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Sadly Misunderstood
Raven_Z10 December 2004
South Park is one of the most misunderstood, and also the most intelligent shows on television.

South Park is a satirical look on most anything from Western society - politics, the media, today's youth, celebrities, violence in our society, and much much more. However, instead of presenting these issues as they are, they alternately project them through the exploits of four young boys in South Park, Colorado.

Unfortunately, many people take the show solely at face value, refusing to see the intelligence in it - South Park is admittedly filled with racist and sexist jokes, along with other offensive material. The problem lies within the fact that most people don't seem to understand the concept of satire and self parody.

I admit that I, myself, was one of these people - for years I refused to watch that "garbage," until finally a friend forced me to actually watch a whole episode, and I realized that the show was actually making a point.

So, if you haven't done so, go - watch an episode. You'll feel smarter when you're done.
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Good, rude and relevant satire: when naughty humor and smart minds come together, great things will happen
gogoschka-114 October 2016
Now in its 20th season, South Park still dissects the most ridiculous behaviour in our society with merciless precision, and nobody comes away clean. And it's funny how people still react the same way to the show as they did 20 years ago:

The self-proclaimed flag bearers for our nation's moral standards still can't see anything in the show beyond its naughty language and (perceived) vulgarity (and while half of them are genuinely offended by the show for those reasons, the other half secretly loves the show precisely for its naughty language and overall vulgarity and toilet humor).

The ones who make fun of the self-proclaimed flag bearers still believe only they are smart enough to see anything beyond the obvious naughty language and overall vulgarity in it (and while most of them pretend to only love the show for its satirical elements, the majority of them actually love it because of its naughty language and overall vulgarity and toilet humor).

And then there's the third group of people who get the satire but just flat out admit that it's effing hilarious seeing Gerald getting peed in the face by his loving wife Sheila or when the boys protest the girls' protest by proudly taking their tiny wieners out while raising a fist.

If anything comes close to good satire and ruthless comedy in the vein of Monty Python's 'Life of Brian' today, it's South Park. Blind followers of any movement beware: Matt and Trey have it in for all of us, nobody is safe. God help us all if they ever decide to retire, society would be all the worse for it.

Come to think of it: Let's start a petition for a co-presidency in the U.S. so they both can run for president and save the country (and the world!) from either the giant douche or the turd sandwich.

Damn, that last comment makes me a follower too.

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Comedy Central's marquee series. The very best political, pop culture and current event satire on television.
liquidcelluloid-19 January 2005
Network: Comedy Central; Genre: Animated Comedy, Satire, Parody; Content Rating: TV-MA (for dark comic content and graphic language, sexual content, violence & animated gore); Available: DVD; Classification: Modern Classic (Star range expanded: 1 - 5);

Season Reviewed: 10+ seasons

Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflowfski, Eric Cartman and (sometimes) the ill-fated Kenny McCormick are 8-year-old boys growing up amid an adult world in the backward, frozen-over mountain town of South Park, Colorado. Their adventures, that make up creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone's animated comedy "South Park", include fending off everything from supernatural demons to the biggest names in the Hollywood intelligentsia. "South Park" is several things. It's rude, crude, shocking, smart, decidedly adult, completely original, and it is indulgent in the whims and imaginations of it's creators. It's also the very best political, pop culture and current event satire on television.

The show started as something of a fad - the new vulgar, don't-let-the-kids-watch show on the block. But as real world events changed, "Park" evolved along with them. Standing as the kings on top of a soap box they constructed out of swearing kids, talking poo, homosexual hand puppets and hermaphroditic parents; Parker and Stone where blessed with the freedom of a hit series, hip status and a network that gave them the freedom to do whatever they want. As the show aged, they matured in their storytelling abilities and the show went from shock value fad to a barbed satire of American culture.

