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MPAA Rated PG-13 for epic battle sequences and some scary images

Sex & Nudity

  • Just 1 simple kiss for 3 seconds between a man and a woman elf.

Violence & Gore

  • A bunch of twisted slimy dwarf skeletons.
  • This flashback culminates with a scene in which there is some more fighting similar to the big battle. A man dives into a river and then is shot by archers. We do not see the impact, but the man is seen floating dead with several arrows protruding from his back, and some diluted blood can be seen in the water.
  • Two elderly men fight using long sticks that emit bolts of power. They are both knocked to the ground, and flung about. By the end, they both have bloody faces. One is magically forced to rotate while lying on the floor, with his fixed head being the central point of rotation.
  • An innocent hobbit strolling down a street has his head lopped off by a Nazgul (non-graphic). The scene cuts away on impact.
  • One of the main characters is stabbed in the shoulder by one of the Nazgul. He screams. We see him later, near death, with a bloody wound.
  • There is a battle in a cavern involving the heroes, orcs, and a troll. This battle is mostly non-graphic swordplay with the exception of two points. The first is when a man removes the head of an orc, and there is a small splash of black blood. The second is when the troll is shot through the mouth; again, there is little to no blood, but the arrows are shown protruding from the back of the creature's head, and from its mouth.
  • A man is repeatedly shot with arrows. We see the impact, and he grunts in pain. He is shot three times in total. An uruk then prepares to shoot him in the head, but he is interrupted by another character.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The Hobbits drink a lot of ale, and some get drunk.
  • One scene at a bar where seveal people are drinking alcohol. Several people there are very drunk.
  • A lot of characters smoke pipes.
  • Gandalf and Bilbo are seen smoking pipes.
  • When Frodo and friends go to a bar to hide from Nazgul the people that are inside are seen drinking a lot and some are getting drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Gandalf leans over to pick up the ring and a very sudden flash of the eye with a loud noise happens. May startle many.
  • As the fellowship are crossing the bridge of Khazad Doom, they arrive at a part of the bridge that is in the process of crumbling, and they barely make it across before the section of bridge crumbles completely and falls down into the abyss.
  • A quick shot of a spider and a many-legged bug when the hobbits are hiding from a ringwraith
  • In the orc place all the orcs dig for another orc which is intense.
  • There are a couple of jump moments. A scene in which a friendly character's face briefly turns grotesque suddenly and without warning. The change is accompanied by a loud snarl from the character, but he returns back to how he was crying.
  • Another jump scene involves a character hiding behind a pillar, when suddenly, a much larger creature goes around the other side of the pillar and roars loudly.
  • The Nazgul are evil creatures that are cloaked all in black, and that give off a bloodcurdling cry from time to time.
  • The formation of Lurtz is grotesque. Some may find it disturbing.
  • The facial appearance of the Orcs could be scary. The faces of the orcs are cut up and a little bloody with yellow eyes and gray skin.
  • Most of the battle sequences are intense. There is one scene with a gigantic, flaming, demon-like creature, called a Balrog.
  • An enormous squid-like creature with numerous tentacles and razor sharp teeth attacks the Fellowship.
  • There is one brief scene in which a creature is tortured. This may be disturbing for younger viewers. The creature's screams can be heard and his hands are visible, but nothing graphic is shown.
  • When a man is affected by the ring, he becomes irrational and gets somewhat scary, shouting and grabbing other characters.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The movie begins with scenes from a vast battle, during which elves and men do battle with Sauron and his forces. The violence is more stylized than graphic. Almost no blood is seen. However, a great deal of medieval weapons are visible during this scene, and corpses are strewn all over. It looks more like they are hitting them with the swords, but there is arrow shooting. Then Sauron hits men and elves with his mace. They go flying, but there is no blood. During a one on-one fight between the leader of the men and the dark lord, the man is flung against rocks and dies with a bloody (but not gory) cut on his head. Another man then uses the sword of the fallen leader to cut off Sauron's fingers, and remove the ring. However, this is not gory, as there is fire and smoke instead of blood. Sauron then disintegrates into a pile of ashes and sends a shock wave across the field obliterating the rest of both armies. The scene in which Sauron's fingers are cut off is shown a few more times during the course of the three films.
  • The second graphic scene depicts a duel between a main character and the creature which had been about to kill the first man. This is the most violent scene in the film, and lasts approximately one minute. Despite the short duration, there is a good deal of realistic blood. The creature then runs at him, intending to kill him, but he slips away and stabs the creature in the thigh with a knife. We see a clear view of the knife going into the leg. The creature picks him up, punches and headbutts him, before tossing him aside, and removes the knife from its thigh. It is covered in his black blood, which he licks off. The man is seen watching, with blood on his face and clearly in his mouth, as the creature licks the blood off the blade, and then throws the knife at the him. The battle ends abruptly when the man chops the creature's arm off (we see the stump of he arm, but not the open wound), and then runs it through. The creature growls, and impales itself further (with gross watery sounds). The man then withdraws the sword and beheads the creature. A small amount of black blood is seen flying through the air, and there is blood on the sword's blade. The decapitation is not graphic, as we don't see the neckhole or the bottom of the head, but during it, we see the end of the arm stump. This is the only graphic moment in the film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The ending is pretty emotional especially with the soundtrack
  • Gandalf's "death" scene is emotionally distressing. The film deals with his loss and the effect it has on the Fellowship briefly but meaningfully.

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