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The Essential Stoner Comedy
gavin69429 November 2015
The story of three not so bright men who come up with a series of crazy schemes to get a friend out of jail.

With all due respect to Cheech and Chong, this is probably the greatest marijuana-themed comedy ever made. I am not a smoker, but I still find the antics here funny and there are just so many clever and original lines that you cannot help but love it. Dave Chappelle is the perfect leading man, and it would be great if he had stayed in show business.

You also have to love the cameos. This film more or less gave a second wind to Bob Saget's career. We get Jon Stewart before he was culturally relevant, and both Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg, the two modern icons of marijuana culture.
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as dimwitted as the people whom it portrays
lee_eisenberg14 November 2006
"Half Baked" is probably the best example of a movie that you sit around in your underwear and watch. A stupid - and I assume deliberately stupid - attempt at re-creating the spirit of Cheech and Chong, they just do any ridiculous thing that they want as three pothead friends (Dave Chappelle, Jim Breuer, Guillermo Diaz) try to raise money to bail a fellow stoner (Harland Williams) out of jail. There are some funny scenes, namely the hallucinations, but I recommend just sticking with Cheech and Chong. Pretty worthless, unless you're willing to accept something totally silly. Featuring appearances by Jon Stewart, Willie Nelson, Clarence Williams III and Tommy Chong.
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The Funniest Film on Marijuana since Up in Smoke
Quinoa198429 December 1999
Half Baked is funny for all the wrong reasons. We laugh at the antics of pot smoking dumb asses because they are doing all the wrong things. But, it is hilarious nevertheless. Especially with the funny acting of Jim Breuer, Dave Chappelle and Harland Williams. Even the cameos are humorous- including Jon Stewart, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Tommy Chong (Chong is perfect as a small role in the movie). The plot seems kind of basic, but its spiced up for laughs and for people who know what being a dope head is like. Hilarious all around. A+
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The Fourteenth Time
tedg18 August 2006
Decades ago, Cheech and Chomg accidentally made a good movie, good enough. They unsuccessfully tried a half dozen times or so since then to recapture what it was that worked. And we've had an endless parade of similar attempts, all failures.

"Up in Smoke" worked in part because of the times. Dopers individually were useless humans but as a group we all needed them to leaven the edges of society. In a way, we created the "don't worry, be happy" class to give us another horizon to scan, away from the Nixon one.

So we already were open, and our stoners stepped into a warm tradition of cinematic humor based on comic intoxication. Oh, we loved our drunks.

And so far as movies, we were entering a neo noir era where the whole point of the movie was to not only have the noir notion of hapless innocents caught in capricious events, but also to play with those mechanics.

So much the better that the innocents were innocent because they were stoned (and when not might as well have been).

It really was a sweet spot and additionally had a fold: the performance was about getting to a performance and then performing. The women were perfect.

The times have long since passed when stoners were a desired endearing mix for our idealized world. Now they are a drag, simply stupid. If you want to play with the form, you have to go deep in the folded direction. "Wayne's World" was a classic, really well engineered, that.

But the original model lumbers on, and we get old fish heads like this.

The writer-star disowned it, and I'm glad to hear it. There's no charm here, nothing to get engaged in even if you try. The movie is stoned itself, sitting there and not caring that we are watching.

Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.
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An Inside Joke
view_and_review30 December 2020
"Half Baked" is an ode to marijuana. I think cinematically we have a greater affinity for drug dealers than we do for drug users. Drug dealers have nice things, are business oriented, and live dangerous lives. Drug users, on the other hand, steal your stuff.

Look at all the movies paying tribute to drug dealers: "New Jack City," "Traffic," "American Gangster," and one of my all-time favorites, "Scarface." Sure the drug dealer was the bad guy in each movie, but he was still a protagonist of sorts. "Half Baked" is a comedy about four potheads written by Dave Chappelle. A watchable movie about drug users being the protagonist has to be a comedy because any other genre would be depressing.

