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Story doesn't matter - What a journey!
kbumbulis19 December 2000
After reading a number of negative reviews of this film, I went ahead and bought the DVD. I had read that, although the movie was mediocre, it was the kind of film that's great for showing off your DVD player.

I am thrilled to own this movie.

True enough, the story is cliched. Yet I didn't think about it for a second while I watched the film unfold. I was completely caught up in everything I saw on the screen. If it was a slow scene, I just gazed at the beautiful eye candy. And during the incredibly inventive action scenes, I was surprised to find myself at the edge of my seat.

There are some who say that the mix of 3d and traditional 2d animation didn't work. I couldn't disagree more. There are times when the two styles were a glaring contrast. Yet, as the movie progressed, the two became as one to my eyes. I have no problem calling this a revolutionary step forward in animation.

I loved A Bug's Life and Toy Story. But this trip, in my eyes blew those films away.

Finally, though I wouldn't consider this film 'adult' by any means, the slighter darker tone made it much more accessible as an adult viewer. Every year I sigh when I see a preview for another assembly line Disney film. (Hey, let's dumb down the gothic horror 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' and give him cute sidekicks!) The look of Disney films hasn't changed in years. (If anything, they look more simple) This film, as cliched as the story was, was visually inspired.

The original Fantasia needed no story. It was an appreciation of music and animation. Let this be the new Fantasia. If you want to experience breathtaking and beautiful animation, I couldn't recommend this any more.
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A revolution in the world of animation
Tigrin21 June 2001
I remember a year ago when I went to see this movie. I think of that day as a turning point in my life in how I view animation.

I am surprised I have not written a review for this movie. After reading through every single bad review by every paid critic on the planet and watching this movie fail because of it (taking Fox Animation with it), I have decided it was about time I added my insight into the pile. Kind of late, but bear with me. I know more now than I did then.

First off, the storyline isn't what the critics have brainwashed you into thinking. If you are a sci-fi fan, I guess it is easier to grasp. In the wide world of science fiction, this movie seems to have struggled to find originality and found enough of it. Set 1000 years into the future, Humans have discovered an extremely advanced technology which drives a race of almost indestructible aliens to destroy Earth in it's entirety. A teenage boy is left with the power to find the key to bring humanity back before it is killed off forever. When I saw this movie, I had a breath of relief. Finally humanity isn't the all-powerful! The movie puts humanity in the act of a downtrodden, confused, holding-on race manipulated and shunned by other races. The emotion I felt from the story in this film and the characters in it is extraordinary.

The animation by far is a turning point in the world of animated features. From the start, you can tell the animation is exceptional. Extra time was taken to make the characters lifelike, as well as the environments they are in, the coordinating of colors, and even the shadows from a tree on the character's faces. It's unbelievable. And the 2D animation mixes so well with the 3D animation - it just adds to the thrill of the movie. The scenes in the movie are exceptional - from the ice rings scene with the reflections to the wake angels scene in space.

The characters are just portrayed so well, like I said. The actors doing the voice-overs put so much emotion into what the characters actually felt, and the characters portrayed it well. There is a nice variety of characters as well, all the way down to the comic relief of Gune and the angry kangaroo-like alien, Stith.

Overall, this movie just blew me away. I couldn't think for days. The animation, the story, the characters - all of it. And I have gotten others to see this movie, and they agree on it. So next time you are in the video store, not sure what to rent, think about this movie. I guarantee it is in stock and it will change the way you see animation forever.
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One of the best sci-fi animation ever made. Totally underrated by all!
chrisgiant16 May 2005
This film (To be blunt) is one of the greatest animated sci-fi films ever made. The story is a blast, as are the characters and the visuals are stunning. Unfortunately the movie was highly underrated by critics (But what do they know). Any science fiction fan with half a brain can see this is an intriguing story, and one that the cast is totally committed to. Indeed the actors put on such a excellent performance that you can believe in their plight and really feel for them. Overall this movie is easily able to hold it's own against masterpieces such as Starchaser: The legend of Orin, Fire & ice and other films in the animated sci-fi/fantasy genre.
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Don't dis this movie!
Travis_Moran9 July 2005
The first time I saw this I was 13 or 14. I saw it in a theatre with some friends. Most of em didn't really seem impressed but I really thought it rocked. I really like Cale's character. He seemed to "click" as a normal guy you wouldn't mind being identified with. And that Goon character was just fantastic. I really liked the scene with the giant ice crystals, and the sound effects during that scene were awesome. And I noticed this movie had a lot of Starwars references, but who cares. Didn't bother me in the least---in fact I like that kind of thing.

