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Jackie Chan: Lee



  • Carter : That's why I don't have no partner, that's one thing I learned from my daddy.

    Lee : Your father was a policeman?

    Carter : Fifteen years LAPD.

    Lee : My daddy also a policeman.

    Carter : Your daddy was a cop?

    Lee : Not a cop, an officer, a legend all over Hong Kong.

    Carter : My daddy a legend too all over America. My daddy once arrested fifteen people in one night by himself.

    Lee : My daddy arrested 25 by himself.

    Carter : ...My daddy once saved five crackheads from a burnin' building, by himself.

    Lee : My daddy once caught a bullet with his bare hand.

    Carter : My daddy'll kick your daddy's ass all the way from here to China, Japan, wherever the hell you from and all up that Great Wall too.

    Lee : Hey, don't talk about my father.

    Carter : Don't talk about my daddy.

  • Lee : Whassup, my nigga?

    Bartender : What did you just say?

    Lee : Whassup, my nigga.

  • Lee : You must take me to see Consul Han right away.

    Carter : Man, just sit there and shut up! This ain't no democracy.

    Lee : Yes, it is.

    Carter : No, it ain't. This is the United States of James Carter. I'm the president, I'm the emperor, I'm the king. I'm Michael Jackson, you Tito. Your ass belongs to me.

  • Carter : You don't know nothing about no War.

    Lee : Everybody knows War.


    Lee : War! Huh! Yeah! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, sing it again, you all!

    Carter : It ain't 'you all', it's "y'all"!

    Lee : Yaw.

    Carter : Y'all!

    Lee : Yaw!

    Carter : Man you sound like a Karate movie, y'all!

    Lee : Yoll.

  • Lee : Ah! Beach Boys!

    Carter : Oh, hell no! You didn't just touch my goddamn radio!

    Lee : The Beach Boys are great American music.

    Carter : The Beach Boys gonna get you a great ass whuppin'. Don't you ever touch a black man's radio, boy! You can do that in China but you can get your ass killed out here, man!

  • Lee : Why would they not want my help?

    Carter : Because they don't give a damn about you! They don't like you! I don't like you!

    Lee : I don't care! I'm here for the girl!

    Carter : The girl don't like you! Nobody likes you!

  • Lee : I like to let people talk who like to talk. It lets me find out how full of shit they are.

    Carter : What the hell did you just say?

  • [Carter has ordered Chinese takeout] 

    Carter : Damn, Chin, this is some greasy shit. You ain't got no better food, like some chicken wings, some baby back ribs, some fries or something?

    Chin : Chinese food, no soul food here!

    Carter : I didn't say nothin' 'bout no soul food, I said you got some better food. I don't want that greasy shit. How you gonna sell a big box of grease?

    [Chin conplains in Chinese] 

    Carter : [turns cross]  I'm chilly a what?

    Lee : [grabs Carter]  Come on!

    Chin : I'm no punk bitch.

    Carter : I ain't no punk bitch, neither!

    Chin : I'M no punk bitch!

    Carter : I'm about to knock that hat off your head, Chin.

  • Lee : We can hang in my crib. I will show you my 'hood.

  • Carter : How long this flight?

    Lee : Fifteen hours.

    Carter : Fifteen hours? What are we gonna do for fifteen hours?

    Lee : [Puts on head phones and begins to sing]  Huh! War! Uh! Good God "yaw."

    Carter : Oh, hell no! Stewardess! Get me another seat!

  • Carter : This ain't no Democracy.

    Lee : Yes it is.

    Carter : No it ain't. This is the United States of James Carter. I'm the President, I'm the Emperor, I'm the King. I'm Michael Jackson, you're Tito. I own yo ass.

  • Lee : Carter! I can't hold any more! I'm slipping!

    Carter : Hang on a minute, I'll go get help!

    Lee : [shouts]  Carter!

    Carter : Ah, I was just playin' wit ya...

  • Lee : I didn't know you spoke Chinese.

    Carter : I never told you I didn't, you just assumed I didn't.

  • Lee : Leave me alone. A man like you could never understand.

    Carter : A man like me?

    Lee : You are devoted only to yourself. You're ashamed of being a police officer, you dishonor your father's name!

    Carter : You don't know nothing about my father.

    Lee : You said your father is a legend.

    Carter : My father WAS a legend. My father was killed making a routine traffic stop in broad daylight by some punk who didn't want no ticket. His partner was supposed to get out of the car and back him up but never did. My father was just as devoted as you, and now he's dead, and for what? A traffic ticket and some punk? You tell me, where's the honor in that?

    Lee : You believe your father wasted his life, that he died for nothing?

    Carter : Prove me wrong.

  • Lee : [yanks a cigarette from the Cigaweed Guy]  That's bad for you!

  • Carter : Man, what you got me eatin'?

    Lee : That's eel.

    Carter : Is it good?

    Lee : Very good.

    Carter : What you got?

    Lee : Camel's Hump.

    Carter : What?

    Lee : [enuciates]  Camel's Hump

    [Carter takes a bite of the eel while Lee eats his Camel's Hump] 

    Carter : Mmm! Kinda good. Needs a little Hot sauce, but it's kinda good though.

  • Lee : [to Soo Young]  And don't worry, America is a very friendly place.

    Carter : [cut to] 

    Carter : [Carter driving erratically on the LA Streets] 

    Carter : Stupid fool get the hell out of my way!

  • Lee : [handcuffs Lee to the steering wheel]  Hey, what are you doing?

    Carter : You ain't the only one with quick hands now, right? Wah!

  • [after Clive refuses to answer Carter, Lee steps in his way] 

    Clive Cod : Oh, you want some too? I'll give you all you want.

    Lee : Give me a name.

    Clive Cod : I ain't telling you shit.

    [Lee takes out Soo-Yung's picture] 

    Lee : She's only eleven years old. I don't want her to die.

    [Clive shifts his gaze] 

    Lee : Look at the picture! I don't care about him, I don't care about you! I care about the little girl. Give me the name.


    Clive Cod : [lowers voice]  The guy's name is Juntao. I never seen him.

    Lee : Where can I find him?

    Clive Cod : Foo Chow Restaurant, Chinatown.

    [He heads back to his cell] 

    Carter : Foo Chow Restaurant? Thank you, Clive!

    Clive Cod : [to Lee]  Get rid of this guy, he's gonna get you killed.

  • [as the guests are evacuating the Convention Center, Lee sees Sang, disguised as a server, handing a remote to Griffin. The truth come out: Griffin is Juntao] 

    Lee : Juntao.

    [Lee chases after Griffin] 

    Lee : Juntao! JUNTAO!

    Thomas Griffin : [holds the remote towards Lee, Consul Han, and the agents]  Consul Han, six pounds of C-4 are wired to your daughter in a car outside.

    [Lee and the agents back off] 

    Thomas Griffin : You know, before the takeover, most of these works were in the hands of a single private collector: me. I mastered my life to acquire and catalog these priceless piece that you see before you. And then in one fell swoop, it was taken away from me. But tonight, I shall be paid in full. Don't move! She dies if I press this button. Just be patient. My transportation will arrive shortly. Stay calm.

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