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MPAA Rated PG for action violence, mild sensuality and brief language

Sex & Nudity

  • A man and woman nearly kiss, and in another scene they hug each other.
  • A man's whole bare backside is visible for a moment when a woman is tending to his gunshot wounds. At one point he says "Why am I still naked?" and she says "Hold still or you'll loose something really important." (referring to his groin). We also see him with a towel wrapped around his waist (later in the scene he drops the towel and we briefly see his buttocks again).
  • In the background of "Trade Ship Soros" you can see a woman dressed in a "bikini like" suit interacting with two aliens. It's unclear what they are doing but she's probably being sold as a slave. She resembles Princess Leia from "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi".
  • A man walks into a woman's room while she's getting dressed and we see her wearing a towel; she steps behind a screen, and we see her shadow as she throws off her towel and gets dressed.

Violence & Gore

  • A man twists and breaks a creature's neck, then throws the creature down a staircase.
  • A man is shot (we see blood spray and then float from the wound) and then he's engulfed in a laser beam; also, a woman is shot in the arm (we see blood spray) and a man is shot in the arm and leg, causing blood to spray and run from the wounds (in a later scene a probe is inserted into his leg wound, which slowly heals and disappears).
  • A man dreams he is shot by creatures.
  • A large alien turns into flames and is presumably destroyed.
  • A bracelet explodes and two creatures are knocked down by the explosion; in a later scene we see them lying under pieces of metal, but otherwise unharmed.
  • Two fights during which people punch, elbow, shove and kick each other; during one fight a woman bites a creature's hand and a bottle is broken over a person's head, and during the other fight two men hang off a ledge and one man finally falls, grabbing onto a rope before he hits the ground.
  • Two creatures punch a man until they're lassoed and knocked down by another man; the man kicks the restrained creatures, walks on them, and throws a used tissue on them.
  • A man hits a creature with both fists and knocks it out of a chair, a man pushes another into a wall, a man is dropped into an electrically charged cell and is briefly electrocuted when he touches a wall, a man yells as he's lifted in an electrical current and then dropped to the ground, a man is briefly pinned between two ships, a girl is pinned to a wall with laser beams and then ejected into space (she's not harmed), explosions and laser beams knock several people down, lots of large birds fly above and then surround a few people who nearly start shooting them, a creature gives orders to destroy all humans, and animals with large teeth briefly scuffle and snarl at each other.
  • Two extended chases scenes: gunfire is exchanged often between groups of creatures and humans and also between spaceships, some creatures who've been shot re-form and are unharmed, birds carrying people are shot (the people fall and are then caught by other birds), a person falls into water, but is rescued, a man hangs off the side of a ship, two people are knocked off a ship and then beamed into another (a bird is also beamed into a ship), fuel tanks are shot and then explode, hydrogen trees are shot and then explode, and a small spaceship breaks through walls and loses a wing as it flies through closing doors (resulting in a brief explosion).
  • Two people eject themselves from a ship (its windshield is about to shatter) and are sucked into another ship.
  • A spaceship shoots a laser beam that covers a planet, causing it to explode (pieces fly through space, hitting and destroying a ship and another planet).
  • Several spaceships are shot (some explode in blue shards and others explode in flames) and some are nearly hit by large, floating ice rocks (one ship's wing is sheared off by a rock). A spaceship's laser beam is deflected, destroying the ship in a fiery explosion. Ships fly into mountains, causing rocks to fall and nearly hit people below. Several instances of threatening with guns and several people and spaceships are shot at.
  • The following incidents are played for laughs: a bug turns to goo and his teeth fall to the ground after he's shot, a man slaps and kicks a man tied to a rope, a creature kicks another and "zaps" it with a laser, a few pratfalls and pushes, a man is hit in the face with a pair of pants, a man is hit in the head with a ball, a creature who dropped a suitcase yells and throws a wrench, creatures eat living food that moves, people fall to the ground when a spaceship's "gravity machine" begins working again, a woman swats a creature's hand with a bat, a man flies backwards into a wall and a pan falls on his head, a creature purposely knocks a man down with a piece of metal (the man then shoots a laser at the creature's ship), a man drives his space-scooter recklessly and bumps a few other scooters, and a man runs his scooter into a spaceship and flips a few times onto the ship's wing.


  • In the Soundtrack CD album of Titan A.E. a rap group called "Fun Lovin' Criminals" had a song called "Everything under the stars" with one line saying "kisses your ass."
  • Several uses of "Butt". The s-word was briefly heard by aliens taunting Cale Tucker.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man orders a drink though we don't see it delivered or specifically identified as alcoholic.
  • A green drink is consumed which may or may not have contained alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A woman is unwillingly strapped to something resembling a table while a man is imprisoned. This scene may be frightening for young children.
  • With the amount of blood splatter, character death and the general dark theme of the film, It would have given it a PG-13 rating.
  • Rated PG for action violence, brief language and mild sensuality.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The movie begins with the Earth being destroyed by aliens. Humans evacuat in spaceships, but some of the escaping space ships are blown up as the Earth explodes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One character seems to die on screen with his final words being he was feeling sleeping. However, in the film's climax, the character turns to have only be sleeping after all as the refreshed character roars into the battle to help defend the Titan.

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