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give the poor wolf a break will ya ? lol
zanking4 December 2004
this show isn't meant to be anything but good wholesome family entertainment, and in that sense this show delivers. what more can you want for your children than an adorable wolf and some exciting story lines that always have good messages . the lead actor is annoying, but you'll get over it if you give it a chance. the wolf in this show is the same wolf who was famous for actually seeming to talk. at the end of each show you can hear him say "i love you". on many TV shows he spoke for audiences saying "i love you", "hello", and the most amazing.... "God bless you". what a wonderful animal. now, if your tastes are for something like sex and the city or the sopranos then maybe this show isn't for you. but if you like family entertainment with warm family values then white fang is the show for you.
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Excellent TV series
cityhunter19864 March 2005
I loved "white fang"; heartwarming family entertainment TV series. The main character Jaimz Woolvett did great acting as a teenager who loves his family especially his best friend, White Fang.(what's wrong 26yrs actor playing as a teenager? He is an actor who did a wonderful job in this series) Great stories for who enjoy family entertainment and love dogs. There is no violence in the show, so parents can watch it with their child (of course if you are an adult and watch it by yourself, go for it!!) I'm 29yrs old and i loved watching this DVDs. It may not exciting film like typical Hollywood movies with big budget, but if you like a story of friendship between an animal and a human, and beautiful nature, it is worth to watch this film.
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Forget the other reviews, this show is great... because it's HORRIBLE.
Zatnukatel25 December 2004
If you're looking for a good laugh, pick this show up because it's ridiculously horrible that you and your family will spend some wholesome time making fun of this show. It's good for all ages and all ages will agree, this show is rubbish. It's predictable, has horrible acting, particularly the lead who is twenty-six playing a fourteen year old, totally 80's music for a show from the early 90's, and has scenes that are completely out of context with the rest of the episodes.

"The Dog really is the best actor." "They boy actor is as old as his parents." Ah forget it, it's a really bad show. If you're desperate for a bad laugh, get this show. It'll make you laugh, but only because of how bad it is.
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Gorgeous scenery, etc.
bug7610 February 2012
This DVD collection grew on me. While the budget wasn't Hollywood, with scenery like that, who needs it? Lush fields and gorgeous mountains as far as the eye could see. The series gets extra points for that since I'm a nature girl and I hate city life. The show centers on White Fang and 'Matt', hence the show's name, "White Fang". Points go to that majestic creature as I love wolves and for the mere fact that I was fooled into thinking Jaimz Wolvett(Matt) was really a teenager. When I figured out he was 26 while filming this series, I was shocked. Now I don't feel so bad about thinking how adorable he is.( I thought I was older than him.) I loved the simplicity of this show and that it is suitable for all ages. Not every show and movie needs to be revolved around nudity, gore, bad language and violence. Of course, I always get a kick out of the ending when Matt tells Fang, "I Love you, White Fang", and the wolf responds pretty clearly that he loves Matt as well. It makes me smile.
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