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I loved this movie
Red7Eric12 August 1998
I thought that this film was terrific. I read the book years ago, and actually thought that the movie was better. First of all, it makes more sense to look at the storyline from Nina's perspective, since she has much more at stake than George does. Secondly, the character played by Nigel Hawthorne was beautifully written and played, and he didn't even exist in the book. I also disagree with the assertion that George was "boring" in this movie. I thought that Paul Rudd gave a wonderful and moving performance, particularly at the Science Fair when he tells Nina how much he would love to be a father. Don't believe the critics -- give it a rental. It's a terrific film.
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Sensitive straight/gay romance pre-"Will & Grace"
moonspinner5519 August 2005
Screenwriter Wendy Wasserstein, adapting Stephen McCauley's novel, begins with a premise which is pure formula: an unmarried mother-to-be in New York City would rather raise her child with her gay best friend rather than with the baby's father. What appears to be a continuation of themes begun with 1997's "My Best Friend's Wedding" fortunately leads to a sensitive, perceptive straight/gay platonic romance pre-"Will & Grace". A large part of the film's success belongs to Jennifer Aniston (an easy presence on the screen) and Paul Rudd (who is charming without effort, even if some of his dialogue is a little cloying). There's also a moving story thread involving Nigel Hawthorne as an elderly gay man who is cruelly dumped-on by his young lover that shows the sometimes fickle nature inherent in gay relationships, handled with quiet taste by director Nicholas Hytner. Despite a downright peculiar finish (which gives new meaning to the term "feel good"), "The Object of My Affection" is a sweet, insightful comedy-drama that gets into that curious area not many movies are willing to investigate: why many straight women are drawn to having gay men as best friends, what the two have in common and, ultimately, what actions cross that invisible line between loyalty and disillusionment (which has its basis in disappointment on the woman's part that the fantasy cannot come true). Not everything works in "Affection", but it is remarkably pleasant and (for better or worse) hetero-friendly. **1/2 from ****
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Great Film!
Watcher-3715 August 1999
Finally a truly great film from a star of TV's Friends. Jennifer Aniston is fantastic as a single woman who becomes pregnant and wants to raise the child with her roommate George, who is gay. Unfortunately for her, she ends up falling in love with him. This sets up what is a nonstandard ending to a romance movie, but the payoff is satisfying enough that you aren't in the least disappointed.
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A well-crafted treat for fans of tales of the heart
gijoe781 December 2001
The Object of My Affection is rather heavily aimed at a gay audience - at least it seems that way to me. It retains quite a theatrical feel; there is always the feeling that the director is conscious this is a performance, and it's not given the "natural" or "polished" feel that accompanies so many Hollywood movies. Paul Rudd is perhaps just a little camp of centre for the role of George - he is supposed to be interested in the female lead, after all. However, it's a tricky balancing act, because if he becomes too convincingly involved, he becomes the bad guy, so it's perhaps just as well. Some very classy moments come from his deriding of ex lover Professor Joelly, and some great gay stereotypes are held up for examination along the way. Particularly amusing was Paul's blind date with the Village People wannabe ear nose and throat specialist, and of course, the incredibly self-serving Joelly. Perhaps surprisingly, the strongest performance of the piece comes from Friends star Jennifer Anniston. Struck by the love bug, she admirably portrays the lover in the bedroom next door, and I defy anyone not to be moved by her character's deepest lows. No review of this film would be complete without mention of Nigel Hawthorne, who very nearly steals the limelight from Anniston with his marvelously opinionated (but very likeable) literary critic, forced to share the love of his life. Simply put, he's brilliant. So why does The Object deserve a 10 in my opinion? In the end, the relationships in the movie don't come down to gay or straight, or anything one can label. They're honest to goodness relationships between people - and that's why there is an element of doubt as to who will end up where - at least part of the way through. That's why despite it's light feel, it has the ability to evoke some really deep feelings of tragedy in just the right places. It's everything you wouldn't expect, which is a wonderful breath of fresh air.
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chin up, young person!
rivenrock1 March 2006
They say you can't help who you love, and people have used that line forever to make terrible decisions about romance. This movie explores the idea that while you might not be able to help loving someone, you can still choose how you respond to that feeling. Choosing wisely is the difficult part! :) The characters (and not just the main characters - there are some great sub-plots and well-rounded side characters here) learn a lot about being realistic (and how & why that can be difficult) when it comes to romance. Many aspects of this theme are played out, and in more ways that you'd think just from reading the back of the DVD cover.

I highly recommend this if you like that class of chick flick that goes beyond the obvious to ponder some of the deeper questions about love and the things we do to find it, keep it, and occasionally break our hearts over it. Like other beautiful movies of this kind (eg, While You Were Sleeping, French Kiss) the comedy is fairly subtle and character-based.

