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Lighten Up, Will Ya!
OldeSkool (OldeSkool)20 November 2006
After reading several negative reviews analyzing this and other stoner movies as being stupid, mindless and lacking in plot. HELLO!!! This is a stoner movie about stoners getting stoned. Who cares about plot or social messages or that other deep crap. You want depth go see a Bergman or a Fellini film, lighten up and smoke a joint. I'm glad to see stoner comedies back in fashion after suffering through pretentious, preachy, boring 80s anti-drug dramas that are never truly grounded in reality and where the characters always either predictably OD or just simplistically kick their addiction. So rent this movie (or watch it currently on cable), fire up one and enjoy
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A great comedy, Chapelle is hilarious
PersianPlaya4085 January 2006
Half baked is hilarious movie to me. Its a pothead manifestation film that doesn't take it self seriously and is pretty hilarious throughout. Dave Chapelle is very funny in the lead and to me is a better lead comedy actor than the likes of Martin Lawrence and even Chris Rock. Guillermo Diaz is also very good as Scarface. Rachel True provides good eye candy and decent performance as the female lead. This is not an Oscar film, but hilarious to watch with buddies and after watching it 3 times it doesn't get old. Its a funny screenplay, decent comedic direction and good performances, worth a look for any fan of comedy, pot or cinema.. 9/10
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You don't have to be under 25 nor a pothead to enjoy this movie. Maybe having familiarity with drug culture would help though.
slate_7710 May 2005
I had never heard of this movie 'Half Baked' until I was channel surfing cable this afternoon and came across it. While I had heard the name Dave Chapelle because of the television show recently airing, I was not familiar with two of the other three main characters. The guy playing the character in jail I have seen before. In other words, I am not up on who these people are/were. I am of the Chech and Chong 'Up in Smoke' generation of drug themed flicks. Saw them all back in the day. However, I found this movie much funnier than those ever were. Much funnier. The Scarface character was hilarious, but I found the Brian and Thurgood parts funnier and quite believable in an over-abundant way. I have read here many stating the cameo parts were the film's highlight. Not in my opinion. The main characters owned this one. As an aside from a 40 something, it is nice to see that this country(USA)has come along the road far enough whereby having a couple white guys, a black dude and a Cuban sharing a habitat together doesn't come across as contrived. The stoner parts all looked familiar to me. Funny movie.
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Ya don't have to be a stoner to enjoy this film
C G6 August 2006
Very funny movie. Of the recent 'stoner' flicks, this is probably one of the best. (Probably second in my book to Dude Where's My car?) Ejoyable, entertaining, and weird characters. Dave Chappell is hilarious as always. There are a ton of cameos by great and well known comedians throughout the piece, all paying their homage to the great herb.

I myself am not a pot smoker but laughed my rear off anyways, even if I didn't get all of the 'inside' stuff that others may refer too. Chappell is great playing several outlandish characters in the movie. The situations they get themselves into are great and even better how they get out of them.

