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  • IMF agent Ethan Hunt is sent to Sydney to find and destroy a genetically modified disease called "Chimera".

  • Chimera is a deadly virus that will bear a grisly death unless you are given the antidote. The creator of Chimera is murdered and the antidote is stolen by a disavowed I.M.F. Agent, Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott). The Impossible Mission Force, (I.M.F.), hire the skilled and charming Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), and the beautiful Nyah Hall (Thandie Newton), who has had her share with Ambrose. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to send Hall undercover to Ambrose and learn what she can for Hunt to bring down Chimera, but they will have to break into a secure lab by jumping off of buildings and dodging bullets. Its impossible.

  • Director John Woo brings Hong Kong-style martial arts action to this comic book-flavored sequel that eschews the complicated plot and political maneuverings of its predecessor in favor of pure, adrenaline-charged thrills. Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt, an operative for the top-secret government agency I.M.F. (Impossible Missions Force). Fellow Agent Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott) has gone rogue, stealing a sample of a deadly synthetic virus named Chimera that could rapidly wipe out the world's population. Ambrose's plan is to sell Chimera to the highest bidder in exchange for shares of stock in the winner's company. Summoned by the new I.M.F. Chief (Sir Anthony Hopkins in an uncredited cameo role), Ethan is assigned to recruit the help of Ambrose's former lover Nyah Hall (Thandie Newton), a gorgeous woman who left Ambrose, and who may be able to quickly regain his confidence. Once he meets and spends a night with Nyah, however, Ethan is smitten, and now must both capture Ambrose and keep Nyah alive as she infiltrates a nest of vipers.

  • I.M.F. Agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has been sent on a mission to retrieve and destroy the supply of a genetically created disease called "Chimera". His mission is made impossible due to the fact that he is not the only person after samples of the disease. He must also contest with a gang of international terrorists, headed by a rogue former I.M.F. Agent, who has already managed to steal the cure called "Bellerophon", and now needs "Chimera" to complete their grand plan of infecting the whole world. In order to infiltrate and locate the terrorist group he relies on the help of international thief Nyah Hall (Thandie Newton), who he quickly develops a love interest. Time is not only running out for Agent Hunt to find and destroy "Chimera" before the terrorists get their hands on it, but he must also find "Bellerophon" so as to save his love interest, who has already become infected by the disease from a terrible and rapid death.

  • A scientist, who is a friend of I.M.F. Agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), who is in Sydney, Australia, wants him to escort him to Atlanta, Georgia, which he does. While on the plane, something bizarre happens and Ethan kills the scientist. It is then revealed that Ethan is not Ethan, but someone posing as him. He and his cohorts jump out of the plane and then proceed to crash it into a mountain. The real Ethan is then summoned by his superior for a mission, but before undertaking it, he is instructed to recruit a woman named Nyah Hall (Thandie Newton), who is a thief, to help them. He does and goes to meet his boss, who tells him about his friend and the crash. He then tells him since Ethan was unavailable, he sent another Agent, Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott), who, like Ethan, is a disguise expert. They then conclude that Ambrose was the one who crashed the plane and took what his friend was carrying, which he called "Chimera". Ethan's mission is to get it back. He is then told that Nyah is Sean's old girlfriend and that he wants her back. Ethan is hesitant because it seems that the two of them have connected, but is convinced that she is their best chance to find Ambrose, so he asks her, and she agrees.

  • Pulled away from his vacation, I.M.F. Agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is given his latest assignment, where he is assigned to recruit Nyah Hall (Thandie Newton), a beautiful thief, and require her skills. After recruiting Nyah, Ethan's boss, Mission Commander Swanbeck (Sir Anthony Hopkins) gives Ethan the assignment. Renegade I.M.F. Agent Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott) has killed an old friend of Ethan's, Russian scientist Dr. Nekhorvich (Rade Serbedzija), and has stolen "Chimera", an engineered virus, and "Bellerophon", the cure, which Dr. Nekhorvich created and was carrying to Atlanta, Georgia, while accompanied by Sean, who was disguised as Ethan. Ethan learns Nyah was Sean's former lover and has been recruited to help Ethan track down Sean. After tracking down Sean, Ethan, Nyah, old friend and fellow I.M.F. Agent, computer expert Luthor Stickell (Ving Rhames) and Australian helicopter pilot Billy Biard (John Polson) arrive in Sydney, Australia. Where Ethan's mission is to destroy the "Chimera" virus and recover the "Bellerophon" cure, and stop Sean and a group of international terrorists from unleashing the "Chimera" virus and infecting the whole world, and save Nyah, who has been infected and find the cure, before she dies a terrible death.


