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It belongs to the Top #250.
Dr_Sagan22 September 2013
This is a truly wonderful movie. In my opinion it belongs with the Classics.

What is a classic anyway? Something with timeless quality. And this movie has it.

Just saw this movie again for the 3rd or 4th time since it came out. I remembered almost every scene and still sat to watch it again. To see the great photography, to hear the inspirational music, to admire and have fun with the excellent performances of all actors, leading and supporting.

This movie has it all. It revives one of the more influential characters of all time, with the most appropriate way. You get a dramatic, even tragic, plot, and simultaneously a fun script. Emotion and comedy at the same time. Great visuals and scenery and also good action.

In my opinion this a highly underrated movie (6.7 for 2013 doesn't give it justice at all) and it belongs among the best. For the friend who gave a low rating a note: Not all the dramas have to be edgy and dark.

Overall: Highly recommended
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MR-ODIN6 March 2020
Entertaining and dashing, The Mask Of Zorro is a superb action film. Antonio Banderas gives the greatest performance of his career as Zorro. A thrilling action packed film, The Mask Of Zorro is a superbly crafted action film that is entertaining and thrilling throughout. The film is never boring and delivers terrific action. The acting is terrific as well, and the cast alongside Banderas is great. Anthony Hopkins stars as the original Zorro who takes an apprentice under his wing to exact revenge on the man who imprisioned him and took away his daughter.I have to admit, I never really was a big fan of the Zorro character, but after seeing this film I was blown away. The best way to describe this film is an action packed period piece. The story is engaging enough to keep the viewer entertained and thrilled. I viewed this film quit a few times since its initial release and it doesn't seem dated one bit. The film is just as good now as it was when first released. The Mask Of Zorro remains Antonio Banderas' best performance and he give his all on screen. He is the perfect choice to play Zorro. The film may be uneven, but it succeeds on many levels. A highly entertaining action packed adventure that hits the right notes. Even if it has imperfections, there are more high points than low points. An entertaining film that actually makes Zorro an interesting action hero again.
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Good entertainment!
Boba_Fett11386 June 2004
Martin Campbell sure knows how to make entertaining movies. After making "No Escape" and "GoldenEye" he brings us yet another entertaining movie; "The Mask of Zorro". He actually used to be one of my favorite directors after seeing those movies I just named but unfortunately he hasn't made anything good lately. Let's hope this change after completing "Zorro 2" that is currently being made.

"The Mask of Zorro" is just some good old fashioned fun with lot's of spectacular moments, good choreographed fight sequences, a love story and a good old fashioned stereotype villain.

The story is told in a good way which I think is mainly thanks to Campbell's directing. The pace is high and the combination between the action, the characters and their relations, romance and some of the comical moments is done very well, unlike some other movies from the same genre.

There is some nice cinematography that help to create a good atmosphere along with the musical score from James Horner. The end fight is good and it has a spectacular big explosion in it that'll make you go; Wow!

Great entertainment for the whole family.

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Splendid swashbuckling entertainment!
TheLittleSongbird8 June 2009
I will not deny that I am not particularly into swashbucklers that much, but I will be prepared to say that the Mask of Zorro is splendid entertainment. Antonio Banderas gives a very spirited performance as Alejandro, and the well-choreographed sword fights, beautiful score and witty screenplay allow Banderas to do what he does best. Anthony Hopkins is perfect as Don Diego, giving his character a sense of bitterness, sensitivity and vulnerability that make all his performances so endearing. In fact, this, Silence of the Lambs and The Elephant Man just go to show what a great actor Hopkins is; the only film he disappoints in is in Chaplin, where he played the rather unnecessary role of the fictional autobiographer. Catherine Zeta Jones is lovely beyond words as Elena, and Stuart Wilson plays his his-sable villain almost to perfection, but Matt Letscher as Captain Love isn't quite as threatening as he should be. The cinematography is very handsome, capturing perfectly the beautiful sets and costumes. The only other criticism I have of the movie, is its length, it's quite excessive. But I will say the explosive finale and spirited performances more than compensate, making it a very well-done and entertaining film. I wasn't as impressed with the sequel, the swordplay was more like slapstick and the plot was less involving and a little bloated. 8/10 for Mask of Zorro though. Bethany Cox
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Fun, Old-Fashioned Adventure
ccthemovieman-122 April 2006
This movie had just a couple of things I would have changed but the overwhelming minutes of this 137-minute movie were well done: a nice old- fashioned adventure story.