All the elements are there: casting, direction, script (story and dialogue) and acting are all good. I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did!
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Never mind the critics. This movie is a must see.
Danny-283 October 1998
It's amazing how this sensitive film can be realistic all the time. Although this is, indeed, a love story, there's no need to give the viewer happy solutions just to make them fulfilled. Every second of the movie is real, every emotion, every fact. Justice to Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. There's an amazing cast here, including Mad About You's John Pankow and veteran Alan Alda (all great) but the movie belongs to Jennifer and Paul. They make you think no one else could do a better portrait of Nina and George - they were born to do it. Anyone can relate to them at some point. Congratulations not only for the two, but also for the entire crew who made this movie - including, of course, the great sensibility of director Nicholas Hytner. A job well done.
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Very moving!
Pat-5412 November 1998
Being a gay man myself and having had a similar relationship with a woman, I found the film very moving and beautifully done.
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Can totally relate to it!
twentysomethingin201417 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I decided to watch this movie as I was intrigued by the title,having had a few objects of affection myself. Frankly, after the first few minutes of the film, I was confused as to who was who's object of affection.

But what was unexpected about this movie was how Nina falls for a gay man. Though she knows his love is unattainable, she continues to hang on to it until she can no longer ignore the truth that he will never love her back the same way. I could totally relate to the situation of wanting something that seems so perfect, and feeling hopeless as one watches it go further and further away.

Jennifer Aniston's acting is superb. Paul Rudd, as the first-grade school teacher, who though simple, but clearly aware of what he wants in life, delivers convincingly. Overall, a deeply moving and thought-provoking movie. Definitely a must watch!
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Entertaining, funny, and sad movie
Adriane26 July 1999
I especially liked the performance of Nigel Hawthorne in this movie as Rodney, the companion of a friend. Jennifer Aniston is delightful, and Paul Rudd is a treat as well. Jennifer and Paul have great chemistry together, and although the story is a bit sad, it is an entertaining and light comedy. Watch with someone you love!
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The Object of My Affection is one of the finest films ever.
emurray-221 February 2002
The Object of My Affection is a very realistic movie about a woman who finds a good-looking gay man attractive. Paul Rudd is particularly fine as the man who befriends Jennifer Aniston's character. She is very much disappointed in her old boyfriend's faithless attitude towards her. Paul Rudd's character is fun to be with and, even though they have no sexual encounters, they are both very good friends. Paul Rudd's character finds an attractive young man and falls in love. This upsets Jennifer Aniston's character. She should have seen it coming. The ending is quite wonderful in that all are able to remain good friends.
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A very touching story
davispittman12 February 2016
The Object of my affection is truly a very moving and emotional movie that is a great time to watch. It really showcases Jennifer Aniston's great range, going from Rachel in friends to Nina in this film, she really handles the dramatic scenes very well, and so does Paul Rudd. Paul and Jennifer have really awesome chemistry on screen together too, they work so well. And Allison Janney and Alan Alda were both good and they acted well. The Characters and the script all mesh and work together so well in this movie, it's really very impressive! I absolutely loved the friendship and relationship between Nina and George here, it was so sweet and unique, and ya know they really treated gay people very well in this film, they didn't stereotype or anything, they represented them with healthy living relationships, like they are in reality, so that was great too. All around this is a very well made and smart movie! 8/10.
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Exceeded my expectations.
triple88 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers

I just had the opportunity to see this recently and must say it was a pretty good movie which actually surprised me because I had tuned in because there wasn't anything else on and I expected a garden variety popcorn flick. Not so. This was surprisingly touching more sweet then funny and the characters had a realism to them that I quite enjoyed. I like movies that aren't predictable and this movie surprised me several times. I also throughly enjoyed Jennifer Anniston in this role . I guess I'm a fan of hers because with the exception of "Picture perfect" I have enjoyed every movie I've seen her in so far.

What surprised me so much was, this movie was not at all what I had thought it was in my mind which was- a typical romantic comedy where, in this case, girl falls for boy who is gay, doesn't tell him till end, he realizes he loves her too and they get married. I was quite wrong on that, girl does indeed develop feelings for male roommate but they don't wind up together and the characters' relationship is developed and explored in a very mature, sensitive, human manner. In fact all the characters and the development of all their relationships are interesting and realistic, and the thanksgiving dinner scene was particularly touching. This movie to me is a solid 8 or 8.5 and really goes to show not to make assumptions going into a movie-you never know what you'll like until you give it a shot! Good job by everybody in this movie and I'll add my vote to solidly recommending this flick. Wish I'd seen it years ago.
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I liked it a lot
fofml8 July 2000
I wanted to see this movie for such a long time but I didn't get to rent it until today. I saw The Cider House Rules (excellent movie!) last night and liked Paul Rudd very much. So I finally got to rent it. This is a sweet movie with a good balance of funny and serious moments. Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd are great just like the rest of the cast and I think the 2 had a great chemistry together.

