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  • Terk (voiced by Rosie O.Donnell) is basically a very masculine female, an arquetype rarely seen in film in general. Another example of this trend is Private Vasquez in James Cameron's "Aliens".

    Nevertheless, in the play the character was converted to a male, and in the original broadway cast of the play, Terk is played by Chester Gregory II.

    The DisneyWiki, however, has Terk listed as a girl.

  • Actually the voice of Baby Terk is also provided by [link]nm0005280[/link]. Making her one of the few, if not only, people to voice both the younger and older version of the same character in a Disney film. Kristen Bell would follow suit and play the child, teenager and adult version of Anna in "Frozen" (2013)

  • In the book, Sabor is a lioness. It'd be reasonable to assume that the character would still be female in the movie.

  • He is listening to her heartbeat. It's one of the ways he discovers Jane is just like him.

  • They were killed by Sabor the Leopard, their bodies were seen as Kala was exploring their home. A deleted scene on the DVD shows the parents being attacked.


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