Yes, it's hokey in spots, there is a needless irreverent scene in the confessional and the final action scene goes on too long, but all of that is almost standard fare in today's films. Anyway, the "good" in this film far outweighs the "bad."

Some of the "good" is beautiful cinematography featuring bold colors; good action scenes; very little profanity; interesting and somewhat likable lead characters (played by Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Bandaras and Catherine Zeta- Jones), a fun story and very good 5.1surround sound.

Zeta-Jones was a brand new "face" with this movie and she's never looked better. Hopkins, as usual, is the best character as the older "Zorro" who teaches the young one (Bandaras). Some of the action scenes are almost cartoon-like in credibility (Bandaras doing flips while riding two horses at once!) but they are fun.

The story is a familiar one that seems to always satisfy people: revenge.
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Exquisite adventure with horse action, fencing duels and swashbuckling
ma-cortes13 February 2010
Antonio Banderas is appropriately magnificent along with gorgeous heroine Catherine Zeta-Jones.This superior Zorro with great swordplay is a lavish swashbuckler starred by Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas as the dashing masked avengers . A young Banderas dons a black outfit and becomes the ideal Zorro riding in the hoofprints continuing in the wake of the old Zorro-Hopkins who passes his mantle of protector of hapless ad unfortunates. This is a zesty recounting of saga of legendary masked rider , though not as distinctive as previous classic entry starred by Tyrone Power. Here Zorro faces danger from governor Rafael Montero (Stuart Wilson) as well as corrupt villain captain Harrison (Matt Letscher). And Anthony Hopkins gives slickness and distinction as elegant veteran Zorro. After numerous setbacks the hero and his lovely heroine, a wonderful Catherine Zeta-Jones, help the good people of California thwart the greedy schemes of a meanie who stands in the way of statehood for the territory. The nimble actor Banderas runs and jumps all over the images of this movie, as he deals with the oppressor with a breathtaking finale and wreak havoc included.

In this first Zorro starred by Antonio Banderas took a chance and jumped from comedy-action to costumed comedy-adventures; he steals the show as Murrieta/Zorro relishing his secret identity with cape and sword; executing bounds and leaps, twists and climbs and throughly enjoys himself. A great casting and an unstopped action keep this picture moving at a rapid clip. Banderas made the character of Zorro his own and quickly established himself as a Latin legend. Antonio Banderas is terrific as the Zorro, well accompanied by ideal heroine, a beautiful Zeta-Jones. Nice secondary cast, such as Stuart Wilson, overacting outrageously as the villain, and actors as Tony Amendola and Pedro Armendariz Jr , booth of whom will repeat acting in the following. Furthermore, overwhelming swordplay and horse action and displays too much of everything. Stirring musical score by James Horner and colorful cinematography by Phil Meheux. Other versions about this known character created by Johnston McCulley are the following : The mute classic adaptation ¨Mark of Zorro¨(1920, Fred Niblo, with Douglas Fairbanks), the classic ¨Mark of Zorro¨(1940, Robert Mamoulian with Tyrone Power, Basil Rathbone and Linda Darnell), and followed by ¨The legend of Zorro¨( 2005, Martin Campbell again with Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Tony Amendola,Pedro Armendariz and Rufus Sewell) and European version ¨Zorro¨(1975, Duccio Tessari with Alain Delon, Octavia Piccolo and Stanley Baker) . Rating : 7,5, good, better than average. The motion picture will appeal to trio protagonist fans: Banderas, Hopkins and Zeta Jones. Well worth watching.
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A fine action hero
rbverhoef23 December 2003
Zorro is one of my favorite heroes. He looks quite cool and not stupid, weird or childish like Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and all of their villains (except The Joker) and he has no superpowers like them, although sometimes it seems that gravity does not really apply to him. His weapon of choice guarantees some spectacular sword fighting scenes as well.

With this hero all you need is a nice story and 'The Mask of Zorro' has a nice story. I will be short about it. Don Diego de la Vega (Anthony Hopkins) was Zorro but is too old now. He needs another one and Alejandro Murrieta (Antonia Banderas) is the chosen one. Their enemy is Don Rafael (Stuart Wilson). His daughter Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is actually Diego's daughter. His wife was murdered and his daughter was taken by Rafael a long time ago. Rafael also made sure the brother of Alejandro was killed by his helper Capt. Love (Matt Letscher). And now he has an evil plan that will kill a lot of people. Time for the new Zorro.

