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Once More with Feeling!
jthelin2 March 2007
I avoided this for years because it looked like a useless remake. However, I had forgotten that I thought The Fugitive was a useless remake of the TV series until I was dragged to it and found…a fine, suspenseful feature filled with a plethora of colorful characters. So, I should have been tuned in more to my own personal history, but so it goes….I now have watched U.S. Marshalls a number of times, and I have to say the two companion films match each other in quality.

The pacing is fast without being frenetic. The use of repetition, i.e., recurring motifs such as Kimball diving off a dam to safety & Sheridan swinging down to hop a commuter train, work well – though they could have been disastrous. The large cast is compelling down to the smallest roles (similar to The Fugitive in that regard). Jones, Snipes, and Downey all show range in their parts…Downey, as always, illustrates why he is one of the best of his generation. And some of the secondary roles shine, in particular Tom Wood as Deputy Marshall Noah Newman. He receives more screen time than in the predecessor; and he makes use of it well. He has one of "those acting moments" in a confrontation with Downey's character: his intense expression of simultaneous fear & anger is a plum bit of acting chops. Like other IMDb readers, I wonder what has happened with this good actor. No screen credits since 2000. Stage work? Left the biz? If the former, and he's in NYC, then we'll probably see him on a Law & Order episode one of these days!

I recently found a DVD with tons of extras on it – but I have not as yet delved into them. I look forward to doing that, as I do another viewing of the film.
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Spectacular pursuits and emotions with an extraordinary duo : Snipes and Lee Jones
ma-cortes8 November 2005
The flick talks about US Marshall Gerard ( Tommy Lee Jones ) and his detectives group ( Joe Pantoliano, La Tanya Richardson, Daniel Roebuck , Tom Wood ) who set out in pursuit an assassin and thief convict ( Wesley Snipes ) after a plane crash and he gets away . A Security Agent ( Robert Downey Jr . ) is assigned to help them but the story behind his accusation is converted more and more rare . The fugitive is only helped by his sweetheart ( Irene Jacob ).

The picture is the following to ¨The fugitive¨ ( by Andrew Davis ) that's an adaptation based on famous television series . Movie blends frenetic action, suspense, intrigue, violence and is pretty entertaining . It's a run-of-the-mill action film because since the start until the finishing the action-packed and thriller is continued .The movie is fast moving and the action pace is accurately narrated and for that reason is amusing. The release has spectacular scenes as when the plane crashing or the breathtaking pursuits in bounds and leaps and interminable runs . The numerous duels and confronting between duo protagonist are exciting and impressive . Although the first part featured by Harrison Ford obtained much more box office , this second part also achieved success in spite of the storyline was basically a rehash of the previous film that was it equally of television episodes scripted by Roy Huggins and starred by David Jansen . Magnificent and sensational musical score by the veteran Jerry Goldsmith . Awesome cinematography by Andrzej Bartkowiak ( sometimes filmmaker ) . The film is finely directed by Stuart Baird ( an usual and famed film editor ) . The motion picture will appeal to triller enthusiasts and starring duo fans . Rating : Above average . It's essential and indispensable watching .
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Very Worthy Sequel To A Great Film
ccthemovieman-127 February 2006
This is an outstanding sequel to an outstanding movie The Fugitive (1993). In this film, the focus is on the team that was searching for Dr. Richard Kimble in the first movie. That team was led by Tommy Lee Jones, who won an Oscar for his performance, which probably helped spur this sequel. It worked, as Jones and company (Joe Pantoliano and others) are just as much fun to watch as they were in The Fugitive.

There are many similarities to the latter, especially in the first third of the film, featuring some tremendous action scenes. Instead of a train crash, we have a plane crash. Instead of Harrison Ford on the run, we have Wesley Snipes. In both films, you have such an involving story that the two hours fly by.

U.S Marshals, being the newer film of the two, has better sound and even better special effects for the action scenes. As spectacular as was the train crash in The Fugitive, the plane disaster in here is even better. The same goes for a few other scenes. There is more action in this film. Normally, I don't need that but it's so well-done here, it's fine....fun to watch.

The Fugitive is still one of my all-time favorite movies. If you were entertained by it as well but are wary of sequels, you needn't be here: this is excellent.
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Solid and suspenseful, enjoyable the whole way through
mOVIemAN5628 June 2006
I have never seen The Fugitive which is the predecessor to this film, but what I saw in U.S. Marshals, I don't think The Fugitive could be any better. U.S. Marshals is the action/ thriller film and fan of the genre would drool over.

