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I love it! - Incredible an underrated classic, Christian Slater's solid Action disaster heist flick!
ivo-cobra85 March 2016
Disclaimer: If you are a viewer that mainly prefers art-house-type movies, then you might as well ignore this review. In addition, if you're not able to take a an underrated incredible Christian Slater's solid action heist classic flick, ignore this review, as well. We'll both be better off.

Hard Rain (1998) is a classic! An underrated incredible disaster action heist film from the 90's and one of the best Christian Slater's movies. My top 2 Christian Slater movies are Broken Arrow (1996) and this one Hard Rain (1998), which Christian Slater started and co produced him self. I love this flick and it is my favorite action flick! It is far way better than Stallone's Daylight (1996) which that disaster movie sucked and I hate it! Hard Rain is an pure action heist flick in which a gang of thieves try's to rob an armored car in which are $3.000.000 cared in the truck. An armored car driver Tom (Christian Slater) has to run for his life and hide the money from the thieves, because they killed his partner who was also his uncle and now they will kill him too, if he doesn't hide the money. The movie has a great cast, great score, decent performances and all round very entertaining. I love the score from Christopher Young in the opening scene the main theme. I love that the film shows flood and rain's and it is also entertaining filled with action. I think Hard Rain and Deep Rising which both come out the same year are both underrated action flicks that I love them.

Plot: The setting is the food-ravaged, evacuated town of Huntingburg, where armored car driver Tom (Slater) is in deep danger. A gang of thieves (led by Freeman) figures the flood is its chance to heist the $3 million Tom's transporting from local banks. But there's one thing the gun-carrying criminals don't count on - Tom. Come hell, high water or both, he's determined to deliver the money entrusted to him. But before he does, he'll have to survive a relentless pursuit filled with close calls, ever-rising waters, uncertain loyalties and heart-stopping heroics.

Get swept up in the action as Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Randy Quaid and Minnie Driver race against time and the elements in this high-energy thrill ride where survival and money are the core of it all. I love Christian slater in this movie and I seriously love his character Tom, just like his character Capt. Riley Hale from Broken Arrow, his character Tom is also heroic character well written. He wasn't selfish he was a real hero alongside with John McClane (Bruce Willis) Die Hard (1988) they are both a heroic characters. I love how Tom tried to help that young boy Kenny ( Michael A. Goorjian) from been electrocuted in the water, he came back for Karen (Minnie Driver) when she was handcuffed in the fence, up in the stairs, his character was decent and honest human been and he tried to return the money. I love the chase sequences in a high school in a jet skies. I like Minnie Driver as Karen her character also wasn't selfish she also helped Tom and saved him from prison. I seriously love the scene when Tom tried to saves him self in the prison when the flood raised and he accidentally grabbed the car keys and not the cell keys and his was talking with him self ha ha.

I love Morgan Freeman in this film which he was a good thieve, but he was also greedy, "Damn it I'm here for the money and that's it!" Randy Quaid was a decent villain as the greedy Sheriff Mike Collins, which he was outstanding in this flick. Director Mikael Solomon did a great directing job directing this disaster action flick. Even tough this film is a cheap because there was less actors playing in this film, it still outstanding and pure entertaining. I love it I just watched it on Blu-ray and I love it to death. This movie is actually pretty entertaining with some decent chase scenes even one involving jet skis inside a flooded high school. Morgan Freeman is good as always and one of the few bad guy/good guy roles he's had in his career. Christian Slater was decent as the main protagonist even is he was a bit generic.

Very good 90's action flick that is essentially a western set in a flooded small town. There's something really cool about a movie taking place entirely in one night in the rain and the script has some terrific one liners and the cast are all excellent especially Morgan Freeman playing a bad ass thief & Randy Quaid.

Overall: This flick is very underrated and for Christian Slater fan I must say, it is my favorite action flick, there are other movies he made but this one alongside with Broken Arrow is one of his best work. I love this action flick.

Hard Rain (also known as The Flood) is a 1998 American/British disaster action thriller film, produced by Mark Gordon, written by Graham Yost (the writer-producer team also behind the film Speed) and directed by former cinematographer turned director Mikael Salomon.