It sounds a little simple and may be it is, but for a movie like this it is a perfect story. Anthony Hopkins who is never bad does not disappoint us here, Banderas has the right charm to play Zorro, Zeta-Jones is absolutely stunning and Wilson and Letscher are very good as the villains. With some nice action sequences and a pretty good soundtrack this is a very entertaining movie.
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Fun light entertaining
SnoopyStyle4 October 2013
Don Diego de la Vega (Anthony Hopkins) is the original Zorro who battled the tyrannical Spanish rule of Governor Montero. On the verge of liberation, Zorro is imprisoned, his wife killed, and his daughter abducted. Twenty years later, Montero returns to take advantage and Zorro escapes with Alejandro Murrieta (Antonio Banderas). Zorro decides to train Alejandro as the new Zorro.

This is a good adventure flick. It has fun sword play especially with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antonio Banderas. They have good chemistry together. And so does Hopkins and Banderas. It keeps the tone light and irreverent. It's an entertaining romp.
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Explosive,thought out hollywood adventure.
The best thing about this movie is the casting.How ingenius,eh? Antonio Banderas as Zorro,eh?And Stuart Wilson as the central villain.This guy is one of the most unrecognised talents around.As a snidy British baddie,he could easily give your average Dennis Hopper a run for his money.Catherine Zeta Jones is also marvellous as the love interest. The action scenes and stunts are fantastic.Real hollywood at it's best.Martin Campbell keeps an efficent and steady pace to proceedings as director. If there's a problem here,it's that it's probably a tad overlong.But luckily,this unwantern time is'nt filled with unnecessary scenes but scenes as visually exciting as the last. It's also marvellous that it's a PG,because such past fare,like Bad Boys,is loud,action packed,exciting and brilliant,it's also rather flatulent and rude.This is just superb action entertainment which can be enjoyed by the whole family.
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Great entertainment
85122217 October 2014
Greetings from Lithuania.

"The Mask of Zorro" (1998) is a superb entertainment, a real crowd pleaser. Made with energy, with and superb performances all over around it's a great flick from start till finish. Like many great revenge stories, this one has everything - a progressing hero, a wonderful central character and so on.

Overall, a very solid 8/10 for "The Mask of Zorro" - it's a real entertainment, and you don't have to be a Zorro specialist to truly appreciate this picture, the story is quite simple, but very engaging, acting is the best that could be in this material. Definitely check this flick if you didn't upon it's release.
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Remember when movies were fun?
Fluke_Skywalker25 March 2022
In 2022, "fun" has become a four-letter word in Hollywood. What passes for popcorn entertainment today is too often saddled with heavy handed "messages" and agendas to actually entertain. If Hollywood is looking for a blueprint on how to start being the f-word again, they need look no further than 1998's "The Mask of Zorro".

Looking like it could've been filmed last week, this modern re-telling of the Zorro legend is an absolute blast. From its electric sword fights to its white knuckle stunts, this is consummate movie action-adventure. The type that has kids racing home to recreate its swashbuckling antics and adults pining to join them.

It's an absolute shame that today's kids don't have these types of films being made for them. But thankfully there are classics like "The Mask of Zorro" waiting to be discovered. And maybe--just maybe--that will spark a new generation of filmmakers who will grow up to start making these kinds of films again.
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Great romance and adventure
perfectbond18 February 2004
I remember of all the summer movies of 1998 (Armageddon, Deep Impact, Lethal Weapon IV etc.), I enjoyed this one the most. Sure a few liberties with plausibility might have been taken but the overall experience was very enjoyable. There was a sense of pioneering, honor, romance, and loyalty about the characters that made the viewing experience all the more immersive. Director Martin Campbell (Goldeneye, Vertical Limit) staged some exciting action sequences and was lucky to have a talented cast to make considerably more out of what could have been stock characters. Oh, and Banderas (in his best Hollywood role) and Zeta-Jones have great chemistry, a fact that is especially notable in their memorable dance together. All in all, very good escapist entertainment, 9/10.
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Zorro for a new generation.
Peach-21 December 1998
I just finished watching The Mask Of Zorro, and it was a spectacular achievement. It all seemed cliched at first, and even though it isn't that original, it still pays off quit well. The cast is great. Anthony Hopkins seems to get away with an English accent in every movie he does,but his acting was solid as usual. Antonio Banderas is teriffic as the new Zorro and there's funny moments between Hopkins and Banderas as teacher and student respectively. Catherine Zeta-Jones is very appealing in her role also. The only real complaint I have is that the bad guys never seem like a real threat. The direction by Martin Campbell is very good and the editing was great. A very good movie.
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Spectacular Film of Excitement
Not many films start off with an interesting introduction. However, director Martin Campbell did a great job at bringing a new Zorro to take over the old aging Zorro. The way the characters act, the time that is put into making Zorro is done meticulously and it shows. It's great to see how everything in the plot starts out simple and then becomes more complex. Once the complex situations start to arise, the execution of it is beautiful.

