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Love Bites
Polyester Bribe2 August 2000
For a vampire movie set in modern-day England, "The Wisdom of Crocodiles" is peculiarly bloodless. But then, vampire hunger is more a metaphor than a cue for screaming, and sucking in this chilly love story, a philosophical thriller that's no less intriguing for being murkily theological and ceaselessly artsy.

"The line that separates good and evil cuts through every human heart," Steven murmurs to Anna. And that's just one of the many quotable Steven spouts to explain his dilemma: He needs nourishment from a woman's love - but he is doomed to destroy love in the process.

Steven also sustains a Russian-lit-like relationship with a detective on his trail, a man who takes his Catholicism as portentously as Steven takes his existential crisis. Through all the agony and ecstasy, Chinese-born, English-educated film-maker Po Chih Leong, working from an epigrammatic script, sustains a luxury-loving interest in the play of light on texture: Fountain pens have rarely looked more sensuous, nor vampires more like aesthetes who are never too blood-starved to appreciate fine craftsmanship.
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A love story set in blood
Mr. Moviegame14 March 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Retitled as Immortality for US release, The Wisdom of the Crocodiles is another splendid film which not accorded widespread theatrical distribution when it reached America. First, it is not a vampire film in the vein of Bram Stoker's Dracula, or Interview with the Vampire. It is an iconoclastic love story, similar to the non-vampire film, Eye of the Beholder. Love cannot be explained, obsession cannot be understood, for both must be felt in the heart. This personal film (Immortality) is filled with ideas and themes, many of which are conveyed in allegories. Jude Law and Elina Löwensohn are eating take-out Chinese food. She begins telling him a Confucian tale about the difference between heaven and hell. There is ample food in both dominions. Yet, the only implements you are allowed to use are 5 foot chopsticks. Those in hell starve, those in heaven are well-fed. How is this so? The souls in heaven cooperate by feeding one another, while those in hell, being selfish, go hungry. Yes, love is about giving, and this is the dilemma of the film. Jude Law needs blood to continue his existence. Elina Löwensohn needs Jude because he (unlike most men) is her protector, intellectual equal, and (I know it sounds silly) soul mate.

The DVD release of this movie is fascinating. The special effects do not overwhelm you. For instance, there is no shape-shifting or gory feeding orgy. Yet the cinematography is unforgettable. There are twisted bone/spinal fragments that are about the size of 3-inch pretzel sticks. Possibly they have a reptilian ancestry. Jude has a box of these, collected from his earlier victims (all women?). Jude's coffin is not a coffin, but a circular metal chamber, with swivel doors. He straps himself with electrical medical devices to maintain his heartbeat and respiration. They even wake him from his sleep. His regular bed is covered in a silver cloth. On the mattress are blood stains from his previous victims. This is never shown. It is left to the viewer's imagination. The only way you know this exists is from Elina's reaction to Jude uncovering the bed. How horrifying this vision must have been to her. Another interesting aspect of this film is a scene Jude has with a little girl. She appears to be having her kidney stones disintegrated by an ultra-sound device. Thus Jude is most likely a gastroenterologist. Elina is a structural engineer. Two competent, intelligent, literate people in the 20th century. How shocking, given the abundant number of films about stupid people in typical Hollywood schlock. Miramax should be commended for importing this film to the US. Po-chih Leong (d) and Paul Hoffman (w) should be praised for bringing this wonderful story to the screen.
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Slow, but engaging and strong dialogue
Grismar6 June 2001
As a vampire-movie enthusiast I had some high hopes for this picture. Jude Law usually makes for pleasant watching and Elina Lowensohn matches perfectly. That's the first good thing about the movie that really stood out to me: the casting is perfect. Not stereotypical, but very believable and right on target.

The movie is a bit slow and doesn't offer a lot in the way of a horror-movie as most viewers might expect it to, but it tells an engaging story. The plot isn't overly original, but when you look at some of the details, it's obviously well thought out. I loved most of the dialogue: witty, to the point and original. No fake grandeur or excessive posing (like many vampire movies do have), subtle jokes and no giveaways by the characters.

The movie is a good one overall, but even on its strong points, it sometimes misses genius and excellence, so only a 7 for this one.
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A vampire film with bags of originality.
The_Triad24 November 2006
The Wisdom if Crocodiles is a very well made, character driven vampire film, that does away with many of the clichés associated with vampire films for the better.