"Half Baked" is about three friends trying to get their fourth friend out of prison. The only way they can raise the money quickly is by selling weed. Thurgood Jenkins (Chappelle) regularly stole marijuana from the clinic he worked at in order to sell it. But they weren't drug dealers as he put it, they were "fundraisers." The movie consisted of the potheads smoking pot and acting foolish. It was also an introduction to the different types of smokers: the creative smoker, the everything-is-enhanced-with-weed smoker, the young, the old, and every other type.

I think this movie has greater appeal to stoners. I found it funny at times, but I mostly found it silly. I also felt like most of everything was an inside joke that I wasn't privy to.
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Not as bad as you might think...
Wizard-83 January 1999
The trailer for this movie looked really dumb, so I didn't see it in theaters. Then I heard about Bob Saget's cameo (and what he says), and just wanting to hear Saget say that made me rent the movie. Surprisingly, it's not a bad movie. Oh, it's dumb. It's sloppy. It's *obsessed* with marijuana. But I laughed several times in the movie, and the characters are very likable. Best watched with a group of friends who don't mind drug humor.
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Half Baked is Correct.
anaconda-4065828 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Half Baked (1998): Dir: Tamra Davis / Cast: Dave Chappelle, Harland Williams, Jim Breuer, Tommy Chong, Steven Wright: Short on message and big on stupidity. Title refers to a scheme conjured by characters who are under the influence of dope. Three friends sell narcotics to raise bail money for a friend. These characters exist within colourful boundaries created by their doped out minds. "Have you ever watched Scent of a Woman on weed?" asked one individual. Uninspired directing by Tamra Davis. Dave Chappelle leads the cast as he sets out to score a payoff to free his friend. Harland Williams is no different than his regular persona. He is jailed for feeding sweets to a diabetic horse. Jim Breuer delivers the worst performance overacting his stoned out persona to annoying effect. Tommy Chong is featured as a prison inmate who probably received the sentence after making Still Smokin'. He knows martial arts, which adds nothing of appeal to this stupid film. Steven Wright appears as someone who sleeps on a coach a lot and hopefully dreaming of comic acts superior to this. There are a few amusing visual moments that represent the characters within their doped out state of mind but that is about as far as the creative team went. Pointless film with little to laugh at or be entertained by. It is not funny to watch people wreck their lives on drugs, but viewers may need some sort of substance after viewing this. Score: 2 / 10
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Marijuana? more like MariFUNNAH
movieman_kev28 June 2005
A group of potheads (Thurgood, Scarface, and Brian) have to sell the chronic to get their friend, Kenny, out of jail when he accidentally kills a police horse while on a munchie run for the gang. Thurgood (Dave Chapelle, who also pulls double duty as Sir Smoke-a-lot) also has to hide his habit from his new pot-hating love interest. There hasn't been a comedy this fun centered around weed since the heyday of Cheech and Chong. And while this film isn't quite as funny those said movies, it's still enjoyable enough fluff, filled with many highly quotable lines, some cool cameos (including Bob Saget in his only funny thing he ever did in film or TV), and some hilarious moments.