I was sort of disappointed at how this one just sort of dried up and blew away (I don't even think it played a whole week at the theatre). Luckily a friend, knowing I liked this movie, gave me a DVD he'd bought and no longer wanted. So, again, I watched and enjoyed this unappreciated great creation. Somehow it seemed even better now.

As usual, I'll leave all the technical discussions to other reviewers (of which there are a multitude). I try to review on an entertainment level only...yeah, I suppose I'm the shallow guy who only sees what's right up front.

Anyhow, if you care a whit about sci-fi, don't miss this one even if it is animated. It doesn't really have that "anime" feel to it. So if you're turned off by anime, check this one out anyway.

BTW, this movie is great for family viewing.
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bat-519 June 2000
Filled with spectacular visions of other worlds, Titan A.E. brings us into the 31st century and into a whole new level of science fiction. The story is pretty simple, a race called the Drej feel the human race is a threat so they decide to destroy us. The only hope for the survival of the human species is a ship called the Titan. Only trouble is, no one knows where it is. The answer lays with Cale, the son of the inventor of Titan. Once Cale realizes what he's in for, we're off on an intergalactic roller coaster ride. We get chases in swamps filled with hydrogen trees and an imaginative hide and seek game in a field of ice crystals. Traditional hand drawn characters are blended in with amazing CGI renderings of planets, ships, and the vast emptiness of space with very good results. Sure there may be some clunker lines here and there but Titan A.E. gives fans of sci-fi what they want. Well worth the price of admission
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A truly breathtaking space epic!
Becca-3722 June 2000
This can be a true revolutionary of all the animated films with its real eye-stunning graphics, a very imaginative sci-fi setting, more realistic-looking characters, and plenty of real action and yes, even some blood-spilling violence.

After years of churning out shots of sparkly-starry fantasy like Rock-A-Doodle-Doo, We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story, and Troll In The Central Park, Don Bluth's crew finally comes up with a very gritty, mature science fiction story all about humans being hunted down by the evil aliens who are out to destroy the planet Earth altogether. So a very brave young engineer grimly launched an enormous project that his little son was to carry on when he finally grew up. But it just wouldn't be a very easy path for the young hero to accomplish this great feat that would give a long ray of hope to all the innocent humans hiding out in the outer space. But with the help of a very spunky young female co-pilot, a group of bickering aliens, and a hardened space veteran, he just might...even with all those dread monsters hot on his very tail!

Beautifully made, this sweeping space odyssey really takes GIGANTIC steps to break from all the traditional aspects of an animated film to introduce mouth-droppingly MAGNIFICENT visions of the distant future as well as a more adult approach to storytelling and animation, so it may take awhile for the casual viewer to get used to it...and one day truly appreciate the great changes that is taking place in the whole animation industry.
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Great movie, Great story, Great visuals. This movie is underrated
shahmatt16 May 2005
Titan A.E is a story set in a post-earth era (hence the A.E: after earth, which i thought was a nice touch). Its about the son of a scientist who is thrust upon him the quest of finding the Titan, the greatest ship ever built, and is humanity's last chance.

The movie begins with an awesome scene of the evacuation of earth, and caught me nicely off guard with some great 3D rendering of the Titan (when launched), and the escape ships. The imagination that went into some scenes in the movie, especially the cruising alongside the wake angels, and the ice rinks were fantastic. And the plot, though a bit unrealistic in terms of modern science, was thoroughly refreshing in concept. And its got just the right balance of action to move it quickly from a kids film to a good sci-fi show for slightly older audiences.

Titan A.E is a great film. It has a story that's original and neatly executed. It brought about some great 3D rendering in a time where animation was primarily 2D. Its got good character development with a nice twist in the middle. And its also got a fine soundtrack, which I love to listen to.

Go watch this movie. You will not be disappointed.
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Boilerplate story but good characters and incredible visuals
Uthman19 June 2000
The storyline of TITAN A.E. follows standard mythical canon: unlikely youthful hero from the boondocks is forced to follow his destiny and struggle against overwhelming odds to save his people. No surprises there, to be sure, but God is in the details, and the details is where this film excels. I can't say enough good about the animation and visual artistry--it's the best ever. Hopefully this will raise the bar for animated feature films. After forty-odd years, I have had enough of the formulaic Disney approach.

