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A big step up of the franchise!
FAIZ55518 February 2018
Since I've been torture with part 6, H20 is so fun like it's a fun fast pace movie. Good story, good acting, good pacing, and fun! They could of end it here but nope they decide to make another one and I have to say that one suck too. In my opinion this is the only good Halloween film of the 90s. This is a good sequel, go see it now!
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The Best Sequel of the Series
RyanCShowers2 October 2018
"Halloween H20" is the most accomplished sequel of the "Halloween" series, and a film that would deserve a "10" for its potency, conviction, and intelligence if it weren't for a few non-Laurie scenes earlier in the film that feel less than what other films achieved at the time.

You can't talk about "Halloween H20" without discussing the impact the "Scream" trilogy had on this era in horror cinema. The post-modern references, thrilling and modern style, sexy stars, and heightened feminist protagonists that made the three "Scream" films so successful are borrowed by "Halloween H20" and are used to the film's triumph.

The single best aspect of "Halloween H20" is Laurie Strode's character development. Though it's a bit more heavy-handed than Sidney in "Scream," it's effective, thorough, and aided by Jamie Lee Curtis' phenomenal, unforgettable portrayal. The last 20 minutes are first-rate 1990s horror.

"Halloween H20" feels as scary and fresh today as it did in 1998.
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Fast paced entertaining horror
Brommieboy11 September 2018
This is the best Halloween movie since the original came out. It starts as it means to go on with action and nods to the past that will have horror fans glued. It's so fast paced it needs to almost slow down for a rest half way through before the thrilling climax. An excellent sequel.
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A great sequel.
Sleepin_Dragon23 October 2018
After so many poor follow ups, H20 serves up thrills and spills, with the franchise managing to go bigger, and yet get back to basics.

It's well acted, very well paced, and entertaining from start to finish. It's also nice to see the hunted become the hunter, great to see Laurie get revenge on her sadistic brother.

Curtis is great, Hartnett is cool also, although why's he wearing a shirt six sizes too big for him?

Some great moments, it's very suspenseful, kind of builds on the success of the Scream franchise, it very much has that vibe as opposed to it's predecessors.

One of the best. 8/10
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Very good
This is one of the stronger films in the Halloween franchise. It has strong acting, decent plot and a pretty good ending.
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Arguably the best of the "Halloween" sequels, "H20: Twenty Years Later" serves as the wonderful book-end to the story, offering a satisfying and entertaining conclusion.
Ah, the mid-to-late 1990's... sort-of a rebirth of horror in a way. After all, the period from 1990 to about 1995 was wholly and decidedly a relatively murky period for the genre, with quality releases being very few and far between. Audiences were tiring of the holdover 80's slasher flicks and ho-hum ghost stories, with really only a handful of stand-out creep-shows to keep horror fans satiated. With so few quality-choices (notably the mini-series "It" from the book by Stephen King and the wonderful thriller "Candyman" from the stories of Clive Barker), it was no wonder that the early 90's were considered a "dead" period.

Then, "Scream" happened and changed everything. It proved that not only could horror be widely appealing at the hands of gifted writers and quality filmmakers, but also showed that the old tropes and clichés could be "hip" and "cool" again when handled with care and a degree of nostalgic love.

So, it should come as no shock that after the colossal misfire that was the previous film ("The Curse of Michael Myers"), the "Halloween" series got a new lease on life with a post-"Scream" sensibility in this 1998 release- "Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later." A minor degree of self-awareness, a focus on modern teenage and young adult culture and a fun blast from the past by way of original star Jamie Lee Curtis made the series relevant and modern in a way that both worked to re-invigorate interest and also pay homage to the series origins.

The film was lovingly crafted to serve as a book-end to the original, cleverly taking advantage of being released on the twentieth anniversary of the John Carpenter classic as part of it's schtick. It was built up as the "Halloween" to end all "Halloween's"... A "Halloween" for the modern era. A "Halloween" for the sharp and post-modern 90's crowd. And a "Halloween" that honored the long- beloved roots of the series.

