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All computer F/X and no comedy!
Renaldo Matlin17 March 2002
Boy, I can hear those producers right now: "That's great, a movie-version of My Favorite Martian... That calls for computer FX! Get me those CGI-people!"

The writers: "Well, we were hoping that the story..."

The Producers: "Yes, yes, yes! But enough with the story, GET ME COMPUTER FX!!! GOTTA HAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF FX!!! KIDS WILL LOVE IT!!!"

And thus yet another charming 60's TV-show was mutilated by Hollywood.

This movie version is so loaded with pointless F/X they left no room for a story, not to mention comedy! All though Jeff Daniels and Christopher Lloyd try their best the story just ISN'T FUNNY. Not to mention that dreadful ZOOT-character voiced by Wayne Knight: it ranks as one of the most annoying film characters off all time, alongside the infamous Jar Jar Binks.

One plus worth mentioning: the star of the original show, Ray Walston, turns up and he is in surprisingly good form.
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How can you go wrong with Disney?
glentom131 August 2006
When I was a kid in the 50's and 60's anything connected with Disney was by definition great. What happened? They are able to get any actors and actresses they want, the best of their time. But somehow Disney manages to screw things up in spite of their abundant resources.

Disney can afford the best writers, the best producers and directors, but still...they screw things up! This movie is crap. The sad thing is that I suspect Disney in their arrogance does not even know when a movie is good or bad.

It is only due to the talent of the actors that I can even give it a 3 of 10.
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Does not do the Original justice. Not worth spending your time and money on....
JMEC3 March 1999
We went into this movie because my husband had enjoyed the original version of `My favourite Martian'. We had our 6 year old daughter with us. She wanted to leave halfway through the movie which was fine with both her parents! The parts we did see were only occasionally humorous, mostly either too silly or gross. I would expect that this movie might appeal to kids between 9-12, if that. It's definitely not suited for younger children. From what I've heard the original series was by far superior and if you are going to "relive the past" you'll probably be disappointed.
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I'm so sorry to report that this film is not worth the time of day
inkblot1110 July 2007
Tim (Gary Daniels) wants desperately to break into serious television reporting. When a job he begged for goes awry, he is fired. His beautiful but empty girlfriend (Elizabeth Hurley) says sayonara, too. Coming home, Tim is startled to discover his house has an uninvited visitor (Christopher Lloyd) from the planet Mars! Calling him Uncle Martin, Tim soon tries to help his new friend navigate life on earth. But, Martin gets in trouble wherever he goes, from the bathroom to the laundry room and more. Lovely Lizzie (Daryl Hannah) finally sees an opportunity to make time with Tim but the course of true love does not run smooth in this case, either. Soon everyone in television is stalking Tim, hoping for a story about a true alien. What's a man to do? For those who loved the old television show of the same name, with Bill Bixby and Ray Walston, this film is not worthy to tie the proverbial boots. Its truly, undeniably awful, with no plot and a reliance on supposed special effects which fall flat, too. Daniels is okay as the earthling but Lloyd is simply terrible as the alien, overacting up a storm. The rest of the cast is adequate, as are the costumes, set, and production details. Even if your children see the cover and beg for this film, convince them to pick out another flick at the video store. Be assured, kids and adults will find this movie a colossal bore, so opt for A Night at the Museum or Around the World in 80 Days instead.
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Embarrassed Ray Walston to death.
fullonrobotchubby20 October 2006
Shazbot, is this embarrassing. In fact, here's a list of 100 that makes up the embarrassment: 1.) a failed comeback for Christopher Lloyd. 2.) Jeff Daniels basically playing the same role he played in the live 101 Dalmatians remake which wasn't too juicy to begin with. He sure has a funny way of promoting his Purple Rose Theatre... 3.) Disnefluff. 4.) another disappointing reminder that Wallace Shawn is to Disney what Jet Li was to Bob Hoskins in Unleashed. 5.) Ray Walston, the original martian from the TV series, played a bit part (read "cameo") in this flick and died two years later of lupus. Coincidence? 6.) awful special effects. Seriously - awful. 7.-100.) that damn talking, farting suit voiced to an annoying degree by Wayne Knight ("Newman!"). My favorite scene? HA! HA ha, ha! Ha ha ha ha ha... Whew!... Good one. You - You're a joker. Okay, let's wrap up this review with a moment of silence for this franchise's agonizing death, and if you would like, you can say a quick prayer that Disney doesn't forget this travesty and do something silly like a movie adaptation of "Mork and Mindy" starring Tim Allen.........................................................
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Pointless, absolutely pointless!
TheLittleSongbird27 July 2009
This movie tries hard, but completely lacks the fun of the 1960s TV series, that I am sure people do remember with fondness. Although I am 17, I watched some of the series on YouTube a long time ago and it was enjoyable and fun. Sadly, this movie does little justice to the series.