I would also give TITAN A.E. high marks for acting and for the musical selections in the soundtrack. This film should make a great addition to any enthusiast's DVD library.

I agree that the plot is rather holey, but I was so busy enjoying the film that I didn't notice at the time.
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Visually Stimulating; entertains children and adults alike. *** (out of four)
Movie-1210 July 2000
TITAN A. E. / (2000) *** (out of four)

"Titan A.E." is like a giant looming over movie animation landscape; it is one of the most visually bracing family fantasy adventures to come down the pike in years. The film's animation is wonderfully spectacular, visually enticing and entirely convincing. Directors Don Bluth and Gary Goldman enthrall the audience with a sweeping sense of atmosphere and action. This is the kind of cartoon that is mature to the level in which the characters and set designs could have been replaced with live action filmmaking without changing the movie's perspective.

The production takes place twenty-eight years after the third millennium. Planet Earth has been demolished by a cruel species called the Drej, who fear the potential intelligence of the human race. Cale (voiced by Matt Damon) is a young man working as a space dump attendant who believes his father abandoned him when he was a child. Cale doesn't know it yet, but he holds the key to the survival of the human race with a genetically coded map on his hand showing the course to the hidden position of a special spacecraft called the Titan.

Cale meets a young woman named Akima (voiced by Drew Barrymore), who cherishes conventional memorabilia of her late planet. She and her captain, Korso (voiced by Bill Pullman), and the navigator, Gune (John Leguizamo), set out to locate the vital Titan before the evil Drej can exterminate it along with mankind's future hope of existence.

Instead of our traditional, well-developed bad guy that posses serious threats to the protagonist's mission, in "Titan A.E." we receive something of a different sort: an underwritten alien race whose motives and backgrounds are unclear and undeveloped. The movie seems to know of this, however, therefore the film wisely switches villains in the second act. The story provides an interesting twist that supplies us with solid and comprehendible antagonism.

This movie's plot feels somewhat pieced together from previous science fiction fantasies like "Star Trek," "Star Wars," and "Lost in Space." John Whedon, Ben Edlund, and John August vividly detail a story that moves along steadily, but occasionally stalls to build momentum for the character's purpose for achieving goals. There is a scene on a spaceship holding Cale in captivity that feels trite and dual, but the film quickly rejuvenates itself with an exhilarating chase sequence. The film's plot would have been more involving if we knew more about the characters. They seem pretty interesting but we never really get to know them because the filmmakers were more concerned with special effects, a common misconception both animated and live action films.

This production is engaging and well animated; "Titan: After Earth" is smart to jolt a appropriate about of energy into its action scenes and contains sufficient amounts of style and wit to satisfy younger audiences as well to hold the attention of the older, more sophisticated viewers. It is not every day a cartoon is able to do that.
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Interesting effort.
CGA_Soupdragon16 June 2003
Saw this on DVD, missing it completely at the cinema. Which was probably what happened to the audience for the film, as it was difficult to market for any target group. Having seen it, it's apparent that lot of very hard work went into producing it.

I can compare it to a few other sci-fi animated films of recent years...

As ground-breaking as The Last Starfighter was in its day. Though not pure animation, Starfighter showed off what even early CG could do in terms of gimbal-free animation of spaceships and vehicles.

Much, much better than Final Fantasy, as the action is genuinely epic. The story goes places and uses the chosen technology very nicely. Titan is not a boring film.

Very similar to Disney's later production of the Treasure Island book. Disney appeared to have cribbed one or two scenes from Titan A.E. Not nice.

Graphically, it's up there with Iron Giant, using finely animated CG figures mixed with traditional cell animation. The scene where we first see the older Cale Tucker (in space, cutting up junk) is very impressive.

But something bugs me. There was something missing. Iron Giant gave me a sense of wonder, which was achieved by some great character acting, clever pacing and a wonderful story line. At no point was I "taken" by what I saw on-screen while watching Titan A.E.

I think Titan tripped over itself in the drama department more than a few times. Along with the latest Star Wars films, it tumbles along without stopping up and letting the audience know what the characters are feeling. The actors have to have the skills to enable the audience to feel, to immerse. Without that, the action has a risk of becoming incomprehensible.

Pretty, fast-paced, intriguing. But I wish someone would use these toys to produce something great, something big.

Something wonderful.
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Nice Animation, Not-So-Nice Story
ccthemovieman-129 January 2007
I gave this movie two opportunities. The animation is so brilliantly colorful and imaginative, I hated to give up on it. Scene after scene was a pleasure to watch. It's like a well-drawn sci-fi comic book come to life. It's extremely colorful.