"Park" is brought to life with oddly beautiful, vibrantly colored 2-dimensional cut-and-paste animation. The episodes are masterfully constructed. The writing a witty showcase of Parker and Stone's love for pop culture parody, graphic violence, pornography and a bold willingness to take on the hot button issues of the week. It is a free-for-all virtuoso where nothing and nobody is safe, every establishment media position gets flipped on it's head and every politically correct sacred cow gets eviscerated. Now that's comedy - if you can stomach a barrage of extreme scatological humor with your social satire. The vomit jokes and fat jokes on "Park" aren't there for the sake of it, but have substance behind them. And nobody does them better.

Eric Cartman, Mr. Garrison and more recently Randy Marsh (stepping up as a reliably hilarious scene-stealer) are classic characters, but Parker and Stone have gone further and developed an entire town of colorful caricatures. They aren't made to be as endearing as those in "The Simpsons", but aren't supposed to be. The characters aren't just vacuous idiots, and the laughs of the show come from a very socially conscious place.

Straight men Stan and Kyle are the show's most underdeveloped. They serve mostly as a mouthpiece for Parker and Stone's conservative libertarian philosophy, often literally giving a speech to a crowd in the show's finale. There is not a single other place on TV where you can see environmentalists, the anti-smoking lobby, illegal immigrants, trial lawyers, news media hysteria, elitist Hollywood liberals, abortion, sex ed in schools and every celebrity from Mel Gibson to Paris Hilton all get ripped to shreds. The show pulls it off because it has a unique ability to deconstruct and reconstruct current events better than anyone else (notably Comedy Central's overrated "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"), giving them a hilarious or supernatural explanation without moralizing getting in the way of the laughs. They take their own messages to such loony extremes it's impossible to take seriously.The cherry on top is the seemingly endless quality of the original songs provided by the creator's cover band, DVDA.

With a skeleton crew that writes, directs, animates, voices and scores the show, this is independent television in it's purest form. This means it often labors on Parker and Stone's geeky indulgences - episodes center around a full-length "Star Wars" parody, the class gerbil making it's way up a human bowel or Timmy, a handicapped student who can only say his name. Occasionally, their shock value execution creates a gagging reaction that obscures an otherwise brilliant point ("Fat Camp"). But I'd rather have a show that challenges me than one shackled to clichés and network mandates. When "South Park" goes for the shocking ending, you better believe it actually will shock.

Still, "South Park" is almost impossible to recommend in a casual sense. The show is truly an acquired taste, but one I have to come to support whole-heartedly through the years despite (and because) I have absolutely no idea what to expect when sitting down for a new episode. How rare is that? Where so many other shows cower in the corner, begging for our approval "South Park" is constantly taking risks and re-inventing itself. We've got terrific stunt episodes, episodes built around one joke or building to a single knock-out punch line. They use the smash-cut ending better than anyone ("There Goes the Neighborhood"). Sometimes the experiments are to it's own detriment and the episode is a 22 minute bore, but even then it's almost unheard of to find a show in it's 10th season that is still water cooler television.

"South Park" grabs us by the collar, shakes us around and dares even it's biggest fans to come back next week for more. The show is a monument of creative freedom with a wicked imagination, a true (and hilariously funny) sense of comic timing, and an insightful, socially conscious ear that smartly reflects a point of view starving for attention in mainstream television. It is a hugely entertaining, fiercely visceral, fire-breathing, red-blooded American satire made by, for (and most appreciated by) the most jaded and discriminating TV viewers. We just don't have shows like this on TV today. Anywhere.

