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IFC’s ‘Devil’s Gate’ and ‘The Midnight Man’ Get Blu-ray Releases

On June 5th, 2018, two twisted tales of terror, Devil’s Gate and The Midnight Man, make their Blu-ray and DVD debut from Scream Factory, in conjunction with IFC Midnight. The release of The Midnight Man also includes the original Irish feature film as a bonus feature. Amanda Schull (Pretty Little Liars), Milo Ventimiglia (This Is Us), Shawn Ashmore (X-Men) and Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: The Next […]
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The Merc Gets A Cartoon Makeover For Deadpool 2’s Zany IMAX Poster

The Merc With a Mouth reunites with an old friend on the official IMAX poster for Deadpool 2. And we’re not referring to Negasonic Teenage Warhead or the booming Colossus.

Instead, you’ll find a cartoon version of ‘Pool straddling a unicorn, which is presumably a nod to Wade Wilson’s stuffed unicorn as it appeared in the original Deadpool movie.

This poster arrives in good time, too, given IMAX tickets for Deadpool 2 are now on sale ahead of the sequel’s theatrical release in May. And if the Fox follow-up is able to retain its barnstorming momentum – remember, the David Leitch-directed sequel recently became the biggest R-rated pre-seller in Fandango history – we’re quietly confident that Deadpool 2 will be able to rake in the big bucks late next month.

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The Morning Watch: Designing Wolverine’s Suit, Macaulay Culkin Chats with Ellen DeGeneres & More

The Morning Watch: Designing Wolverine’s Suit, Macaulay Culkin Chats with Ellen DeGeneres & More
The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows. In this edition, find out how Wolverine’s suit from X2: X-Men […]

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Of Course Deadpool Is Celebrating The 2-Year Anniversary of Its Home Video Release!

Deadpool 2 is less than a month away and to tying into the upcoming release, the antihero’s first adventure is getting a surprise re-release Today with a special collectible Blu-ray and 4K Uhd steelbook case. 20th Century Fox is planning a swinging party to celebrate the merc with a mouth coming into the lives of audiences everywhere before he introduces a new collection of heroes May 18th to help grow the X-Men universe.
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Heroes: After ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, What’s Next for the McU?

On this episode of Heroes, Jon Schnepp, Amy Dallen, Robert Meyer Burnett, and Jason Inman discuss the following: Avengers: Infinity War week is here and the panel speculates what they want to see and speculate what they think will happen in the movie. Fox released a final trailer for Deadpool 2 and the panel gives their reactions to it. A report from Comic Genre indicates that Fox is looking at X-Men: Dark Phoenix as their last X-Men movie until Marvel takes over. The preview for next week's Gotham looks like it is introducing a prototype Harley Quinn. …
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We Won't See The X-Men or Fantastic Four Join The McU For a Very Long Time

Ever since the news broke that Disney was buying Fox fans have been wondering when we might actually see the X-Men and the Fantastic Four join the McU. Well, according to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, It's not going to happen for a very, very long time.

A lot of fans were hoping to see some of these characters pop up in Phase 4, but it might not even happen until Phase 5 or 6! During a recent interview with The Playlist, Feige was asked about this and he said:

"No, because any of that deal would take a while to get going and years from whenever and if ever it happens. So, certainly it won’t impact the five movies we’ve announced, and it probably wouldn’t impact anything for a handful of years after that. Because really, we’re not thinking about that. We’re thinking of delivering on what we promised.
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Sorry, Fox Superheroes Won’t Join the McU in Phase 4

After the huge Fox and Disney deal was announced, many people had one particular question: how soon until Fox’s Marvel characters like X-Men and Deadpool find their way into the McU? Now we have an answer: not for a while. The Disney-Fox deal is happening, but don’t expect to see Fox’s Marvel characters like the X-Men and Deadpool popping […]

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Marvel Boss Responds to James Cameron's Avengers Fatigue Comments

Marvel Boss Responds to James Cameron's Avengers Fatigue Comments
James Cameron, who is currently neck deep in his four Avatar sequels and working as an executive producer on the upcoming Terminator 6, which will once again reboot the franchise, recently made some comments that got a lot of people's attention. Specifically, he said that he hopes we soon get to a point of "Avenger fatigue." Now, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has responded to those comments.

