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Geoffrey Rush & Jim Sturgess Get 'The Best Offer' With Giuseppe Tornatore, Ennio Morricone To Score Film

Celebrated Italian filmmaker Giuseppe Tornatore doesn't exactly crank them out, and while he made waves on American shores in the late '80s and '90s with "Cinema Paradiso," "The Star Maker," "The Legend Of 1900" and "Malena," it has been over a decade since the latter and the subsequent movies -- "The Unknown Woman" and "Baaria" -- have made the same splash.  But his next effort is gearing up, and drawing upon two well-known names, it could see him once again back in American arthouses in bigger form.

Geoffrey Rush and Jim Sturgess are set to star in "The Best Offer." Details are pretty scarce, but the film is said to be an "art auction world drama" set in Vienna and the Alps that will start shooting at the end of the month. But adding a bit of excitement to the news is the mentoin that 83-year-old master composer
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Legend Of The Guardians – The Owls Of Ga’Hoole Movie Review

Legend of the Guardians – The Owls of Ga’Hoole (which I’m not going to say again) stands out as nothing so much as a missed opportunity, though one which may be serviceable enough for a sufficiently young demographic. Following the story of a young owl who is abducted and forced into slave labor, Legend of the Guardians quickly becomes a quest film (which utterly abandons that quest), as our owlet Soren must escape and find his way to the titular warriors, who may or may not really exist.

Opening on a normal family of owls, and Soren’s first lessons in flight, we are told the history and mythos of owl life, and learn that a mighty battle in the not so distant past is responsible for the peaceful life the owls now enjoy. Soren dreams of being a Guardian, but the legend has turned to fairy tale for most,
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Cannes 2010: Pics and Trailers for Several In Competition Titles and Then Some

Over the weekend I was hard at work adding additional titles debuting at this year's 2010 Cannes Film Festival in an effort to make sure once I am in town it is all about seeing the movies and working as little as possible on the asset process. As a result, I now have 17 of the 18 films in competition in the database as information on Sergei Loznitsa's Schastye Moe (My Joy) doesn't seem to be available. However, information on the other 17 is now readily available along with some new pictures and trailers for several of them.

First off, to the right is one of the first three images available for Mathieu Amalric's Tournee, of which I also have the official synopsis for the film from the man most of you know as the villain from Quantum of Solace or Jean-Dominique Bauby from The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

In Tournee
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Leonard Maltin Chats About His New Book – 151 Best Movies You’ve Never Seen

If you're a fan of movies, and I mean a real fan, one of the things you love most is sharing those lesser-known titles. Now sure, everyone likes talking movies and sharing their thoughts about them to some degree or other. Most people play critic on Monday, talking up (or wildly trashing) whatever they happened to catch that weekend. But, if you've ever thrown out that virtual unknown as a recommendation, and had your... victim... return singing its praises, then you have an idea what it's all about. There's that little, instant in-group bias that kicks in. That curious sense of added depth of relationship that seems to come from suddenly "knowing" someone who liked that film that didn't make it to mainstream awareness for one reason or another. You can get a certain sense of the same thing when people love or hate the mainstream big shots, but it's
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Int: Melanie Thierry

  • JoBlo
Model turned TV, theatrical and film actress Melanie Thierry began her early ascent by mesmerizing French audiences in national productions, until scoring her first international crossover hit, The Legend Of The Pianist On The Ocean. Continuing her rise to stardom, Thierry starred in Chrysalis and Pardonnez-moi until landing a part opposite Vin Diesel in Mathieu Kassovitz.s upcoming sci-fi action-adventure film, Babylon A.D.. Making her Hollywood debut, the French beauty plays a young...
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