The film centres around it's central character, Steven Grlscz, his relationship with women, and the police, who eventually suspect him of murder.

Steven doesn't have fangs, (which incidentally, were first brought into the vampire myths by the Hammer films.) doesn't burn up in the sunlight, (or even worse, go around wearing sunglasses and black in the day.) he is not a poseur, he is a real vampire. He needs to drink blood to live, for reasons that are revealed gently throughout the film.

The films success lies in it's shedding of these usual clichés, to make something that is less a part of a fantasy world, a more grounded in reality. This is fully represented through the whole of the films strata, for example when a fight breaks out involving local thugs, we are not treated to a slow-motion fest set to some industrial metal or matrix-like techno, but a realistic scrap, with a weird white noise sound crossed with choral singing musical accompaniment.

The film is also successful in some small touches that make it worth re-watching. Some little things that seem normal on a first viewing, that take up perhaps a second, are seen in a different way on repeat viewings. I find this quite a admirable addition to the films quality.

To sum up, The Wisdom of Crocodiles is an inventive, intelligent vampire film, without the clichés, grounded in reality and definitely worth watching.
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one of the best vampire movies ever
Kelleys_Keeper12 October 2001
I'm not one to be at a loss of words when it comes to movies, but I believe I have seen one of the best of all time. What do you do to a vampire movie to make it stand above the rest? Don't make it an obvious vampire movie that's what you do. Po-Chih Leong did an excellent job of directing a film which kept me, a vampire movie enthusiast glued to my seat.

He didn't use the typical dark gloomy setting per typical vamp movies, neither did he restrict hi vampire character to the typical stereotypes of common vampire movies. This vampire could be out in the sunlight, see his reflection, yaddayaddayadda. The only thing that holds to the truth is he must drink blood. He is caring, sensitive, and above even his thirst all he is searching for is love.

The plot of this movie was outstanding. The dialog made me think of having everyday conversations. Jude Law was an excellent pick for the main character. I give this movie a 10 based on it's originality and new look at vampires. It can be a bit slow at parts but over all an outstanding movie.
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Wisdom of Passion
potpurry725 March 2004
I thought this film was quite good and more genuine in its story, for it questions the wisdom of passion.Jude Law is incredibly vulnerable , yet fiercely determined ,in his portrayal of a lovestruck, obsessed vampire.The object of his desire is a very sassy lady who brings elements to the film that are unpredictable.Some of Law's scenes are gross, but therein lies a victim in him.It carries a lot of tension , for I did not know where the plot was going-I like that.I try to guess the outcome of movies as I watch them. A lot of movies are just too predictable; this one is not.If you like a different kind of vampire film, with a lot of emotion and some sexy love scenes, this is a movie you'll love.If you are a fan of Jude, by all means see it.He uses his eyes in incredibly intense and versatile ways. He is charming and kind to people.He's also not afraid of looking absolutely horrible.He's more than a pretty face, much more. I would compare this more to "Basic Instinct" and "Fatal Attraction" than any of the Dracula films. But be warned: although this is not your typical vampire film, there is a lot of bloodshed.
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pyle010212 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is a film that is beautifully haunting, and requires much thought from the viewer. Narrated by poetry infused with pain from Steven Grlscz (in a spellbinding performance by the great Jude Law), who captivates from the very beginning by describing his agony to his audience. Steven is a metaphorical "vampire" (for lack of a better term), he physically must have the love from the blood of those he seduces to survive. The love creates a manifestation in the blood that he must have to live, without it his body will shut own. Steven's body forms physical manifestations of the different emotions he feels after each killing, further enrichment to an already brilliant script. Emotions taking a

Steven's pattern is broken when he meets a woman who he actually loves (a very memorable and lovable Elina Lowensohn),and he cannot bring himself to immediately harm her. This is a film that is not to be missed, as it is full of superb performances and an exceptional story.
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Who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?
soffineer24 September 2004
There is nothing about this film's jacket that impresses one with the thought provoking dialog that is inside. I am most impressed with this film as among the few that causes me to become introspective.

