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I can't help myself when it comes to Harrison Ford...
jax71330 December 2005
I rented this a few days ago having discovered it was a Harrison Ford movie I somehow missed. Even though I'm a big fan of his, I really didn't expect much based on the jacket description. But, Eureka! I was completely charmed by this movie. Ford has a very low key way of delivering comedy and when you see a manly man like him being funny, it is all the more hilarious. Anne Heche is captivating as the gamin New York fashion sophisticate who happens to be very smart & sassy but grounded. She also has a tremendous flair for comedy and she plays off Ford in a grand way that Melanie Griffith couldn't even dream about doing in Working Girl. Griffith sleepwalked through that script whereas Heche embraces her character fully.

There is a very unique thing that happens in this film that we don't see very often and that is how the romantic chemistry builds between the lead characters. It is as natural as the flora and fauna of the island they are trapped on - rather randomly and sometimes awkwardly taking root - and I give a lot of credit to Reitman for capturing this feeling between Ford & Heche. With most films like this, the leads either hop into bed right away and then sort out their differences, or there is no indication of increasing mutual affection until the last 10 minutes when someone slaps their forehead and a light goes on. In this movie, you see so many small moments when one character is creeping into the heart of the other. Despite this, it never gets sappy.

I'd rate this movie as a 7 but am giving it an 8 to try to raise its overall score. It's a very, very good romantic comedy with a funny script, witty direction, great tropical locales, and an eclectic but engaging supporting cast.
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A fun movie, not to be taken too seriously
pksky110 November 2002
A crusty pilot-for-hire is trapped on a tropical island with a fashion magazine executive. I might have avoided this had it been anywhere else but the "action" part of the video rental store. There was enough action in it so as not to disappoint the action fan too much, but there is a certain amount of romance too. The executive has left behind a brand new husband on the vacation island she has been called away from. And the pilot-for-hire has a girlfriend left behind there too.

And so it goes. There are some suprises, but not too many. The grand old DeHavilland Beaver upstages everyone and so if you like airplanes, you will like this one.

Harrison Ford + Airplanes = Great Movie every time.
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It's like a small vacation
Bogie271 November 2009
I don't write many reviews, unless I really feel close to the movie or believe it was unfairly rated, like this one. This movie has found it's way back to my DVD player several times since it's first release to DVD about 10 years ago. It whisks you up from your easy chair to a sunny vacation spot in the Polynesian Islands and never slows up or misses a beat. One scene moves to the next in a seamless manner often foreshadowed by a soundtrack that is very good and quite catchy.

The film was well cast with Harrison Ford as the crusty cargo pilot - Ann Heche as the assistant editor of a fashion magazine - David Swimmer as her pasty but very nice fiancé and Jacqueline Obradors as the beautiful but dingbat club dancer. This romantic comedy and action adventure film pits two people together from different backgrounds and age groups. Normally the two would never get along long enough to get to know the other. But, forced to spend time together and under challenging conditions, a small attraction begins to develop and grow stronger. The character development of the cast moves forward with the same speed as the rest of this cute story.

While the film is certainly not for everyone, judging from IMDb ratings and rotten tomatoes, I really believe it was the message and not the movie that failed to impress. This story expresses a throwback to traditional values in the relationship of Ford and Heche and their experiences on the Island. This may explain the reaction to the film by many of the younger viewers. Some of the more mature viewers may have been turned off by news of Ann Heche and Ellen Degeneres in real life. This may explain why some seem to love the movie, while others have curiously rated it rather poorly.

In any case, if you need a quick escape and love flying to beautiful Polynesian Islands loaded with beautiful scenery and good-looking people, then his film may be your ticket!
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See Whatcha Get
reesesb4mnms24 July 2005
This film probably wasn't made to make you laugh nonstop, but when they turn on the humor, the writers and those involved with the final cut have very nice timing and awesome lines! This movie is one of my favorites, because if i'm having a bad day...they (Heche and Harrison) are having a much worse one and manage to pick up my mood with the delivery of lines that make me laugh, so, yeah the humor. But also the style, pacing, and emotional involvement they make me feel as a viewer.