* * * * * / 5
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Wake up! South Park rules!
Op_Prime14 August 2000
I don't know why this show is getting such negative reviews. A lot of people (adults mainly) keep assuming South Park is nothing more than wall to wall curse words and gross out jokes. Far from it. Sure, they swear and there is an occasional gross out jokes, but the show is also filled with quality and classic humor. The plots are genius. So what if it's offensive. Big deal! For some reason, people assume that cartoons are just for little babies, and some people appear to have difficulty accepting the fact that times have changed and animation is not just for kids anymore. Face it, we are living in an age of shows like South Park. Can't deal with it? Then that's just too bad.
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An Excellent Program All Too Frequently Dismissed
Muldwych21 February 2005
Both cartoons and sci-fi have long been the only place where thought-provoking social commentary can take place, unmolested by censorship, and both are all too frequently dismissed because of their least important characteristics. South Park is an intelligent, humorous and thought-provoking show that is often ignored or decried by people who judge it only by the very things it deliberately throws in their face, such as profanity, simple animation, and graphic violence, because the creators know that people like this are easily offended by these things, and will always miss the point. The simplicity of the animation, for example, has been criticised by people who miss the point that it's deliberately meant to be simple, in the face of those high-budget major studio cartoons that are more concerned with using cgi and selling toys than having anything to say. Nope, this isn't a show for those who don't appreciate irony. The episodes tackle a wide range of issues, from 9/11 to violence on television to celebrity obsession to religion, through the use of comedy, which is usually the best way to handle such matters.

The main characters are four children who are basically mouthpieces for their creator's opinions, expressing views that would sound arrogant coming from adults. Stan represents the liberal viewpoint, as does his friend Kyle, who as a practising Jew, allows opportunity for religious comment. Is the show anti-religious? No, but fundamentalists like to think it is. It has the essential message of 'believe what you like, but leave me alone'. And of course there's Eric Cartman, the ignorant foul-mouthed selfish redneck, and funny as hell. Sometimes I think he's there to remind us not to take anyone like him seriously. That and to provide a lot of the show's humour. Easily my favourite character. Other characters on the show usually represent majority/opposing views as the plot requires.

Like any long-running show, some episodes are better than others, not all have something to say, and not all are funny. But creators Stone and Parker 'retool' the show periodically with new characters, and try to keep up with current events, and I enjoyed the latest series (8th) for these very reasons. I've watched since the beginning, but they're making an effort not to let South Park go stale.

No doubt South Park will continue to be derided by those who think the most important social problem today is swearing, yet have probably never sat down to watch an episode. And beside them will be the offended parent brigade who still haven't learned that not all cartoons are for children. But the rest of us will still be here to enjoy it, hopefully exchanging righteous indignation for a few laughs and maybe a thought or two about the world we live in. If you've never seen South Park, don't listen to the hype. Watch it and decide for yourself. Hopefully you'll be glad you did.
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The Princes of Animation Comedy
lambiepie-210 November 2003
I remember when these four little boys were nothing but private greeting card art. Now look at them!

In all seriousness, I love this show. This is the funniest adult cartoon there is, and thank GOODNESS Comedy Central took this series and allowed the creators to do "almost" anything. If there was an alternate universe for "Peanuts", you've hit it in "South Park".

There are very few (if none) episodes I didn't like. We all have our favorites, and my number one is still "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe". I laughed until I cried on that one. The next one that is very close to that is last years (2002) Christmas Special when Jesus was "packing" to rescue Santa out of Iraq after he was shot down. This was one of those episodes where I DARE you not to laugh and enjoy it.

The supporting cast about South Park is also stellular. The lives (and minds) that intertwine with Stan, Cartman, Kenny and Kyle are just hilarious. Chef, Mr. Garrison. Kyles Mom and Dad, Cartman's Mother, Butters, Timmy!, Sherrif Bar Brady, Principal Victoria, Wendy, BeBe, and..Big Gay name it, they are just too much.

Wonderful and ground-breaking (even though the animation isn't state of the art) nothing is out of bounds for these guys...South Park is an instant classic and a great time to be had by all.
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Extremely offensive, and beneath it lies huge laughs...
SSJAniFan24 October 2003
Matt and Trey need to be commended for this series. It takes shots at EVERYTHING, and it does it in really questionable taste. But that's why I love it. Because, beneath the crude language and vulgar humor, South Park contains one of most biting satires in existence. This show is hilarious, constantly taking current events, such as Stem Cell Research, or fads, like the infamous Poke'mon craze, and spinning their own view on them. Thank you, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Thank you.

