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MPAA Rated R for pervasive extreme drug use and related bizarre behavior, strong language, and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • One reptile creature is having what looks like anal sex with another lizard. Thief is brief and no actual human nudity is seen.
  • A photograph of a topless woman is seen.
  • Brief, occasional sexual references. One instance of graphic dialogue.

Violence & Gore

  • People are threatened with guns yet they are never used.
  • Dr Gonzo is extremely psychotic and regularly breaks out in violent outbursts but he is never seen hurting anybody.
  • A man is threatened with a hunting knife.
  • We see an aftermath of a road accident and there are corpses under sheets. There is some blood on the road as well as the sheet.
  • There is some war footage shown yet it is not too violent.
  • There is another instance of a man being threatened with a gun but the gun is not used.
  • A man hallucinates that there is a pool of blood on the floor.
  • A man hallucinates a lot of large reptilian creatures and we briefly see one of them biting the neck of another. There is some blood.


  • E
  • 'Fuck' is used a lot as well as shit, whore and many other strong profanities.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One thing to notice is that this film is mostly meant to show the consequences of drug use.
  • Illegal drugs are a main theme of the film. The two main characters are almost always abusing a drug during the film. They try many illegal drugs and the film shows each drug having a different effect on them.
  • The characters appear to be disoriented throughout the film and suffer the effects of each drug including prologned sequences of fear, anger and hallucinations.
  • A briefcase is seen near the beginning of the film, filled entirely with various drugs.
  • Gonzo vomits three times throughout the course of the film.
  • Hunter and Gonzo are shown drunk at three different times. They appear very disgruntled.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film is often bizarre and surreal. The realistic effects of drug-use are sometimes shown in a intense and explicit fashion.
  • The film depicts two characters who are stoned, high, and drunk out of their minds. The films shows the deteriorating effects of drug abuse. The story is taken from their point of view, so some viewers could find this disconcerting or intense. The film is intended to be a "trip" for the audience.
  • Several bizarre scenes include Hunter/Raoul imagining people as lizards that are covered with blood. He starts to feel faint and sees many different hallucinations. All of them can be unsettling in spite of the lighthearted undertone.
  • His lawyer threatens to kill him twice while under the influence of acid and cocaine (this is meant to be funny).
  • A scene where Gonzo is in the bathtub high on several drugs and tells Hunter to throw a cassette player in the tub to electrocute him to death (he doesn't).
  • A scene, in which Gonzo suddenly starts yelling out supposedly from cardiac issues, whilst Raoul frantically fires off drug-related suggestions to help him.
  • The scene where Gonzo threatens a woman is fairly intense. He talks in a slow and intimidating manner.
  • The movie isn't that scary, but it can be unsettling. The trips are not suggested for the faint of heart, as they sometimes involve insane and off-the-wall situations.

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