But - and it's a big 'but' - the story is so blah and unlikeable to me that both times I viewed this, I went away feeling unsatisfied. The characters are such that I never could get involved about caring what happened. Most of them simply weren't appealing.

There are a few good twists at the end but it's too little-too late to make me watch this again.
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fun ride but questionable simplistic quest
SnoopyStyle9 May 2015
It's 3028 A.D. Earth is attacked by the Drej, aliens of pure energy. Hundreds of ships manage to escape before the earth is destroyed. Cale is separated from his father Professor Sam Tucker who saves the spaceship Titan. Sam gives him a ring which is a map to find Titan. Tucker was the lead researcher on Project Titan which is feared by the Drej. 15 years later, Cale is working on a salvage station with other aliens. Humanity is reduced to lower class citizens. Joseph Korso, captain of the Valkyrie, finds Cale and his ring to search for Titan, humanity's last hope.

The blend of traditional hand drawn animation and CGI works well mostly. The best is the ice crystal world. The hide-and-seek game inside the crystal is both exhilarating and visionary. In general, the story is a little too simplistic with questionable plot lines. Why would the father give the key to the ship to his son? Why couldn't the father do what the son ended up doing? If the father figure out how to build Titan, couldn't he build simple weapons against the Drej? Wouldn't it be simpler to build contraptions that sucks up Drej energy? The whole quest seems manufactured. The simple story has some rip-roaring fun. The characters are interesting. The evil aliens are formidable. The animation is interesting. I don't like the use of rock music. Overall it's a fun ride but not that compelling.
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The Last Greatest Work of Don Bluth
chivasfan2314 June 2007
When I first saw this movie, I was astounded by the amount of work and dedication that was put into the movie. I was younger at the time, but I saw how well the work was done. Great animation, great CGI effects and a good story makes it one of Don Bluths greatest works. The post apocalyptic setting gives it a dark look, but comedic elements and a family look at the movie makes it great for the whole family. The movie has its fair share of adult themes, violence, some sensuality, and language makes it great for the older crowd. There is also the sense of hope that people have in order to create a new world that people can live in. I could go into detail about characters, the setting, but I am sure that other reviewers had already mentioned this. Nevertheless, if you want a great animated film, filled with action, danger, and for the family, then look no further. Titan A.E is greatly under appreciated and everybody should watch it, even if they are not fans of animated films.

Bottom Line :10/10
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Criminally Underrated.
This has to be one of the slickest Sci-Fi films I have ever seen. The plot could have been used in any other Sci-fi film without a hitch, it is that seamless. The characters are well developed and there is quite a twist at the end, although I will not drop any spoilers in here.

The animation is second-to-none. I have yet to find another film that knits CGI and drawn animation so well. The Soundtrack is fitting and it the entire package fits together rather nicely.

I saw this in the cinema, expecting to get another poor attempt at a Sci-fi animation and what I got was an adrenaline and a taste in my mouth that said "Shame really, this isn't going to get the recognition it deserves".

And I was right. A must see for Sci-fi fans.
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What a film!
arbenowskee10 March 2019
I am wondering why the low score. This has to be one of the most underrated sci fi animations I've seen. I loved the story, the characters and the visuals.

I won't spoil the film, but I will urge anyone who loves sci fi, or animation in general, to give it a try. It is suitable for adults and children!
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Strange but enjoyable...I think you will like it, I did, very underrated
stuartpiles30 December 2005
As a fan of animation of all kinds, for more than 40 years, this is really an odd one.. ...I do not think anything compares in the way of visuals and special effects, in animation. They are so brilliantly done, that it worth watching for the view alone.

Sadly, poor box office ruined the career of a great director Don Bluth..I think it lost over l00 million dollars.

More importantly, if you watch it, will will see a brilliantly animated film, with a decent storyline, not outstanding, but scripted well enough to keep your attention. It is paced well, and intermixed with some excellent music, that was specifically made for this film, most of the music, is a kinda "rock", but it varies.

Color, form, and backgrounds are matched and composed so in such a beautiful way, that any viewing is sure to amaze. Make sure your TV gets a sharp picture, that is all that is necessary to enjoy this film..