The special effects are rather substandard, and this wasn't helped by the flat camera-work. The script also was dull and lacked any sense of wonder and humour. Other films with under-par scripting are Home Alone 4, Cat in the Hat, Thomas and the Magic Railroad and Addams Family Reunion.

Now I will say I liked the idea of the story, but unfortunately it was badly executed and ran out of steam far too early, and I am honestly not sure for this reason this is something for the family to enjoy. And I was annoyed by the talking suit, despite spirited voice work from Wayne Knight.

But the thing that angered me most about this movie was that it wasted the talents of Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Daniels and Daryl Hannah, all very talented actors. Jeff Daniels has pulled off some good performances before, but he didn't seem to have a clue what he was supposed to be doing, and Elizabeth Hurley's character sadly came across as useless. Daryl Hannah is a lovely actress and generally ignored, and I liked the idea of her being the love interest, but sadly you see very little of her,(not to mention the Monster attack is likely to scare children than enthrall them) likewise with Wallace Shawn as some kind of government operative. Christopher Lloyd acquits himself better, and as an actor I like Lloyd a lot(he was in two of my favourite films Clue and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and I am fond of Back To The Future) but he was given little to work with, and had a tendency to overact quite wildly.

Overall, as much I wanted to like this movie, I was left unimpressed. Instead of being fun, it came across as pointless, and that is a shame because it had a lot of potential, with some talented actors and a good idea, but wasted with poor execution. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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Tried too hard
Dax-819 May 2002
All I can say is I'm glad I didn't pay good money to see this, I watched it on T.V the other night. It lacked a decent script and had none of the charm of the original series. The studio sacrificed plot and character development for special effects and an attempt at slapstick. Was very disappointed in the end.
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Why Was This Movie Made?
Enrique-Sanchez-5623 February 2002
There is no possible reason I can fathom why this movie was ever made.

Why must Hollywood continue to crank out one horrible update of a classic after another? ( Cases in point: Mister Magoo, The Avengers - awful! )

Christopher Lloyd, whom I normally enjoy, was so miserably miscast in this role. His manic portrayal of our beloved "Uncle Martin" is so unspeakably unenjoyable to be almost criminal. His ranting, groaning, grimacing and histrionics provide us with no reason to care for his character except as some 1 dimensional cartoon character.

The director must have thought that fast movements, screaming dialogue and "one-take" slapstick had some similarity to comedy. Apparently he told EVERY ACTOR to act as if they had red ants in their pants.

Fault must lie with the irresponsibly wrought script. I think the writer used "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" as an example of a fine comedy script. As manic as that 1963 classic is, it is far superior to this claptrap - in fact - suddenly it looks pretty good in comparison.

What is most sad about this movie is that it must have apparently been written to appeal to young children. I just am not sure whose children it was made for. Certainly no self-respecting, card-carrying child I know!

If they HAD to remake "My Favorite Martian", why didn't they add some of the timeless charm of the original classic?

Unfortunately, cannot factor in "zero" as a rating for its readers, that is the only rating that comes to mind in describing this travesty.

One good thing did come from this movie, the actors and crew were paid - I think.
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The big green man has arrived
iprudd7 March 2001
This was yet another big screen outing for a US TV show from the sixties It is amusing enough but was very much to formula. Intelligent Martian lands on Earth and meets the not too bright humans, in his view.