There is ample potty humor as well as pot humor to boot. Well worth the rental fee and your time.
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The Funniest Film on Marijuana since Up in Smoke
MisterWhiplash29 December 1999
Half Baked is funny for all the wrong reasons. We laugh at the antics of pot smoking dumb asses because they are doing all the wrong things. But, it is hilarious nevertheless. Especially with the funny acting of Jim Breuer, Dave Chappelle and Harland Williams. Even the cameos are humorous- including Jon Stewart, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Tommy Chong (Chong is perfect as a small role in the movie). The plot seems kind of basic, but its spiced up for laughs and for people who know what being a dope head is like. Hilarious all around. A+
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THE 90's stoner flick
sick_boy420xxx20 June 2001
Hilarious...or is it?...flick concerning an apartment full of pot-smokers who get themselves in trouble with the law and end up going on a series of the most funny adventures ever put to celluloid. This is a gas for the "in" crowd. Others probably won't get all the jokes, but it is still damn entertaining. I know people who worship this movie...of course, they've more than "smoked themselves retarded." If you're "feelin it," then you'll laugh your @ss off, I guarantee.
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You don't have to be stoned to enjoy it
Joey-1067 April 2000
My friend, (a known pothead), lent me this film and said it was funny, i was sceptical, a. becasue he is always stoned and once had a laughing fit at a commercial, b. because he thinks WWF wrestling is the best thing on t.v, but i watched it anyway, i'm glad i did, it was hilarious, i'd highly recommend this film to anyone, unless they are specifically looking for a good plot or if they are dead against drugs, i've read some of the comments on here and they haven't been that good, maybe you have to know someone like the people in this movie to get it. 8/10
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I don't even know nobody named Ol' James!
tenthousandtattoos22 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Tamra Davis is a g*damned genius, i swear. She manages to get a pumping little message across while delivering the laughs by the bucketload. And Dave Chapelle, gangly, weird but extremely funny in that unpredictable, zany way, easily delivers the funniest line when he says "Do I look like someone that would smoke...*whispers* mari-juana?" Trust me, when u see him say that line the irony is nothing short of hilarious.

The message is, quite simply, that weed's got a bad rap over the years for being a "gateway drug" and that it's not a "soft" drug or whatever, and nowhere in the film is this rammed home more than in the "Rehab" scene. No, I don't know anyone that's ever "sucked d*ck for marijuana", either...haha. This is all despite the fact that many people use weed all the time and never become junkies or "flip out" and go nuts.

This will especially strike a chord with smokers, but anyone can enjoy the zaniness of this movie, although i will say the target audience has been well catered for :) The last scene is particularly good in its appeal to smokers and non smokers. For everyone who thinks Thurgood gave up weed for good, go back and watch the end again. As he's ditchin the spliff she (the spliff) yells "You'll be baaaaack!" and does he contradict her? Nup.

It's one of those endlessly quotable movies that you can stick on whenever and enjoy.

"Will u guys shutup about weed for one second? I don't want this girl to know I smoke!" "Yeah it's bad enough you're a janitor, yo!" "Custodian!"

"Why u gotta make me feel inferior coz I'm on the grill, B?"

And a zillion other gems :) Whoops, forgot to actually include a plot summary...(*ding* Marijuana affects the memory *ding*) Roll a big fat one and enjoy!
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Wasted comedy at its finest
Crowbot-214 January 2001
This movie is hilarious. Extremely stupid, but still hilarious. And even as unbelievable as it is, there are people actually like this, heck I know several of them. The thing that makes it so funny is the fact that a bunch of funny parts in the film actually happen. So if you want to see funny realism mixed with over the top fantasy, this is your film.
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stupified genius
stu-2226 November 2000
Only a true pothead could have thought up the script for HALF BAKED. Tamra Davis is an underrated director, with other cool movies like BEST MEN and his other retarded comedy masterpiece, BILLY MADISON. Dave Chapelle, Jim Breuer, Guillermo Diaz, and Harland Williams all give incredible, insane performances. The spoofs on other films like JERRY MCGUIRE, DEAD PRESIDENTS, SUPERMAN, as well as the old "Batman" show, are perfectly weaved in. There are numerous cameos by tons of varied people: Snoop Dogg, Jon Stewart, Janeane Garafalo, Willie Nelson, Stephen Baldwin, Clarence Williams 3, Tommy Chong, Bob Saget, and others, they're all funny in their own ways. The Guy on the Couch was the most interesting character, for mysterious reasons.
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Not as bad as you might think...
Wizard-83 January 1999
The trailer for this movie looked really dumb, so I didn't see it in theaters. Then I heard about Bob Saget's cameo (and what he says), and just wanting to hear Saget say that made me rent the movie. Surprisingly, it's not a bad movie. Oh, it's dumb. It's sloppy. It's *obsessed* with marijuana. But I laughed several times in the movie, and the characters are very likable. Best watched with a group of friends who don't mind drug humor.
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a 5 joint movie! =)
thefrogprince5 March 2006
Pot smokers represent! =) This film is *the* new definitive piece for the genre (yes, ladies and gentlemen, surpassing, even, Up In Smoke). =) Follow one pothead's (Dave Chappele as Thurgood Jenkins) journey from social miscreant to responsible citizen. Along the way, he learns to sacrifice for his friends, take charge of difficult situations and lead, and tap into that true American entrepreneurial spirit that lies dormant within us all! =) And all of this?… for the nobility of true love. =) (Oh ya… and did we mention that in the middle of all of this, he even finds time to support his local law enforcement officials?). =)