After becoming famous for being El Mariachi in Desperado (1995), Antonio Banderas is cast as the new Zorro to take over. Because Banderas is of Hispanic decent, the role of Zorro really fits him. So who's the old Zorro - none other than Anthony Hopkins. What makes Hopkins great as the older Zorro was the fact of how he became the mentor for Banderas. And although for the most part when he's lecturing, he's very serious, yet he shows that he still has a lot of energy for being elderly. Along side those two actors is Catherine Zeta-Jones, the daughter of the original Zorro. When Jones and Banderas are together, they have really great chemistry. My favorite part is when they were dancing together; it's very sexy and culturally attractive.

The action sequences in this film are really something to behold. Much of it also entails a bit of comedy too. This is all helped by Banderas' charm as the new Zorro. It is because he is new and inexperienced that he makes things funny. The sword fights are really cool to see. The style that is put into using the sword in this film is truly whimsical. Much of these events take place with Banderas, Hopkins or the villains they're fighting. However, we do get a glimpse of Jones using the sword for a while too. It's nice to see some female domination in a setting like this because in the time that this took place, obviously women were not expected to take on a male's role such as that.

Finally, the two other elements that make this movie great are the music and the plot. The music was composed by veteran James Horner. I really liked the way Horner captured the feel of the environment during the setting of the story. Much of the soundtrack has Hispanic instruments and it is obvious when listened to. And that is the icing on the cake. As for the story, I was pleased with how it was carried out. In the beginning of the film, the story was about a man only looking out for others but then landed in trouble. So who rescues him out of his trouble - a friend he made from years past. Not to mention his friend falls in love with the troubled man's daughter and the troubled man resolves his problems. The end result of this film is more than satisfying, and it will make viewers look inside themselves for what values they stand for.

It can be interpreted as The Three Musketeers (1993) spin-off with a Hispanic twist, but for the record, this film holds its own and is really entertaining to watch. The performances are more than gratifying, the action is wondrous and the music is very lively.
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Before Batman…There was Zorro
LeonLouisRicci7 January 2015
Bob Kane said in Many Interviews that Zorro was the Inspiration for His Creation Batman. The Black Outfit (Cape and Mask), the Nightly Adventures, the Black Horse (Batmobile), the Cave, the Dual Identity, and the Bat Symbol Everywhere (Z).

So Young Fan Boys there You Go. Zorro is One Cool Character who Predated Batman by Twenty Years. Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins Bring the Character to New Life in this Wonderful, Fun, Exciting Adventure. The Film Combines Humor, Pathos, Action, and Romance in a Blend of Old Style Entertainment that Never Really Goes Out of Style.

Everything Clicks. The Movie does Go On a Bit Long and is in Danger of Wearing Out its Welcome but Things Climax Just in the Nick of Time. It is Almost All Done for Real with Just a Smidgen of CGI and it is a Welcome Change and it All Comes Together as a Movie for All Ages.