The now Chief Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard is once again after an escaped fugitive. Mark Sheridan has escaped from a plane wreck and is on the run for a crime he did not commit and Gerard, with his team, is close behind. Sheridan must find a way to avoid the Marshals and find out who really committed the crime he has been framed for. The action is well placed coming in short spurts (except for maybe the plane wreck) and works exceptionally well with the story.

The acting is exceptionally well done with Jones and Snipes giving some of there best performers in a long time. Tommy Lee Jones is quick thinking and likable in his role as Gerard and eventually works into be your favorite character. Snipes is only seen in short spirits until about the last 20 minutes which adds to the effect of him being evasive to the Marshalls. However, in his short scenes, he is able to fit into the role with relative ease.

The action sequences, as I said, is very well done and never over done. They are fast-paced and well acted. The special effects are also quite believable. With the excellent acting, gripping plot, and fast paced action sequences, the two hours fly by and make for a very enjoyable film.

3 1/2/5 Stars
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Decent action film.
bat-512 August 1999
U.S. Marshals has Tommy Lee Jones as Sam Gerard, his Oscar winning role from The Fugitive, chasing after Wesley Snipes. After a quite spectacular plane crash, the hunt is on. Snipes trying to prove he's innocent of crimes he didn't commit and Jones and his team of bloodhounds relentlessly searching for him. There is no skimping on the action and the leap from a building to a moving train is one nifty stunt. The only trouble I have is that you don't care enough about Wesley Snipes' character as you do for Harrison Ford in The Fugitive. Wesley Snipes is a former spy in the film, and he uses his skills to evade the cops. Ford was just a doctor, with no special training at all. Still, for an action film, this one delivers.
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A worthy successor
Latte30 August 1999
I saw the trailer for this film a while ago, and it appealed to me immediately. It's a pseudo-sequel to 'The Fugitive', but don't think that it's the same film all over again. 'US Marshalls' is a perfect stand-alone film, meaning you can watch this film and enjoy it without having seen 'The Fugitive' first.

Tommy Lee Jones plays an excellent grizzled US Marshall who's generally at war with the world. But he enjoys his work- 'c'mon fellas, I'm not having any fun here! And you know how I get when I'm not having fun!' Seeing such a rough-tough character dressed in a chicken suit at the beginning of the film is great comedy.

After a plane carrying criminals crash lands on a road, then a river, TLJ takes control and rescues most of the crim's from drowning- they're chained in their seats, you see. Next morning, the local incompetent sheriff comes in to 'take control'. Comedy ensues when the sheriff tries to show his skills- 'I want you setting up roadblocks in a big, kinda, circle deal.' Of course, when they find one bad guy missing, the hunt is on!

The FBI also want to help catch this guy, for reasons which become clear whilst watching the film. To help, they assign an agent to the US Marshall team, played by Robert Downy Jr, who isn't all he seems...

The plot revolves around the selling of secrets by the US, and China's involvement. Wesley Snipes plays a good guy set up for bad reasons, who takes the chance to leg it away from the plane and clear his name. He has a little help from his friends, including his girlfriend who's part in the film is never made clear. This is also true for the US Marshalls head, who seems to express feelings for TLJ for one sentence, and then plays no further part.

This film is definitely a psychological thriller. You have to keep an eye (or two) on the plot and the characters at all times. I watched this film twice and enjoyed it more the second time- you catch all the little nuances you might otherwise miss. I recommend you do the same.

This film is too deep to accurately describe in a short review, but I would recommend to anyone who likes films with depth, and enjoys characters who seem real, and have strong personalities of their own. Makes for good watching, at an 8/10 score.
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pretty good followup
rupie9 July 1999
Okay, so "U.S.Marshalls" is basically just a remake of "The Fugitive". As such, it received lukewarm to cool reviews when it was in the theaters, unjustifiedly so, I think. Although the plot line is a ripoff of the earlier movie, this one does well in keeping us in suspense as to the story behind the central character, and the action is exciting and well-paced. Tommy Lee Jones of course "makes" the film, accompanied by the same cast of deputies as in the earlier movie. There are even "toppers" for the bus crash/train wreck and famous swan dive from the earlier movie. This is a very good escapist action flick.
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strong sequel
shakey_jake5330 April 2003
Great follow up to THE FUGITIVE with Tommy Lee Jones this time chasing Wesley Snipes. Both leads are great and the supporting cast is solid as well. The action scene's are very good as well. A few in particular include the search for Snipes in the swamp, and the airplane crash. The only problem with the film was it was a little longer than it should've been, but aside from that its a solid sequel. 4/5
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"Go git him Tommy Lee"
beau geste 382 March 2005
"We got ourselves a fugitive." Go git him Tommy Lee. Only this time the fugitive (Snipes as Sheridan) ) is a cross between Rambo, Houdini, and Superman (he actually flies). Unless you've got the I.Q. of a pigeon, you should be able to work out where this one is going. There's a lot of action, as expected, with the good guys dodging bullets, and the special effects are great. The team are still full of great one-liners, but the plot is complicated by Robert Downey Jr.(Royce), and the F.B.I. You've probably seen it anyway, so maybe you just need to decide if it's worth a second viewing. It probably is, if you're a Tommy Lee fan. The French bird is gorgeous in this.
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Tommy Lee Jones and Wesley Snipes best underrated escape action thriller - one of my personal favorite movies of all time
U.S. Marshals is one of my favorite Tommy Lee Jones and Wesley Snpes action thriler movies they ever did together. I love this movie to death I have it on Blu-ray disc and i just have done watching it recently. I am a huge Wesley Snipes fan he is my favorite action star. I did had a lot of Wesley Snipes movies but i don't know where they all went too. The film is a spin-off to the 1993 motion picture "The Fugitive", which in turn was based on the television series of the same name, created by Huggins. Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard is Tommy Lee Jones favorite character of mine he ever played.