BOTTOM LINE: One show I try to never miss on Wednesdays. This series gives me something to look for.
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Great Series That Was Ruined by Season 20
superredlam17 January 2017
The newest season of South Park is absolutely awful. Not only was it garbage but there was so much potential for it, but they wasted it all on the US election and memberberries (Which are more annoying than Jar Jar Binks). Those could've easily been their own episode but Matt and Trey just decided to reuse the same jokes over and over again. There were so many things they could've destroyed this year but they didn't. Where was the Harambe episode? Where was the episode? Where was the Pokemon Go episode? The jokes weren't even funny thisseason, I probably only actually laughed maybe 3 times, which is horrible considering I used to laugh every second of every episode not too long ago. I give the season 20 5/10 stars and everything else 10/10s, expect for seasons 18 and 19 which get 8.5/10 stars.
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I Laughed Till' I Cried
chthon220 May 2003
This is the show about the four foul mouthed little kids in Colorado. Well, three now, with different kids rotating in and out to fill the spot that Kenny left.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are comedic geniuses. I think that people who simply brush this off as uninspired pandering to foul mouthed kids like the ones in this show aren't looking deep enough. There is actually a lot of intelligent social commentary here - it's just masked under anything they could possibly offend someone with.
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One of the funniest television shows on TV
MisterWhiplash19 February 2000
South Park is a great cartoon, even with it's occasional pitfalls every season. It combines satire, music and comedy to create a terrific masterpiece of an animated show. Trey Parker and Matt Stone bring the weekly antics of a inbred mountain town in a way that has never been done before and it is drop dead funny. Sometimes it seems like the seasons get better, sometimes they seem to get worse for some. But episodes like "Chinpokomon", "The Passion of the Jew", "Tolerance Camp", and "Clubhouse" are classics. And most episodes get funnier every single time I see it and thanks to Comedy Central giving Parker and Stone full control for language, nothing is out of bounds.
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Southpark teaches us to laugh at ourselves.
Vogul20 February 2010
I read in complete disbelief the comments that called the show racist, homophobic, anti-religious and even one that said it promoted animal cruelty. LOL! There isn't a single race, religion, political group, sexuality, gender, nationality, celebrity etc etc that it doesn't make fun of. The show even pops fun at itself in some episodes, signalling to the world that they themselves are open to ridicule. If you think the show has a nasty message about a certain group then your just not getting it and i'm glad you have ceased watching and have moved on to more brain numbing programmes that don't cause you to think (might I recommend 'Friends').
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Too good!
Eddy_y2k124 January 2002
This show is great! The first series was very good, but then it dropped off a little in Series 2 and 3, however the introduction of Butters, Timmy and Ms. Choksondik has made the series much much better. A great improvement has been made to series 4 and series 5 is even better.

The Simpsons maybe everyones favorite family, but this show is improving and quite frankly the Simpson's plots are getting worse.

South Park already has a movie (quite successful and a good laugh) and it hasn't finished it, unlike the apparent rumors that The Simpsons will be finished when the movie is being made.

How the kids respond to Kenny's death now has been improved, so you don't put up with "Oh my god, they killed Kenny" every week.

To finish, great show hope it goes on.
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jessicagarnergirl29 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This show always makes me laugh. I've been watching for almost my entire was basically my childhood! This show has always been my favorite adult cartoon, and maybe even one of my all time favorite cartoons! All of the characters are likable in some way.

This show was also a miracle for adult cartoons' reputation, along with Rick and Morty. While I feel like Family Guy isn't doing so well in its later seasons, along with the Simpsons, and American Dad has quite a couple of duds, I feel like South Park really stands out.

South Park is also a very creative show. It has an art style that I've never seen before in a show. Also, it has such controversial jokes and plots that many adult shows wouldn't DARE to step into.

