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  • Like he says in his opening monologue, Witt wanted to accept his death, as his mother did, and die without fear. Additionally, he probably knew how the Japanese treated P.O.W.'s and would much rather have died than suffered that fate. Edit

  • Seeing as how the original cut of the film was almost 6 hours in length, if any film has ever warranted a Director's cut, it's this one. However, this would depend on whether or not the almost 3 hour theatrical cut was done because director Terrence Malick's artistic vision brought about the Theatrical cut, which in essence would make it his "director's cut" or the studio cut it down in order to maximize revenue.

    Facebook petition: Edit

  • Guadalcanal is an island in the Solomon chain of islands in the South Pacific Ocean near Australia. By the time the United States Marine forces had landed there on August 7th, 1942, the Japanese Imperial Army had seized control of it and all of the Solomon Islands. The Marines objective was to stop the Japanese from constructing an airfield there which would be a staging point for attacks on the shipping lanes bringing supplies to Australia and New Zealand from the United States and elsewhere. After the Marines had finished the 1st part of the campaign, the Army was sent in to finish the job, which is where C (for Charlie) company comes in.

    What's important to remember is that this is a fictionalized account of the combat on the island, but does bear some resemblance to the Battle of Mount Austen. Edit



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