Hat's off to the director, Tamra Davis. You did us proud. What absolutely "makes" this movie (besides Dave Chappele as Sir Smoke-A-Lot) is the cameos. The currently best rated comment mentions: Snoop Dogg, Jon Stewart, Janeane Garafalo, Willie Nelson, Stephen Baldwin, Clarence Williams 3, Tommy Chong, Bob Saget, and *others*. This fails to mention two *others*: a special guest appearance by the ghost of Jerry Garcia =), and… Steven Wright, playing the quintessential "guy on the couch". =) This movie is sooo good, that I suppose you could even watch it sober and *still* find it entertaining. =) I give this movie a 5 out 5 joints. =)
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Features the funniest cameos ever
Derek2375 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The highlight of Half Baked is clearly the hilarious cameos, in particular the cameo by Bob Saget. It was a while since Full House went off the air, and people started to wonder, 'where's Bob?' Well, we found him, and in the unlikeliest of places, too. His all-American, wholesome, great dad image is completely torn apart in just a matter of seconds. His line, "I used to suck d**k for coke" echoes in eternity for great moments in contemporary comedy.

As for the movie itself, I thought it was awesome. Dave Chapelle, who co-wrote the script, obviously knows his subject very well. The details of the marijuana culture are rich and extremely humorous. We're shown different types of marijuana users ("I'm 40 and still cool smoker", "I can't be creative without pot smoker," "enhancement smoker," "scavenger smoker"), the different ways of buying it, and surprisingly enough, it teaches that life can be good without it. Just listen to Thurgood's wise final words at the end of the movie when he gives up weed and gets the girl:

"Now, I know what you're thinking: old Thrugood sold out, right? Well, let me tell you something. I love weed, I LOVE it. But not as much as I love p***y. The End."

Half Baked is a very good comedy which I've enjoyed over and over. It obviously won't rank up as one the greatest films of all time but it's a funny movie with memorable characters and lines. Dave Chappelle is more popular now than he was when this came out but I hope that people go back and revisit it (especially now with a new "Fully Baked Edition" DVD!). Half Baked is a gem of a comedy.

My rating: 6.5/10
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"First of all, to understand Killer, you gotta understand who Killer the Dog was."
gigan-9218 January 2011
This film is one of my all time favorites. It's a real stand out comedy with damn good performances for what it is. most comedy today is pathetically predictable and just un-funny. From dismal family comedy flicks to the terrible ill amusing escapades of the date comedy. For me, their just way too formulaic. Is this story whole-heartedly original,no, not by far, but it's treatment is gloriously funny and pure escapist fun. The performances are better than you'd expect, giving off the feeling these guys are real close. Dave Chappelle is a riot,a real comedic genius. Guillermo Díaz is Scarface, Harland Willaims was terrific but the the performance I enjoyed almost even more than Chappelle's was that of Jim Breuer as Brian. If you've seen this movie then you know why I say this. Rachel True does as well as needed, but I found the tragic story of Killer by far more memorable (lol).