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  • Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), while vacationing, is alerted by the IMF that someone has used his identity to assist Russian bio-chemical expert Dr. Vladimir Nekhorvich (Rade Serbedzija) of Biocyte Pharmaceuticals to enter the United States, but purposely crashed the commercial airliner en route. Nekhorvich, an old friend of Ethan, had forewarned the IMF of his arrival, planning to deliver a new virus called Chimera and its cure, Bellerophon, both of which he was forced to develop by Biocyte, into the IMF's hands. With the crash of the plane, IMF is worried that the virus is out in the open, believing that rogue IMF agent Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott) is behind the incident. IMF assigns Ethan to recover it. Ethan is told that he can use two members of his team to help him, but the third person to help him must be Nyah Nordoff-Hall (Thandie Newton), a professional thief presently operating in Seville, Spain as she will be able to get close to Ambrose, being an ex-girlfriend of his.

    After recruiting Nyah, Ethan meets his team, computer expert Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) and pilot Billy Baird (John Polson) in Sydney, Australia, where Biocyte laboratories are located along with Ambrose's headquarters. As Ethan and the others stake out Biocyte, Nyah gets close to Ambrose and begins to find any information related to the Chimera virus. At a horse racing event, Ambrose quietly meets with Biocyte's CEO, John C. McCloy (Brendan Gleeson), and shows him a video of the Chimera virus affecting one of Nekhorvich's colleagues taken from Biocyte, using the footage to force McCloy to cooperate with them. Nyah is able to steal the video footage long enough to transfer it to Ethan and his team, who learn that the Chimera virus has a 20-hour dormant period before it causes death through mass destruction of the victim's red blood cells. This is depicted through several increasingly graphic pictures, which show the victim dead after 37 hours. Bellerophon can only save the victim if used within the 20-hour window.

    The IMF team kidnaps McCloy and learns that Nekhorvich had actually injected himself with Chimera, the only way he could smuggle the virus from Biocyte, and had all the known samples of Bellerophon, now presently in Ambrose's hands. Ambrose has blackmailed McCloy to sell him the virus for £37,000,000 and promising to return the samples of Bellerophon. Ethan's team plans to break into Biocyte and destroy the virus. Ambrose, posing as Ethan, tricks Nyah into revealing Ethan's plan. Ambrose secures Nyah and prepares to raid Biocyte himself to secure the virus. Ethan is able to destroy all but one sample of the virus before Ambrose interrupts him, and an ensuing firefight begins. Ethan learns that Ambrose is holding Nyah and stops firing, during which Ambrose orders Nyah to retrieve the last sample. When she does so, she injects herself with it, thus preventing Ambrose from simply killing her to get it. As Ambrose takes Nyah, Ethan escapes from the laboratory and starts a 20-hour countdown before the virus takes over Nyah's body.

    Ambrose opts to let Nyah wander the streets of Sydney in a daze, and orders McCloy to effectively hand over enough control of Biocyte to make him the majority shareholder, or else Nyah's infection will cause a pandemic that will kill 17 million people in Australia alone; Ambrose's plan is to make a fortune when prices of Biocyte's stock skyrocket due to demand for Bellerophon. Ethan's team is able to locate and infiltrate the meeting, stealing the samples of Bellerophon while taking out many of Ambrose's men. Luther and Billy locate Nyah who has wandered to a cliff side, intent on killing herself to prevent Chimera from spreading. As the two IMF agents bring Nyah to Ethan, he and Ambrose engage in a fist fight and wilds out on Ambrose. With little time left on the 20-hour countdown, Ethan finally gains the upper hand over Ambrose and shoots him dead, and then Luther injects Nyah with Bellerophon. Ethan reports to IMF on the successful mission. IMF clears Nyah's criminal record, and allows Ethan to continue his vacation with her in Sydney.

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