The discussion that Steven Grlscz (Jude Law) has with Healey about good and evil, is the essence of the film. "Evil isn't just malice, murder and rape and massacre. Before everything, the devil is the father of lies. The lies you tell, the truth you don't tell. Everything hidden is theft. Everything reserved from those we love is fraud. And there's always something, isn't there? What everyone wants is for evil people to be off insidiously committing evil deeds. Then they can be separate from ordinary men and women and destroyed. But the line that separates good and evil cuts through every human heart. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart."

Is Grlscz unknowingly speaking his own epitaph? Worthy viewing for those who think.
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Very Fascinating Thriller
Chris-33220 March 2001
Warning: Spoilers
The Wisdom of Crocodiles (or the inferior video-box title "Immortality") is a very interesting and different kind of vampire movie. During the first fifteen minutes of the movie, I was very skeptical about it (especially during the first killing, which I thought would lead into another blood-and-guts vampire movie), but I decided to ride it out and give it a chance. I'm glad I did, because this was quite a moving and fascinating drama/suspense film with some excellent acting (Jude Law is undoubtedly going to rise up to become an amazing movie star) and awesome cinematography. The plot follows the tragic story of a vampire who feeds on the love of women, but he finds a girl that he truly falls in love with, and he is faced with the choice of dying to let her live, or kill her so he can live his sad life longer. The thing that surprised me with this movie was that it was a complete drama/romance with suspense and thriller elements in it, but in NO way is it a horror or vampire movie. This delighted me, because I am getting very tired of the formulaic vampire flicks (Dracula 2000, John Carpenter's Vampires). This movie, as well as the phenomenal Shadow of the Vampire, is one of the most intelligent, suspenseful, and and genuinely interesting vampire movies in a long, LONG time.
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Fed by Love
claudio_carvalho8 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
In London, Steven Grlscz (Jude Law) helps the suicidal Maria Vaughan (Kerry Fox) in the subway and seduces her. After a period living with Maria, Steven kills her in his apartment drinking her blood and dumps her body in the sea. Steven becomes a suspect for the Londoner police and is chased by Inspector Healey (Timothy Spall). Meanwhile Steven meets the structure engineer Anne Labels (Elina Löwensohn) and she falls in love with him. However, she discovers a dark secret about her lover that needs to survive.

"Immortality" is a weird movie about a sort of vampire fed by the love in human blood. The stylish cinematography associated to the great performances of Jude Law and Elina Löwensohn are not enough to make a good film since the intriguing screenplay has a disappointing conclusion. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): Not Available.
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Can this truly be classified as a "Vampire Movie"?
bluff12122 April 2001
I will honestly tell you, my reason for renting this movie was because of the brilliant actor named Jude Law. After viewing this movie twice, (I do that with all films I find intriguing, for I am a closet critic at heart), I have decided that, The Wisdom of Crocodiles, is Jude Law's best acting performance yet.

He manages to pull off charm, sex appeal, mystery, intelligence, hope, hopelessness, agony, despair, defeat, and last but not least, innocence. Do I have your attention?

Now I ask myself, can this truly be classified as a "Vampire Movie"? And when we utter that word, vampire, we ultimately see blood, fangs, and darkness and we remember Anne Rice, for she is the truest tale-teller of these malicious creatures. No, that is not what the Wisdom of Crocodiles represents. It takes every story, every image, and every idea we have of vampires and puts them in an interesting and unique perspective of a modern day bloodsucker. It allows you to feel what its main character felt. The range of emotions is spectacular. And you, as well as the vampire, nearly forget to breathe.

If you have not yet seen this movie, rent it today. Rent it yesterday.

I give my strongest standing ovation to the writers, directors, producers and actors who painted this picture into a true stroke of genius. Thank you.
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Certhas20 June 2000
Indeed, this is a brilliant movie. This is a brave movie. A movie with a beautifully constructed narrative which doesn't seem constructed at all, with fascinating actors great acting and depth everywhere.

The most unusual Vampire film I've seen to date and certainly the best one.

Blood is the color of love.
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A dark and brooding thriller
The_Void19 December 2004
The Wisdom of Crocodiles is one of a new breed of vampire movies. Probably started by Abel Ferrera's "The Addiction", vampirism has turned into a sort of curse that turns it's afflicted into brooding philosophers. Gone are the vampire bats, wooden stakes and crucifixes that once were the staples of the genre, and the vampire genre has been changed into a commentary on disease. However, I'm all for innovation, even if it's not always advisable innovation, and The Wisdom of Crocodiles is one of the better 'new wave' vampire films. It actually seems to be taking more influence from George Romero's excellent 'Martin' than 'The Addiction' anyway. The Wisdom of Crocodiles (great name, by the way) stars Jude Law, in a tight performance, as a man afflicted with some sort of curse that forces him to suck the blood of women while in the act of lovemaking. To say any more than that would mean spoiling it, so I'll leave it there.