Eye Candy: C.J. Fidler shows her fake left tit

My Grade: B+

Special Edition DVD Extras: Commentary with director Tamra Davis; two different types of main menus; 8 Deleted Scenes (not in the best shape video-wise, and the DVD case lied saying there were 10 deleted scenes); Alternate Ending (which made more sense); and 3 Featurettes (that all suck equally): Five Minutes With The Guy On The Couch,Different Types Of Smokers, and Granny's Guide To Bakin'; Trailers for "Ray", "Seed of Chucky", "Shaun of the Dead", and "Friday Night Lights"
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A classic stoner movie.
deloudelouvain14 June 2019
You don't have to be a stoner to appreciate this comedy but it helps. You don't have to appreciate the wacky tabacky to understand all jokes but it sure does help. Some scenes are so so recognizable if you're or once were a stoner. Everybody got the munchies, or had short term memory loss, or had hilarious laughs, if you lived like a stoner. So most of the jokes in Half Baked are Ganja related and it does help to fully appreciate the humor in this movie if you ever abused of the green herb. And it's even better to watch while getting stoned, that's what I did, and will do again when I'll watch it again as this humor doesn't get old.
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my notes
FeastMode30 June 2019
Some funny, clever, interesting and memorable. some stupid, unfunny, dopey, garbo. the brian character was so lame. i kinda hated him. most of the chappelle parts were funny (2 viewings)
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Moronic comedy about a bunch of guys who try to bail a friend out of jail by selling stolen marijuana.
Anonymous_Maxine6 May 2001
Half Baked is a drug comedy of the lowest order. It takes place in the all-American town of Anywhere, USA, in the mid 1980s, and concerns a group of pothead losers who come across a way to get their hands on huge amounts of marijuana, and use the opportunity to try to build up enough money to bail their pothead friend out of jail. Thurgood works as a janitor at a hospital and, as a result of having been asked to run an errand for a surprisingly generous scientist, has found a way to get his hands on a huge amount of the drug.

It seems that his idiot friend Kenny was thrown in jail because in a stoned stupor, he fed all of their munchies to a police horse, killing it. He is arrested by a ridiculously emotional police officer (a human one), and thrown into jail as a cop-killer. This provides the inspiration for the other guys to go out and sell enough of the pot to bail him out of jail, resulting in some cheesy and un-amusing comedy that would require some serious pot-smoking to enjoy.

There is a surprisingly small amount of thought put into this film, but for obvious reasons, given the fact that its target audience is stoned. There is a painfully un funny scene involving stoned police officers, and the whole plot to bring down the big drug mogul was not much of an addition to this terrible film. The ending tries in pathetic vain to deliver some sort of positive message about drugs (`I love weed.but not as much as I love pussy!'), but fails miserably and only ends up making it look even dumber. Even the hilarious stoned acting of Jim Breuer as Brian (`I'm not gonna do what you all think I'm gonna do and just FREAK OUT man!'), got old well before the end of the movie. Luckily, it's no secret the kind of low brow comedy that this is, so you know from the moment that you pick it up that you're about to watch something totally brainless. Your best bet is to avoid it.
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Half Baked
aidanratesmovies22 February 2021
It's a very weird comedy and there are almost no stressors throughout, which seems incredibly by design, but this slower stoner comedy does rve to be mostly enjoyable- despite it being too silly at times to take seriously. Dave Chappelle described this film as a Stoner Comedy for Kids, and I absolutely agree with him, and wish the studio would have gone with his original ideas and script. The result is a mish mash of childish humor and pot references, which can be rather entertaining, even funny at times, but you can't help but feel leaving the film that it was all rather lazy. The acting can be rather overdone at times, although it can also be quite amusing. I feel the film is largely a parody that doesn't know it is a parody all at once- an amusing time for sure, but one that in the long run doesn't totally make sense. In the end, Half Baked is a stoner comedy film that isn't by any means horrible, nor by any means great. In the end, its enjoyable, but you can't help but feel it's been half baked.

My Rating: 4.8/10.
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If you're a stoner this might all be hilarious, still more proof that smoking kills brain cells.
oneguyrambling8 June 2011
Half Baked joins Cop Out as another especially accurate title, even if it was not deliberate. It's like writers Dave Chappelle and Neale Brennan thought "How about we make a movie where we can give lots of our fellow comedians a job AND be able to tell stories for the next decade about how we weren't smoking prop dope onset?" The other guy nodded in the smoky haze, they financed the film based upon a script outline and then realised "sh*t we need jokes"? Here's what they came up with: Four guys live together with one common goal – to get as high as they can as often as they can using amusingly monikered smoking accessories. When one of them is imprisoned for inappropriate dealings with a horse – not that kind – the remaining trio decide to sell enough dope to cover the $100,000 required for bail before all sorts of hilarious jailsex acts can be perpetrated upon his person.

