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MPAA Rated R for strong sexuality, nudity, language and some violence

Sex & Nudity

  • Two young women kiss in two separate scenes.
  • Rape is a major theme of the movie.
  • In the beginning, cheerleaders are ogled by a professor.
  • Blond's mom come out on her balcony in a little bra and panties
  • 2 young girls are washing a man's Jeep. They zoom up their legs and linger on their butts in little jeans.
  • The blond's mother is shown having sex with a man (her buttocks and breasts are briefly exposed).
  • Sam cups a Kelly's bra. He then takes off her white underwear. Kelly and Suzie kiss and they get undressed. On the bed Sam kisses Kelly and she takes off her bra. Suzie pours champagne on Kelly's breasts where Sam continues to lick it off. The scene lasts approx 2-3 minutes.
  • Camera zooms up a woman's legs and body when she gets out of a pool, and her nipples can be seen through the transparent top.
  • UNRATED VERSION ONLY: Kelly and Suzie kiss passionately in a pool, and the breasts of Kelly are clearly visible.
  • Kevin Bacon's character takes a shower. As he gets out, we briefly see his backside for two seconds and his genitals.
  • There is a lot of sexual dialogue.

Violence & Gore

  • Two young women briefly fight in a pool and one holds the other head under water until she gets free. One woman crawls away and they stop fighting.
  • A man driving his car is forced off the road and into a pond by another car. The driver of the other car gets down to the water and punches the man a few times.
  • A man points a gun at another man but quickly put it away.
  • A man is implied to have killed a person by hitting them several times with a blunt object, however it is not shown but the impacts and thuds are heard.
  • A body wrapped in plastic is lifted by two people into a car. The face is seen through the plastic with some blood.
  • A police man walks toward a teenage girl and tries to restrain her, but she pulls away. Shown in shadows through a door there is a struggle and three gunshots are heard. The man walks through the door and falls down with a wound on his shoulder and the girl is implied to be dead. The actual actions are shown during the credits with minor blood.


  • "Godd*mn" is said seven times.
  • "F*ck" is said 29 times and once during the credits.
  • "C*nt" is said once.
  • A teenage girl makes an obscene gesture with her middle finger.
  • The Lord's name is taken in vain, including uses of "God", "Jesus H. Christ", and at least three uses of "Christ".
  • "Sh*t" is said 14 times.
  • "H*ll" is said twice.
  • "B*tch" is said 7 times.
  • "*ss" is said once.
  • "D*mn" is said once.
  • "C*ck" is said once.
  • "Retard" is said once as a derogatory term.
  • "Wh*re" is said twice.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Kelly shows Sam a bag of cocaine.
  • A brief scene takes place inside a bar where a man orders an alcoholic drink.
  • A teenage girl smokes a cigarette While sharing a bottle of liquor with another girl.
  • Two men drink beer from cans as they talk.
  • While on a boat one man has a beer and another smoke a cigar.
  • A woman smokes a cigarette while talking to another woman.
  • A man is seen twice with a cigar.
  • Underage teenagers are seen drinking champagne with a man.
  • A few references are made to cannabis.
  • A woman is shown smoking a joint.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The instances of violence are somewhat frightening.
  • The discussions of rape may be difficult for some viewers.
  • The film has an overall dark tone.
  • The ending scenes during the credits could be intense for some.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is poisoned and knocked overboard on a boat.
  • A person is shown having their teeth pulled out painfully. Minor blood.
  • A man is man shot twice by a spear gun and falls overboard from a boat. Minor blood.

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