The Wisdom of Crocodiles has gained itself something of a cult following, and the channel I saw it on even introduced it as a 'cult classic'. I think this is an incorrect description of the film, as although it's not bad and certainly has it's moments; it hardly has the same qualities as true cult masterpieces, such as the aforementioned 'Martin'. The film benefits from a brooding atmosphere that is created by a brooding musical score that plays through almost the entire running time. This never gets annoying however, as the music is good and almost always adds to the images seen on screen. The film is slowly plotted, which might annoy some people and it's littered with philosophical ideas that Jude Law utters for a lot of the running time. This will probably irritate people that tuned in expecting a vampire movie, especially as there's little bloodletting, but some of the ideas put forward are fairly interesting, and keep the film alive.

This film shouldn't really be in with the classic vampire films at all, as it's a completely different animal (I suppose they couldn't really put it in with 'brooding cursed people', though). Vampire fans should take note of this, but even without the classic vampire thrills; there is much to like about this British chiller.
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A Reptilian Vampire Story
dromasca2 July 2002
The film is named 'Immortality' in the DVD version I saw, and the alternative title is not listed in IMDb, which almost made it the first movie I would miss when doing a search in IMDb!

Not that I have too much to say about this film. It is certainly not an enjoyable experience. The script is bad, with literary ambitions that are never fulfilled by real emotions. The atmosphere (kind of London outside, definitely Beverly Hills interiors) brings nothing new to the genre. The plot is slow, trailing, and the end is what can be defined a real anti-climax. There is some good acting, though - Jude Law in one of his pre-A.I. movies gives me reason to believe that with some luck he will fall upon a great script, and a good director and make his Oscar day. It is not enough to save an un-pleasant and un-satisfying cinema experience.

Unless you are a fan of vampire movies, you have no reason to pick it from the shelves.
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good movie, although everyone seems confused about what really happened
sahar-lotfiemran21 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Although so many comments are saying that the vampire fell for the girl, what actually happened is the same thing that has happened in the past: the whole ending (pretending not to bit her, letting her nurse him, etc), the WHOLE thing was still a part of the vampire seducing her. If she had not by chance come back after finding the band-aid, she would never have known (note that suddenly he seemed so much "healthier"). He even played up his breathing issues because he knew she would sympathize. In fact, we are seeing a master at work. It was his intention all along to eat her and it was only by chance that she got away. She was lucky to have pierced his hand leading to his excessive bleeding and then he truly could no longer follow her. But he did get her to love him truly-- knowing more about what he was than any other woman ever had-- he almost got that "perfect" love he was searching for all along.
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Major Disappointment
DSearch111 May 2006
Jude Law gives his all in this beautifully filmed vampire flick which offers little else of value. Completely lacking in eroticism, excitement, or leading ladies with appeal. One decent fight, a few moments of mild suspense. And a one-note plot.

The movie waxes philisophic in a series of conversations between Law's character and a dogged homicide detective, well played by Timothy Spall. But despite their best efforts, both actors are staked to the cross of the film's banality.

With a lesser actor in the lead role -- and without the benefit of Oliver Curtis's cinematography -- Crocodiles would blend into the sea of low-budget vampire quickies.
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Take a sad film and make it better.
dbdumonteil26 April 2003
This is the umpteenth story of the lonesome vampire who's got to bite -only women here- to survive.You get the picture?Directing is listless and does not create any stir.So why bother?