Stunning action film, I watch this film 20 years ago when I was 15 year old teen my grandma's friend and my mom were still alive. I still remember watching this movie on VHS tape. It is a spin-off to the huge hit The Fugitive and I like The Fugitive but I love U.S. Marshals more. My favorite film from those two action stars it was directed by Stuart Baird who did a compotent job directing the film.

Tommy Lee Jones is the best in this movie like I said it is his best performance and not William Strannix in Under Siege. U.S. Marshals is my movie. I like action movies like this, real stunts, good story. I love the swamp scenes. I love Wesley Snipes to death in this movie.

I miss movies like are this one today. No one talks about it, The Fugitive get's the credits but U.S. Marshals dosen't get much to talk about it today. The plane crash scene is superb and the main set piece in the film, and it looks and sounds spectacular. Everything in this movie is spectacular, the stunts were crazy. The effects were great.

I love Mark J. Sheridan played by Wesley Snipes he is an ex Force Recon Marine working now as an unofficial operative for the government, who they believe is a mole within the U.S. State Department selling covert secrets to China. Who was framed from an inside man for the murders. In the surveliance cameras show that Mark killed those two agents but trough whole movie Wesley Snipes Mark did not kill anybody. The scene where Sheridan (Wesley Snipes) escapes by swinging onto a moving train is spectacualr practical effect, real stunts real action. I love the grave yard chase in which Sheridan and his girlfriend Marie (Irène Jacob) fleeing from U.S. Marshals trying to catch them.

Cast also stars: Robert Downey Jr. as DSS Special Agent John Royce who kater played Tony Stark / Iron Man. Joe Pantoliano from bad Boys I and II. Daniel Roebuck from Matlock. Tom Wood, LaTanya Richardson, Irène Jacob and Kate Nelligan as United States Marshal Catherine Walsh which her performance was outsanding as Gerard's boss. She wasn't mentioned in "The Fugitive".

I love the music score by Jerry Goldsmith who did a wonderful music score for the Rambo trilogy and wonderful music score for U.S. Marshals.

Wesley Snipes movies I love: U.S. Marshals, Rising Sun, Blade I, II and Blade: Trinity yes all three movies even Trinity, The Art of War, Drop Zone, Demolition Man and Murder at 1600 the one movie I don't have in my Wesley Snipes collection. I really miss the actor he was in prison for 3 years for tax freud which he didn't deserve it.

Marshal Sam Gerard once again played by Tommy Lee Jones is once again leading the manhunt for a wanted fugitive played by Wesley Snipes. Gerard's main team returns for the action and Robert Downey, Jr doing his best 'villain' role gives the right amount of edge that helps propel this flick. U.S. Marshals doesn't quite live up to The Fugitive's expectations and essentially the story is similar but doesn't quite deliver the right punch but the movie is a well done action/thriller and Jones is always fun to watch.
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Borderline Good
gbheron24 September 2000
U.S. Marshals is the sequel to The Fugitive, but feels more like a remake. Again a victim of injustice is improperly imprisoned, this time Wesley Snipes in the Harrison Ford role. He's not a surgeon, but a deep undercover spy, the victim of a frame-up of an undisclosed nature. A catastrophic accident frees him (this time a plane crash) and again Tommy Lee Jones is sent to hunt him down. Big-budget, good special effects, A-list actors doing their jobs well; still U.S. Marshals fails to make a big impact. The first quarter starts out great, but by the end of the movie the plot devices are becoming very routine. Not a rip-off, but only C+ to me.
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Gets better toward the end
boberck29 December 2000
If you can tolerate Gerard's smugness, and get through the slow beginning, the movie rewards you with a lot of action, intrigue, and chases. Of course, we know how it is going to end, but that's okay because this is an action film, not a mystery. The actors do a good job, but Downey Jr. plays it a little too stiffly.
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Another chocolate doughnut with sprinkles on top
Newman-411 October 1998
People say sequels never work-but devotees of Sam Gerard and his team would disagree with this almost immediately. I've seen this movie several times and for those who like action this movie is for them! Sure the plot is a little familiar for those that have seen the previous movie-'The Fugitive' with Tommy Lee Jones in the role as Marshal Sam Gerard, but that doesn't get in the way. The only bit that irked myself and other hard core fans of 'the team' in this film is the fact that they killed off the always lovable baby faced Newman (played by Tom Wood who is gaining a foothold in the acting business) His death sparked a great deal of conversation, FanFiction writing and an online 'funeral' held by the fans, believe it or not!

