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The filmmakers go to obvious pains to add a bit of nutritive value to their sweet, frothy confection.
For once, with How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Hollywood offers a love story that concentrates on the simple nuances of the romance rather than smothering us in an overly- melodramatic narrative featuring old boyfriends, jealousy, and hard-to-swallow misunderstandings.
Whether you regard Stella's getting her groove back as a feminist battle cry or as a silly wish-fulfillment fantasy, the movie delivers guilt-free escapism about pretty people having wicked-hot fun in pretty places.
The New York Times
The movie, adapted by Terry McMillan from her semi-autobiographical novel, is pointedly boundary-breaking in its positive portrayal of a May-September relationship between a younger man and an older woman.
Chicago Sun-Times
How Stella Got Her Groove Back tries its best to turn a paperback romance into a relationship worth making a movie about, but fails.
The A.V. Club
A glossy, attractive, ultimately empty soap opera that -- despite being based on a true story -- never seems remotely plausible.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The movie meanders on and on, like a bad sexual dream, until you finally wake up mumbling: Stella, please: leave that groove thang alone.
I'm not denying that a 40-year- old woman might be self-conscious about going around with someone this young. But the subject isn't interesting or provocative enough to sustain an entire movie.
It's a fun movie - full of laughs and touching moments.
Chicago Reader
All the comedy, tragedy, and various obstacles to romance seem to have been contrived to divert the story from its tendency toward pulp erotica.

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