10/10 Grade: Bad Ass Seal Of Approval Studio: Paramount Pictures, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment Starring: Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Randy Quaid, Minnie Driver, Edward Asner, Michael Goorjian, Dann Florek, Ricky Harris, Mark Rolston, Peter Murnik, Wayne Duvall, Richard Dysart, Betty White, Ray Baker Director: Mikael Salomon Producers: Ian Bryce, Mark Gordon, Gary Levinsohn, Art Levinson, Allison Lyon Segan, Christian Slater Screenplay: Graham Yost Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 1 Hr. 37 Mins. Budget: $70.000.000 Box Office: $19,870,567
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I dig it!!
jadolie17 March 2007
This is a great film that should have made a bigger splash at the box office. It really isn't just another run of the mil action flick. It's more of a natural disaster meets crime movie; which make for an awesomely unique story with one of a kind scenes to take place. Christian Slater dominates the screen as he does best; I only wish he was still leading man material instead of getting bit roles. I do admit there are times when you know what's going to happen before it does but you do still get some great surprises in there. I love the humor, there is a lot of it but they don't go over the top with it to where you can't take the movie serious. Big thumbs up for this underrated film. Love it!!
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Good action flick
pootc10 March 2006
Hard Rain is a nifty action thriller, set during the middle of a titanic flood in a small town in Indiana. Christian Slater plays a local security guard, attempting to transport the loot out of town with his partner, but as always, it all goes terribly wrong. On the run, from a band of determined thieves, led by Morgan Freeman Slater hides the money and takes refuge with the town sheriff and his band of officers. Only they're seeing green too and Slater is on his own.

The sodden atmosphere of this film is unique and impressive, as is the set design. The film is technically very cool, clever too and working with so much water must've been hell for the crew. The performances are all well rounded enough in Hard Rain but the script lacks the spark to truly make this great or memorable. Sure there are some exciting moments, but what action film doesn't have some excitement? With such a unique setting, I'm surprised that there just wasn't more of a good thing. Overall, I enjoyed it. This film is good action flick. Nothing more, nothing less.
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Much better than rating suggests!
J_Andrew_Evans5 April 2006
Really surprised at the low rating of this film which as a action thriller is immensely watchable and re-watchable which for me is the test of a good film – that is bears being seen over and over. It is as others have said an endlessly inventive thriller with good action and the idea of a film where all the characters are continuously falling in, or speeding over floods in tremendous. It is not as others have said "another heist film" because the environment and opportunity of the potential crime is different and thought provoking. Doesn't this gain some extra interest given the Hurricane flooding in the southern states also? I enjoy Morgan Freeman's portrayal as well as Christian Slater and Minnie Driver's performances. The old couple is a marvellous piece of human comedy, well portrayed by both actors. Watch this film and then . . . watch it again!
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Fast, exciting action flick with possibly too much shooting (and everyone a bad shot!)
moonspinner552 May 2006
Christian Slater plays an armored truck guard who has to deal with thieves, the crooked police, a fierce Indiana rainfall, and a flooded town while trying to protect three million dollars in the company vehicle. Well-done action flick isn't epic-scale, but does have many suspenseful close-calls and colorful characters, plus good performances by Slater, Morgan Freeman, Minnie Driver, and Richard Dysart and Betty White as an elderly couple who didn't evacuate when they were supposed to. Randy Quaid overplays heinously as a trigger happy sheriff, and the continual shootouts in the final third get repetitive, but this scenario (an entire town slowly being submerged) is exceptionally well-captured and the filmmakers didn't forget to add some good humor into the mix. **1/2 from ****
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Action packed thriller with amazing cinematography.
Fella_shibby19 February 2020
I first saw this on cable tv in the late 90s. Revisited it recently after more than two decades. This film came in the era wher lots of action films were already ruling the box office. Films like Broken Arrow, Face Off, Con Air, Rock, T-2, Speed, Die Hard 3, Point Break, Bad Boys, Mission Impossible, etc. The list is endless. These movies had already raised audiences expectations n this is one of the reason Hard Rain got sidelined. Another reason is that during the same era disaster films like Twister, Daylight, Dante's Peak n Volcano, has already satiated the audiences. The last reason is that audiences were not ready to accept Morgan Freeman as a villain, especially after his performance in Shawshank n Unforgiven. This film has lots of action n thrill throughout. I enjoyed it even after so many years. The scene where Freeman goes on a shooting rampage with both hands is amazing. It has some nasty death scenes, watch out for the guy whose eye gets shot thru his spectacles.
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Morgan Freeman as an armoured car robber?
roostersmaling23 January 2000
Though Morgan Freeman is an absolute legend, I can't see him being the bad guy robber at the beginning. After his stellar performance in "The Shawshank Redemption," he has left himself too open to being seen by fans as a "nice guy." True, he did play a convict in that movie, but you never saw him commit the crime that landed him there. Therefore casting him as an armoured car robber didn't sit right with me.