Because Jude here carries the world upon his shoulders ;and he seems to realize that the director here doesn't even play it cool and thus makes his world a little colder.That is to say Jude Law saves the movie from absolute mediocrity.He's prodigious notably in two scenes that would be undistinguished without his presence:the first in the tube with the hoodlums where he mesmerizes the whole pack and even the cop ;the second in the hospital when he talks to the little girl,smiling sweetly .The wisdom of crocodiles indeed.One wishes Roman Polanski had directed him.
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Love with Scales
AZINDN7 September 2002
Love and the gestures of men and women seeking love are familiar themes which film makers try to bring in new forms to the screen. Modern vampires in love with professional women is a twist to an old storyline brought up to date in The Wisdom of Crocodiles. No longer the coffin bound creature of 19th century gothic literature, Jude Law's vampire works in the medical field, maintains a charming allure necessary to draw women to his lair, and faces dilemas of conscience and morality his literary ancestor never pondered. A modern woman like Ellena Lowenstein's character is an engineer, performs tracheotomies as necessary, and she can walk away from her charming vampire lover after recognizing his inherent flaw -- did he fail to put the seat down, or was she just mad at the big hickey on her neck? This is a film with high production values, excellent supporting cast in Timothy Spall, a superior actor whose role is to joust with the vampire as a police investigator, but the script's religous overtones seem out of context and at times, incoherent. A clutter of extraneous details, Chinese fables, chopsticks, spiral shell collections, silver sheets, and cars in trees makes for an even more muddled tale. That the performance of the actors manage to hold through the film is likely an accident, but we are thankful because Wisdom of Crocodiles falls apart once the secondary storylines, e.g., police investigation, gang in the subway, baptism, and engineering accident, begin to interfere with the central storyline -- vampire loves girl, bites girl, kills girl, or doesn't bite girl and dies. Save redemption, chop suey, and kidney stones for another type of film. Please.
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More vampire silliness
Gary-16128 October 2000
This film reminds me of an old advert: "You can't top a Grolsch." But can you top a Grlscz? Especially before he tops you. Grlscz complains that he's a freak and can't fit in anywhere. I dunno, membership to 'The Groucho Club' can't be that difficult. He strikes some very enigmatic poses, such as squatting on a beach. This is to tell us he is other-worldly, or something. That irritating actress from Hal Hartley's film turns up and unfortunately stays for the duration. The premise of this film, about properties in the blood mysteriously over-looked by medical science, is not uniquely silly, but it's up there fighting. Also it is speculated, we are human on top of horse on top of reptile. So take your horse brain to see this picture, you'll feel more at home amongst all the manure. This is also one of those films that suffers from 'sudden gang syndrome'. This gang, bizarrely dressed in expensive designer gear, drops from the rafters to attack a man for no reason, and then casually decide to kill him when they discover he's a police officer. The gang leader just happens to have Samurai skills as well, and later takes on our hero in a scene of gobsmacking inanity. Do I smell co-production here? Chinese director, Chinese gang? Grlscz has other problems, such as forgetting to breathe sometimes. Perhaps that's why he was squatting on the beach, he decided to go to the toilet but forgot to remove his trousers which could prove quite a sticky problem. Jack Davenport shows up as a cop. Is he the same one as in 'Ultraviolet'? No wonder you can't find a copper when you need one, they're all working nights. Timothy Spall plays his partner and is the one bright spark in this pretentious art-house cobblers. See 'Razor Blade Smile' instead, it's more fun. So what is the wisdom of crocodiles? You'll have to find out for yourself but don't be surprised if afterwards you find yourself writing a cheque and sketching the shop assistant at the same time.
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Stylish spin on the vampire flick
george.schmidt28 April 2004
THE WISDOM OF CROCODILES (2000) **1/2 Jude Law, Elina Lowensohn, Timothy Spall, Jack Davenport, Colin Solmon, Kerry Fox. Unusual revisionistic spin on the vampire story with Law as a mysterious man whose sexual/romantic conquests feed his otherworldly health condition (essentially devouring his lovers' blood and absorbing their emotions including love which he desperately needs to continue to live) and meets his match when he falls deeply in love with his next victim Lowensohn. Stylish and at times original but the ending betrays the setup and ultimately destroys the established rhythm. (Dir: Po Chih Leong)
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Scarecrow-881 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A "vampire", Steven Grlscz(Jude Law), chooses female victims for their "emotional" blood hoping that the perfect mate who'll love him perfectly, will indeed "cure" him of his illness. We see a victim in the early going he selects who was about to throw herself in front of a subway train. He offers kindness to her for she probably could've used it. But, his befriending her in a sense is a way of gaining her trust until she completely gives herself over emotionally(..through complete love hopefully), but as often as it has been, this person wasn't. He feels certain emotions in his chosen victims, whether it's disappointment or despair, each person has that strong emotion which carries freely through the blood. He must feed on blood to remain alive and when he disposes of the body in a quick-sanded marshland, it is unfortunately discovered by fisherman using illegal netting. He has to contact the police to inform them of his previous relationship with the dead woman so that his guilt won't be so glaring. So for a time, two detectives follow him suspecting him as the murderer. Meanwhile, Steven meets structural engineer named Anne(Elina Löwensohn)and they soon begin a growing relationship where he begins to feel is true love. Will Anne be able to save him? How will she react if Anne discovers who Steven really is? And, will Steven be able to elude the police from suspecting him? All these questions will get answered as Steven must eventually feed or die in the process. Something also touched on is that Anne notices how Steven studies people. One of the detectives, Healy(Timothy Spall)notices that Steven copied a finger gesture in how he puts out the tip of his cigarettes. We later find that besides blood, Steven must also keep himself alive by constantly studying the human condition.