In this interview by James Cameron, he also added that it's "not that I don't love the movies," which is what Kevin Feige, who is currently promoting the release of Avengers: Infinity War, decided to focus on. In a recent interview, Feige was asked about the comments and, before providing his full answer, he diverted his surprised focus for a second on Cameron's use of the word "hypogonadal" in reference to the Marvel movies. Feige then briefly responded to the comments more earnestly. Here's what he had to say.
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Deadpool 2 & Logan Crossover in New Doaly Poster

Deadpool 2 gets another awesome fan-made poster honoring Wolverine’s passing. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine may have passed on before he could have an anticipated crossover with Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool – and notion has been inspiring quite a bit of fan-art leading up to the Deadpool sequel’s release next month. Deadpool offers a lot of opportunities for fans to get creative with the X-Men property with the encouragement and blessing of its creators and the studio itself.
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Kevin Feige Teases How The X-Men Could Fit Into The McU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to get even bigger in a few years’ time as, once the Disney-Fox merger is completed, Marvel Studios will at last have the rights to the entirety of the X-Men universe and the Fantastic Four. It’s a matter of the utmost interest for fans, then, how the studio will go about folding mutantkind into the established history of the McU, so any official word on the subject is highly scrutinized.

With that in mind, get ready to start analyzing, as Marvel chief Kevin Feige has given a fresh response on the subject while in conversation with Coming Soon. First off, the producer revealed that discussions currently aren’t happening in “any way, shape or form,” but he did say that he believes they’ll be able to handle the challenge of introducing mutants into the franchise, as they’ve been tying the various
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Kevin Feige Says Fox Characters Won’t Join McU For A “Handful Of Years” After Deal Is Done

For those hoping for a surprise Wolverine cameo in ‘Infinity War’ or the upcoming ‘Avengers 4,’ don’t hold your breath.

Even though Disney announced plans to purchase Fox, which includes all the film rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four, the deal is far from done. Most of those who are optimistic the deal will even close pin the official date at somewhere at the end of Summer 2019.
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We Need a Negasonic Teenage Warhead Solo Movie or TV Show

As Wade Wilson might say, “Negasonic Teenage-What the s***?! That’s like the coolest name Ever!” At this point it seems like a lot of the main heroes and villains from the various X-Men spinoffs have been dragged out and put in front of the movie-going masses, so why not feature Ntw as a solo movie? Even as a TV show she might prove to be an interesting subject, but it really seems like her true edge would be brought out by putting her on the big screen in an effort to figure out an origin story that would fit her.

We Need a Negasonic Teenage Warhead Solo Movie or TV Show
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Moon Knight Is In The Future Plans For the McU

Marvel Studios has plans for Moon Knight in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In building the McU, Marvel’s used some of their more popular characters, but have also turned some of their more obscure properties into household names. Thanks to the abundance of characters they have at their disposal (and the possibility of the X-Men and Fantastic Four being available soon), the studio’s decision to hone in on certain characters means other fan favorite ones have not yet been brought to the screen.
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Learn More About How The Costumes For X-men 2 Were Created

Costume work is taken for granted by fans, but for actors, it can be a huge deal. One of the biggest complaints you'll often hear from actors is that their tight leather-suits have very limited mobility, and they're extremely hot to wear. Hugh Jackman made it clear after the first X-Men he would not be wearing a suit like that again, so Ironhead Studio got to work ensuring he wouldn't have to. Learn more about the creation of that costume via this Tested video, and the next time you're watching a superhero film, think of the people who made the costume!
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Rumour: X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be Fox’s final Marvel movie before X-Men and Fantastic Four debut in Phase Four of the McU

Back in December it was revealed that The Walt Disney Company is in the process of acquiring the film and TV assets of 21st Century Fox, which means that – should the deal go through – the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises will return to Marvel, opening the door for the various comic book characters to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With the deal not expected to be finalised and approved until mid-2019, the official line from both parties so far has been that it is “business as usual”, and “we’ll deal with it once it’s official”. However, according to a report from Comic Genre (via Bleeding Cool), it seems that both Fox and Marvel have already laid out how they plan to handle the acquisition.

