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Take Two: Anita Jacoby and Andrew Denton

This article originally appeared in If Magazine #147 (June-July 2011).

Anita Jacoby

I met Andrew in the early 1990s because I used to work with Jen Byrne, his other half, at 60 Minutes. I did a lot of stories with her so I met Andrew socially.

In 1995 I was asked by Seven to produce a one-hour special on Kevin Costner and Andrew and I worked fairly closely on that. Then in about 1999, when I was executive producing an interview show for Foxtel hosted by John Laws, I asked Andrew to come on as a guest. He did and was probably one of our best interviews in the three years.

I also asked him to be a guest at one of Foxtel.s seminars at which professionals in the industry talk about how they got started, what they like about the industry and so on. I got to know him more then too.

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Significant 7: Television creatives

From drama to reality and factual – meet the production house powerhouses responsible for Australia’s greatest television.

Andrew Denton

Owner/ Creative guy

Zapruder’s Other Films The Gruen Transfer, Hungry Beast, Country Town Rescue, Randling

With producers Anita Jacoby and Peter Thompson, Andrew Denton’s Zapruder’s Other Films is known for intelligent and often funny television.

Denton came to prominence as the host of ABC’s 1988 comedy show Blah Blah Blah and was quick to get involved behind the scenes. His first executive producing credit came in 2001 when he gave The Chaser team their break with The Election Chaser.

Denton is responsible for adland favourite The Gruen Transfer, with five series including Gruen Planet and Nation under its belt. The show is one of the ABC’s highest rating formats attracting international interest.

Denton’s great skill is fostering young talent with his 2008 Project Next experiment resulting in Hungry Beast.
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