Directed by Steve Miner, the film revolves around Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode, now living as a teacher under a false name. Still haunted by nightmares of her murderous sibling Michael Myers, Laurie is trying her hardest to move on. But when her brother comes calling, the stakes are set for a final and apocalyptic battle from which only one can emerge alive.

The success of the film really falls onto its clear adoration of the original and the desire to "evolve" and "complete" the story that it started in a new and fresh way. You can feel the love for that film oozing in virtually every scene here, with many subtle homages and call-backs. Yet it also builds and evolves the franchise in a way that previous films hadn't. Whereas prior sequels truly did feel like they were simply trying to re-create the magic of the original to increasingly diminishing results, "H20" actually has the guts to say "No, the best way to pay tribute to the origin of the series is to make homage and continue the story, but allow it to change with the times." A huge part of that is the result of that late-90's self-aware mindset popularized by other films, and I think it works wonders. There are numerous levels of subversion that make you second-guess where it's all leading, there's plenty of banter and humor that satisfies the audience, and it also makes the wise move to make all the characters likable... nobody here really has their own agenda as so many other slasher-sequels have done with their characters.

Miner's direction is strong, with a keen sense of scope, atmosphere and composition. He finds just the right balance between old- fashioned cinematography and 90's era aesthetics, giving the film a unique tone and visual palate that both compliments and contrasts with the Carpenter original.

Performances are uniformly strong for the material. Curtis is a joy in her returning role, giving Laurie a grand sense of pathos but also a drive to finally face her fears. Supporting roles by the likes of Josh Hartnett, Adam Arkin and even rapper LL Cool J round out a likable and believable cast. And there's no sore thumbs to be found. Also of note is voice-over artist Tom Kane, who perfectly re- creates the brilliant dialog of the late Donald Pleasance in a wonderful opening sequence. (Also, keep your eyes peeled for future superstar Joseph Gordon- Levitt in a small role in the opening sequence!)

Should I have to address any negatives, I would definitely have to dock some slight points for a frankly shaky first act, which does fall back on the old tropes and clichés a bit too much. It just feels contrary to the much stronger second and third acts of the film, and it doesn't do much to subvert expectations or built on the legacy of the series. I also take some slight issue with the film's at times break-neck pace... it's already a fairly short film, and it rushes a bit too much for everything to really set in.

Still, those flaws being stated, I can't help but feel that for my money, this is the best of the "Halloween" sequels. It built off of what came before, served as a loving tribute and also book-ended the series with what was at the time built up to be the final entry in the series. To me, the "Halloween" franchise is a trilogy- Carpenter's "Halloween", it's first sequel "Halloween II" and this film, "H20." Everything else to me is pure fan-fiction.

I give "Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later" a strong 8 out of 10 as a horror fan and in particular as a fan of the franchise. Definitely worth seeing. (It's follow-up "Resurrection"... not so much.)
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Um we need to change the rating
Groovist_113 August 2018
Great sequel to the original, it's true what they say great things come to those who wait.
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lorcan-618812 February 2018
Halloween 6 may have been bad and old and soggy and smelt like shit, but that did not mean it was not praised for being "unique" and oh yeah, getting like, a butt load of money at the box office. Well, anyway, of course, it was not long before we got Halloween H20: 20 Years Later. Fans did not know what to expect after Halloween 6 with Donald Plesence dying during Halloween 6..then some big news was announced that Jamie Lee Curtis would return after four dragged on sequels. The film basically ignores 4-6 weirdly and follows Laurie Strode who has now become a teacher at a school and still suffers from nightmares of her encounter with Mr. Myers and soon certain events being to make her believe, hes back for her. I actually don't really have any problems with H20, the film is a superb sequel to Halloween, the film is actually better then Halloween 2 and has a awesome story after I did feel like Halloween 4-6's story of Laurie being the mom of Jamie and all that was a bit forced and felt a bit insane considering she was only like 25 if she did have her. Halloween H20 is a great sequel to an amazing horror film, I'm pretty sure you've seen
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Best sequel in the series. BY FAR!
greglanford12 September 2018
The best story, best cast (it's not even close), best ending, etc etc.

