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Composer Carter Burwell’s Goodbye Christopher Robin Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD Drops on October 27

Sony Classical announces the release of Goodbye Christopher Robin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) with an original score by Academy Award®-nominated composer Carter Burwell.

The soundtrack will be released digitally on October 13 and on CD on October 27, 2017. The film will be released in the Us on October 13, 2017.

Pre-order here.

Goodbye Christopher Robin is directed by Simon Curtis (My Week with Marilyn, Woman in Gold) and will be released in Us theaters by Fox Searchlight Pictures on October 13, 2017.

Carter Burwell said about the score:

“One of the riskier decisions Simon Curtis and I made with the score was to withhold the main theme until the middle of the film, when A. A. Milne begins to write and his friend Ernest Shepard begins to illustrate “Winnie The Pooh”. We did this to make that moment especially noteworthy, to make it the turning point of the story. Before that point, the music plays
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6 Jennifer Aniston movies that are actually good

6 Jennifer Aniston movies that are actually good
We don't want to get involved in the whole 'Poor Jen' narrative - painting her like some kind of modern day Ophelia - but it's true that the recently married actress has struggled to replicate her success outside of Friends (not that's she's alone there).

But among the laboured romantic 'comedies' and dramas rank with the stench of pathos, Aniston has actually appeared in a few cinematic gems. We've searched out these tranquil islands in the sea of Metacritic reds and yellows:

Office Space

A cult comedy with a dark edge but soft heart, Mike 'Beavis & Butt-head' Judge's Office Space was a flop on release in 1999 but has rightly become a cult classic in the years since. Peter, Samir and Michael are three programmers stuck in an office job from hell, which only gets more hellish with the arrival of a pair of consultants looking to "downsize".

A mishap at
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Oscar Winner Went All the Way from Wyler to Coppola in Film Career Spanning Half a Century

Teresa Wright and Matt Damon in 'The Rainmaker' Teresa Wright: From Marlon Brando to Matt Damon (See preceding post: "Teresa Wright vs. Samuel Goldwyn: Nasty Falling Out.") "I'd rather have luck than brains!" Teresa Wright was quoted as saying in the early 1950s. That's understandable, considering her post-Samuel Goldwyn choice of movie roles, some of which may have seemed promising on paper.[1] Wright was Marlon Brando's first Hollywood leading lady, but that didn't help her to bounce back following the very public spat with her former boss. After all, The Men was released before Elia Kazan's film version of A Streetcar Named Desire turned Brando into a major international star. Chances are that good film offers were scarce. After Wright's brief 1950 comeback, for the third time in less than a decade she would be gone from the big screen for more than a year.
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Crush of the week: Frasier Crane

‘The key to the character’s success, and indeed his charm, is that Frasier was just as often the butt of the joke as he was the originator’

Around the age of 15, I fell madly in love. The object of my affection was unexpected: an older man, a Seattle-based psychiatrist who lived with his father and his father’s dog. Dr Frasier Crane – a vain, pompous, but ultimately kind man – is fictional. But he is as real to me as anyone else.

Much of his charm comes down to his humour. Frasier, as played by Kelsey Grammer, is A Funny Guy. But the key to the character’s success, and indeed his charm, is that Frasier was just as often the butt of the joke as he was the originator. It is impossible to distil the wit of Frasier into a single quote, particularly as Grammer is also a gifted physical performer,
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How Jennifer Aniston Is Connected to Every Golden Globe Nominee in 6 Degrees or Less

How Jennifer Aniston Is Connected to Every Golden Globe Nominee in 6 Degrees or Less
Move over Kevin Bacon! When it comes to working with everyone in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston may be the actor to beat.

While Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon -- an idea that came from the actor himself when, in 1994, he told Premiere magazine that he’s worked with everybody -- has become the ultimate trivia game, it may be time to re-think who’s actually at the nexus.

Thanks in large part to Friends -- the former NBC sitcom now streaming on Netflix -- Aniston worked with a number of stars well before they were famous. And in the years since the series ended, Aniston has shared the screen with a few but key number of A-listers. But it wasn’t until she earned a 2015 Golden Globe nomination for her role in Cake that we realized she’s practically worked with everyone in Hollywood.

