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(I) (2005)

Chris Evans: Johnny Storm



  • Johnny Storm : Wake up, Ben. Hey, rise and shine, big boy. How you feeling?

    Ben Grimm : Where am I?

    Johnny Storm : Back on Earth. We're in quarantine. Victor's medical facility.

    Ben Grimm : Reed? Sue?

    Johnny Storm : Oh, they're fine. Everybody else is fine.

    Ben Grimm : What's wrong with me?

    Johnny Storm : I swear to you, Ben, they've done everything humanly possible. The best plastic surgeons in the world are here, Ben. You had the best.

    [Johnny picks up a hand mirror on the bed table before Ben can reach it, reluctant to give it to him] 

    Ben Grimm : Give me that mirror.

    Johnny Storm : I don't think if that's a good idea. They said the shock alone...

    Ben Grimm : I said, give me that goddamn mirror!

    Johnny Storm : Okay, Ben. Just be strong.

    [Ben grabs it from him. Then slowly raises it to look and see that he's totally normal] 

    Johnny Storm : Unfortunately, the doctors just couldn't do anything to fix your face.

  • Susan Storm : It's got to be the cloud! It's fundamentally altered our DNA!

    Reed Richards : Now, let's not jump to conclusions. We need much more scientific evidence before we can say that.

    Johnny Storm : Hey, guys!

    [his thumb is on fire. He snaps his fingers, and it goes out. He snaps it on again, then off again] 

    Johnny Storm : Now picture that... But everywhere! I mean... Everywhere! *What*?

    Reed Richards : ...The cloud has fundamentally altered our DNA.

  • Reed Richards : I'm trying to figure out why we each ended up with different symptoms.

    Johnny Storm : Oh, well that's easy: I'm hot. You're... well, you're a little limp. Sue's easy to see through. And Ben's always been a hardass.

  • Nurse : [taking Johnny's temperature which charges the electronic thermometer to 209 degrees]  My God! You're hot!

    Johnny Storm : Why, thank you. So are you.

  • Susan Storm : You were at 4,000 degrees Kelvin! You were approaching Super-Nova!

    Johnny Storm : Sweet!

    Susan Storm : No, not "sweet"! That's the heat of the sun!

    Reed Richards : You could kill yourself, other people, and burn up the atmosphere, ending all human life as we know it.

    Johnny Storm : Got it. Super-Nova bad.

  • Ben Grimm : Hey, no more wise cracks about the way I look.

    Johnny Storm : Hey, call me Mr. Sensitivity.

    Johnny Storm : [walking through the crowd]  Okay, wide load coming through! Everybody move! He's huge!

    Ben Grimm : Hey! Come here, Mr. Sensitive.

    Johnny Storm : Flame on!

    Ben Grimm : Show-off!

    [Johnny flies into the sky to make a fiery 4] 

  • Johnny Storm : All right, I'm here, let's make this quick, I've got a lot of places to go today. Oh wait - I don't go anywhere!

    Reed Richards : Johnny, it's imperative that we stay inside for the foreseeable future.

    Johnny Storm : I know, I know, but when you said that last time my brain hurt a week.

    Susan Storm : Johnny, it's too dangerous for you to be in public.

    Johnny Storm : You've been saying that for years.

  • Reed Richards : [extends his arm, stretching it under a metal door, and bringing his hand up to the window on the other side] 

    Johnny Storm : That's gross!

  • Johnny Storm : [Ben enters the lobby]  Hey! Look what the marketing guys did! Look, check it out, listen, listen, you'll love this...

    [holds up a little Thing doll that says, "It's clobberin' time!" in a squeaky voice] 

    Johnny Storm : It's catchy, right?


    Johnny Storm : Isn't that great?

    [Ben takes the figure from Johnny, smashes it into the wall and stomps away] 

    Johnny Storm : Aww, that was the prototype!

  • Reed Richards : [while fighting Victor Von Doom]  Johnny! Supernova!