What I liked most about this movie is the way they portrayed gays. Usually, in Hollywood films they are just minor characters to get some laughs and they are sometimes shown as totally wacky persons like the character of Nathan Lane in The Birdcage (which by the way is a funny movie). But in this movie, we see that gay people can be "normal" with an everyday job and feelings just like any other person. Paul Rudd played George as such an ordinary man and his character was so much more besides being gay. George was a sensitive and loving young man. More movies should follow this example.

A great movie I definitely wanna watch again. I rate it 8/10.
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This film was beautiful.
Tat-230 May 1999
I just recently saw the movie The Object of My Affection. I have been wanting to see the film ever since it was released to the Box Office. I was finally able to see it today. This film made me cry, and made me laugh. I was so moved by the dramatic issues in this film. Seeing Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd's characters on screen made me see just how precious love is. While I was watching this movie I kept wishing that the guy and girl would get together just like in other romance movies. In the case of this film, I was moved by how it turned out. Everyone was happy. I would like to thank and give credit to all of the people who helped to make this movie possible. I want to have a relationship like the one that Jennifer and Paul's characters did in the beginning. Someone to talk with, laugh with and to love. This film was truly a masterpiece.
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Outstanding movie!
meloda27 March 2002
This is one of the best movies I have ever seen! If you are a fan of Jennifer Aniston and comedy, this movie is perfect for you!

Nina (played by Jennifer) is a nice young lady, who lives in New York. She starts to run into some trouble when she and her idiotic boyfriend, Vince each make some poor choices. Meanwhile, her good friend George (who is a queer) needs a new place to live. Nina is kind enough as to let George move in with her. Only problem with that is, Nina begins to fall for George! Nina is in bad denial about it, but eventually starts to admit it! That could be trouble, but I can't spoil it for somebody who never saw it.

I could relate to Nina in some ways, personally having a similar experience. I once became friends with a Lesbian girl who I fell madly in love with. However, I eventually had to understand that in reality, we both liked girls! On a scale of 1-10, I give this movie a 9, and grade of A! This movie is perfect for anybody like me--who is heterosexual but NOT prejudice against gays. (I'm sure gays will love it too!) The beautiful and talented Jennifer Aniston has yet to star in a better movie!
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I loved it!!
mandms-120 January 2006
I was talking to my friend, and she mentioned this movie, and said she loved it, and thought I would too. I was flipping through the TV guide when I saw it was on at 7:00pm I was so excited.

I watched it with my Dad of all people, and then my Mom thought it looked good so she joined in, she quipped "I have seen this before in theaters back in 1997, it was fabulous and sweet"

I think the exact same thing, I will not leave a summary of the film because so many others have, but I have to say this one was different for me. I have no problem with Gay homosexual men, and this movie pulled on my heart strings a couple times and made me cry. I was nervous at first to see Jennifer Aniston in this role, because what if she didn't pull it off, and I was disappointed?? Well I wasn't I was blown away by her dramatic, yet uplifting, and funny performance.

If you haven't yet seen this movie, it is a "must see". it is also worth owning on DVD
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A Great Idea Translates Into A Decent Film!
namashi_112 July 2016
Adapted from the book of the same name by Stephen McCauley, 'The Object of My Affection' rests on a great, novel idea, but somehow it falters, in its execution. Its certainly a decent film with good performances, but the idea deserved more.

'The Object of My Affection' Synopsis: A pregnant New York social worker begins to develop romantic feelings for her gay best friend, and decides she'd rather raise her child with him, much to the dismay of her overbearing boyfriend.

'The Object of My Affection' is about finding comfort in a partner, despite their sexuality. The protagonist here, pregnant & rather lonely, finds comfort & commitment in a gay man, to whom, she offers to father her child. Now, that's a different way of looking at things, but its a great concept. The clichés of the hero & heroine are done away here & what is served here is a tale of love, despite both the sexes ever indulging sexually.

However, 'The Object of My Affection' is hurdled by an erratic Screenplay. The Late/Great Wendy Wasserstein's Adapted Screenplay stagnates after a point. Of course, the lighthearted tone is wonderfully maintained & the film begins very well, but you wish the Writer had opted for a little more. The final 30-minutes, in particular, aren't impressive enough. I wanted more of the interaction between the unlikely couple, rather than newer characters & their importance.

Nicholas Hytner's Direction is fine. Cinematography is excellent. Editing is alright. Art & Costume Design are perfect. George Fenton's Score is passable.