For Once, the Big Budget is Not Wasted. There are Strong and Charismatic Performances and Characters Across the Board, the Cinematography is Stunning, the Music, Costumes and Sets are All Finely Tuned for an Excellent Effort at Some Old Timey Fun.
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First-rate Entertainment
movieratings0312 August 2005
THE MASK OF ZORRO ****1/2 Stunning, visually rich, and highly acclaimed motion picture that retells the story of the Masked Swordsman (Anthony Hopkins) serving the people of California by saving them from the devious plans and conspiracies the Spanish empire and trained forces carry out. Hopkins trains a new Zorro (properly portrayed by Antonio Benderas) to take his place and save California from a tasteless fate. What subsequently takes place is nothing short of first-rate entertainment. The film has delightful humour and well choreographed sword-on-sword sequences. The musical score by James Horner provides additional supportive elements to capture all of the film's diverse moments. Excellent direction by Martin Campbell. A must-see.
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Funny, Charming, and Exciting
view_and_review21 November 2020
My childhood memories of Zorro are very few and now very fuzzy, so I can't accurately compare what I remember of Zorro in the early 80's and "The Mask of Zorro." No matter, this movie was good. It was funny, charming, and exciting.

The year was 1821 and Spain was being driven out of Mexico by General Santa Anna. One Spanish man by the name of Rafael Montero (Stuart Wilson) refused to leave and was a menace to the people. Zorro the elder was Don Diego De La Vega (Anthony Hopkins) and he was the people's champ until he was found out. Montero killed De La Vega's wife and kidnapped his baby daughter and raised her as his own while De La Vega languished in prison.

20 years later De La Vega would escape from prison and train a new Zorro to continue the legacy and perhaps stop Montero from his nefarious plans. The new Zorro was Alejandro Murrieta (Antonio Banderas) and he had enough anger to be a Zorro, he only lacked the ability.

Banderas was excellent. He fell into the role naturally. Hopkins was a bit of a misplacement as a swordsman and fighter, but Hopkins is such a good actor he gets a pass. Of course we got some romance between Banderas and Zeta-Jones who played De La Vega's adult daughter Elena. I think this movie was done right. It was refreshing to see an action movie without endless bullets and explosions. I'd like to see more action movies set in pre-automatic weapons days.
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ignore the condescending cynics
Andreita3 August 1998
Wonderful movie, visually rich and a nice blend of comedy, action and romance, well-written. Hopkins is great; so is Banderas as Zorro-in-training, and Zeta-Jones sparkles in her scenes with him. Very little gore or skin, what there is serves the plot instead of BEING the plot. The best movie I've seen in a long time. Note: previews make it look a lot less interesting than it actually is--you just see a lot of things being slashed and blown up, while the comic scenes between Hopkins and Banderas don't really appear (the best part of the film).
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The New Mask of Zorro Topped the Old Classic Zorro !
whpratt14 January 2004
Always enjoyed the classic "Mark of Zorro" original in the 40's, however, Anthony Hopkins (Don Diego/Zorro), "Meet Joe Black",'98 gave an outstanding performance through out the entire picture and taught the new Zorro all the tricks of the trade with the dueling and sword swinging, almost looked like Douglas Fairbanks, action! Catherine Zeta-Jones, (Elana)"Chicago",'02 performed a very torrid Spanish dance and was extremely HOT during the entire picture. Elana almost lost her underwear with the swift blades of the newly taught young ZORRO introduced in this film. This is a very refreshing new approach to the Zorro image and is a must see film !
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Slashing story, slicing performances, cutting dialogue...
helpless_dancer19 May 2001
With the opening frame of Zorro I figured I had been taken to the edge of bad movie making and dropped over. It looked like another corny slash and chatter bomb, but I wound up pretty much liking it. I don't consider it to be a really superb film, but I managed to stay interested all the way through. There was plenty of action, some romance, and quite a few laughs. I think that is what won me over: this picture is a comedy for the most part. A serious comedy. What Zorro is not is what I expected it to be.
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"Zorro! The legend has returned!"
NS_writings30 May 2021
No-one could have directed this film better than Martin Campbell. Much like 'GoldenEye', this is a film where everything works to perfection: the cast, the cinematography, the editing, the stunts and the soundtrack. The story won't bore you for a single second and you can really feel this as a continuation of Walt Disney's popular 1957 series starring Guy Williams. The master-protégé dynamics between Hopkins and Banderas are top-notch, so is the chemistry between Banderas and Zeta Jones. Stuart Wilson and Matt Letscher make brilliant villains - I wonder why none of the Bond films hired any of them to play masterminds, since I could have easily see them confronting Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig's version of 007.

