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Sex & Nudity

  • While most nudity in the show is animated, there are a few instances of actual nudity. In these scenes educational style footage is shown, such as child birth (season5e13) and a nude child (season7e4) for example.
  • While most of the sexual scenes are cartoonish and silly, some are far more shocking and/or graphic... for example these include a little boy masturbating a man, several little boys masturbating a dog, a mother walking in on a little boy masturbating on the toilet while envisioning sex with himself, and a long graphic description of necrophilia
  • There are intermittent sexual references and dialogue, including some discussions and and a few episodes based around sex.
  • Babies are shown nude in multiple instances throughout the series.
  • Cartman, one of the main characters, has a mother who is revealed to have been a prostitute. There are innuendos and references regarding this throughout the series.
  • In "Major Boobage," a scantily-clad woman is seen in roughly a third of the episode.
  • In "Crippled Summer," a clothed boy is briefly raped by a shark. The animal is only shown thrusting from behind.
  • "Medicinal Fried Chicken" features men with giant testicles bouncing around a town.
  • In "Wieners Out," Butters and some other boys in the school walk around with their pants down in protest, and their penises are shown, but with limited detail.
  • There is exceptionally more sex and nudity but these are just some examples of the type of scenes in the show.

Violence & Gore

  • There is often graphic violence, however it is a cartoon, and is not overly disturbing. It is also played for laughs, and over the top.
  • Violence can be quite gory however its usually comical, and usually over the top.
  • Scenes of torture, although these are usually for comic effect.
  • Kenny dies in most of the episodes in the first five seasons and sometimes in pretty graphic ways.
  • Cartman is a psychopath and sometimes does very violent things.
  • Almost all of the violence is cartoon, comical, and fake. The violence is more disturbing than scary.
  • In "Scott Tenorman Must Die", Scott's parents are murdered and turned into chili.
  • In "Cartman Sucks", Butters is sent to camp and is blown up.


  • On rare occasions, the word "cunt" has been used. Twice as a pun, and recently in "Bike Parade" it was used a swear word, surprisingly uncensored Jimmy says the word accidentally due to his stutter.
  • Hulu often airs the series uncensored.
  • The show is controversial for swearing.
  • Fuck is used infrequently, but is bleeped when used on TV, and is used uncensored on DVD and online. 'Shit' and milder profanities are heard often.
  • In one episode, the word "shit" is said 162 times. This is meant as a satire to the over-censorship of television.
  • In many cases, the show uses profanity to mock the opinions of people.
  • "Nigger" is said a few times in the episode "Krazy Kripples" but not in the derogatory sense. In another episode it is said once, in that episode it is shown as very inappropriate and comes across as a negative thing, so this would discourage kids to say it rather than encourage them. In the episode "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson", the use of "nigger" is pervasive

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Later in the series they find a towel who is constantly asking young children to get high with them. He is seen through the series taking Meth, Cocaine, heroine, and constantly smoking marijuana out of a bong.
  • Alcohol is consumed often, not graphic in any manner.
  • The goth kids are often shown smoking, one of them is a kindergartner.
  • Drugs are never glorified.
  • In "Butt Out", the boys end up burning down the school after smoking so they don't become like the Butt Out group.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some scenes can be disturbing due to their content.
  • The violence can be disturbing at times.
  • Even if this show has disturbing content, the comedic tone makes it less frightening.
  • Much in a frightening sense, but a lot of people could get offended from the series. However, the series' content is all done for laughs and it's generally meant to be harmless.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • On rare occasions sexual intercourse is shown uncensored
  • In "Sarcastaball", Butters creates a drink to help motivate people playing sports,. it is later revealed to be cum.

Violence & Gore

  • In "The Return of Chef", Chef dies in an overtly horrific and graphic manner: He's first burned up, then falls onto a stalagmite after a thunder severs the bridge he's using to escape, impaling him with a lot of blood spurting out graphically (similar to Saddam Hussein's gruesome death in "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut", who suffers the same fate as he's impaled into a stalagmite), and afterwards Chef is shot with more blood spurting out and he's then brutally mauled by a mountain lion and a grizzly bear, which devour him alive and then, the mountain lion bites and violently rips Chef's face right off and both the bear and the mountain lion ultimately tear him apart completely in half, killing him and we then see a huge amount of blood, gore and viscera visible all over the place, especially on his severely mangled body. Chef is then buried after this. This scene is extremely gruesome, graphic, bloody and disturbing, but also very emotionally intense and upsetting.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • On the episode 'Kenny Dies' Kenny ends up dying for real in this episode, though he is brought back in the finale of the 6th season it could be pretty upsetting to some people and it could even make some people cry. Not many jokes are used in this episode, which adds to the episode's tragic and depressing nature.
  • The episode "The Poor Kid" may be upsetting to some.

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