If you enjoy controversial humor and hilarious shows, I'd highly recommend South Park. :)
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Yawn, not amazing not awful, it's just there
ktamsin14 September 2017
I think the earlier seasons of the show were better. Now they are trying to hard to touch on all the major political issues which we are already beat over the head with all day every day. Those older episodes that weren't serialized that focused on the not so serious topics like black Friday, or the release of the ps4 and xbox one, or blockbuster etc etc... those were just better.

I don't really find the show offensive or outside the box. It's just like OK been beat over the head with this highly politicized topic enough, and the show doesn't really bring anything new or interesting to the table. And on top of that they've been focusing on basically a single topic for entire seasons. So if you are bored with it then there's really nothing for you for the rest of the season. At least in the past all the episodes were different, so if you weren't interested one week, you might still enjoy the next week's episode.
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Regardless, I like this show
Xophianic23 February 2000
OK, so it's a bunch of badly animated cartoon characters most cursing, fighting, delivering toilet humor and offending just about everyone. Regardless, I like this show. If you don't get offended by everything and can just enjoy yourself every once in a while and take a joke, you could too. The humor is toilet humor (no pun intended about Mr. Hankey, who I don't think is funny), but it's very funny and makes fun of certain issues that really do need to be made fun of. I really find the stereotypes spread throughout this show too (fat kid, Jewish kid, British kid, black starving kid from Sally Struthers commercials, etc) because I think they're funny. This isn't my usual type of humor, though, and I do perfer good sketch, improv or standup comedy, but this is a very clever and fun show.
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By far, the funniest show on TV...Ever.
jcdugger6 October 2009
Let's just go ahead and say it...South Park is the greatest comedy show in television history! Most people don't know what to make of this show. Most see a cartoon, hear kids speaking bad language...then get completely confused because most episodes actually include a coherent plot and a moral message. Because of this, the show has morphed into one of those shows where people absolutely love it -- or terribly hate it. Count me in as one of the ones who absolutely love it...this is my favorite comedy TV show. And my favorite 1/2 hour TV show. And my favorite Animated TV show! What gives "South Park" big points from me is actually how unique it is. Some would scoff at that comment, but me one other show where Elementary school kids talk like they really do (dirty!). One where people shove food up their anuses and excrete it orally (haaa!). The day I see another TV show talk about the size of one's crap (and arguing whether or not it is a record) is the day I'll consider South Park typical! :) The seasons get better and better as they if you haven't seen an episode yet, I suggest the newer ones. The first couple seasons seem terribly dated when watching them today. But the newer ones are fresh and very original.

Along with "Real Time With Bill Maher", "South Park" is the best show on TV! JD
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The greatest political cartoon
Priapism6922 July 2008
Although crude, abrasive and rough around the edges, Southpark is perhaps the greatest modern day political cartoon being made. I am continually surprised by how the creators write, create and air an episode within a few months of the event the are "discussing".

The reason this show keeps me engaged is its ability to remain non-biased and illustrate the ridiculousness of the hype around the subject matter in the episodes. From smoking to racism to Scientology to Britany Spears, Trey Parker and Matt Stone find a way to get me to question subjects that I normally take at face value. At times they even make fun of themselves for the sake of proving a point. It seems that every time I get into a discussion about current events I can site and episode of Southpark to support my (or someones) point.

I ask that no matter how terrible you think the show is, watch it and look past some of the obscene jokes and interpret/understand the underlying meaning in the show. I am surprised English teachers aren't more supportive of the show given the symbolic nature of most of their characters.
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This will probably be their last season
thompson_styze20 October 2017
I'm an all time South Park fan in the sense that i enjoyed their show starting from my early teen years. The show also formed my own 'dark' humor to some point and i do thank them for that.

However, it has become clear that this show has run its course. Maybe i'm getting 'too old' for South Park but it is abundantly clear that they have run out of ideas. This current season (21) has some of the worst writing i've seen of the show. I don't wanna go into detail (since I'm a bit lazy) but you should check for yourself if you agree.