Look: 2015 Golden Globe Nominees in Photos

Ahead of this year’s Golden Globes, we played
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Jennifer Aniston’s 'Cake' performance earns Sbiff honor

  • Hitfix
Jennifer Aniston’s 'Cake' performance earns Sbiff honor
Clearly drunk on Netflix’s mass uploading of all 10 "Friends" seasons, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival announced Friday evening that Jennifer Aniston would earn its Montecito Award. The fest’s prestigious accolade reconigzes a performer who has "given a series of classic and standout performances throughout his or her and whose style has made a major contribution to film." Previous winners include Oprah Winfrey, Daniel Day-Lewis, Geoffrey Rush, Julianne Moore, Kate Winslet, Javier Bradem, Naomi Watts, and Annette Bening. Sbiff honors Aniston for her "inspirational performance" in "Cake." "Once in a while a performer who we thought we knew gets outside of his or her comfort zone and shows us the unexpected,” said Sbiff Executive Director Roger Durling in a statement. “When that happens it is cause for celebration – and this is why the 2015 Montecito Award is bestowed upon Ms. Aniston." Aniston’s career is worthy of praise, though
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Jennifer Aniston’s Awards-Season Run Continues With Santa Barbara Salute

Jennifer Aniston’s Awards-Season Run Continues With Santa Barbara Salute
Continuing her awards season heat, Jennifer Aniston has just been named recipient of this year’s Montecito Award, to be presented on Friday, January 30th at the historic Arlington Theatre, during the 30th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Aniston has already been nominated for a SAG Award, Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Movie Award for her acclaimed performance as a woman suffering from chronic pain in Cake. The film, directed by Daniel Barnz, premiered in September at the Toronto International Film Festival and is currently in the midst of a one-week Oscar qualifying run in Los Angeles. It opens formally on January 23rd.

Aniston follows a long list of actors who have received the Montecito Award including Daniel Day-Lewis, Geoffrey Rush, Julianne Moore, Kate Winslet, Javier Bardem, Naomi Watts, Annette Bening and last year’s recipient Oprah Winfrey. The festival says it was created in “recognition of a performer
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They Came Together

They Came Together

Directed by: David Wain Cast: Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Ed Helms, Melanie Lynskey, Michael Ian Black, Ken Marino, Cobie Smulders, Chris Meloni

Running Time: 1 hr 23 mins

Rating: R

Release Date: June 27, 2014 (Chicago)

Plot: Two New Yorkers (Rudd and Poehler) recount the unexpected tale of how they met.

Who’S It For? If you watch romantic comedies, see this film. If you like Paul Rudd and/or Amy Poehler, this is not a film that can be missed.


The formula of the romantic comedy remains one of the most unchanged in all of Earth’s science; the gravity of characters within a film of this type can feel more guaranteed than gravity in real life itself. Thus, there is a grandiose amount of catharsis, and stupidly loud baboon-like laughter, to be experienced with David Wain’s They Came Together, a mad man’s giddy concoction that is spirited by its bold,
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TriStar Productions And BBC Films Greenlight The Lady In The Van Starring Maggie Smith

Tom Rothman’s TriStar Productions has joined with BBC Films to greenlight The Lady In The Van, Alan Bennett’s adaptation of his commercial and critical West End hit, based on his own bestselling memoir.

Dame Maggie Smith, the star of the Downton Abbey phenomenon, will reprise one of her most-loved stage roles for the big screen, under the direction of Nicholas Hytner.

The film tells the true story of Miss Shepherd, an eccentric woman of uncertain origins, who “temporarily” parked her broken down van in Bennett’s London driveway… and proceeded to live there for the next fifteen years. Smith, who will play the singular Miss Shepherd, will be joined by Alex Jennings (The Queen), who will play both Bennett and, with some movie magic, his alter ego, Ab.

The film will be Hytner’s first directorial outing after ending his massively successful decade at the head of the British National Theatre.
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Poker Night: Dead Man’s Hand

The Horror, the Horror!

Why isn’t there a quality, poker-themed horror movie? The title, "Poker Night: Dead Man's Hand," is a bit campy, but so are many horror movies. Imagine eight college grads uniting on a remote island for a night of boozing and strip poker. The plot writes itself. One by one, the clothing layers are removed and one by one, the players get lured from the table and slaughtered in a most grizzly fashion.

