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Stoneybridge! (And various other in-jokes)
Elle Jay13 March 2002
Without a doubt, this is the best comedy series Scotland has ever produced. The sketches are spot on (best ones were the corrupt Stoneybridge village council and the little girl who knows everything), although the humour may be lost on anyone who isn't Scottish. Fantastic characters - I loved the guy who hated the English so much that he re-wrote loads of history books and tried in vain to get them published. The songs were unforgettably moronic (Sensible Hair?) and the cast was brilliant. Very few of the cast have went on to bigger and better things, but the series remains a Scottish cult classic.
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stish-19 August 2006
'Absolutely' was and still is the definitive Scottish televisual comedy. Hot on the heels of 80's classics such as 'Naked Video' and 'Rab C Nesbitt', it built up a steady and passionate following over the few years it went to air. The ridiculous yet endearing nature of the characters provided much of the shows appeal - who could possibly forget messieurs Gilhooley and McGlashan, with their blue anorak and rampant nationalism, respectively? However, the highlight had to be the antics of the now famed Stoneybridge town council ('toon cooncil' in the native Scots tongue) - a good example being the Olympic bid sketch, where the selling points included the local telephone box and a farmers cow pat-covered field ... if memory serves this was to be the athletics ground! Often regarded as the Scottish Monty Python, the 'Absolutely' team are sadly missed.
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Absolutely Funny!!
aintalf31 August 2007
Now, I'm a Sassenach but I found 'Absolutely' to be an utter gem that was criminally ignored by the masses when it first aired. It's cool that it has such a massive following and legacy in Alba, but thanks to the great Channel 4 it gained a healthy following (I won't use the word 'cult') south of Gretna Green. I'm heartened by the news of potential DVD (or should that be "ITS VIDAYO!") release in the future. This is a hidden treasure that should be compulsory viewing for anyone that wants to make top-notch comedy. And a final note is that they did it all on a comparatively small budget than lesser fare such as 'The Mary Whitehouse Experience'. In short 'Absolutely' rules, absolutely!
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''Welcome to Stoneybridge!''
RaspberryLucozade22 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This off the wall sketch show from Channel 4 starred and was created by Jack Docherty, Pete Baikie, Moray Hunter, Gordon Kennedy, John Sparkes and Morwenna Banks, all of whom struck it big at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the early '80's. Judging by its appearance, it is more than clear that the show was inspired by the BBC's 'Monty Python's Flying Circus', with its unusual set of opening titles ( various gadgets start to come to life whilst the cast glide into shot staring blankly at the camera ), mix of grotesque characters and surreal sketches.

Stand out characters in almost every 'Absolutely' episode included the Stoneybridge District Council who promote tourist videos ( or 'vidos' as they call them ) for the fictional Scottish village of Stoneybridge, Moray Hunter's anorak clad geek Callum Gilhooley who seems oblivious to the fact that nobody wants anything to do with him, the whining little girl ( Morwenna Banks in an oversized set which was done to make her look smaller ) who concluded each sketch by saying ''It is, it's true!'', John Sparkes' disgusting Frank Hovis who delivered monologues from a filthy toilet cubicle, the Nice family ( who are really anything but! ), Jack Docherty's racist playwright McGlashan ( who insisted that the English are 'poofs'! ), foul mouthed pensioner Bert Bastard ( played by John Sparkes ), the revolting Denzil and Gwynned ( Sparkes and Banks ) and, arguably the most popular characters, George and Donald McDiarmid, two surreal gentlemen in suits who were played by Jack Docherty and Moray Hunter.

Episode were usually screened after 11 PM, meaning that stronger language was allowed to be used, as well as dirtier jokes, such as this one from Frank Hovis - ''the gents toilet in the pub was out of order, so the barman suggested I use the ladies, so I did, but they wouldn't sit still!''.

Many of the cast benefited from the show's success, especially the gorgeous Morwenna Banks. John Sparkes had done sketch comedy before with the BBC in 1986 when he appeared as Siadwel in the superior 'Naked Video'. Jack Docherty and Moray Hunter took their Donald and George characters and placed them in a Channel 4 sitcom entitled 'Mr. Don & Mr. George'. It was a ratings success though it never got beyond the first series. Jack Docherty also spun the McGlashan character off into a sitcom pilot entitled 'Mac'.

'Absolutely'. while nothing spectacular, was good fun. The entire series was put together in a DVD boxset in 2008 entitled 'Absolutely Everything' and makes worthwhile viewing.
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