I'm invested. And though I may think that Schwimmer's character is a shmuck, I can understand his POV, so, he's okay.

David and the cast did an outstanding job, and while the filmed script may not have been the original one (I'd love to see it sometime) the end result is fabulous. If you haven't seen it, you should, and I hope you too laugh, and smile, and chuckle, and enjoy a rather grand movie. Enjoy!
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An entertaining romantic comedy with touches of an adventure movie.
hu6758 April 2007
When a hard-working career woman by the name of Robin Monroe (Anne Heche) works for a popular woman magazine. When her nice boyfriend Frank Martin (David Schwimmer) purposed to her to married him. Also to come with him for a week at a tropical island. Once they get there... they meet a gruff, rough cargo pilot Quinn Harris (Harrison Ford). Once the pilot brings them to the island, Robin and Frank start enjoying their vacation. But the trouble starts when her boss (Allison Janney) calls her from their trip to take a photo shoot. Robin asks Quinn to bring her to the location, where she has to go. But once they left the ground to fly, they ended being hit by lighting and crashing to a deserted island and trying to find a way to get back to the tropical island. While Robin and Quinn dislike each other with plenty of problems and troubles. They find themselves chased by pirates (Temuera Morrison, Cliff Curtis and Danny Trejo). Slowly Robin and Quinn start falling for each other.

Directed by Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters 1 & 2, Junior, Twins) made this amusing, nicely filmed romantic/comedy/adventure with fun performances by Ford and Heche. This wasn't a huge hit at the box office but it should play well on video. Although involving pirate in the subplot seems out of place with the story. It's entertaining enough to overcome certain flaws in the movie. Probably the best thing of the picture is Ford, which he's especially loose and funny. Certainly worth viewing. Panavision. (****/*****).
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holidays in the sun...
dbdumonteil8 May 2003
Do you know Francis Veber? He's one of the most popular French film-maker. He owes his success thanks to a comic method which he knows the secret. It's the confrontation of two people who have got a different disposition but are compelled to cohabit together in an unfriendly environment. This situation is told in a comedy tone

By telling Harrison Ford and Anne Heche's adventures, Ivan Reitman must have been influenced by Francis Veber' method. Here, a confident and bold Harrison Ford mixes with a coward Anne Heche. After a dragging beginning, the movie becomes lively and rhythmic when our two heroes are stranded on the island. It contains good and funny moments, especially when the characters are having an argument. But, it follows a predictable advance: at first, Ford and Heche can't stand each other but little by little, they learn to know each other better. It's all the more as they'll have to go through a hard time so as to leave the island. Finally, it's love that will shine them.

At the end, you get a nice but colorless comedy. Nevertheless, Reitman can sustain the interest during all the movie and skilfully avoids boredom.
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The Good & Bad Of 'Six Days, Seven Nights'
ccthemovieman-18 August 2006
This romantic comedy and adventure story had a bunch of good and bad things going for or against it., but overall was an enjoying story that was a pleasant diversion. I don't know if I'd own it, but it's worth watching once or twice.

THE GOOD - Some tremendous South Seas island scenery; a good mix of comedy and adventure with attractive leads in Anne Heshe and Harrison Ford; and fast-moving story meaning good entertainment.

THE BAD - Poor messages about fidelity and marriages; an annoying, whining character played by David Schwimmer; too heavy - for family viewing - on the profanity and cleavage.
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Fun Adventure Film
LebowskiT100017 October 2002
This film was intended to be about romance and adventure, but I really wasn't feeling the romance. In the end, I really couldn't care less if Anne Heche and Harrison Ford ended up together. Especially since David Schwimmer's character was so likeable. I did however want to see him end up happy (in fact, I wanted him to end up with Angelica), but they didn't follow through with his character, so we really don't know what happened to him.

It may sound like I didn't like the movie, but on the contrary, I liked it a great deal, I just don't think I got out of the film what the director/writers wanted me to get out of it. I thought the film was fun and entertaining but not superb.