Top movies of the franchise: H20, Halloween (1978), Halloween 4

Worst movies of the franchise: Halloween 2 (1981), Season of the Witch, and Rob Zombie's Halloween 2.
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Best Halloween sequel to date !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hnney-4409030 December 2017
It's great that Jamie Lee Curtis pitched an idea to John Carpenter about bringing her character back. And that her character story wasn't finished yet. It great how Jamie's character has a new life and she's the now a headmistress of a secluded private school. It was shocking to find that she had a son, which was never mentioned in any of the previous Halloween sequels. It's great how Steve Miner, the director for having all the homages from other movies in that film. Like with Janet Leigh driving a car that resembles the Psycho car. And the music from Scream being noticeable in certain scenes. Moustapha Akkad could of gave John Carpenter the $10 million to direct the film but that didn't go so well.

It would be great if they make a special edition Blu-ray of Halloween H20 including the deleted scenes also the interviews from the cast and the crew. It's great how this Halloween resembles the original. The way how the movie went was so classic and great for 90's horror flick. This was a necessary Halloween entry, after Halloween 6 cliffhanger in both versions. Now, Jamie's character is an alcoholic who is living with the guilt from the past. It's hard for to to be a teacher and headmistress while having stress that your brother murder a bunch of people. And her son tries to help her cope everyday with her past. I wish some of the of the death scenes were included.

Many people don't like this Halloween and need to realize this film was suppose to reinvent the series. And let people know that Laurie didn't die in know car accident. This was mentioned in Halloween 4, that Laurie and her husband also Little John had died in the accident. That Jamie was the only one that survived it. What's surprising is that John has a different that's not in his life. And doesn't know that his biological father died in an car accident years prior to this happening.
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The crowning jewel
Realrockerhalloween12 August 2016
H20 was the twentieth anniversary that features the return or I like to call it revenge of Laurie Strode.

Jamie had realized during lunch that twenty years had pass since the original film and wanted to do a follow up film. She wanted to get the whole crew back and John Carpenter to direct. He refused after divorcing himself after his anthology idea was ruined. I consider Halloween, the fog, season of the witch, Prince of darkness and the thing his true series.

Williamson wrote a script that was quite different from the finished project yet Jamie didn't want her character to be seen as a bad mother.I don't blame her. Who wants to look bad?

The supporting castes were all fresh faced and did fine. The Halloween theme and scream score mix well together.

The only problem is Donald Pleasence passed away before It was even dreamed of.

It truly was the final Halloween in my opinion.
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The Real Halloween III
jordansepticeye16 October 2016
I'm not saying I hate Season Of The Witch,I loved it,it's just that if you think about it,this is the real Halloween III.First,the good,Jamie Lee Curtis,her character is well written and well acted,this movie is the perfect closure for her,and it's even cooler that this movie was all her idea.The kills are cool,and there is still some good suspenseful scenes.The acting is good,and I like all the horror movie references.My last and biggest pro,the ending,it was perfect and unexpected.Now,the cons,I think that the movie feels a bit too dated,it could have been a bit longer,and there isn't enough Michael.My last con,is the fact that the previous three movies are completely ignored!That means that so many fans were just left out.Otherwise,Halloween H2O is a fun movie that should have been slower.
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The rating should be higher!
ericstevenson27 October 2017
I personally found this to be the best "Halloween" movie after the original. The tension is built up very well in this film. This made the right decision of ignoring all the other Halloween movies except for the first two. Sadly, Donald Pleasance died before he could work on this movie and honestly, it probably worked better without the Dr. Loomis character. I guess it's now said that Loomis died in the fire at the end of "Halloween II". This movie probably deserves credit for not being too violent and it doesn't just rely on gore. I will admit that it does drag on in the middle.