Christian Slater did a "Michael J. Fox" (The Concierge/Secret of My Success) by copycatting his own performance in "Broken Arrow" (same screenplay writer...).

The ending is too abrupt, but, overall, I did enjoy the movie all the same. For action fans only...
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Christian Slater Vs. Morgan Freeman Vs. A Flood
monkeysgalore19 March 2020
"Hard Rain" is a terrific movie that is often forgotten when it comes to action movies, even 90s action movies. It's been overshadowed by several other movies, but deserves much more recognition.

The premise is pretty cool, and ends up being very entertaining. I thought it was pretty original, even if it is ultimately a different presentation of the classic "one man against several" story, like Die Hard (1988), Cliffhanger (1993), or Surviving the Game (1994). But the story is presented well, and the flood creates another level of interest, and produces some very entertaining action scenes.

Christian Slater and Morgan Freeman are both at the top of their game, and Freeman is one of the coolest action movie villains ever. Slater also oozes charisma and charm, and has a John McClane quality. Minnie Driver also did a good job. I think she's pretty underrated.

The action sequences are top-notch, and definitely not disappointing. There's a jet ski chase IN A FLOODED SCHOOL. Like come on, that alone should make you watch it. There's also a good underwater fight scene, an excellent cemetery shootout that goes on forever, a good boat chase, a shootout in a church which is well-done, and the final climax which was cool enough.

Definitely check this movie out. You won't be disappointed.
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Water and Greed
claudio_carvalho15 November 2015
In Huntingburg, the armored truck with three million dollars driven by Tom (Christian Slater) and his Uncle Charlie (Edward Asner) gets stuck in the flooding and realizes that the town has been evacuated since the dam does not have capacity to hold the storm. While waiting for the National Guard, they are attacked by Jim (Morgan Freeman) and his gang formed by Kenny (Michael Goorjian), Mr. Mehlor (Dann Florek) and Ray (Ricky Harris) and the clumsy Kenny kills Charlie. Tom flees with the bags of money and hides them in the cemetery. Then he is hunted down by Jim and his gang and he hides in a church. Out of the blue, he is knocked out and awakes locked in a cell. Soon he learns that the restorer Karen (Minnie Driver) believed he was a looter and hit him. Sheriff Mike Collins (Randy Quaid) and Deputy Wayne Bryce (Mark Rolston) go to investigate Tom' story while Officer Phil (Peter Murnik) takes Karen out of the town by boat. However she escapes with the boat and goes to the church. Meanwhile Tom is trapped in the cell full of water and Karen rescues him. He decides to return to the armored truck to retrieve a shotgun but he is captured by Jim and his men and learns that Charlie was part of the gang. He tries to retrieve the hidden money for the gang, but Sheriff Collins and his men have already taken it. Soon Tom learns that the Sheriff wants to keep the money for him and his men and Tom and Karen are witnesses and he teams up with Jim.

