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MPAA Rated PG for some mild mischief

Sex & Nudity

  • After losing a card game Annie is forced to jump into a lake naked. We only see her from the shoulders up and the knees down as several campers catcall her as she walks down the dock. At one point she is also seen fully nude but only in silhouette. Some girls take her clothes before she finishes skinny-dipping.
  • Meredith partially unbuttons Nick's shirt while sitting on his lap.
  • Martin is briefly shown wearing speedo style swim trunks.
  • Meredith wears multiple "sexy" outfits.

Violence & Gore

  • Two young girls push a woman out onto a lake on an inflatable mattress while she's asleep. She wakes up in a panic the next morning and falls into the water
  • After falling into a lake Meredith angerly storms up to Nick kicking over a coffee pot and yells at him.
  • Nick is bumped into a swimming pool.
  • None.
  • A girl pierces another girl's ears by holding an apple slice behind her ear and poking a sharp needle all the way through. There is no blood, but a lot of screaming.
  • Two girls are in an intense fencing match and one of them falls into a horse trough.
  • A group of girls pull a prank on their rival cabin at a sumer camp they cover them with whipped cream, honey, fake spiders etc.
  • The girls are all panicking when they wake up. One girl has several water balloons dropped on her head as she gets out of bed. Two women then plan to inspect the cabin as the other girls try to stop them when they enter a bucket of chocolate syrup spills on their heads and they slip across the floor which is covered in cooking oil. One of them grabs onto a ceiling fan pull which covers them with feathers. This scene is meant to be comical, but it may be considered bullying to some viewers.
  • A lizard crawls into a woman's mouth. She screams and spits it out. This can be gross but mostly hilarious.


  • At one point Annie goes on an angry rant in French it's unsure if what she is saying is profane.
  • "OMG" is exclaimed a number of times throughout (usually by the two sisters).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A stressed mother puts a cigarette in her mouth (she doesn't smoke it).
  • A mother walks down Abbey Road with her daughter smoking a cigarette. (Likely to mimic Paul McCartney on the cover of the Abbey Road Album.)
  • A girl says her grandfather smells like pipe tobacco
  • A girl says that her grandfather smells of pipe tobacco.
  • A man drinks a martini.
  • Some adults drink wine throughout the film.
  • Two women have a drink together at a bar.
  • An 11-year-old girl takes a sip of wine (legal in England) and describes its taste. In a later scene, she falls completely off her chair while trying to lean over and see something. When her mother asks if she's all right, the child jokes "I had one sip too many, I guess!"
  • A mother becomes intoxicated on a plane, makes references to vodka. She stumbles around drunk in a hotel lobby, crashing into people. Her daughter witnesses this and alerts her nanny that her mother has only had one glass of wine in her entire life, up until now.
  • Nick Parker is the owner of a wine brand.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Meredith has a plan to ship the twins off to boarding school and is very rude and condescending towards them
  • None.
  • The scene where Annie and Elizabeth leave is very sad especially since a somber sounding song is playing.
  • Themes of divorce and remarriage which may be intense for young children.
  • A young girl pierces another young girl's ears with an apple wedge and a sharp needle. A match is lit, and the flame is placed against the end of the needle before the procedure is done. No blood is shown, however there is a shot of the needle visibly being placed into the girl's ear lobe, and there is a lot of screaming.
  • During a camping trip, two young girls drag a sleeping woman to a lake, while still on her mattress. They push the mattress into the lake, with her still asleep on it. She wakes up the next morning screaming and falls into the lake. It is intended to be funny, however.

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