Still, these scenes can work because they show the more realistic aspects of the franchise. You get a fight at the climax that built up well and it isn't drawn out too much. Of course, with a film that's only 85 minutes long, it doesn't have that much plot. Some of the jump scares do get repetitive, but what matters is that we have a great actress like Jamie Lee Curtis in this film. A pity Joseph Gordon-Levitt had to die so early in this movie. He's a great actor! ***
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lukem-5276011 August 2018
H20 is a BRILLIANT Thriller, i remember when it first hit the cinema in the 90s & it was the biggest film around, i couldn't wait to see it but was too young at the time so had to wait to buy it on video aww the good 'ol days. H20 is so well made & so well acted especially by Jamie lee curtis who gives one of the best performances of her career in my opinion as the older & more troubled Laurie strode. The music is Fantastic,a nice new score mixed wuth carpenters classic theme & the cinematography is really gorgeous & slick looking a real Thriller look. Josh Hartnett is great in this film as Laurie's fed up troubled son John. Now i love Halloween '78 of course it's a classic & a John Carpenter favourite but my personal favourite "Michael Myers" film is the 1998 "H20" i just loved the setting & atmosphere & the characters/cast all were good choices & good fun such as the romantic nice guy security guard played by LL Cool J he's great fun.

I gotta say again how much i love Jamie lee Curtis, she's a fantastic actor & one i grew up watching & loving from young as five always watched her on video in films such as "Trading Places" & "Halloween 1&2" & "The Fog" & "Blue Steel" & "True Lies" & "Virus" Among a few other's so she has always been a big part of my childhood & movie world!!!

"H20" is one of my favourite Slasher/ Thrillers of all time & i consider "H20" to be one of the best from the 90's along with "I Know What You Did Last Summer" & "Scream 1&2" but "H20" is the best because i grew up watching the whole Halloween franchise & love Jamie lee curtis as Laurie Strode.

Halloween H20 is a smart,stylish, exciting & fun so 90's Slasher Thriller with an incredible performance from the great JAMIE LEE CURTIS!!!
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Pretty damn good sequel
NateWatchesCoolMovies21 November 2015
I have a soft spot for Halloween: H20, it's a good old Dimension produced slick flick that I've seen on TV in the AM hours enough times for it to really grow on me. Also, it makes an effort to do something different this time around,as opposed to the same old well worn formula that we're used to. Don't get me wrong, it's still a slasher flick, but it's more coherent and self aware than the previous the entries, who are somewhat guilty of sleepwalking on the coat tails of the original duo. The notable feature here is the return of Laurie Strode, Jamie Lee Curtis making a comeback in a very different, commanding turn as the character she started out as so many years before. It's nice to see her back, even if they did subvert their own running continuity to do so, but I guess horror franchises were never much about the logic side of things to begin with lol. Casting in general on this one is pretty cool. The nurse from the original first two flicks shows up in a delightfully eerie prologue alongside a super young Joseph Gordon Levitt, setting the stage for the horror to come. Laurie is now headmistress of a swanky private school in upstate NY, and severely, stiflingly overprotective of her son (Josh Hartnett in his film debut). Him and his friends, including Michelle Williams and Jodi Lyn O Keefe, are excluded fom a school camping trip and left behind to get up to shenanigans right around the time old Michael decides to make an epic return to visit Laurie, and mercilessly slaughter anyone who gets in his way. Adam Ark in and a really unnecessary, dumb ass LL Cool J get in the way and become knife food as well. Seeing Michael and Laurie reunite again is legendary, and had to happen eventually, this film being just the enjoyable entry to showcase that. PS: back to the stupid mask again. When will they learn.
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My favorite Halloween and 2nd favorite horror flick
shroyer-7676010 October 2018
Man dkes this film bring back great memories. Like a lot of millenials, the films from this post-scream era was what I grew up watching.