And before i forget there are some very memorable cameos from Jon Stewart, Snoop Dogg, and Tommy Chong naturally. Each is just funny as hell. I don't believe you have to be a stoner to get all the jokes, but being a user will make it all the more hilarious. Overall, my rain reason for loving this film is that it casually, repeatedly and openly points out that marijuana isn't really something to fear, disgust or be ridiculously conservative of. A 'pothead' myself, I really don't recall ever feeling the urge to "suck a d*ck" for some marijuana, so that's saying some thing right?

Take a hit, and Live life.
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A Great Comedy!
predator_silver7716 December 2008
The Plot: Loaded with some of today's hottest young comedy stars, Half-Baked is the hilarious adventure of three lovable party buds trying to find cash to bail their friend out of jail. But just when the guys have mastered a plan, everything comes dangerously close to going up in smoke! with numerous cameo appearances.

My Spiel: Half-baked is a movie I remember back in the day and still watch to this day. A truly funny, funny movie, with Dave Chappelle as the main sure he brings his hilarious attributes to this movie. Granted this movie should not be taken serious in the lest. This movie is miles ahead of a lot of the stupid crap that has been coming to movies recently; for example all the movie parodies. This movie has a complete comedy edge to it with laughable characters and something you can get behind. Easily one of my top 10 favorite comedies of all time! Half-Baked (1998) Review: 8/10
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Witty and silly -- a joy to behold
bungfrombeyond16 November 2007
I first watched this movie before i had ever even seen marijuana in person, and instantly this movie had become one of my favorites. Chappelle's comedic delivery is impeccable and really drives the spirit of the movie from start to finish. Years from now, people will see his impact on comedy as revolutionary, as many already have.

The rest of the cast is filled with little-known actors (e.g., the "Scarface" character) to the iconic (e.g. Willie Nelson) and everybody contributes to the comedy in a unique way. Brian (played by Jim Breuer) serves as the stereotypical burnt-out stoner and does the job well. Scarface serves as an excellent foil to Bruer due to his extremely hyper nature, in spite of his marijuana use.

The movie itself filled with absurdity anchored in truth and this complimentary relationship is what makes the movie so fulfilling. Yes, the movie involves marijuana but being acquainted with it is not necessary to appreciate the antics of the characters. Though the drivers of the plot are really the protagonists, there are elements of romance, action, and suspense as the crew makes their way in the drug scene in order to rescue their friend from an undeservedly cruel fate.

Obviously, the most recurring theme of the film, namely marijuana, makes this appealing to those who either indulge or know about the topic; however, familiarity is hardly a requirement to appreciate the humor or characters. The movie speaks for itself and is one of my favorite movies ever.
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This Movie Is Da Bomb
shannasman98 October 2007
I saw this movie when it was on Comedy Central and thought it was the best movie of the 90's. I loved watching Dave Chappelle's role as Thurgood Jenkins and compared to when he did the comedian on The Nutty Professor in 1996. I was surprised to see Willie Nelson and Bob Saget and Snoop Dogg and Jon Stewart in this movie. Also I was curious about that guy on the couch. What was his name if he did have one? I think Tamra Davis did a wonderful job directing and writing the script. So if anyone hasn't seen this movie yet, I'd highly recommend it to those of you curious about it. Go out and buy it. Enjoy and thank you very much. I would again recommend this movie to any and everyone who hasn't seen it.
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Quite Funny!
ben tawton20 June 2006
This movie is funny if you smoke weed otherwise you will find it a boring movie,Dave Chappelle is a funny comedian i've watched loads of his stand-ups on DVD but he wasn't really that funny in this film he was more of a serious stoned guy,All the other actors in this film i've never heard or seen of them,If you like silly fun films then you should see this,If you do like this film also watch Harold and Kumar go to white castle its also about stone heads but its way more funnier and it has better acting and a way better story line, Also try watching Chappelle's Stand ups they are Very Very Funny I'll give this film 8/10 because its funny in its category!!
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Good to watch B++
souths-12 May 2006
I'm gonna make this short and sweet like skunk.