    Johnny Storm : I thought we agreed that was bad!

    Reed Richards : Now!

  • X Games Reporter : [referring to Ben]  What is that? What do you call that thing?

    Johnny Storm : That's it - the Thing. Yeah, you think this is bad, you should have seen him before!

    Ben Grimm : Okay. Now I'm gonna go kill him!

  • Reed Richards : [Talking about his home]  So what do you think?

    Johnny Storm : I don't know Reed, I think you might be taking you work home with you.

  • [after he falls off his snowboard and lights on fire, melting the snow around him into water, talking to nurse] 

    Johnny Storm : Care to join me?

  • [Susan has just taken off all of her clothes while she was invisible] 

    Johnny Storm : I'm gonna need therapy.

  • Johnny Storm : [to Ben, after first seeing him as The Thing]  Where are your ears?

  • Nurse : Johnny! You're on fire!

    Johnny Storm : Thanks! You're pretty good too!

  • [as the four enter the elevator, it creaks and from Ben's massive body weight] 

    Johnny Storm : Either we're moving really fast or not at all.

    [the elevator's "exceed maximum weight" sign lights up] 

    Ben Grimm : I'll take the stairs.

  • Johnny Storm : [to Reed, after the fight with Ben]  What?

    Reed Richards : You need to control yourself, and think before you act.

    Johnny Storm : Yeah, but you see, that's your problem; you always think, you never act! What if we got these powers for a reason? What if it's like some higher calling?

    Reed Richards : A higher calling? Like getting girls and making money?

    Johnny Storm : Is there any higher? You know what Reed - this is who we are. Accept it. Or better yet, enjoy it.

  • Johnny Storm : [to Doom, after he sent a heat seeking missile after him]  You missed me!

  • Susan Storm : [to Johnny as a heat-seeker rocket is heading towards them]  Don't even think about it!

    Johnny Storm : Never do.

    [he jumps off the Baxter Building] 

  • Susan Storm : You don't want to walk around on fire for the rest of your life, do you?

    Johnny Storm : Is that a trick question?

  • Chief Fireman : Who's the leader?

    Johnny Storm : That would be me!

    Chief Fireman : No, really.

  • Susan Storm : [about the machine that could change them back to normal]  What are the risks?

    Reed Richards : Even a small miscalculation could increase our symptoms exponentially - or perhaps even kill us.

    Johnny Storm : Now, dying - that's bad, right?

  • Johnny Storm : [to Reed]  Hey. Nice do. Likin' the grandpa look.

  • Johnny Storm : Come on, Ben. Smile. They wanna like you, bud. Say hi.

    [to a group of little kids] 

    Ben Grimm : Uh, don't do drugs!

  • [in a heated fight with Ben] 

    Johnny Storm : Let's see if we can get blood from a stone.

  • Susan Storm : Johnny!

    Johnny Storm : What?

    Susan Storm : You gave us names? You don't think! So now you're the face of the Fantastic Four?

    Ben Grimm : A face that's about to be broken!

  • Johnny Storm : Digital camera - $250. Memory stick - $59. The look on your hard-ass former C.O.'s face when he finds out he's your junior pilot - priceless.

  • Susan Storm : [Johnny is snapping his fingers and a flame is going on and off]  I said cut it out Johnny. Johnny.Stop!

    Johnny Storm : All right.

    Susan Storm : All right?

    Johnny Storm : Yes!

    Susan Storm : *God*

    Johnny Storm : [mockingly]  God.

    Susan Storm : What is wrong with you?

    Johnny Storm : What?

    Susan Storm : Uhhh!

  • Johnny Storm : If you're good, maybe daddy'll let you drive.

    Ben Grimm : You keep talking and there won't be a next time!

  • Reed Richards : What worries me is that our powers are evolving.

    Johnny Storm : I know - I know! I'm so close to flying, guys, I can taste it.

    Susan Storm : You can't fly.