As stated in other reviews, halloween h20 brings it back to the basics. Like the original 2 films, it chooses suspense over blood and gore (the movie is almost free of it). It has so many memorable scenes (not to mention my favorite and possibly the most satisfying ending in horror). It also is full of noticeable cast members that were well known at the time. What really sets this apart from other slashers (especially most 80's) was that it focuses on character progression and builds the story around that, rather than around the kills. Thats what ultimately gives this film more credibility as a legit piece of art than other films in the genre. I could go on and on, but I feel you get the point. I couldn't recommend the film any higher.
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Where the heck?
anthonyturno6 September 2018
Do all the haters come from? This is a 7.5 out of 10. The best one since the first one. Maybe it's because they aren't used to having an actual plot. Sure it's watered down compare to the first but it's way better than any of the sequels including Halloween 2
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BY FAR the best Halloween film!! Boy, I loved it!
paulclaassen12 October 2018
Finally a Halloween film I enjoyed! This installment is head and shoulders above the rest. This film ignores the events of Halloween 4, 5 & 6 (Halloween 3 was an entirely different story) and follows on Halloween 2. The script is good, the dialogue is good, the music is good, the characters are likable, good camera work, and it just felt more realistic. This is the first film I actually found suspenseful. At least we get to know the characters (they're not there just for the kill) and maybe that's why it was more suspenseful. The film even had some really great funny moments. Everything makes perfect sense in this film. In fact, I found it better than the original. Jamie Lee is back, and that's a huge bonus, and boy is she fabulous in this film!! I especially loved her attitude during the film's final moments, where she's finally had enough of Michael. This was exceptional! I was so happy with the ending, I wanted to applaud it! Loved it!

Hail to director Steve Miner who not only made one of the best Halloween films (the best in my opinion) but also a classic, thoroughly entertaining horror film. Well done!!
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Finally a worthy sequel!!
Plissken-49 December 1998
Halloween was, is, and will likely remain the greatest horror movie of all time. None of its sequels or imitators could even come close. Until now. Halloween H20 is a fantastic film. Unlike other films of this genre, it realizes that you need to care about the characters in order for the film to scare you. Gore does not equal terror. The original Halloween knew that and H20 knows it. It allows you to get to know the characters so you can root for them in the end. Unlike the Scream-type movies of today, teenagers are not the only ones with brains here. Jamie Lee Curtis gives a performance superior to her one in the original. Her character was destroyed from the events of the first film. We get to see her rebuild herself as she finally faces the fear that has haunted her for 20 years. Kudos to director Steve Miner. He creates a perfectly creepy atmosphere, allows Michael Myers to move like a person instead of a robot, and throws everything but the kitchen sink at us in a white knuckle ending. This is the first horror movie I went to in a long time where the audience SCREAMED with regularity. There were more screams in the last half hour of this movie than there were in SCREAM 1 & 2 combined. My only complaint is the over use of false scares. But other than that, this is a first class thriller that FINALLY does justice to the original HALLOWEEN. I give it ***1/2 out of ****.
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Change of pace for the series....
PAUL-3447 July 2001
With the success of "the new" horror film genre started by Kevin Williamson's Scream, it was inevitable that it would Halloween H20. With Williamson in an unacknowledged, co-producer role, H20 added a bit of hip teen class to the Halloween series, with Dawson Creek's Michelle Williams, Jodi Lynn O'Keefe, and the debut of Josh Hartnett heading the cast along with scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis. Fans of the series have been let down with disappointing sequels soiling the reputation of the classic original, so it wasn't all bad when the producers of H20 made a controversial decision to ignore films 3-6 in the series. Set in a California posh secluded high school as opposed to Haddonfield, H20 is a taught film lasting no more than 80 minutes if you don't include the credits. In the short running time the film manages to pack in suspense and drama to satisfy both fans of the series and of the genre, with the film managing to keep both traditional and "new age" horror fans happy. In all, a healthy addition to the classic horror series, watch out for Halloween 8: Homecoming.
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The BEST Michael Myers movie ever made
davispittman17 January 2016
Halloween H20 (1998) truly is the best Michael Myers movie in the entire Halloween franchise. Yes, it is even better than the 1978 original. Jamie Lee Curtis really does a great job as Laurie Strode, who is now the principal of a posh California school, and is a recovering alcoholic and has been haunted with anxiety and nightmares ever since her first run in with Michael. I love all the actors in this movie, Jamie of course, but josh hartnett was good too, along with Michelle Williams and LL Cool J. The dialogue and script was also good here, not bland cheesy or cliché at all. The scares weren't like amazing, but they were not bad by any means, the scenes were plenty tense and on edge, as they should be. The beginning of this film was great too, it really kicks of to an exciting start, Joseph Gordon Levitt gets us off to a scary start. To be honest, the Halloween franchise just should have ended with H20, I mean come on even Jamie Lee Curtis herself said that resurrection was a joke, things would've been sooo much better if it all just would've ended here. This movie had an AWESOME ending! I loved the ending to H20, it was just what happened and what was discovered in the next movie that I HATED. I mean come on, this film would've been a perfect way for Michael Myers and Laurie strode to go out. Go out with a bang. The only bang to resurrection was me shooting myself. 8/10 for Halloween H20.
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Forget "Resurrection"--the series ends here.
Jonny_Numb9 September 2006
Back before Lions Gate (now Lionsgate) held the monopoly on mainstream genre pics, Dimension Films was the go-to place for horror and suspense of the 'indie' sort. In 1998, with Wes Craven's 2 "Scream" films maintaining the public interest to great financial success, Dimension decided to put their acquisition of the "Halloween" franchise to good use (especially after the atrocious "Curse of Michael Myers") by making a sequel to end all sequels (at least until the atrocious "Halloween: Resurrection" turded up multiplexes).