"Hard Rain" is a combination of disaster genre with crime and action. Despite the negative reviews, the action scenes are spectacular, the cast is excellent and the plot has a great twist based on the ancient proverb "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Tempestade" ("Storm")
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great action movie with great special effects!!
Doc_Who28 September 1999
This movie is about a truck been robbed during a flood. The drivers are played Christian Slater and Edward Asner. Morgan Freeman wants the money. Both Slater and Freeman play cat and mouse though out the movie. Also the local sheriff get word of the money. Eventually it ends up in all out war. While all this going on, the local dam is about to burst. The special effects are great. The action is none stop. Betty White and some one else stars as two people who stayed behind during the flood. This movie is great if you like action movies,lots of special effects. Overall, it a great action with a fast plot and loads of fun!!This movie was written by Graham Yost(writer of Speed,Chill Factor, and Broken Arrow). I also forget to mention that it's raining during the whole movie!!
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Brainless Fun
Rumples29 September 1998
If you are looking for a movie that has some action and is moderately entertaining without requiring much cerebral activity, this is right up your street. It suited my purposes at the time I rented it so I quite enjoyed it. I had heard nothing about it except for the preview I'd seen. Yes, it's no brilliant piece of movie-making, and no it won't change your life. But it is fun and entertaining and doesn't claim to be anything else. (I was pleasantly surprised with Betty White's performance, a long way from 'Golden Girls')
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Lots of water throughout
UniqueParticle17 July 2019
Christian Slater is among is one of my favorite actors due to True Romance being my 3rd favorite movie ever! The 90's can't be reimbursed the cinematography was different and I prefer it over this generations films. Nothing like Minnie Driver being tired of the amount she had to be a a part of in the trivia and the cozy feeling like f man thank god I am not getting flooded in on top of being chased for 3 million dollars. Solid movie, no complaints from this peanut gallery!
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Interesting action but poor characters
Bryan-1529 July 1998
I started watching this with a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. However much to my surprise this movie was very entertaining. The action is fast paced and also a bit different. It's not every action movie we see a jet-ski chase through a flooded high school. The visuals were also very well done. However, the script could've used some doctoring. The dialogue wasn't that bad but it didn't go anywhere with the characters. Still an enjoyable Saturday afternoon rental.
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Hard Rain!
Movie Nuttball29 December 2003
Hard Rain is a dandy of an action film! Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Minnie Driver and especially Randy Quaid were all very good! Edward Asner, Ray Baker, and Betty White were good! Cool action! Beautiful rain and lighting! Great music by Christopher Young! Hard Rain is a must see! Strongly recommended!
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Hard Rain - Great fun
realhiphop29 December 2005
This was a movie i loved at the cinema and supported purely because it was an action film getting bad reviews- when do they ever get great ones? Well - movies like Batman Begins was rated very highly amongst critics and although it was well made and filmed and acted etc.. it made a great FILM but not necessarily a great action MOVIE.. MOVIE is pure entertaining, a film is technically brilliant but not necessarily a stand out scene (or scenes)...

anyways, Hard Rain is a wet action film, with a great cast. It looks great, has a get score and there has been NO FILM LIKE IT.. from start to finish, its filmed in a flood! No dryness at all...

No sun at all - all done at night, all done in water - technically would have made it a fortune to make. Surprisingly it got very bad reviews upon release, however it was the era of Dante's Peak, Twister etc.. all the disaster films - and to be honest, the all had great special effects but lousy scripts- yet hard rain copped it worse that the rest from audiences and critics..

I don't really understand why though. i loved the music and the action, and had a recognizable cast. I wound pay to see a sequel at the cinemas..

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Great action movie
CuriosityKilledShawn2 February 1999
Shot as 'The Flood' in 1996, re-shot as 'Hard Rain' in 1997, and released into cinemas with virtually no publicity in 1998 it's a shame that this film sank with out a trace (pun intended). But you have to wonder why the studio abandoned it when it took investment from multiple backers to keep the production afloat (pun intended again).

I recall seeing publicity shots in 1997 for scenes (and characters) that aren't even in the movie. I guess we'll never know what Graham Yost's script was originally about. Paramount figured that the public had had enough of disaster movies and re-tooled 'The Flood' as a heist flick midway through filming. I can't say if it's for better or worse, but Hard Rain is still an exciting action ride.

Yes, the characterization is thin, but it avoids the cliché of making them all annoying as a quick way of defining them (something Twister, Volcano, and Dante's Peak were guilty of). The stragglers caught in the deluge as Huntingburg, Indiana is swept off the face of the Earth don't need to define themselves. They are who they are. Since the movie virtually takes place in real time there's little room for meaningless development.

Minnie Driver's unconvincing accent aside, the cast do pretty well with the material, and Slater makes for a better action hero here than he did in Broken Arrow (ironically, by the same writer).

Hard Rain works best in the cinema. It's too bad that it flopped because the big screen is where it deserved to be seen. Too many folks have seen and criticized this film from TV viewings that do the scope of the action no justice whatsoever. The water and chaos is very well shot and brilliantly staged. The bouncing, shaking, wobbling camera was an innovative idea, and if you like the slow-motion fire-fights of John Woo movies then you'll get a kick out of Hard Rain.