The usual wackiness ensues with the human, Bridges, eventually bonds with him and helps him to get home. Along the way he also gets the girl, Hannah.

This is a nice outing for some pleasant Hollywood stars who I had not seen for a while.

Pleasant enough to pass some spare time if you have not got anything better to view.
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Shoot This One Back To Mars
jcholguin25 December 2003
I grew up watching the original TV series in the sixties and one thing that I can tell you right away, there is NO comparison. This film was totally ridiculous with a flying suit that was alive. A martian that took different shapes. Special effects that looked like something that a little child would create. In contrast, in the original, characters were developed and the viewers developed a feeling for Tim and Uncle Martin. The only highlight in this film, yes, actually there was one, occurred when Ray Walston finally made an appearance at the end. He wore dark glasses and made references to living on this planet for 30 years as a sort of homage to the TV series. But even the real Uncle Martin could not save this turkey.
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Funny, interesting
TexasRed18 March 1999
My favorite martian I thought was good. Sometimes when old shows are remade they don't do justice, but I thought the new twist to this one was done in good taste. The talking suit brought more of the "Roger Rabbit" tone into the movie and brought it up to the 1999 pace. I used to watch the old My Favorite Martian tv show all the time and I liked it. I am glad that they brought Ray into the movie. He is older now, but he still has it.. I thought it was a good sequel to the old show. It added some things that really never was talked about in the old show (that I can remember) Now I wish that the old TV show was on the air in our area so I could see it again. I like My Favorite Martian, no matter what some think. It was funny, updated and good to see.
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A very pleasant distraction, kids loved it
slcbill28 February 1999
We found this film to be surprisingly enjoyable. I enjoyed it, with memories of the original series. My children, too young to remember the original series, also found it very amusing, and, in spots, quite funny. It is a bit more racy than the average Disney film, but not in any offensive way. The effects are well done, and the roles played out well. We may well see it again, and will definitely purchase the video.
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GrantCAGE16 April 2001
OK so the idea for a movie about a martian landing on earth and hounding a mere human being's life might seem a tad unoriginal, but this works!!!!! Christopher Lloyd is really funny as 'Uncle Martin' and Jeff Daniels is on good form throughout too! I just love the animated Zoot, he's hilarious! We also have the romantic aspects of the movie with Daryl Hannah and Liz Hurley which makes the movie even more fun! The jokes throughout maybe a little obvious and the plots a bit predictable, but it's still funny, engaging stuff for both adults and children. I laughed out loud at it myself and i'm 17! When a movie is this colourful and enjoyable and funny, who cares about originality?!!!!
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Good old fashioned fun!
bobrandt12 May 2003
This movie gets a lot of bad lip, what do people expect. This is a Disney movie (with a PG??) rating.

Doesn't score high on originality nor depth of plot. It's just good clean fun for the whole family. And it does have a couple of good laughs.

The Martian character has been transposed into our time, not the well-mannered 1960's Martian.

On the absolute downside... Elizabeth Hurley obviously has neither shame nor acting abilities (at least they are well hidden).
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A Great Family Show!
JT-5528 March 1999
My 6 & 9 year old children loved this show. They haven't stopped talking about it 3 weeks later. For Mom and Dad it provided some light entertainment and was well worth the family outing.
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It was boring and was not funny at all!! I almost left the movie!!
ED-13214 February 1999
I thought that My Favorite Martian was very boring and drawn out!! It was not funny at all. The audience just sat through the whole movie and didn't laugh at all!!! Not even the kids laughed!! That is sad for a Disney movie!! I thought they could have found somebody better to play the martian rather than Christopher Lloyd!! He was really stupid!! And he was not funny!! I thought the talking suit was really dumb!!! In the original television series the suit doesn't talk and move around!! In my opinion they should not have wasted their time on this movie!! I give it two thumbes down!! Really a waste of time and I would not recommend the movie to anybody!!! Thank You!!
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I actually found it to be funny
Terryfan27 September 2015
I might be crazy but I did actually enjoy this film is it a perfect film? No but did I like it? Yes

I never seen the original show so I didn't have any high hopes or anything of that nature going into this film. I just remember seeing it on PPV for the first time with the family back in 1999 so It was a film I would just sit back relax and enjoy.