In addition to being one of the most instantly-recognizable titles in all of horror, "Halloween: H20" came to screens with an added incentive: it marked the series return of original protagonist/victim Laurie Strode (played with cat-like veracity by Jamie Lee Curtis). Curtis' presence, in addition to the reliable skill of director Steve Miner (who cut his teeth on two "Friday the 13th" sequels), plus a story that wisely disregarded the incidents of all the sequels past "II," set "H20" up as the series payoff I was so eagerly awaiting. After leaving the theater, I was more than satisfied with the end result.

Years go by. Dimension becomes a notorious den of re-cuts, re-shoots, and re-castings (just ask Wes "Cursed" Craven) still trying to mine the 'Fresh-Faced-Teen' demographic that doesn't seem to exist anymore. Upon re-examination of "H20"'s box/poster art, I noticed a recurrent motif (from "Scream" to "Phantoms" to "Nightwatch" to "Rounders") in design: the proliferation of airbrushed faces looking Deeply Concerned about something, in addition to an over-reliance on bold, exclamatory blurbs from dubious sources (WWOR-TV, anyone?).

But I'm not reviewing the marketing tactics of a company whose former glories (namely Tarantino and Rodriguez) are now its only source of revenue.

"Sin City" notwithstanding, "H20" might have been the last good movie to come out of Dimension. At its core, it is a surprisingly compact (86 minutes, including credits) horror-thriller that moves so briskly we are never able to get too cozy with the characters. Miner goes for the subtle compositions that marked John Carpenter's original, and is fairly successful: the film refrains from the obligatory sex and self-referential attitude that would have been profitable at the time. From frame one, "H20" feels like a continuous, flowing set-piece...but the way it sidelines its characters leaves a hollow echo when it's all finished. Also unfortunate is that the suspense is so heavy-handed it seldom creates tension; this might be attributable to Chris Durand's overly self-conscious portrayal of the menacing Michael Myers. The relationship between Curtis, her son John (Josh Hartnett), and Myers is the film's intriguing familial triangle, but is disappointingly underdeveloped (though for the sake of the series, it wraps things up well enough).

