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Jude Law: Steven Grlscz



  • Steven Grlscz : When I was a boy I fell out of a tree but I managed just to grab a branch. I hung there for a long time, terrified. The silence and the pain in my arms. And the pounding in my ears. And then I fell. I don't remember what happened when I hit the ground. All I can remember now is the agony of holding on. And the wonderful feeling, the wonderful of letting go.

  • Anna Labels : My mother always had some story about what happened to little girls who didn't make their beds or who didn't come home in time for tea. That's why I never judge book by its cover, I never look before I leap, and that worrying is the Devil's favourite pastime.

    Steven Grlscz : I've never heard that one before.

    Anna Labels : About the Devil? Come on. Let's go.

    Steven Grlscz : Shouldn't it be I always look before I leap?

    Anna Labels : What did I say?

    Steven Grlscz : Never.

    Anna Labels : Oh.

  • Gang Leader : Excuse me, can I help you?

    Steven Grlscz : Don't think so.

    Gang Member : What? Is he your boyfriend or something?

    Steven Grlscz : He's been following me for two days.

    Gang Leader : Really? Why would a pinhead be following you?

    Steven Grlscz : Because he thinks I murdered someone.

    Gang Leader : Did you?

    Steven Grlscz : He thinks so.

    Gang Leader : If we do him he won't be following anyone for quite awhile.

    Steven Grlscz : Don't you realize something? You're all in a lot of trouble. They'll send someone else. They're very persistent, the police, especially when people kill them. And you have to kill him, don't you? Hardly seems worth it. Particulary since you have to kill me too.

    Gang Leader : What makes you think I won't?

    Steven Grlscz : You're not stupid.

  • Steven Grlscz : On second thoughts I could have let them finish you off. Difficult, isn't it? Doing the right thing.

  • Anna Labels : And are you sorry?

    Steven Grlscz : Whatever my faults, malice isn't one of them.

  • Steven Grlscz : When I was a boy, I went into the forest and climbed to the top of the tallest tree. Near the top, I slipped, and managed to just grab a branch. It was a long drop. I hung there until the blood in my head pounded in my ears. I can't remember much, but I remember the fear of falling.

  • Steven Grlscz : I haven't confessed to any of the two murders, but I have admited to acting badly twice.

  • [to inspector Healey] 

    Steven Grlscz : Well, next time you're following me, you can buy me a drink.

  • Steven Grlscz : My breath smells like pear drops. Acetone. Acetone is what the body produces when it eats itself.

  • Steven Grlscz : [to Anna]  Who is this that comes like a pillar of the smoke out of the wilderness? Perfumed with myrrh and frankincense. The joints of thy thighs are like jewels, the work of a cunning craftsman. You read.

    Anna Labels : Thy lips are like scarlet and thy mouth is comely. The smell of thy breath like apples.

    Steven Grlscz : And thy breasts two clusters of grapes. Thou, all fair, my love, there is no flaw in you.

  • Sergeant Roche : We understand you had a relationship with miss Vaughn?

    Steven Grlscz : Yes.

    Sergeant Roche : Can I ask why you didn't report her missing?

    Steven Grlscz : Last time I saw her we had an arguement.

    Sergeant Roche : That must have been quite a row since you didn't make an attempt to see her since then. What was it about?

    Steven Grlscz : She wanted to get married.

    Sergeant Roche : To someone else?

    Steven Grlscz : To me.

    Sergeant Roche : Was it a violent arguement?

    Steven Grlscz : No.

    Sergeant Roche : Was it a heated arguement?

    Steven Grlscz : It wasn't just that I didn't want to marry her, you see, I didn't want to continue the relationship at all.

    Sergeant Roche : Why was that so?

    Steven Grlscz : Maria was a very troubled, passionate individual. She was a very angry woman. Unhappy. Jealous.

    Sergeant Roche : Did she have a reason to be jealous?

    Steven Grlscz : No.

  • Steven Grlscz : It's a way of picking up women.

    Inspector Healey : Do you do this often?

    Steven Grlscz : No, not often. Once a month perhaps.

    Inspector Healey : I call that often. So you give them the card and wait for them to call?

    Steven Grlscz : More or less.

    Inspector Healey : More or less?

    Steven Grlscz : Depends on the circumstances. I give them the card and tell them it's not something I normally do.

    Inspector Healey : And the number?

    Steven Grlscz : I don't use it to anything else.

    Inspector Healey : Why?

    Steven Grlscz : So I know who is calling whn they call me.

    Inspector Healey : Explain.

    Steven Grlscz : Sometimes the phone rings and there's all silence and all I have to say is 'It's you, isn't it?'. Of course it always is. Seems strange saying it out loud. Seems.

    Inspector Healey : Sinister?

    Steven Grlscz : Cheap, I was going to say.

  • Steven Grlscz : Am I in trouble?

    Inspector Healey : You had your passport with you. Are you going somewhere?

    Steven Grlscz : I was opening a bank account.

    Inspector Healey : Well, I'd like to hold on to it if you don't mind.

    Steven Grlscz : I do mind.

    Inspector Healey : I'd like to hold on to it all the same.

  • Anna Labels : Stop it!

    Steven Grlscz : What's the matter?

    Anna Labels : Nothing's the matter.

    Steven Grlscz : Nothing's the matter?

    Anna Labels : I don't like you all over me all time. You're always touching me like I was. I don't like you grabbing me, okay?

    Steven Grlscz : I didn't think I was. I'm sorry. I won't do it again.

    Anna Labels : It's been a difficult day. I'm sorry. Problems at work. There's no excuse for taking it out on you. Is it alright for Saturday with Martin and Karen?

    Steven Grlscz : Sorry? Oh yes.

    Anna Labels : Good.

    Steven Grlscz : Actually can we not do this? I can't do it this quickly. Accept apologies when I'm still angry. You can't say something like that and then say sorry. Do you see?

  • Steven Grlscz : The line that separates good and evil cuts through every human heart. And who is willing to destroy a piece of their own heart?

  • Steven Grlscz : Don't be afraid. I'll move back overe here. I'll open the doors. I'm going to die. Two weeks, maybe three. My body is breaking down. I bleed. I don't heal anymore. I need blood. I need the love that's in your blood. What you're feeling about me right now. In your throat, in your chest, in your blood. Like something you can touch. Remember the crystals? Rage, resentment, malice, disappointment, despair. Emotions. Emotions are things. Your blood carries every emotion possible to feel.

  • Steven Grlscz : [hands Inspector Healey his stolen crucifix back]  Somethings are better left unsaid. "Thank you" is not one of them.

    Inspector Healey : Thank you.

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