Fascinating study on a person whose illness is really never completely elaborated on. That might very well frustrate some viewers wanting an answer, but what if there isn't one? In a sense he is a vampire because he must survive by feeding on blood. But, his life is anything but flamboyant. There are improbabilities such as how Steven seems able to elude his crime against the victim at the beginning of the movie. The film provides us with a gang so that we can see how fast Syteven moves proving to us that he is beyond merely a mortal, but something much different. The love of the film is tested with Steven's condition which makes for an interesting drama particularly Anne's reaction once she finds out.
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The Wisdom of Crocodiles with Jude Law
eousley22819 September 2006
This vampire movie did not have undue special effects and offered no gimmicks. The movie was alive with Romance, seduction with some gore. The Vampire played a great cat and mouse game with the police detectives, which had a great positive effect in the movie. The movie kept away from the stereotype a vampire movie normally brings. It made the theme of the movie so real compared to like movies. The acting kept me glued to the movie, and it was not predictable. Also the way the vampire became redeemed was very genuine. The behavior was not scary. It was true to life. My only wish is that the movie was longer than an hour and 39 minutes. I give the movie 7 stars.
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I Thought That It Was Going To Be A Drama
iamalose14 July 2003
I watched The Wisdom of Crocodiles the other day completely oblivious to what the film would entail. That is the title to me insinuated a regular drama with current heartthrob Jude Law as the main protagonist. In fact I was so unaware of this that at the beginning of the film I assumed that he was in fact a police officer, until he ripped into the flesh of a woman with his teeth, blood splattering the walls. Due to my complete ignorance it came as a total shock to the system, and this I think is what made the film so creepy and sometimes repulsive to me. This is one of the reasons that I like to go into things not knowing one iota about the substance. It made the whole experience a much more enjoyable one when I had no expectations and could sit back see what occurred rather than rely on an introduction. As for the film itself, it was one of the better horrors I have seen in a while, though still clichéd elements of all the other suspense/thriller/horror films. I myself though felt a need to understand if he had in fact always been this way or it had somehow infected him in later life. I enjoyed the tales that Anna (the beautiful Elina Löwensohn) told and her energy that just seemed to radiate through the screen- that was until the end of the film whence her behaviour is incorrigible- or stupid rather. I did enjoy the film; there is no doubt about that. Having no expectations and the pure shock made the film much more, real- no, intriguing. And I have already begun practicing the two hand writing technique. Oh, it was also British, which are a good start!
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a great new take on vampires
Sef-731 October 2001
This film does a wonderful job of taking on the subject of vampires with few twists, some old - some not so old.

The first thing I noticed about the film is that the subject matter - vampirism - is twisted a bit. The word vampire is never used, although references are subtly made. Steven does drink the blood of his victims, but it is not the blood which sustains him, but the emotions of the victim - which show up as chemicals in their blood. He feeds specifically on the love of the victim for him, so he must make the women love him before he can kill them.

This leads to another twist, and the title of the film. He must in part at least love the women also, because love cannot be real unless it is shared by two people. Since he must love them before he kills them, he ends up killing them with tears in his eyes, like the crocodiles of the title. In the end, it is this attachment which is his undoing. No more said, see the film.

Sef Tarbell
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beingjohn4 September 2001
How refreshing it is to see the subject of immortality take on such an original twist! Though the plot may seem far-fetched, the performances of Jude Law and Elina Lowensohn make it not only believable, but touching and emotionally drawing.
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