Thurgood (Chappelle) sources the superstrong weed through scientists that have genetically engineered it at the building where he is a janitor, in a couple of scenes that only happen in "look it's a dumb comedy, don't sweat the facts" films like the one I'm reviewing here.

After smoking the weed there are numerous easy near-chuckle inducing jokes and many moments designed to elicit "yeah we were dicks when we were high too" empathy. That being said if you weren't ever (or aren't now) high, it's merely a few boneheads sitting around talking sh*t, grinning inanely and doing very little. Even without the drugs I did several years of that in my 20s and while I loved it at the time I wouldn't pay to watch 90 minute snippets of it now.

The painfully unfunny Harlan Williams is Kenny the imprisoned bonehead – a plus as it limits his screen time to a few minutes and his jokes to a few allusions to looming non-consensual sex. Jim Breuer mugs every single scene that he is in, in either an amazingly accurate or at least amazingly stereotypical portrayal of a perpetually stoned moron. This leaves Guillermo Diaz to say "Yo" and call people "B" a lot while Dave Chappelle himself does and says all the things resembling comedy for the remaining hour or so.

The annoying thing is that while Chappelle was effortlessly funny – or appeared to be – for the 2 seasons of his own show he struggles mightily here. It's worth noting though that even if he doesn't make with the laff-laff too much he is already quite likable and his delivery is solid. It's just that likable is worth liking but hardly funny, and with most of the cast being unlikable and similarly unfunny, Half Baked comes across as somewhat – well – half baked.

Final Rating – 4.5 / 10. Proof that even remowned comic geniuses have to work on their craft before becoming instant successes. A couple of chuckles amid 80 mostly unfunny minutes.

(If you're a stoner this might all be hilarious, still more proof that smoking kills brain cells.)
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Awesome party movie and awesome movie altogether!
mattymatt4ever22 May 2001
All those who've gotten high in their lives--and don't lie!--can definitely relate to the characters in this movie in one way or the other. And the results are hilarious! Naturally, the majority of those who've seen the film remember it for Jim Breuer's hilarious character. He sooooo stole the show!! There are so many original, low-brow touches that put this in the Guilty Pleasure Comedy Hall of Fame. Get your buds together--no pun intended--and you'll have a blast! A comedy like this cannot be explained. You'll love it! And look for great cameos, including one surprising appearance by former "Full House" star Bob Saget.

My score: 7 (out of 10)
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Drug Culture Doesn't Translate
fwomp19 June 2007
HALF-BAKED is a film trying to mimic something along the lines of UP IN SMOKE in terms of incredulity and sophomorism, but fails to elicit the needed chuckle-factor it so ardently strives for. We even get a semi-cameo performance from Tommy Chong as a prison inmate known as "The Squirrel Master" but even his over-the-top antics couldn't save the film.

I'm not a big Dave Chappelle fan so that's probably a factor in my choice to review this film negatively. I don't watch THE CHAPPELLE SHOW; I just can't stomach his lowbrow comedy. I am, however, a lover of Cheech and Chong's films of the late 70s and early 80s. They were the very personification of the drug culture spilling over from the 60s.

The best "pot" movie of late that I can recall was THE BIG LEBOWSKI starring Jeff Bridges. More character piece than drug-culture talk, it had a very flawed and funny "Dude" at its core. Here with Half-Baked, the focus is muddled with side-jokes that often miss their marks.