Performance-Wise: Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd are in complete form. Aniston is natural to the core & makes you feel for her love towards a man who isn't attracted to her, while Rudd is magic as her companion, who also loves her, but just not the way she expects. Their on-screen chemistry, also, is easy. John Pankow is first-rate. Veterans Allison Janney & Alan Alda are adequate. Steve Zahn has a very small role, but he's effective, as always.

On the whole, 'The Object of My Affection' isn't as brave as it should've been, nonetheless, its a breezy watch.
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One of the sweetest movies ever
marigoldgirl7712 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers
*CONTAINS SPOILERS* The Object of my Affection is one of the sweetest movies I've ever seen. Jennifer Aniston portrays Nina Berowoski, young woman living in Brooklyn, New York. She meets George Hanson (Paul Rudd) at a party being thrown by her step- sister, Constance (Alison Janney) and husband Sidney (Alan Alda.) George is gay, and ends up breaking up with his boyfriend. George comes to live with Nina and they become best friends. When Nina becomes pregnant by her boyfriend, Vince (John Pankow,) she realizes that she would rather raise her baby with George. Vince is angry, but later accepts the decision. Nina soon comes to realize that she has feelings for George, who is now into a relationship with a man named Paul. She denies it some, but not really, and eventually tells George how she feels. He does not feel the same way, which makes Nina quite upset, but she eventually moves on. It is a wonderful, heartwarming story which I enjoyed very much. Jennifer Aniston does a spectacular job, as she does in every other movie and Friends episode. Jennifer Aniston is my absolute favorite actress, and I enjoy watching her in anything. This is a great movie, and if you like Jennifer Aniston, as I do, you ought to see it.
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Suprisingly good
djmccord2 January 2001
Despite the film's dubious premise, it is suprisingly good. It may have you wondering at first, but the story refrains from being overly simplistic. I wasn't very eager to see another "the only good guys are the gay ones" type movie where heterosexual women get the best of both worlds in a sensitive, caring, homosexual. Unfortunately this is how the movie was marketed; fortunately this is not where the movie ended. A definite movie to recommend.
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stirred_mind13 May 2000
This film is full of nice touches. It has great actors, a good length, a cool story and it proves that Jennifer Aniston can do a good dramatic movie well. (not that she hasn't already).

Aniston plays Nina, a lovely lady who has just lost her boyfriend. Uh-oh. Now she has fallen in love with a gay guy (Paul Rudd), and does he have the same feelings?

This film is entertaining and lovely to watch. It made me feel warm inside.

My rating : 8/10. Its just lovely.
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Great movie. Do not miss it!
sid-1317 November 1998
A surprising film and worth every single minute! Paul Rudd and Jenifer Aniston have great performances and give the story the touch of reality that captures you. Never mind what critics say, go for it. Predictable it might be in a way, but the story and the characters are really moving. Just like "I Think I Do" this one is already included in my all-time favourites.
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This great and typical 90's movie!!
CarlosG18 February 1999
Hello you people. Im Daniel. I want talk you about this wonderfll movie. The Object of my Affection is a great moovie, and it has a modern plot, sure written by talent writers. This film is very modern and talks about many stuff of the 90's, and i think every single young person should see this movie, because it shows tolerance, respect by different kind of people, and good love and friendship. The actors play very well their characters, specially Jennifer Aniston, who is very talented and a pretty good actress, besides a nice face. The film's direction is great. So, i guess everybody has to watch this movie. Thanks.
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Touching, the best romance of 1998, so far.
Dale-3127 October 1998
I was pleasantly surprised by this film. Jennifer Aniston proved herself to be a serious actress. Paul Rudd did a magnificent job. Despite critics and other audience members alike, this is one of my all-time favorite romances, particularly because it didn't have a Hollywood ending.
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Some people just won't "get" this movie
tomntempe31 May 2004
The essential elements that make this movie enjoyable for those who do "get it" have already been covered so no sense in repeating them. I don't think you'll like this movie if you have never had at least some of the experiances of these characters, things will just seem to foreign to you. For example, if you have never really known what's it's like to be in a relationship where you want the other person and they don't want you the same way you will have a hard time relating. If you have never been the third wheel that can't move on or at least been one of the wheels of the three, you may not be able to relate.

I guess what I'm saying is that this movie isn't so much about explaining how these things come about, it's more of a reflection of what happens when they do. So if you don't already have some familarity the movie may just leave you cold, especially when it makes some of the jumps where it seems like something has been left out. If you've been there you know, if not, you are just left wondering.
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Two Great Leads Here!
famousgir128 October 2001
The Object Of My Affection is an okay movie, nothing that brilliant though. I have to say Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston both did give great performances. They work well together and have great chemistry. Well, this isn't the best of comedys out there, but like I said to the leads are great. All in all, not too bad.
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