So if you are a great lover of the work that Tommy Lee Jones produces, or you just like a cool action movie, U.S. Marshals is a good step away from reality. Sit Back and relax with your coffee and chocolate doughnut with the sprinkles on top!
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A worthy follow-up
Hippie6910 October 1998
The Fugitive was a great movie, and U.S. Marshals is nearly as good. It manages to be intensely exciting without resorting to over-the-top action sequences. The one big action sequence (the plane crash) is a necessary plot element. Tommy Lee Jones turns in a great performance once again, but Wesley Snipes just doesn't seem to have the impact that Harrison Ford's character did. Still a very good movie nonetheless. The DVD version of U.S. Marshals has excellent Dolby Digital surround sound, and tons of cool supplements including a featurette on the making of the plane crash and an audio commentary by Director Stuart Baird. Not to mention a retail price of about $15. A great value and a really fun movie.
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Why I Liked it?
Tiger-2014 March 1999
U.S. Marshals, was a great Movie as good as the Fugitive, and that they kept the same cast was a Plus, If I like a movie and it comes out with a sequel that has the same Characters, I will see it everytime. It has good action, and a good story line. An all around excelllent Movie I would watch over again..And recommend to other people.
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Not up to the standard of the Fugitive but good nonetheless
sutcal27 December 1999
First viewing of this movie was an enjoyable experience. After a few days, you can really start to pick it to pieces. This makes it not a great movie, but not a bad one either.

The movie whilst billed as a sequel to the fugitive, really bears no resemblance to the 1st installment other than Tommy Lee Jones returns as Samuel Gerard. This time Samuel Gerard is more of an action hero than the intriguing character of the fugitive. Wesley Snipes replaces Harrison Ford as the innocent hero this time. Snipes character Mark Sheridan is special opps who has been hung out to dry and spends the movie attempting to prove his innocence. Gerard of course catches on early on that there is more to the chase than meets the eye.

Joe Pantoliano and Daniel Roebuck are both handy supportiung deputies. Pantoliano provides some of the better comic moments of the movie with his dialogie with Jones.

Robert Downey Jnr plays the "hero come villain" in the movie. I like Downey Jnr, and it is a pity that in real life he is having a helter scelter ride with his drug problems. In this movie he plays John Royce who as the movie moves on is clearly not the nice guy we are lead to believe he is.. This is the disappointing element of the movie. The writing was on the wall from very early on that Downey Jnr was the villain, and this took a fair amount of the "suspense" from the movie.

The action sequence at the beginning of the movie and the "plane crash" sequence are right up there with actionmovie openings.

Overall a good action movie, with a plot that is a little disappointing.
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good movie...but compared to the original, it's only a shadow
mswelles27 October 1998
"u.s. marshals" was a very good movie -- great performances by wesley snipes and especially tommy lee jones (when *hasn't* he given an impressive performance???), cool fx, and semi-suspenseful action -- but it's been done before, and better, in the form of "the fugitive" (1993). i am a big fan of the harrison ford flick and compared to that, this film is trailing far behind. i particularly liked the cemetery scene, and the chase scene in the senior's home, but i didn't feel there was nearly enough suspense and intense action as there could have been, like in the film before it. i liked this film a lot, but i wasn't blown away like i was when i saw the previous. maybe it's because harrison is absent, i don't know. it just didn't live up to my expectations. don't get me wrong, it's a good film -- much better than some of the slop that came out this year ("godzilla" comes to mind -- haven't seen it but i haven't heard one positive word about it) -- but i think it could have been much more suspenseful and also better writing would have helped.

i give "u.s. marshals" 7 out of 10 for great performances (particularly tommy lee jones's) and cool fx/chase scenes.