Jeff Daniels, Christopher Lloyd,Daryl Hannah, Elizabeth Hurley Wallace Shawn star in this Family/comedy from Disney. Also features Wayne Knight in a Uncredited voice role as the voice of Zoot

I actually enjoy the film for having some creative humor and the plot did hold my interest. I do think they could have done the film without a few of the "JOKES" they made in the film but the rest do work

If you don't take this movie seriously you might actually find it funny because I did and yes it's not a perfect movie but I have seen worse

I give My Favorite Martian an 7 out of 10
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Just did not have enough jokes and story.
FilmFanInTheHouse30 March 2008
My Favourite Martian (1999, Dir. Donald Petrie)

Life couldn't get much worse for News Producer Tim O'Hara. He humiliates the one he loves, Brace Channing and ends up getting fired by her father. Then, a Martian from Mars arrives in his home. The Martian adopts the name 'Uncle Martin' and becomes friends with Tim, whilst he fixes his ship. Unaware to Martin, Tim actually wants to reveal him to the world, but can he actually do that to his new friend and 'Uncle'?

I was very young when this came out, and at the time i loved it. I am not familiar at all with the original TV series and had never seen any of the episodes, but i do know what makes a good film, and this film isn't exactly a good film. The film just did not have a well built story. The film just seemed to have a lot of scenes of talking and walking around. The film was basically just following them around in their normal lives. When action did begin to pick up, this was very limited and was over in a matter of minutes. The characters really didn't have much character in them. There weren't many jokes at all coming from any of them. Christopher Lloyd only seemed to play the most interesting character and did provide me with a few laughs. He had all the perfect characteristics, but this still doesn't save a poorly written film.

"Is there an alien amongst us?" - Brace Channing (Elizabeth Hurley)
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i liked this film...
blueglittersunshine6 October 2007
I'm only 17, so I've never seen the old show. But, I liked this movie. I saw it with my parents when I was 10. I don't know why everyone is complaining. Christopher Lloyd is amazing! He's an amazing actor. I thought he did well. I'm not a big fan of Daryl Hannah or Elizabeth Hurley, but they did well, too. I liked it! The suit was creative, and I found him to be one of the funniest characters. Maybe some of you don't have the imagination, and maybe your children don't either. I see it as a creative movie. It's not my favorite movie of all time, but I liked it. It depends what your taste is. When I first saw it, I didn't know it was a show, and it didn't affect my opinion of it at all.
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lukem-5276020 April 2020
I have always had a big soft spot for this whacky sci-fi Family comedy since seeing it at the cinema way back in 1999!!! "My Favourite Martian" is a Disney production & that means it's a beautiful looking & expensive movie with fantastic special effects & fun silly humour but with a big heart. This is based on the old 60's t.v series which i had never seen so i always judged this fun film as it is, a big budget summertime fantasy comedy that anyone can & should enjoy!!!

