the style master. the CGI for blowing up the dam is cutting edge, not to mention when the helicopter goes kaboom while traveling at granny walking pace.

overall, this "HORROR" movie which would have trouble scaring a two year old is not worth paying the five dollars to rent it out. this pathetic excuse for a film was probably put together in 3 days (or less) for fifty bucks (or less).

if you have just watched this movie, you just wasted an hour and a half of your life which you will never get back.
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osmosis_roy20 September 2006
Hey, did anyone notice that when they heard the cut off thing explode, they said we cant get out of here now. they blew it up earlier than arranged. when they were in the middle of the two dams, they pulled over to the side of the road before stopping, why would you do that when your the only ones left? And just when they were about to stop on the side, you can see one of the stage crew's arms in shot. An Negro wearing a white shirt with a watch on. He tells the car when to stop. Also the computer animated graphics are shocking, it looks like someone has created them through Microsoft Paint. Especially when the dam is blown. Then the different film footage of the dam over flowing.
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The Worst Movie Ever Made
jrmcgirr14 December 2005
No movie could possibly make less sense or have worse acting. Strong drink made it perhaps the funniest thing I have ever seen. I'm dumbfounded. Speechless. Jaw droppingly bewildering. Who are these people and where did they come from? AND, who gave them the $8,000 dollars to make this movie?

WOW! This is a must see movie. One of a kind. At least I hope so... Alright. Just found out that there needs to be 10 lines of text, so I'll add that if you have ever failed out of film school, this is the kind of movie that would make you feel good about yourself. If you ever failed out of preschool, this is the kind of movie that would make yourself feel much better.

Skinner is at his best.

The sequel is going to rock!

Fire Ants are scary but lack personality.

They move quick, but always seem to disappear at the most critical of times for killing off the cast.
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Possibly the worst movie ever made?
juni514 December 2005
Let me start off by saying I was forced to give this movie a positive score and my actual rating is -28. If you enjoy being bored to sleep or feeling sick to your stomach, this is your kind of movie. I don't think words have been invented in the English language yet that can fully capture the disgracefully poor quality of "Killer Ants!", but I will do my best. The acting in this movie was some of the worst I've ever seen. Listening to the one liners thrown back and forth between the main character and the women made me throw up several times in my mouth. Probably the only things more sickening were the action sequences. I think the director stole his kids piggybank and used it to fund the entire movie because thats the only explanation for the ridiculously stupid battles and explosions. In one scene, the two main characters are fighting off a horde of ants moving towards them at 3 meters per year. Instead of running away, they wait until they are surrounded so we can see the same picture of ants repeated over and over again. I don't think a retarded kid could have been fooled into thinking they were actually surrounded by ants on all sides. To sum things up, if you are feeling in any way suicidal, do not watch this movie as it can make the happiest person in the world want to jump off a building. I hope FX and any other station that airs this movie goes out of business and suffers for allowing this movie to be seen.
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... ... ...Ugh
LanderRei7 October 2002
Alright, I'll admit I didn't watch this movie expecting anything even resembling a good movie. But I was bored, and I figured it was my duty to watch this movie, and then give it the worst review humanly possible.

I'll admit that shortly into the movie, I was laughing. Mostly because I saw Don Shanks, who played Michael Myers in Halloween 5. For some reason, I found that to be hilarious. I also chuckled when I saw Mitch Pileggi from the X-Files.

But the laughter quickly stopped when the cgi ants showed up. Then I just felt sick. It looked so...so horrible. And dont get me started on the "home-made flamethrower" which didn't actually do anything. Its end was essentially on fire, and the put cgi fire in front of the screen to make you think it was shooting flames. But you could still see the real fire just sitting there doing nothing. And the shotgun that made a really poor sound effect and a small poof of smoke wherever it struck.

The acting was...bleh. Well, Im not sure about how well Don Shanks did, because I was laughing too hard to pay attention. Im not even sure what was so funny about that.

For nearly any movie, I can at least say something like "If you're into killer ants, go see this movie." but this movie is simply horrible. Even if you love killer ants, stay far, far away from this flick. Pah.
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