At the end, there is only one person left, and she (it has to be a she) is forced to play our killer in a poker game to the death. All you can see is the killer’s eyes behind a Yoda mask (or any other mask that terrifies you), as he deals the cards on the blood-soaked table. The girl shivers, forced to face her fears while playing the most important game of her life.
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The top 25 underappreciated films of 1996

Odd List Ryan Lambie Simon Brew 31 Oct 2013 - 07:01

We train our sights on the year 1996, and the 25 underappreciated films it has to offer...

Independence Day managed to revive both the alien invasion movie and the disaster flick in 1996, and just about every other mainstream picture released that year lived in its saucer-shaped shadow.

Yet beyond the aerial battles of Independence Day, the flying cows in Twister, and the high-wire antics of Tom Cruise in Brian De Palma's Mission: Impossible, there sat an entire library of lesser-known and underappreciated movies.

As part of our attempts to highlight the unsung greats of the 90s, here's our selection of 25 such films from 1996 - the year chess champion Garry Kasparov lost to the might of the computer Deep Blue, and the year comedy star Jim Carrey starred in an unexpectedly dark tale of obsession...

25. The Cable Guy

We can't sit here and
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Is Jennifer Aniston Box Office Poison?

Is Jennifer Aniston Box Office Poison?
Google "Jennifer Aniston Box Office Poison," and here are some of the headlines on the first page of results: "Jennifer Aniston's 10 Biggest Box Office Failures," "Celebrities With Good Looks Don't Always Translate Box Office Hits" and "Another Box Office Bomb For Jennifer Aniston!"

Which is to say that, for many industry observers, Aniston doesn't carry much box-office clout. "Over the past decade, she dropped one box-office bomb after another during her attempted run as the next America’s Sweetheart," Kevin Fallon wrote for The Daily Beast. "She’s failed as the next rom-com queen. She’s flailing in her attempt at becoming a lascivious leading lady. So what, exactly, do we want from Jennifer Aniston?"

Well, maybe we're already getting it: For instance, Aniston's new film "We're the Millers" is headed toward a debut week tally of about $30 million in North America. It's not like Aniston is fronting movies like "The Lone Ranger.
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Celebrating Sixteen Years of Jennifer Aniston’s Best Romantic Comedy Role

Next Wednesday marks the release of Rawson Marshall Thurber’s raunchy comedy, We’re The Millers, a Jason Sudeikis- and Jennifer Aniston-starring affair that aims to make international drug smuggling fun for the whole family (even if that family is a fake one, like the one in the film). It’s also another film that aims to convince America that both Sudeikis and Aniston are bonafide movie stars, a claim that we’re still not entirely sure is true (even if we do think that Sudeikis is well on his way). The problem lies with Aniston, an actress that has never been better, funnier, or more interesting than she was on the television show that made her (we’re talking about Friends here, you’ve probably heard of it). Aniston has starred in plenty of films over the course of her career – including Leprechaun, She’s the One, The Object of My Affection
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A (straight) person’s guide to talking about queer cinema

Growing up gay as a suburban teenager in the mid 90s, my access to queer culture was severely limited (ie nonexistent). Before the proliferation of the internet, one relied on the “gay” section in bookstores and video stores, if there even was one, to seek out examples of visible representation in the media throughout the years. I remember one day as a high school junior skipping class to go see The Object of My Affection at the local mall, a Jennifer Aniston rom-com in which Paul Rudd plays a gay character. I knew nothing about the movie or Paul Rudd (odds are that in 1998 if he were famous he wouldn’t have been playing gay), but the fact that there was a movie playing at the local multiplex with a gay character in it was enough to drive identification-starved me to ditch school. It was a formative experience at the time,
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10 Sexiest Women Of 1998

It’s another year and so our lives have again been lit up the alluring presences of these enormously sexy actresses and models, who are not only obviously totally hot but have proven to be worthy role models for 1998′s new generation of young women. Blond, brunette, red-head, this list has got ‘em all, and these women manage to combine their hotness with extremely appealing personalities to boot – never a bad thing!

Here are the 10 sexiest women of 1998…

10. Jennifer Aniston

If Jennifer Aniston is by now a household name stemming from her role as Rachel Green on the hit show Friends – there’s even a haircut named after her character, for God’s sake! – last year saw the actress taking on impressive new challenges in the world of cinema, nabbing her first starring role in Picture Perfect.