I've always liked Jeff Daniels since his great performance in the 1990 Classic Arachnophobia & later in the hilarious Jim Carrey Comedy Dumb & Dumber, he's a funny guy in a straight faced type of performance & here he's good fun as News producer Tim O'Hara who gets mixed up with a being from out of space, a strange Martian played by a very funny Christopher Lloyd who ends up playing his Uncle Martin while on Earth, IT'S a fun whacky part for the great Christopher Lloyd who is legendary at playing whacky & eccentric characters like his Doc Brown from the Back to the Future films. "Uncle Martin" has a sidekick with him, a super slick silver & stretchy space suit named Zoot voiced by Wayne Knight (Jurassic Park, SpaceJam) & the rest of the cast is rounded out by a solid & fun cast with the beautiful & seductive Elizabeth Hurley (Austin Powers) Daryl Hannah (Memoirs of an invisible man) & Wallace Shawn (Toy Story, Haunted Mansion) all who seem to be having a good time & i love Jeff Daniels apartment it's Awesome!!! There's just a nice sweet & feelgood vibe to this fantasy adventure & it's beautifully shot with it's summertime look & suburban settings & some lovely scenes by the beach side & a nice musical score that compliments everything. The special effects are very good, especially for it's time when computer effects hadn't completely taken over yet but they look great still & i love the nice buddy chemistry between Daniels & Lloyd & that gives the movie it's sweet good-hearted nature & there's just a nice sense of fun & plenty of fun adventure scenes & great chemistry between Daniels & Lloyd, wish they made a sequel as i love these two together. A genuinely just enjoyable fantasy comedy for the whole family, so just chillout & have some fun. Pure 90's fun.
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Well, entertaining - especially for kids - even if it's not particularly worthwhile
MovieAddict20168 February 2006
Out of the sky it came, like a spaceship itself. I remember the ads for it. I remembering thinking it had a great cast and great potential in this time of lousy Disney films. And then it landed on earth in the form of a movie. "My Favorite Martian". I waited till it came out on video, rented it, and watched it. And then it was over.

I wasn't exactly disappointed, but I was a bit let down. It has a lot of talent, a lot of material, and an okay outcome. It took some heat upon its release, but it really wasn't that bad. It was a bit less than I expected, but it was still entertaining.

It stars Jeff Daniels (''Dumb and Dumber''), as a TV producer named Tim O'Hara. One day he views a space ship come out of the atmosphere and watches it crash in front of him. As he investigates, a martian appears. The martian (Christopher "Doc Brown" Lloyd) assumes the name Uncle Martin (get it, "Martin," "Martian"?). Tim takes Uncle Martin and his space suit, named Zoot, (which/who becomes a character itself/himself/herself) back to his home. But what Tim doesn't know is that Uncle Martin and Zoot are capable of instant shape-shifting, and depending on what color of extraterrestrial gumball they're chewing, Martin (and the humans) can turn into a variety of monsters. This film could seriously boost the sales of chewing gum to young children, preferably young boys between the ages of 6-12. But back on subject now...

Along with this tale (loosely based on the 1960s television show by the same name) is a sappy love story. Tim is in love with a reporter named Brace (Elizabeth Hurley). The romance is put on hold at separate times during the film, and so we never truly get a handle on the whole bit. Tim is in love with Brace one moment, Lizzie (Daryl Hannah), his technician, the next moment. Call it romance. Call it love. Call it manipulating the audience.

The villains are all government scientists, led by Coleye (as in "e. coli"), a government-something-or-other who is seemingly mystified and obsesses with martians. Coleye is played by Wallace Shawn, whose film credits include "The Princess Bride" and "Toy Story." I've always admired him on-screen because he is a small screen presence, yet at the same time a strong one. He rarely plays a leading man, and in the rare ocassion he does, the film is a flop (see a film of his where his kid rents a new father). Wallace Shawn is one of the most underrated yet distinguished co-stars out there, and he demands just as much credit as the other actors on board, since he does very well with his character, who chases Tim and ''Uncle Martin'' because he wants to prove there is intelligent life on other planets. Uncle Martin, on the other hand, only wants to lay low, be friends with Tim and Lizzie, repair his spaceship and go home. Then he discovers ice cream, and all he wants to do is eat ice cream. (The side effects of ice cream are like alcohol to our bodies; Uncle Martin runs around and wrecks the ice cream shop, completely intoxicated. Must be the sugar-rush in the vanilla and chocolate.) In fact, the scene where Martin wrecks the ice cream shop was shown many times on the TV spots and trailers, and it made the film look more promising than the outcome.