In a nutshell, they can't comment on social/political events anymore in a clever and comprehensive manner nor do they have the ability to write stand-alone episodes that are entertaining at this point. A constantly farting opiod dealing elderly woman might have been fun a few years ago, but now it falls short in comedic value. The fact that she has urine stains on her dress is almost a stigma of the aggression, frustration and desperation the creators have in dealing with their writers-block. I'm referencing the latest episode here btw.

Maybe its because we live in a 'Trump era' that makes South Park loses its punch or inspiration. Maybe i am getting too old. In any case, South Park deserves a great finale and i really hope they go out with a bang. Worst case scenario..they continue on this path of mediocrity and operating as a shallow shadow of its former self...
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The funniest and most intelligent show on television
Ted Van Green22 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
South Park continues to excel as perhaps the best show on television( in my opinion at least). While the last few seasons hinted at a possible downtrend, the current season has been hilarious, smart, clever and downright enjoyable. Some people look at the show and they see the crude humor and the sometimes offensive positions taken by the characters. However, South Park is so much more than that. It tackles many different events that occur in the world in a smart and funny way. Matt Stone and Trey Parker always find the best way to parody the major events in the world. Everything they put into each episode is supposed to be there, even though it may seem offensive or disgusting. In order to truly appreciate South Park, you have to look past the obvious things, and look at the meaning behind the things that are said and the actions that the characters do; because when this happens, you see the true magic that makes South Park one of the best shows on television
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It's 2016, so of course even South Park went PC
Di Bobi8 December 2016
You really gotta evaluate the times you live in when even South Park, the only remaining voice of reason of today's TV (let's call it that) caves under political correctness and starts pandering to women (not all, just the hateful and insecure ones who need to be patted on the back and called "smart and funny" every 5 minutes).

I've gotten used to the fact that my "male privilege" is to be the only one who's allowed to be bullied, called anything, hit, having to work hard for everything I have, and see men portrayed badly in all TV shows and advertisements while those same pander to women, and being quiet about it. But when the last little shred of "equality" goes down, you know it's over, and society is at an all-time low. Men are cucked and take anything, women are insecure and always need the media to put men down while glorifying obnoxious behavior;

2016 was a horrendous display of where humanity is at. The media kept lying about the 2016 election, and inexplicably - South Park went with it. Who needs facts when you can make some up, right? No one fact-checks anything, it's on the internet or your favorite TV channel, so it must be 100% true!

South Park tried to have a continuous storyline for once, which was one of many things that went wrong, because the whole plot was flat out ridiculous. Even bottom-tier shows like Family Guy made me chuckle more this year.

One thing's for sure, I'm not buying the new South Park game nor will I keep supporting what went rock bottom in pandering flames this year after 19 years of me praising and advertising it. You think you know a show. Family Guy started good and turned into a liberal PC mess, but I'd never wager South Park would go the same way. It was really sudden too. Gotta admire the laughs this show gave us in the past because that's it, it's over, and it clearly won't be cancelled with dignity, I can only imagine what goes on next year will be even worse and in compliance with the hateful, insecure nature of SJW culture.
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Once A Great Show, Sad How Bad Its Gotten
Ben Hinman15 January 2014
South park has just been on the air way too long and they've run out of ideas and talent. I remember fondly such episodes as "Cancelled", "Goobacks", "imaginationland", and the zany, ridiculous original episodes that earned them the catchphrases and cadences they would eventually just repeat throwing in obscure insulting pop culture references and basically what amounts to stupid cartoon hazing. They took the fact that their audiences applauded such episodes as the one they parodied jersey shore to mean that this was somehow their niche as "cultural ambassadors" constantly telling people how to feel on pop culture issues, and their show lost its depth and diversity and became a breeding ground for just plain horribleness, the worst of which, and damn near unwatchable is the episode "i never should have gone ziplining". But i can't say i'm not without my fond memories of what south park used to be.