Another strong aspect that has gone overlooked with the rest of the movie is Chris Young's powerful score; the orchestral sound of violence, mayhem, and nature taking over. Seriously, it's great stuff and you really ought to get the score CD.

Despite the bad reviews and poor box office returns Hard Rain is still a highly entertaining B-movie. We'll never know the full story behind its trouble production (there hasn't been anything close to a Special Edition DVD, and Mikael Salomon has never spoken publicly about it), but I recommend it to all action movie junkies. You won't be disappointed.
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Black Knight Offers Salvation
pacieterra-126 November 2006
With knowledge of the horrible effects of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans in 2005 and the Sotheast Asian tsunami, this film offers one an insight, (although, mostly computer-generated effects), as to what floods can do to a town and its residents. The premise of the film, of an attempted hijacking of an armored truck in a levee-flooded Indiana city, with guards played by Ed Asner and Christian Slater, adds to the terror and trauma of all the related characters. Betty White is particularly dotty and crazy as an elderly homeowner, protecting and holding on to a sinking ship of a home. Morgan Freeman, in one of his rare roles as a bad guy, shines through as the Black Knight, who overcomes the conniving, murderous Randy Quaid. Christian Slater,(who, also, produced this film), offers a believable young guard beset with conflicting loyalties toward his job, his morality, and relationship to a soggy Minnie Driver. She has the least to offer in this film, but soldiers on, as distaff diversion.This is an interesting film due to its archetype characters, and the spectacular floodings of broken levees and dams. Overall, however, the storyline is rather weak, and one becomes overwhelmed with water,water everywhere!
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Give me a towel, please.
comquest14 September 1998
Hard Rain is all wet. Literally! Too much water and too little attention to telling a believable story. Since all but four characters are crooks, 'who shot who' quickly becomes unimportant amidst non-stop boat chases, chin -deep wading and a water level that never stops rising.

If you decide to watch this klinker, pack extra towels and don't be surprised if you skin turns a bit prune-like.
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Unusual action movie that pays homages to the westerns of John Wayne and the spectacles of Irwin Allen, and that's why it's good.
dvc515916 July 2009
The thing is, I'm an action movie buff. I've seen them all, from big-budget Jerry Bruckheimer fares to Golan-Globus cheese-fests. I borrowed this movie from my cousin because I was curious to know what Christian Slater made before he went DTV, and watched it finally one rainy afternoon.

I can tell you this: it's an average movie made good. I mean, the acting is pretty average; even by Morgan Freeman, who looks like he's having a blast playing the bad guy, and especially Christian Slater, who repeats his "Broken Arrow" routine here. Randy Quaid gives a good albeit repetitive performance as the sheriff, but Minnie Driver is tolerable in her "church-girl" performance.

So why is it good? Well first off it pays off homages to not only one, but TWO - genres of movies. The first genre is the western (action movies wouldn't be here if not for it). I mean, can you not notice? A small town miles away from civilization. The hero (Slater) protecting the money. The honorable outlaw (Freeman) and his bandits surrounding the hero the get the money (without hopefully killing innocents). The all-too-good sheriff (Quaid). The damsel in distress (Driver). The queer folk of the town (Richard Dysart and Betty White in hilarious performances). The "heroes 'n outlaws" story looks like it was told in the fashion of "Gunfight at the OK Corral", and "Rio Bravo" among others. Shootouts and mayhem occur, and they are perfectly paced and thrilling. Not to mention Slater wielding two guns at the same time! The other homage is what really gives the movie it's credibility, in which is pays homage to the disaster movies of the '70s. It's refreshing to see an entire city set flooded for real instead of using backdrops and CGI. And with all that rain pouring down on them, I can't really blame them for missing almost every shot they shoot! And for the final disaster sequence, it is spectacular (albeit pushing logic to the limit). It's as if a John Wayne westerner suddenly got thrust into an Irwin Allen spectacle. It's actually a lot of fun to watch these two scenarios combine, and you don't see a lot of movies like these nowadays.