And the main title song deserves another paragraph. "I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You" is one of the best romantic songs ever written! Really touching and powerful, you can feel its energy during the end credits and over the instrumental versions the late James Horner interpolated in the score, frequently with the Zorro theme which we remember from the TV series. Just perfect. Nothing more to say.
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The lost art of the action movie
Criticalstaff22 July 2020
The Mask of Zorro is not an old movie, but it feels like it comes from a distant cinema golden age. The movie is fine, the actors are good, the plot is interesting, whatever... The real enjoyment I got from the movie came from the craft. The effortless-ness of it all. It is easy to forget that this movie is a proto-superhero movie of sorts. And there is a certain pleasure to be derived from seeing the tropes and the format of the comic book film being applied here in a very honest, shall we say innocent manner.

However, the quaintness of the movie is far from its only selling point. This movie is from the lost era of cinema where people actually went to theatres and budgets were ambitious. It was also at a time where digital film-making, let alone CGI, were not mainstream. It results in an action-adventure film taking place in a Far-West setting, but with capes and sword-fight. With real horses, lots of outdoor shots, and some cool stunt work. And explosions. The film has lots of good elements but the best thing by far is the absolute thrill it takes to blow stuff up in gorgeous cinematic fashion. I am still wondering how they did for the burning villa scene at the start.

The film in a nutshell is a typical action movie, yet the pacing is an important part. There is a lot of action but there is also time devoted for some good old-fashioned slapstick humour, it cuts the action in palatable chunks. The action set-pieces themselves would not be considered great by today standards. But, I found them to be better. The movie is the proof that bigger and more epic is not necessarily better or more exciting. One of the set-pieces is a sword-fight in a meeting room around a giant table. Yet the scene is exiting because of the different ways Zorro deals with the soldiers, how he uses elements from the environment to either defeat them or escape.

The golden rule for an action to work is it has to have stakes. Modern Hollywood conflates this with having a bigger loss of life, or seeing a city get destroyed, a planet, the universe etc... stakes are translated into a metric. In Zorro the stakes are not explicitly mentioned but they are shown. The audience understands them implicitly. We want the hero to escape from the bad guys. That is enough for any action scene to work. Now put them all on horses and make them gallop in a straight line. Another element that makes this movie great: the score. It is cool and it totally supports the movie. It gives the dramatic aspects some heft. It intervenes also in the action to give emphasis to specific moments or crucial decisions, moments of bravery and so on. The biggest shame is not that they do not make movies like that anymore, but that it seems that nobody knows how.
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10/10 and Maybe In My All-Time Top 10
Spidenus81629 November 2020
Like the character himself, the film is handsome, charming, swift, unpredictable, witty, likable all around. I can watch it over and over again without getting bored. Instead, rewatches concretize its timelessness. Spectacular.
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A personal favourite blockbuster
Samiam329 June 2014
In 1998, for the first time since the days of Errol Flynn, Hollywood gave us a swashbuckling epic which did something that no similar film has done since. It managed to deliver all the goods without being heavily dependant on a dumbed down story or heavy use of clichés. While the formula is somewhat schematic, it has a real sense of romantic age, glamour and historical accuracy to it as well as fully rounded, non-artificial characters, and a story that combines humour/action/emotion perfectly, never too little or too much. This is probably the best post- Flynn swashbuckler, and while plenty of similar films have come out since, there is something about The Mask of Zorro which so far it has not been parallelled.

After being jailed for twenty years, by former California Governor Don Raphael Montero, Don Diego de la Vega (once Zorro) breaks out. At the same time Montaro has just returned to California from exile. One morning diego meets young Aleandro Mureta. As kids he and his brother were Zorro's biggest fans. Since the recent murder of his brother by Captain Love of the U.S. Army (Montaro's right hand man), he has become a drunk, and wants revenge. Diego gives him that chance when he offers to train him to be a new Zorro.

The Mask of Zorro blew me away when I saw it in theatres as a kid. It truly is the perfect film to capture the imagination. To this day I never tire of it. Well photographed, well edited, artistically scored, cleverly written and ambitiously directed, not to mention featuring the best swordplay that cinema can offer.
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Anthony Hopkins is the man
foxalej10 June 2020
Anthony Hopkins steals the show, he plays the old zorro who is forced to retire and pass his legacy to Antonio Banderas.

Catherine Zeta Jones is doing her best performance in her career.

The villains are great as you can expect from 1800 character.

Good action and great fencing.
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