I do have a theory as to what led to this, as we all know Trey Parker and Matt Stone have not been with South Park for a long time, leaving South Park in the hands of writers who tried first to use their own original ideas, but would later try to perfect the recipe for success used by their predecessors and ultimately fail miserably. There's also a certain pessimism that comes with their own particular brand of parody, and this is even recognized by the writers later in such episodes as "raising the bar" and "you're getting old", where the entire premise of the episodes is basically a sociopolitical statement about their own experiences and the lengths they've stooped to to try and market content. I get it, its better than the rest of their recent episodes and i think its very big of them to admit that but its not necessarily what defines good television and if they're going to keep it on the air the least they could do is bring back good plot and original, 3 dimensional characters.

So basically the verdict is, watch this show, but do not watch anything after season 13, and you can preserve in your mind a worthwhile show that would be probably more towards 8.5-9 stars. I'm crossing my fingers and still watching in case they haven't jumped the shark for good, but its gotten pretty bad, worse than lost final season plothole bad, so i'm not expecting much unless Trey and Matt get more involved.
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Ain't what it used to be
mordloldad26 September 2013
There was a time when pop culture references would be creatively scattered throughout an episode that contained a completely original story, and that episode may or may not have contained satirical social commentary.

Today, anybody who gets their 15 minutes in the pop culture world gets their own episode of South Park. At least Family Guy's pop culture references are mostly confined to 30-second cutaway segments, South Park's last for the entire duration of the show. Episodes even made last year feel incredibly dated because of this tactic, shows from 4-5 years ago feel like looking into a time capsule. Did we really need Snooki the South Park episode? Or Glenn Beck the South Park episode? How about The Royal Wedding or Occupy Wall Street South Park episodes? Episodes like this use current events as a lame crutch and that crutch has crippled the show. It's lazy and devoid of creativity. I'm not just getting older, this show sucks now.

It's a shame too because Parker and Stone are extraordinarily talented. I suppose they're getting paid too much for a job that requires little effort at this point so taking this pain in the ass show behind the woodshed and taking it out of its misery is out of the question.
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Probably one of the funniest, most irreverent shows on television - I love it!
MovieAddict201618 August 2005
When "South Park" first came out I ignored it and thought it was another passing fad for young kids. I never gave it a chance. I figured it was crude for the sake of being crude and didn't watch more than five minutes of an episode.

Then I saw the movie, which I thought was just about one of the funniest things ever. "Uncle F***a" had me in tears. "Bigger Longer & Uncut" is one of the most consistently funny films I've ever seen, and even as a musical/animation it worked very well.

So I gave the TV show another chance. I fell in love with it. I watch it much more now. Sure, it is very crude, sometimes a bit too much so. It's immature and juvenile. But it's also very clever.

Trey and Matt get away with loads of stuff other people could never get away with on TV. I don't know how they keep pushing the boundaries. One episode of "South Park" had so much swearing, a profanity was outlawed from public television "indefinitely." Sometimes the gags are kind of lame because they are so juvenile, but for the most part it's really funny. Matt and Trey basically do all the voices including celebrity impersonations.

I think this is a really clever, really self-satirical show that's sorely needed during times as restrictive as these. With "South Park" pushing the boundaries on public TV we can all sleep safely at night knowing our nation's level of tolerance is in good hands.
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The best show ever
sinisterdrecc8826 March 2009
South Park is the best. I love everything about it. The hilarious characters, the good animation, the excellent humor, and anything else about it that I haven't mentioned. Hence my name, you can tell I am a big fan of this show. I love all the episodes, especially the Imaginationland trilogy, made into a made for TV movie basically. The show is without a doubt one of my favorites, and I really don't care who knows it or not. South Park is great. The only episodes I really hated were "Stanley's Cup" and "Major Boobage", but the rest of the series is pure gold.

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The Greatest TV show of all time
GeneralDisarray21 October 2003
first off , Matt Stone and Trey Parker are geniuses . This show isn't afraid to go where other cartoons have ever gone before , and second all you people need to stop bagging on this show because the show is a F***ing masterpiece. I applaud Matt Stone and Trey Parker for having a set of balls
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