The story is that of four marijuana smokin' friends who live lives of idleness and degeneracy. One buzzed-out day they send Kenny (Harland Williams) out on a munchies run. But while out collecting groceries galore, Kenny accidentally feeds all of the food to a diabetic police horse standing outside the store. The horse (of course) keels over of hyperglycemia and promptly dies. Kenny is whisked off to prison and a very serious threat to his anal virginity looms large. Protected by "The Squirrel Master" for now, Kenny must get bailed out before his protector hits parole. His three free buddies Thurgood (Chappelle), Scarface (Guillermo Diaz) and Brian (Jim Breuer) must come up with a flood of funds to spring him. Instead of ingenuity, though, they devise a not-so-sophisticated plan of selling lots and lots of weed. The trouble is, though, that another local drug lord wants in on their scheme. Also, Thurgood has fallen for a beautiful woman who's father is in prison for selling dope, and Thurgood must decide between love and getting high.

Homage to pot movies aside, the film simply isn't funny. There are a few lines that smack of excessive attempts to make the characters laughable ("I don't do drugs. I smoke pot.") and even they just don't hit the ol' funny bone.

The biggest blessing is that the film is only 82 minutes, so you don't have to put up long with it regardless.
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Four Stoner Friends Stay Half Baked
tbills211 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Thank you Dave Chappelle. Half Baked is one of the all-time classic comedies! It's definitely, definitely the best stoner comedy ever! I love Half Baked the whole thing is really funny. Plus also, Half Baked is actually a really good movie too it really is! Creative premise, hilarious writing, and epic storytelling! What's not too love? Dave Chappelle should do more movies now that's it's 2019 and weed is legal everywhere! I love Rachel True. Rachel is too cute for words. She is one of my favorite lesser known about actresses, period. She is so gorgeous. She one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in real life on t.v. I love Rachel as Mary Jane! I'd totally change my life around for her! In a heartbeat! Rachel True is so hot in Half Baked when Thurgood is on his date with Mary. Jim Breuer's stoner character, Brian, is so original and very classic plus so hilarious and Guillermo Diaz's stoner character, Scarace, is funny too as well as highly cool in this fun one of a kind unforgettable movie and even Harland Williams as Kenny too! Half Baked is a must watch! I wanna talk to Samson! Anyone who argues with this movie being a 7 has no life.
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A great comedy, Chapelle is hilarious
PersianPlaya4085 January 2006
Half baked is hilarious movie to me. Its a pothead manifestation film that doesn't take it self seriously and is pretty hilarious throughout. Dave Chapelle is very funny in the lead and to me is a better lead comedy actor than the likes of Martin Lawrence and even Chris Rock. Guillermo Diaz is also very good as Scarface. Rachel True provides good eye candy and decent performance as the female lead. This is not an Oscar film, but hilarious to watch with buddies and after watching it 3 times it doesn't get old. Its a funny screenplay, decent comedic direction and good performances, worth a look for any fan of comedy, pot or cinema.. 9/10
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"First of all, to understand Killer, you gotta understand who Killer the Dog was."
gigan-9218 January 2011
This film is one of my all time favorites. It's a real stand out comedy with damn good performances for what it is. most comedy today is pathetically predictable and just un-funny. From dismal family comedy flicks to the terrible ill amusing escapades of the date comedy. For me, their just way too formulaic. Is this story whole-heartedly original,no, not by far, but it's treatment is gloriously funny and pure escapist fun. The performances are better than you'd expect, giving off the feeling these guys are real close. Dave Chappelle is a riot,a real comedic genius. Guillermo Díaz is Scarface, Harland Willaims was terrific but the the performance I enjoyed almost even more than Chappelle's was that of Jim Breuer as Brian. If you've seen this movie then you know why I say this. Rachel True does as well as needed, but I found the tragic story of Killer by far more memorable (lol).

And before i forget there are some very memorable cameos from Jon Stewart, Snoop Dogg, and Tommy Chong naturally. Each is just funny as hell. I don't believe you have to be a stoner to get all the jokes, but being a user will make it all the more hilarious. Overall, my rain reason for loving this film is that it casually, repeatedly and openly points out that marijuana isn't really something to fear, disgust or be ridiculously conservative of. A 'pothead' myself, I really don't recall ever feeling the urge to "suck a d*ck" for some marijuana, so that's saying some thing right?