For all of its flaws, the film certainly demonstrated Aniston’s acting credentials,

85th Academy Awards Get Four More Presenters, Including Two Best Actor Winners

Douglas, Rudd, Aniston, and Foxx: 85th Academy Awards ceremony presenters Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston, and Best Actor Academy Award winners Jamie Foxx and Michael Douglas will be presenters at the 85th Academy Awards show, producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron have said. A former TV star (Friends), Aniston's film appearances includes those in The Break-Up, The Switch, Bruce Almighty, Marley and Me, with Owen Wilson, Along Came Polly, The Good Girl and Office Space. Most recently, Aniston and Paul Rudd were featured in the critical and box-office flop Wanderlust. The screen couple had better luck with the romantic comedy-drama The Object of My Affection, which came out in the late 1990s. Rudd, for his part, has been featured in both leading and supporting roles in more than 50 motion pictures, frequently in broad, low-brow comedies. Among his credits are the Judd Apatow-directed comedy This Is 40, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, I Love You,
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Scream Debuts: 9 Big Stars Who Started in Horror

Not all great cinema stars have the most auspicious beginnings to their lives in celluloid. Some start in commercials, TV, bit parts, background work. Hell, a few even dabble in porn (we're looking at you, Sylvester Stallone).

Ground zero for acting talent, more often than not, is the horror genre. This being Halloween season, we decided to highlight a few mega-talents who jumpstarted their careers in much the same way they entered the world: naked, screaming and covered in blood.

George Clooney, 'Return to Horror High' (1987)

It took the "Ides of March" actor-director a solid decade in show business before he launched into superstardom as Dr. Doug Ross on "ER." Good ol' Gorgeous George may have paid his dues at the school of hard knocks, but he earned his diploma from "Horror High" playing an actor who gets killed by a serial killer while filming a movie about that killer.
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Exclusive: Ashli Haynes Cast in Noir Feature 'Way Down In Chinatown'

By Seth Metoyer,

Although Way Down In Chinatown officially wrapped its whirlwind shoot last weekend, production team Eric Michael Kochmer, Jonathan Haloosim (22Mm Productions) and the MOnsterworks66 duo, Angel Corbin and Maria Olsen, are taking time out to official welcome the multi-talented Ashli Haynes to the cast.

Haynes plays the alluring yet tainted Annie Loraine, who may well turn out to be far more than either Victor or Jessica Mitchum – played respectively by Justin Dray and Stephanie Sanditz – can handle. She will also share screen time with Lisa Loring and Nancy Wolfe, of The Addams Family and Helter Skelter fame respectively, as well as, among others, Kochmer, Corbin and Olsen.

Haynes is a stranger to neither stage nor screen and has known from the young age of 3 that she was destined to be a performer. At 10, she found herself in ‘The Object of My Affection’, starring Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd.
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The HeyUGuys UK DVD/Blu-Ray Release Round-Up – 25th June

Last week saw the release of one of this year’s biggest British films, The Woman in Black, and this week brings to the shelves another highly impressive box office success from our shores in the form of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Add to that some excellent HD treatment releases from Studio Ghibli, and we’re looking at a fantastic array of films newly released this week.

My picks of the week:

John Madden’s The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel & Jason Reitman’s Young Adult

And the Blu-ray release of Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Iframe Embed for Youtube

DVD and Blu-ray (both inc. Digital Copy)

The Oscar-nominated director, John Madden (Shakespeare in Love), one of the UK’s finest men behind the camera, returns with one of the most impressive casts of any British film this year, headed up by Bill Nighy,
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Blu-ray, DVD Release: Wanderlust

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: June 19, 2012

Price: DVD $29.98, Blu-ray $34.98

Studio: Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston give communal lifestyles a whirl in Wanderlust.

Jennifer Aniston (Horrible Bosses) and Paul Rudd (Our Idiot Brother) re-team for the first time since the 1998 rom-com movie The Object of My Affection in the raunchy comedy film Wanderlust.

Rudd and Aniston star as George and Linda, a marriend couple living in New York City who decide to get out of town for a spell after George loses his high-stress Manhattan job. Hitting the road and heading down South, the unemployed couple stops at a seemingly normal bed and breakfast in Georgia that turns out to be a bizarre commune known as Elysium. Game for a change of pace, the two give the free-spirited, communal life-style a shot, but are they truly ready to trade in their city lives for an existence peppered with hippies,
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