The cast in this film was pretty good. Harrison Ford was excellent as always, playing a very interesting character. David Schwimmer was superb in his role, I REALLY liked his character. Anne Heche is pretty much the only player in the film that I'm not sure that I liked. Don't get me wrong, she looks fantastic in the film and does a good job acting, but I'm just not sure if she was the right choice for the job. Well, I guess there's nothing I can do about it now, so I better just shut up and deal with it. Jacqueline Obradors looked absolutely stunning in this film! She is reason enough to watch this film!!! Her acting is quite good too. Temuera Morrison (who would later go on to become Jango Fett in Star Wars Attack of the Clones...and Harrison Ford played Han Solo in the original trilogy...kind of interesting) does a fine job in his role. Cliff Curtis plays a VERY small role in this film, but does a good job and has a very cool look to him. I'm always amazed by this guy because he looks so different in each of his films. Danny Trejo also plays a small role, but does a fine job. Allison Janney kind of bugs me as an actress on the whole, but her role is minimal and has very little screen time, so I can deal.

All in all, this is a fun movie, with a lot of cool stuff in it, but nothing spectacular. If you end up seeing the film, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading,

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Cute Very Cute Action /Romance Film, With A Cool Story, However It's The Fantastic Chemistry Between Harrison Ford And Anne Heche That Really Make It Work!
callanvass20 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is a cute very cute Action/Romance film, with a cool story however it's the chemistry between Harrison Ford and Anne Heche that really make it work!. All the characters are great, and the film has plenty of laughs!, plus Harrison Ford is simply amazing in this! and Anne Heche is fantastic. Sure it may get a bit silly in the 2nd half, but it's still quite fun, and it's quite underrated as well!, plus i found the ending to be really cool!. Thankfully David Schwimmer, is at least bearable, and it has some cool action scenes as well!, plus it's quite creative at times as well!. The scenery is really beautiful, and the finale is quite exciting!, however the villains(Pirates), had barely anything to do, and therefore, didn't find them menacing, it's basically a Romance Comedy, but it's quite a good one at that!. This wasn't too popular with critics, however i really enjoyed it, it had likable characters and 2 very charismatic leads with Ford and Heche, and there chemistry is what really makes it work, i highly recommend this one!. The Direction is great. Ivan Reitman does a great job here, with awesome camera work, great angles, and keeping the film at a very fast pace!. The Acting is wonderful!. Harrison Ford is amazing as always, and is amazing here, he is extremely likable, hilarious, had fantastic chemistry with Anne Heche, was extremely charismatic, had some great lines, and didn't take it seriously, and had fun with it! (Ford Rules!!!!!!!). Anne Heche is beautiful, and is fantastic here, she is very charming, likable, seemed comfortable with Ford, had a cool character, and seemed to be enjoying herself!, i loved her (heche rules). David Schwimmer is thankfully bearable, but still managed to annoy me, and basically played his Friends character, he didn't impress me. Jacqueline Obradors is hot, and did okay, in he role but wasn't required to do much but act sexy, she did a good job at that though. Rest of the cast do fine. Overall i highly recommend this one!. ***1/2 out of 5
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Great! Never gets boring!
Han_Solo-311 October 1999
I loved this movie, because it had a little bit of everything in it. It had action, romance, drama, and suspense. I love watching it over and over again. Harrison Ford and Anne Heche work great together! I enjoyed watching Harrison Ford in this movie, he's a great actor, as well as Anne.
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Okay by me
RNMorton17 December 2003
Ford and Heche are stranded on remote Pacific island and face various dangers while Schwimmer and Obradors party and fret. Never entirely comfortable as either comedy or drama. Beautiful scenery (including Obradors) compensates for awkwardness in many scenes between the leads. A movie I never really thought I liked, it often finds its way onto my screen. 8/10 on scenery alone
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fails the litmus test
blanche-27 February 2001
The litmus test is -- if [big star] weren't in this film, could it be a TV movie? Alas, the answer is yes. Though very entertaining with good performances, how Six Days Seven Nights made it to the big screen eludes me. It is not original and doesn't have the kind of script one demands of a feature film. I was just glad I didn't pay $8.50 or more to see it in the theater - but it will do well in video, where it should have gone directly in the first place.
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It's so good, I watched it more than once.
Kcuaron19 October 2003
This movie has been given a bad rap. The beach scene with the life raft and the scene on the mountaintop are two of the funniest bits I've seen in a long, long time. Mr. Ford has always had a comedic gift for parody - Han Solo, Indiana Jones and now "Queenie." The only flaw in this perfectly casted film is, of course, David Schwimmer. I hope he has saved his money from his role in Friends because he certainly is bloody awful on the large screen. He doesn't even do selfish, egotistic, self-involved, whining wuss that well; well, perhaps I'm being too harsh. His whining and being annoying is well done. He always convinces me.
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Good concept, very bad execution, rate it 4 of 10.
TxMike4 July 2000
The concept of "6Days/7Nights" - a NY advertising executive and an older south seas "bush pilot" hate each other, get stranded on an unhabited island, encounter bad guys, have to cooperate to get off the island, then somehow throw off all constraints to fall in love and start new lives together - is simple but not unlike the many Cary Grant movies. With the right actors and direction this could have been a nice romantic comedy.