The story, action, and interaction between characters is enjoyable, and for the most part unusual, but I would view this just to see what I doubt will ever be seen in animation again..Simply because, no one is likely to spend this kind of money for special effects in animation. Since this film was made, animation has changed, and so has this industry..Enjoy Titan AE. Know it is the last of its kind. I might add, the end of the film gives you a great feeling.
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spiceskull10 July 2005
I saw this film yesterday, after getting it in a pile of old videos.

The cartoon characters are exactly as you would expect from a Disney 'zero to hero' type of film, but it is the 'scenery' and astrophysical concepts that blow you away. Think of Mars getting an atmosphere in Total Recall, or the collapse of Jupiter in 2010, and you have an idea of the scope of this.

The best are at the beginning and end - the Earth destroyed, and the debris smashing into the moon for a second destruction, as well as what can only be a speeded up version of how the Earth was originally created.

This appears to be filmed in two ways - standard issue animation for the characters, and some trippy computer sequencing for the scenes in space - some of these really do leave Star Wars standing - and check out the bad guys...these make Alien look like a wimp...

Worst line - the new planet is called 'Bob,' and the girl gets the title 'Queen of Bob...'

And to think, this was made before Shrek and The Incredibles...it's just so hard to believe that this film went relatively unnoticed - cue a re-release?
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Memo To News Corp: Finish This Movie!
EspiaBoricua13 April 2005
Titan A.E. is a great movie... it even had the potential of being Generation Y's Star Wars. Unfortunately, News Corp. made a big mistake.

Titan A.E. remains an unfinished product because News Corp. (the owners of both Fox and Fox Animation Studios) went ahead and shut down the Fox Animation Studios Branch in Phoenix before the animators had a chance to finish Titan A.E. And they didn't even have the decency (or the smarts) to hire the animators who worked on Titan A.E. for almost three years to finish it: they gave it to animators who had no idea what they were doing.

The result? A half-baked, hastily-finished-and-put-together movie.

Titan A.E. has the potential of being a much better movie than it is right now. I hope that someone someday will buy the rights to this movie from News Corp/Fox and goes ahead and finishes this product in some kind of "Definitive Edition".
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This Was The Movie Y'all
Grizzly40527 May 2004
This movie was something else . There needs to be a second one man , there's got to be something after that Earth 2 thing. Like the new one is unstable , and is set to implode , or maybe another or of whatever they might be want E2 . But the second would need a lot of stuff to top the first , because the first had great voices , great acting , great action , and it was funny as hell too . So the second would need all of that , but like a whole new bar of everything 100% up. Make it "PG13" , and everything , go directly to the borders of how far a "PG13" movie can go . oh , and the second one needs six very important things "Janet Jackson , Chris Rock & Ron Perlman" . And as for the music you need to call the man Danny Elfman . I mean make "Matrix" look like a real bitch. Nothing bad on my word.
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very well made movie
gonzo_bonzo200130 December 2005
Titan A.E. is a movie which has been created with a lot of love and attentiveness in the beautiful details, the characters thoroughly developed. This movie is one of the greatest sci - fiction adventures ever made and has for me entered the throne together with another great very underrated sci - fi movie, FINAL FANTASY. Both are great and different in their own. The great creating of a planet as the big final of TITAN A.E. is one of the strongest, most impressive , visually and acoustically (WHAT A SOUND !! ) blowing and also emotional satisfying sequences i have ever seen in movies. Its also a very seldom sequence, since here the ship in a space movie for which everything and the story are around have been lined up for, is acting the end practically alone and leaving Akima and the others as viewing passengers unlike e.g. the ENTERPRISE, VOYAGER or other ships which cannot show what are they capable for alone, without commanding officer.