In the end, "H20" is Curtis' show. She imbues her character with as much straight-faced commitment as she did in '78, in addition to a toughened exterior bent on preserving family values at any cost. The denouement, which contains a moment as touching as it is creepy, gives new meaning to the phrase, "tough love."
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Awesometacular movie!
joshuadrake-9127515 September 2015
HALLOWEEN H2O: 20 YEARS LATER is the seventh picture in the Michael Myers film franchise and it is directed by Steve Miner.

This film is a direct sequel to both the 1978 original and the 1981 sequel, HALLOWEEN II and set in an alternate timeline in which the events that transpired in HALLOWEEN 4: THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS, HALLOWEEN 5: THE REVENGE OF MICHAEL MYERS and HALLOWEEN 6: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS never occurred (rendering those films non-canon).

Set 20 years after the events of the first film, H20 centers on a post-traumatic Laurie Strode living in fear of her murderous brother, Michael Myers, who attempted to kill her all those years ago.

When Michael eventually appears, Laurie must face evil one last time, while the life of her teenage son hangs in the balance.

The story is amazing and it was developed and created by Robert Zappia. He created a darn good story and it was spectacular to put on screen.

The screenplay is written by Robbert Zappia and Matt Greenberg and the script I am giving a lot of praise, because the dialogue, action and violence is so intense and so great that the performances are really good in this flick.

Another thing I will give praise to is the direction of Steve Miner and he does a really amazing job with this feature film and he was so fantastic and he was also the perfect choice to direct Halloween H20: 20 Years Later and the film just really shines in every single sequence.

The acting is getting credit to and this goes to Jamie Lee Curtis and Josh Harnett in his first feature film debut and they had great chemistry and they both did an amazing job in the film.

LL Cool J is not bad as Ronnie, but he could have been a hell of a lot worse. Michelle Williams was also amazing in this film and she does a good job.

Chris Durand as Michael Myers, he is just spectacular in the role and he is much better than all of the other Michael Myers before him and while not the best, but considering the shoes he had to fill, he could have been a hell of a lot worse.

The only criticism is the short run time and the film should have been at least an hour and 54 minutes long, but the short run time works for this movie and I think that is enjoyable for me. The music by John Ottman is good, but they used some of Marco Beltrami's score from Scream, which was released two years before HALLOWEEN H20 and this had John Ottman outraged, on a positive note, I love his version of the HALLOWEEN theme and it is really great with the orchestra.

Overall, HALLOWEEN H20: 20 YEARS LATER does everything right, but the only flaw I have is the short run time, they could have made it longer, but they did not wanted to.

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Joint 1st with Halloween 2018
bammyjastard25 August 2019
This was my favourite Halloween sequel, until Halloween 2018 came out. Now they share the top spot. I know there will be people out there who will disagree with me, but H20 is a huge step up after the mundane and quite frankly strange cult offering of Halloween 6. As always, Jamie Lee Curtis is superb and supported by a great cast including Adam Arkin, Josh Hartnett and LL Cool J. H20 has some good kills, though not as many as the other Halloween films and a great plot with edge of seat suspense.
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Pretty good,but nothing really groundbreaking.
HumanoidOfFlesh11 January 2003
"Halloween H20:20 Years Later" made by Steve Miner("House",the second and the third part of "Friday the 13th" series)is quite good,especially if you liked John Carpenter's classic "Halloween".The film disregards Parts 4-6,which is not necessarily a bad thing.Luckily it has plenty of suspense,and a good amount of scares-especially the prologue is quite terrifying.There is only a little bit of gore,so gorehounds will be disappointed.Jamie Lee Curtis is pretty good as a Laurie Strode,but the other characters played by the supporting cast are shallow and empty.The score by Marco Beltrami sounds exactly like the one from "Scream" and this is surely big mistake.All in all I enjoyed this one and you should too if you are a fan of "Halloween" series.7 out of 10-a solid horror flick!
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