There are some good moments in ''My Favorite Martian,'' including the ice cream shop segment. It looks as if everyone who made this film had a lot of fun. Christopher Lloyd and Jeff Daniels are cheery and happy the whole way through, which may be a good enough reason to see this film. But as I watch it, I can't help but compare it to other family films I've seen that are so many times more compelling, interesting and smart than "My Favorite Martian." But if you are looking for pure've found it.
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Very good actually !
Walle-228 January 2000
My Favorite Martian was gonna be like many others I thought. But they found new ways to do things. Like the talking suit, that was a new thing and not bad at all. You also got to see a few different aliens, which I thank them for. Mostly they never like show you anything of what they look like. All the aliens take human form when they come to earth and you never get too see "their real selves", but in this one you do. So I like My Favorite Martian very much. Disney has made two good "kid sci-fi movies" in the last year. First it was the superb Rocketman and now this one. Keep ´em comin´! My Favorite Martian get like 8.5 from me.
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Energetic but a movie can run on energy alone. **1/2 out of ****
Movie-1216 June 1999
I was surprised about how much I really liked about Disney's new live action re-make called "My Favorite Martian." It was action-packed, well acted, childish, energetic and has a suitable plot. But this is supposed to be a comedy, and I did not laugh very much in this picture, nor did I find the majority of it very amusing. While the movie will certainly satisfy kids, if I thought this film was too wide, then I can't imagine the average adult surviving it.

The film stars Jeff Daniels as a TV reporter named Tim O'Hara. in the movie, Tim has just had a very bad day. On his way home from work, he sees a bright light coming from the nighttime sky. Then what looks like an airplane crashes on the beach shore only feet from is car. In amazement, and curiosity, he walks over to investigate precariously.

What he finds is nothing, except an object that looks like a toy spaceship. He is soon joined in his search by his co-worker named Brace Channing, played by Elizabeth Hurley. She listens to what Tim saw, investigate, smokes, though here cigarette on the ground, thinks Tim is a nut-case, and storms away disappointedly.

We find out later that the toy Tim found is really an actual UFO that belongs to a creature from outer space, who used a shrinking device to make it really small. The alien takes the from of a human with his special capabilities. His name becomes Uncle Martin in a state of panic and confusion trying to cover up his existence.

Uncle Martin is very strange. He dresses in a galactic space suit that has feelings, can talk, move, fight, and spank people in the behind that he demonstrates in one scene several times. He also has a name: Zoot. Martin also can make his favorite foods fly around an area and land in his mouth, and chew gum that turns him into different life forms. If humans eat chew it, however, they will turn into ugly extraterrestrials.

At first, being a TV reporter, Tim only uses Martin so he can capture his species on camera, thus be responsible for the biggest story in history. But after a while, the script requires him to start to like Martin, and realize that the press would look him in a cell, destroying his care-free life.

The film has some very nice moments in it. The special effects are also first rate, including scenes where a shrunken car ride into the sewer and end up in the toilet of a fat man's house, who really has to go. The alien effects are also first rate. Thus, "My Favorite Martian" is not at all a bad movie.

But I have a real hard time calling it "Good."
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I'm 25 and I think this movie's hilarious
atlihafsteinsson23 July 2012
I have never seen the My Favorite Martian TV series so I have no frame of reference, which seems to be what let most of the reviewers here down. Well, far from being perfect, My Favorite Martian is a terrifically funny movie for all its worth. Christopher Lloyd and Jeff Daniels bounce off each other hilariously, and Elizabeth Hurley makes a hilarious supporting role as a snobbish reporter whose dad runs the TV studio.

You know the gist of the plot - a Martian lands on Earth and winds up in the home of a struggling reporter, who becomes conflicted on whether or not to expose him.

That's all there is to it, really. There is a lot of comedy and romance. All these reviews are way, WAY too harsh! I love intelligent movies as much as the next man and I can't stand overly brainless junk, but this movie really is neither; it's wedged far inbetween. My Favorite Martian is an innocent, fun flick with a lot of humour that makes me, a 25-year old man, laugh a lot at. Think of it as Rocketman's less-wacky little brother and you're on the right track.
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Fun movie, with a great showing by Zoot Suit
barryl-324 March 1999
Leave it to Disney for great animation, so realistic it's hard to believe it's not real.

This is a fun movie, with just a couple scenes I'd have rather not had young children seen.

I never saw the original series, but this was enjoyable for my son and I.
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