HOWEVER -- Ann Heche, with her nasal delivery of lines, her combatant attitude, just doesn't come off as a love interest of anyone, much less Harrison Ford. Almost anyone would have been better. Plus, Ford is not up to his usual quality, probably because he too knew it was going to be a bad movie.

The movie starts as an obvious romantic comedy. Then, during the second half crooks show up, you see a man murdered and dumped into the sea, and the main characters are shot at with machine guns! What gives? This is very bad movie-making.

I actually saw this movie twice, last night on my free DVD, just to see if I was too harsh the first time. NO! It really is a very bad movie. "4" of "10" is being very generous, but it does have a good surround sound track.

Please, see it if you haven't, just to see how a good concept and Harrison Ford can still result in movie trash.
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Refreshing and cute
kenandraf27 September 2001
Very good lite comedy that has great cinematography and great lead actors who perform very well.Hache proved she is a new top notch star to look out for.It was nice to see Ford do a comedy/romance movie since he needs more of movies in this genre if he wants to remain in contention for one of the best all-around leading men of all time.Schwimmer might want to take more diversified movie roles in the future because he is pushing his ROSS act too much.I know he has more talent to offer.The weakness here is the average screenplay/script,but still the movie should be enjoyed by most light romance/adventure/comedy fans who are not too conservative......
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Good all around movie...
MTGrizzly8 May 2005
There was a lot to like about this movie. The scenery, (Hawaii, not Obradors), was fantastic. The acting was superb. While the plot held no surprises, (once you understand the premise of the film, you know right where it is going, but, in the case of this movie, it was fun to find out how they get there), it was interesting. The gags were very funny, (particularly when Heche's character displays the her inability to cope in situations where there aren't subways and cell phones.).

The movie showcased the range of both Heche and Ford. It might have done the same for Schwimmer and Obradors, if they had significant roles. Since I have never seen a single episode of "Friends", (I know, I must be the only person in the world who hasn't), I cannot compare Schwimmer's acting in this movie with his role in "Friends." His acting in this movie didn't compare to his role as Lt./Captain Sobel in "Band of Brothers." Based on this role and "Band of Brothers", it seems to show that Schwimmer has a lot of range and can play different roles very well. Schwimmer does seem to be typecast as the inept "loser" who tries hard and always comes out second in the end. Unfortunately, he and Obradors seem to be limited to supporting , rather than starring, roles.

So, if you are looking for a light, funny way to spend an evening, watch this movie.
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maitreg8 January 2001
This movie was obviously a very weak attempt to make some sort of modern "Swiss Family Robinson". It doesn't fly. The storyline is very weak and simply unbelievable. The romance between Quinn (Harrison Ford) and Robin (Anne Heche) on the island doesn't seem to have any basis whatsoever and it just appears out of nowhere. The other romance between Frank (David Schwimmer) and Angelica (Jacqueline Obradors) is so poorly acted, it's like something out of an 80's B movie.