The outlet reports that a number of high-level Fox production crew members attended a college speaking engagement, where it was
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The Road to Infinity War: ‘Iron Man 3’

After The Avengers, Marvel was sitting on top of the world. With one fell swoop, they remade the entire entertainment industry in their image, in which every studio was scrambling to come up with their own shared universe experience. In the movie’s immediate aftermath, DC, the most obvious candidate for a rival cinematic universe, began their answer to the McU, the Dceu, with the contentious Man of Steel. Fox rebooted their Fantastic 4 movies with Fant4stic and their X-Men movies with Days of Future Past: retooling them into more laterally focused franchises with younger, more bankable casts and constant crossover

The Road to Infinity War: ‘Iron Man 3
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If You’re Not Watching Legion, You’re Making a Huge Mistake

Samuel Brace on why you should be watching Legion

There is only one possible answer to the question of which superhero show is the best on television. That answer is, of course, Legion, a delectable tapestry that weaves together all of that which makes a TV show great. Daredevil may perhaps retake its crown after two years away once its third season arrives to Netflix, but this seems to me a task beyond its means. After all, Legion does everything that the Netflix McU shows do so well but only better. Legion has every tool in its toolbox sharpened to a razor’s edge and unlike its competitors in a genre bloated with excess; the FX drama has no fat to trim. The number of episodes, at least so far, meets the length of Legion’s plot, not the reverse, which is a frustrating flaw too often found elsewhere. It
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This Compilation Of 90s Marvel Theme Songs Will Wreck You With Nostalgia

Marvel has been on a strong cartoon streak for awhile, but no era of their cartoons will ever top the theme songs produced in the 90s. I know some of you are already humming the X-Men theme in your head as I make that statement, but damn that's only the tip of the Iceberg! Spider-man, Iron-Man, Hulk?! If you don't remember any of these, you need a refresher. This video will bring you up to speed, and probably have you humming at least one of these themes throughout the day:
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"Deadpool 2"- Restricted Footage

From RedBand.Ca, Sneak Peek new restricted 'red band' footage of Ryan Reynolds as 'Deadpool' from director David Leitch's R-rated comedy action feature "Deadpool 2", with Reynolds reprising his role as Marvel Comics' 'Merc With A Mouth', opening May 18, 2018:

Cast also includes Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand...

...Leslie Uggams, Karan Soni, Stefan Kapicic, Zazie Beetz, Jack Kesy, and Shioli Kutsuna.

"Deadpool 2" will be distributed by 20th Century Fox...

...as the twelfth installment in the "X-Men" film series...

...and a sequel to director Tim Miller's "Deadpool" (2016). 

Screenplay of "Deadpool 2" is written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Deadpool 2"...

Buy "Deadpool" Mask 

Find "Deadpool" Comic Books Here
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Bedlam Joins The X-Force In New Deadpool 2 TV Spot

“We’re going to form a super-duper fucking group. And we’ll call ourselves…X-Force!”

That’s Wade Wilson speaking there, who along with his ragtag group of crooks and time-traveling bandits are about to break new ground in Deadpool 2 with the formation of the X-Force. Like the Merc himself, the team are a Rob Liefeld creation, taking a more militaristic and aggressive approach to their enemies than those lily-livered, do-gooder X-Men.

They also take center stage – once again – in this new promo for the sequel (up above). Though made up mostly of recycled footage, it does give us another look at both the pic as a whole and the X-Force’s role in it – with a particular focus on Terry CrewsBedlam, a mutant with the “ability to create and project a bio-em field. This has the effect of temporarily disabling any similarly powered technology in the vicinity.
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