Nobody else than GEORGE LUCAS had acknowledged the high class of this movie and bought the rights of TITAN A.E. and the original movie itself after Fox closed the animation studio, to prevent that this Masterpiece of Filming could disappear.
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Better than Heavy Metal II FAKK
naztuup16 June 2006
Saw it in the theater, loved it. Bought it. Got the OST. Loved that too. The story was great, almost JapAnime like, but the art and voice over was a trip back to the first time I saw the original Heavy Metal. Much cleaner, yes, and family oriented if you think about it, but still a little more raw than I had expected. Not so much digital graphics, it isn't Babylon 5. For the old skool people who watched anime in the 80's, got into sci-fi a little too much (LOL), and have kids they want to share their enthusiasms with... this movie is great. Gonna watch it again right now with my ten year old, she likes it too, especially Goon and Akima.
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Great animated movie definitely worth a watch
beverlychase-278057 December 2018
The synopsis of Titan AE is such: The year is 3028, and Earth has been destroyed by the merciless attack of an alien race known as the Drej. There are survivors scattered to the far corners of the quadrant, and the Drej, bent on genocide, pursue them doggedly and seemingly without reason. For humanity, there is hope in the form of a giant spaceship called Titan, which was successfully launched before the planet's destruction. But it is lost in deep space and only Cale, the young son of the Titan's captain, possesses hidden information about its location. Titan A. E. represents an ambitious attempt to fuse traditional animated techniques with the latest in computer graphics, and to present it all through a plot that owes more to Japanese anime than to classic Disney. The result is a mixed bag, characterized by some obvious high points and equally apparent flaws. Nevertheless, taken as a whole, Titan A. E. is an engaging experience.
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Some inspiring visuals make Titan A.E a fine watch
coxkatherine8 October 2018
Nobody quite remembers Titan A.E which is bad because this is a tidy little animated sci-fi. Titan A.E is a science fiction animation flick consisting of fantastic visuals and a good story about a young man who has to find a hidden spaceship in order to find the overlord aliens. It's a middling affair to be honest and the pacing lags but the visuals are the reason to commend the makers of this film.
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dazzling visuals sub par plot
joltjohn25 January 2003
This movie has been designed for those who like sci fi alot and also those who like to look at pretty pictures, but for those who want a good story line and those who want to be able to get involved and also feel good about a movie, i suggest u look to another sci fi movie. Unfortunately, the makers of Titan A.E. didn't go far enough when developing their "mature" animated epic. I enjoyed Titan A.E. mind you (I own the DVD), but it to often got stuck in a rut of a story that's been done ten times over. Sadly, most of the supporting characters are stock and pretty predictable. Not even 20 minutes into the film, I had already figured out who was going to double cross who, and what the final outcome of the story would be.The script and music are juvenile. the "secret" discovery is somewhat unbelievable. The action scenes missed something, I don't know what it was, but they were simply not very interesting.

The Drej. OK, they are bad, and blew up the planet. But exactly what are they afraid of? Several references to the Drej fearing "what humanity could become." There is no indication of what this fear is. Did the Drej think humanity bred too much and would overwhelm the universe? Would humanity evolve into energy beings and threaten the Drej? How come no one else seems to be threatened by humanity? And do the Drej blow up other planets because they fear something?

If it sounds like I'm being to harsh on Titan A.E. (especially after I stated I liked and own the movie), it's only because I haven't gotten to the positive parts of the movie, which outweigh the negative. FACT: Titan AE is one of the few sci-fi films that does not bore us to death with futuristic technobabble. It instead focuses on keeping the audience entertained with every scene rather than make them scratch their heads thinking "what the heck is a graviton deflector pulse?" This movie keeps it real, and at the same time, maintains a fantasy element. FACT: Titan AE is an animated film without songs or talking cartoon animals. It is a movie that full grown adults can go see minus their kids without feeling out-of-place. Even better is that you can go see it with your kids because they'll enjoy it just aswell.. FACT: The animation in this movie is ground breaking. Don Bluth and Gary Goldman mix traditional hand-drawn art with background computer animation to create an immersive environment that really pulls the audience into the world. The space vistas are colorful, interesting and just plain gorgeous. The interactions between Cale and Akima (Drew Barrymore) are good, and the film moves along quickly. I also liked how the Drej remained mysterious and spoke in their own language.

As I said at the beginning, Titan A.E. is an animated film geared towards those who are looking for something a little less traditional, and there are numerous scenes that point out that that attempt was made. The one memorable sequence is a game of cat-and-mouse played out in a field of giant, free-floating ice shards. Also I cant see the beginning of this movie enough... When planet earth gets blown up, it literally is spectacular!! This one scene just about makes the movie. This is what the whole film should've been.

FINAL FACT: One of my good friends describes Titan AE as the most beautiful movie ever made. In a way, it's true. If you were to freeze the movie at any point and frame the image on your wall, you would have a masterpiece in your den.
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Excellent Animation!
Hunky Stud11 January 2002
The story is full of twists, it is very well written. It has many surprises, unlike some others, I was surprised as who is actually the evil or the good.

The animation is amazing! Some are very realistic. Comparing with final fantasy, they could have just make it all real. The only thing is that the cartoon characters don't have too much details, that is something that seems to be the trend in the usa's cartoon production. That is pale comparing with the environment and the amazing astonishing ships, etc.
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