The only good thing I can say about this movie is that the scenery was good. The writing was terrible. The acting was below average. Hardly any of it was believable. It was almost as if the writer had in mind:

"Ok, crash a plane. Now I want these two to have sex later, so I have to find something to fill in the space....I've got it! Pirates!!"

Yuck. I gave it 4 out of 10. It got that because of the scenery and Angelica's body. They should have thrown a nude scene in there though. That would have earned it at least one more star.
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An enjoyable movie getaway that becomes surprisingly violent.
emm7 February 1999
One of the more entertaining comedy movies for the husband-and-wife crowd, SIX DAYS, SEVEN NIGHTS offers the peculiar feeling of a vacation getaway that runs amuck. Harrison Ford, a guy we know from many action thrillers this day, is far from being offbeat, and Anne Heche proves to be very reasonable. The adventure is otherwise an enjoyable amount of fun with perils and obstacles abound, all with a sense of humor. But the film loses a precious point for a surprisingly fair amount of violence that goes off the deep end when smugglers spot our two castaways and begin to attack using guns and explosives. Not true for a delightfully romantic evening in the living room. As comedies go, this one could use a bit more of the funny, however this cinematic getaway of mishaps is worth the pleasure. This would've deserved a "7" without the unnecesary violence, but you'll either have to take the "6", or find another nice movie to keep your wife happy.
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One of our all time favorites
sinan2 April 2000
The script/timing/acting in this movie is excellent, and is a great joy to watch. The perfect timing of the cast and an excellent story make this one of our favorites along with Fifth Element,American President, In and Out, The MatchMaker , The Local Hero and The Mystery Man..

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Charming light romantic comedy
gigamath23 November 2010
The relaxing music and the picturesque cinematography make this film a success. The widescreen shots of the Hawaiian Islands combined with a lively and sometimes dreamy musical element was something I found attractive. Of the films in my collection, this is one I see more than once. There is nothing earthshaking in the script but its not bad either and Ford's low key comedic abilities save the day with Heche pulling off the perfect NYC pushy ad exec persona with David Schwimmer's whining, nasal "Friends" character in the background. It's a very charming and relaxing cinematic experience, as if you were actually there in a relaxing island environment. I give it a nine. Explaining why I gave it a nine and not a ten would force me to put in a spoiler and I don't want to do that.
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A romantic film set in paradise...
entrapment2727 August 2003
I have seen Six days, Seven nights and I loved it. One of Harrison's best films in a long time. I think what did it for me was the film being set on the island of Kuaii. Quinn and Robin's personalities may have been different but it just proves that in paradise, anything can happen. I would recommend this to anyone that's looking for a light- hearted romantic comedy.
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A Descent Film
ilovedolby25 June 2002
There's really nothing overly special about this movie. It's acting ranges from fare, to good. Naturally, Harrison Ford is always good. And Anne Heche is great looking, and fare in her performance, as well. Simple plot doesn't really hurt this movie either, if anything it probably helps it. After all, what the heck can happen on a deserted tropical island. It's a cute film to watch with a date.
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good survivor-like romance
SMLA111 June 2002
I enjoyed this movie mainly for the chemistry between the characters. Anne Heche and Harrison Ford's chemistry works really good and their characters are very likeable. Ross Schwimmer is their as Anne's boyfriend but he doesn't get stranded. I especially enjoyed the pirate scenes. That was cool with the cannon at the end. quite imaginative.

Overall the movie is cool with some minor flaws. Rating 9 out of 10.
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Liteweight American fluff...
seashellz16 February 2002
...sort of the Cliffs Notes version of the superior SWEPT AWAY-but Americans dont have the attention span for a film that long. (I thought the same of CASTAWAY-not very long-no REAL dealing with survival issues-another quick, happy ending) BUT...the photography is gorgeous, and so is Hecht. It seemed that Ford was just sleepwalking thru this role....
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Give it a go, Joe
citizencolton3 September 2001
This is an enjoyable flick, if you've not seen it give it a go. The first half is certainly better than the second, funnier too, but on the whole it is good. Harrison Ford is always good money, and the rest of the cast do a good job also (though David Shwimmer eventually just gets on my nerves). The soundtrack is great too. So all in all, recommended if you've not yet seen it.
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