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A spectacular plane crash & incredible cable stunt.
Jakeroo23 October 1998
A great action flick - well worth watching!
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Great action flick!
Donna_142 July 1999
This is a great movie! It's full of action and thrills. It also has great performances from Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Downey Jr, and Wesley Snipes.
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A good cop doesn't quit. Even an innocent man will run.
michaelRokeefe24 June 2002
Tommy Lee Jones repeats his role as now Chief Deputy Marshal Sam Gerard in this sequel. And again he is on the trail of another wrongly accused man(Wesley Snipes), who won't give up to prove his innocence. Good story line. Some real good action scenes. Not only are Jones and Snipes excellent. Very good performances from Kate Nelligan and Robert Downey Jr. Nelligan his boss and Downey Jr is the special agent who gives his unsolicited aid. Very worthwhile.
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Very good action movie!
Movie Nuttball7 March 2003
The sequel to the Fugitive is just as good in My opinion!Its never boring and Tommy Lee Jones and Wesley Snipes are very good in the movie.The score by Jerry Goldsmith is tremendous!U.S. Marshals is a good entertaining film to check out!
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No Fugitive, but very action packed
beaver052431 August 2002
I liked the Fugitive better. But, when you have a action movie packed movie with Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, and Robert Downey Jr, You can't go wrong.

This is a great action movie to see.
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Great movie
sveknu18 February 2007
With a great cast consisting of Tommy Lee Jones and Wesley Snipes, this movie simply had to be good. Everything is performed quality-style here. The story is great, although it can be a little difficult to follow. I didn't get the whole deal before my second viewing. Not that it mattered to much, since there are lots and lots of really cool action scenes all the way through. Snipes is great, and lots of exciting and interesting things happen throughout the whole movie. Tommy Lee Jones almost always makes a movie better with his appearance, and "U.S. Marshals" is no exception. His role is about the same as in "The Fugitive". If you liked that one, you'll definitely enjoy "U.S. Marshals" too.
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Oscar Winner, take two
buzznzipp19956 January 2007
When I saw the trailer, back then I gave it a quick 'once-over' in my mind, then didn't think too much else about it. I really did not think that this movie was going to be any good. I simply wasn't interested, so I avoided it, for years. Until one night, when I saw it on television, and it seemed wholly different than I thought it would be. I didn't get to finish the movie, so I went and bought it at the video warehouse one Saturday. I watched and from the first scene I remembered, what it was from t.v. it was superbly made.

Samuel Gerard, (Jones)has been alerted about a new case. He and his crew are back on line, chasing a different 'Fugitive'. Tommy, for me the first time I remember him, was in JFK. He played the old perverted business man, Clay Shaw, who was also Clay Bertrand. No matter how you can slice him, he always ends up even! Tommy Lee Jones is a believable, authority figure, who seems fair and very balanced. Until he plays a maniac, or something else then he is exactly that, who ever he is put into. I truly enjoyed Wesley Snipes in this tail of 'trailing'. I'm not really too much a Snipes 'Fan' just a hand full of things he has done that I liked, however, he was the perfectly 'pitched' guy for 'U.S Marshals'. With Daniel Roebuck and Joe Pantoliano, on the crew with him, plus Noah Newman,(Tom Wood)who is a great 'Posse' member with Gerard.

The funny thing is, I can hardly stand anything that Robert Downy Jr. does. From all the trouble he is constantly into, and the drugs etc. But for this role, he was fantastic, in it. I wouldn't see anyone (too many other actors) doing this character what it needed, quite like Special Agent 'Royce' turned out! The director, did a righteous job of putting these characters in perfect order and exacting development of them. The high-line action that took place was quite a rush! I enjoyed the energy that the whole cast gave off as they tracked Mark (Snipes) through the 'jungle' of the city. He gave chase and the Marshals followed, in heated pursuit! The film was a thing of beauty that seems for new film makers, that it is becoming harder and harder to bring out a solid hit, that will stand the test of years to come. I didn't like that we lost the 'kid' (Tom Wood's character) Noah, in the shoot-out toward the end. I still had to give it a ten though.

Even though I thought that Noah Newman, should have been there celebrating with his team. But all-in-all Baird, (the director) made a good choice in the way it all ended. I don't want to blow it for anyone, not that I think that should deter anyone from enjoying outstanding performances from all, thank you Stuart Baird as well! But through and through, this was a real tough show-stopping action extravaganza! Barnone.

I recommend this to all Tommy Lee Jones, or Wesley Snipes fans and to others looking for an intriguing story. Even if you just like him, you'll probably love this! (****)
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