The action sequences and cinematography are nicely filmed and choreographed (courtesy of cinematographer-cum-director Mikael Saloman); for example there is an exciting jet-ski chase through the flooded hallways of a high school which was very impressive, considering the painstaking effort the cast and crew went through (Slater did most of the stunts himself). The music by Christopher Young just screams of excitement and danger awaiting, and the editing is not to shabby.

Overall, this is a hugely entertaining action movie, and an unusually good one at that, given the circumstances faced. I was shocked to know this was a box-office bomb (clearly the critics are missing the point). I felt like this was a sure-fire hit. So, if you're a fan of action, westerns, or disaster movies in particular, give this movie a try. You definitely will NOT be disappointed.

Entertainment value: 10/10

Overall: 7/10
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An insult to disaster movies.
john-ehughes20 December 2006
I tried to watch this film without counting the inconsistencies but gave up on the whole contrived mess after about 45 minutes. So, here we go; Why did the bank decide to move the cash on such a night? Didn't they read the weather forecast? Do whole populations in America leave town without any kind of security and how come they saw the weather forecast but the National Guard didn't? Why was every light in town left on? How did the gang know about the movement of cash but the police didn't? Why did the security guards get lost so quickly? Why was a psychopath included in the gang? How did the gang know in which direction the guard had gone? How did such a moron get a job as a deputy? Surely the guard would be required to carry his I.D. at all times? Are all jails in America so easy to get into? Do all female art restorers carry a Swiss army knife? How come all the doors inside the college were open, making it convenient for a speedboat chase, but the emergency panic-bar ones were locked? How did the water rise so fast and so selectively without flowing and how did it stay so clean? Why didn't Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater read the scripts before getting involved with this turkey? I know the makers of this film didn't want it to be just another disaster movie but instead they have churned out a disaster of a movie.
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What the hell is Morgan Freeman doing in this?!
nalobcram19 January 2002
The legendary film critic Pauline Kael (who passed on last summer) asked, "Is there a better working actor in America than Morgan Freeman?" (paraphrasing). Mr. Freeman in every role (even this one) is so commanding, believable with one of the best voices around...I just don't know why he keeps wasting his time on junk like this! Does he really need the money?

"Hard Rain" does have an excellent cast and some impressive set designs and effects. But it is so horribly written and cliché ridden it's distressing to see such a cast and budget wasted! When this film came out, Norm McDonald of SNL during the "Weekend Update" announced: "Christian Slater was temporarily released from prison so he could attend the premiere of his new film, "Hard Rain". After the first ten minutes, he was escorted back to jail." (!) In fairness, "Hard Rain" isn't THAT bad, but close enough.

Final rating: 5/10 A standard movie. You can watch it once, but then move on with your life."

(Trivia: The trailer for this film was released when "Titanic" first came out in December/January of 1997/1998. It was good, but it didn't help this film at the box office.)
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Great Film!!
avatar-422 December 2001
Just wanted to say to whoever has not seen this film yet go out and get it very good film.. loved the setting great action. I have watched it about 5-6 times and i always enjoy it, mainly because of the great settings and enviroment I may be pushing it but this is in the top 20's of my all time fav's
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Worob8 April 1999
I heard of this movie about a year ago but setting off to see it on video. I forgot all about it until about a week ago I saw it on the shelf of my local video store and decided to rent it for the night and see how it was. From the opening scene to the final one I was amazed at how it kept me on my toes. I knew that Christian Slater was going to live but I wanted to know who got the money in the end. I was mildly disappointed on how they did it but some of the action scenes were AMAZING. I have to say I didn't expect much but it did well in entertaining me for an hour and a half.

My rating 8 out 10
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To sum this up, a good film for all.
gunner-730 December 1998
I really did not know what to expect with "Hard Rain". Because it was just sheer chance that I saw this. I must say once it started it had me glued to the screen from start to finish. Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater were compelling in their performances. Randy Quaid as the sheriff of this small town gave an outstanding performance in this non stop action knockout thriller. There is so much here I could say about this movie but to make this short I would just like to say I have no hesitation in recommending this to any one who likes their fast-paced action type of film laced with humor along the way, and may I just add that Betty White better known as Rose in the Golden Girls was just great in her performance. To sum this up a good film for all. Because the entire film was made in water due to the story line that the town was supposed to be flooded by intense rain,it made this film very unusual, thus explains the title "Hard Rain."
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