Take a hit, and Live life.
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Half Baked is funny!
jaws!29 April 1999
It's all about the laughs, and this movie proves it. Some scenes are very funny. It's also entertaining. I give this movie *** out of ****
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Not only for smokers, but certainly VERY "subjective" film here
Horror-yo8 February 2017
Don't mind the 10/10, I don't really think it's a 10, this is my own biased undying nostalgia for this film, and the sweet good times it symbolizes.

But barring that. I really struggle to understand why the critics were so corrosive in apprehending this one.

Of course, it is enjoyable, funny, entertaining etc... in a most subjective way. This almost feels like a film a friend of yours made and you can't believe is on DVD for you to check out whole. But there is still a (terribly silly) story, there's certainly a real soul and character to it, and it isn't boring by any stretch of the imagination, for the reefer-enthusiast or the others in the room.

It's short and sweet, stupid at will, and doesn't ever try hard like absolutely every other such film. If you like Chappelle's humor type, you'll like this for sure.
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Good Stuff
jts040531 October 2008
If you love watching movies with a high count of drug use with a very stupid plot then this is for all of those people including myself. I found this movie to be a really hilarious stoner comedy starring the very hilarious Dave Chapelle. I desired to rent this awhile ago because I do enjoy the Cheech and Chong movies a lot personally. So I figured that this would be an interesting stoner flick just like all of those before. If you notice Tommy Chong does make a cameo in this movie and he had me dying laughing. So if you are into the drug movies that seem hilarious for the little and less important things. Check this out now because it is the right thing for a person that enjoys stoner flicks.
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Good, but not great stoner comedy
kirk-24618 July 2009
'Half Baked' is certainly no 'Harold and Kumer Go to White Castle' or 'Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantamano Bay', and it's definitely no 'Knocked Up', but 'Half Baked' is actually a pretty decent stoner comedy with some funny and interesting moments.Dave Chappelle also does a good job as the main character.The movie is basically about a bunch of stoners who must try to get enough money to get their friend out of jail.You're probably wondering why their friend got in jail.He killed a police officer's horse by feeding it to death.Typical stoner comedy, right? But besides from some dumb moments, 'Half Baked' is a pretty good stoner comedy that actually teaches a valuable lesson: if you see a horse and you want to feed it, don't feed it too much.Also make sure that it isn't a police officer's horse.You'll be thanking me when you don't end up in jail.
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mmthos11 October 2020
You know those stupid movies that are only funny if you're stoned?

This isn't even one of them

you already know you're in trouble when they've hired SNL's unfunny Goat Boy

was so looking forward to comic genius Dave Chapelle's first "big" movie

what a disappointment

I know he's famous for getting stupid-stoned, but i never expected this stupid

even he admits this is his greatest career regret, so bring on the haters with your "unhelpfuls," even Dave himself agrees with me on this

waste of time, unless you actually do get THAT stupid when you're stoned.
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Half-baked indeed
joelwatchesmovies2 March 2021
A half-baked story, a fully-baked storyteller, and Old James (no wait, he wasn't there, I don't even know nobody named Old James) lend the film a certain smoggy air of awkward, stilted, fairy tale-like charm (Mary -Jane- Poppins-esque green-screen flying and all) but the good bits (e.g. guy on the couch, "janitor" and "scientist") are outnumbered by the bad ones: namely, a gross jail caricature (rape, always hilarious), eye-rolling scantily-clad henchwomen, and a romance that's hard to root for.
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This is just bad
Tak00524 April 2019
This is just a one joke movie. Four guys who are stoned all the time and doing stupid things. None of it is clever but rather just obvious and inane. Also unfortunately the acting, with exception of Chapelle, is sub par.
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