PRO's- really funny, has interesting characters, a movie about best buds, colorful, has dave chapelle, nice story, and makes you feel good.

CON's- um... hm... what we're we talking about? OK. This movie is really funny. The first time i saw this movie i was laughing really hard and not under the influence.

If you never saw this movie and need a good laugh.

This is it.

Get the DVD or rent it if you're not sure or borrow it from your friend or bother your neighbor whom you don't really know well enough to borrow sugar let alone a DVD.
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Are you a POTHEAD?
James Martin5 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie shows just what REAL potheads are about, work sorta lowlife jobs and stay high all the time and just non violent activity, what other addicts would say is the "gateway" drug, this movie proves it's just a drug of choice... The lines in this movie can even make those who are not on drugs laugh, and even though it's full of goofy offbeat humor, it wants to make ya watch it over again.. it's a hip-hop right-on comedy... Anyone watching this movie will either roll on the floor laughing or cry out loud laughing..... So kick back with Mary Jane, Billy Bongs, and Wesley Pipes and LOADS of Munchies and enjoy a movie that proves Mary Jane is the girl to have.. and who don't agree with the last line of the movie...
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True cult pot movie, right up there with Cheech&Chong!
em12 December 2005
man, this movie is absolutely HILARIOUS! to all you little pot smokers out there, this is a MUST SEE. the humor is right on target of someone completely high, there's a plot line thats interesting enough to not fall asleep to, not so complicated so that you get lost in it and forget what its about, and you know you'll enjoy it even if you're really stoned, its even entertaining to those who don't smoke. and if you're not stoned when you see this movie, you'll still feel as if you are. this movie is definitely one of the cult marijuana movies, right up there with Cheech&Chong and Dazed&Confuzed. seriously, you don't want to miss it, i laughed myself silly while watching this! hint: if you're stoned when you watch it, don't forget to buy lots of food, you'll get mad munchies!!!
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drevenflow12 January 2004
"Abba Zabba, you're my only friend." This movie started off strong and finished even better. Its about friendship, love and weed. The guest appearances are great and the story is tight. Also, Rachel True is delicious as always! Two huge thumbs up.
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Seriously one of the Funniest Movies You'll Ever See
snafu8012 July 2002
This is by far one of the funniest movies you will ever see...that is if your a burnt out stoner who can relate to the motivationless potheads in this movie. Thankfully I can and that is why I love this movie so so much. I bought this movie previously viewed for 3 dollars and that was by far the best 3 dollars I've ever spent in my entire life. I have watched this movie about 10 times since I bought it and that was only about a month ago. It is really that funny. It has so many hilarious lines. I laugh and laugh when I hear Jon Stewart describing the back of a twenty dollar bill on weed..."Theres a guy in the bushes, does he have a gun..I dont know? Whats that? Red team go, Red team go!" Its fu**ing hilarious. Youll know what I mean once you see this movie. And No you dont have to be a stoner to love this movie it makes me laugh and I am far from one. So please take my advice and rent this movie.
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One of the best comedies I've ever seen!
stevenduret18 March 2002
The only negative part of this movie, is that it ends. I don't care who or what you are, if you can't enjoy something like this, there must be something wrong with you! It's no Oscar-material, just plain excellent entertainment that keeps you laughing on and on and on and...
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I know if you like this movie you be blazin : )
sk8toker12 December 2001
Well, this movie is one of the best stoner-comedies ever made. I like this more than the CHeech and CHong movies, for this reason: It's modern. It's not set in the seventies, it's set in the nineties, and it follows the lives of four stoners and what happens to them when one of them gets put in jail. This film has so many memorable lines(Down by the beach....boooyyyyyyy! : ) ). You can sit around the house with your buddies and almost act out the entire movie. I give it an 8 out of ten. You will watch it again, I guarantee. Cuz Sk8Toker says so.
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