Pleasantville (1998) Poster


Don Knotts: TV Repairman



  • TV Repairman : Hey - who did Muffin take to the Masquerade Ball when her date came down with the measles?

    David : Her father.

    TV Repairman : That's right! And how'd she dress him?

    David : As Prince Charming.

    TV Repairman : Nice! Remember the one where Bud lost his cousin when he was supposed to be watching him?

    David : Yep.

    TV Repairman : What department store did they go to?

    David : MacIntyre's.

    TV Repairman : McGinty's.

    David : No! MacIntyre's! Remember?

    [sings a jingle] 

    David : "For the very best in men's attire, head right down to MacIntyre's."

    [smiles proudly] 

    TV Repairman : That's right.

    [Looks consideringly at David] 

    TV Repairman : Listen, uh, why don't you take this remote instead? It's got a little more oomph in it.

    David : Oomph?

    TV Repairman : Sure! Big beautiful set like that? You want something'll put you right in the show.

    [as David takes the remote control, the room fills with supernatural flashes of lightning and a rumble of thunder] 

  • TV Repairman : I'm getting a little concerned about what I'm seeing on some of these reruns.

  • David : You know, we didn't call for any TV repair.

    TV Repairman : Well, that just makes it a lucky day for both of us!

    [smiles, followed by silence] 

  • TV Repairman : Well, I better get going. Your show's almost on.

  • TV Repairman : Just give me the damned remote!


    TV Repairman : Ow!

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