    Johnny Storm : Yet.

  • [watching Johnny on TV at the Moto-X Games] 

    Susan Storm : He didn't.

    Ben Grimm : Oh, yes, he did! Flame boy never listens!

    Susan Storm : What did he do to his uniform?

    X Games Reporter : Johnny, I've got to ask you about this outfit.

    Johnny Storm : Yeah, it's sorta Armani meets astronaut.

    X Games Reporter : So, what are your superhero names?

    Johnny Storm : They call me the Human Torch. Ladies call me Torch.

    X Games Reporter : What about the rest of the team?

    [Sue's picture is shown on the huge screen] 

    Johnny Storm : That's the Invisible Girl.

    Susan Storm : "Girl"?

    X Games Reporter : What about your leader, Reed Richards? I hear you call him Mr. Fantastic.

    Ben Grimm : Could've been worse.

    Reed Richards : I guess.

  • Reporter- City TV : Excuse me. That thing doesn't look so fantastic.

    Reed Richards : Ben Grimm is a genuine American hero.

    Johnny Storm : What he means is, every team needs a mascot.

    [the reporters laugh] 

    Johnny Storm : A new day is dawning. *The day of the Fantastic Four!*

  • Johnny Storm : [diving off a building trying to turn his power on]  Come on, come on, come on. Flame on!

  • Johnny Storm : [after The Thing demolishes his red Porsche]  You think that's funny, Pebbles?

  • Johnny Storm : [referring to the nurse]  My future wife!

  • Susan Storm : Johnny, have you seen Ben?

    Johnny Storm : Yeah, Sunshine just left. Look Sue, I'm sorry, I... I can't stay in this freak show, I gotta get back to the real world.

    Susan Storm : You're calling that the real world?

    Johnny Storm : Sue stop, you're not mum, don't talk to me like I'm a little boy, okay?

    Susan Storm : Maybe I would if you stopped acting like one! Do you even hear yourself? Who do you think you are?

    Johnny Storm : Why is everyone on my ass? If you guys are jealous, that's fine; I didn't expect it to come from you though.

    Susan Storm : You really think those people out there care about you? You're just a fad to them, Johnny!

    Johnny Storm : Let's try something new. You live your life, I'll live mine. Sound good?

    [before Johnny walks out of the Baxter Building, he turns back to Sue] 

    Johnny Storm : Oh, and just for the record - they love me!

  • Johnny Storm : I need names... and shots. Bartender!

  • X Games Reporter : [about Reed]  Is it true what they say about him? That he can expand *any* part of his anatomy?

    Johnny Storm : Well, I've always found him to be a little limp.

  • Johnny Storm : [Sue turns invisible, then begins taking off her clothes but loses her invisibility]  I'm going to need therapy.

  • Johnny Storm : Please tell me your guy's not trying to rekindle things with my sister again.

    Ben Grimm : Of course not. It's strictly business.

    Johnny Storm : Yes. Well, his eyes say differently, don't they?

    Ben Grimm : Hey. Two hearts got busted last time. Maybe she's not over it either.

    Johnny Storm : Wow, Dr. Phil, that's deep. Let's think about that. You got Victor: more money than god, stud of the year. And you got Reed: world's dumbest smart guy, worth less than a postage stamp. That's a real toss-up.

    Ben Grimm : Don't trouble your tiny little mind.

    Johnny Storm : Don't wander off now, boy.

  • Ben Grimm : [about Reed's re-transformation machine]  So, how long til this contraption is up and running?

    Reed Richards : I don't know, it's hard to say.

    Ben Grimm : How long, Reed?

    Reed Richards : I don't know, uh...

    Ben Grimm : [upset]  You don't know?

    Reed Richards : You don't want this to get worse?

    Johnny Storm : Worse than *that*?

  • Johnny Storm : [after Ben has transformed back to the Thing]  Had a little relapse, huh? Welcome back!

  • Johnny Storm : [puts thermometer in nurse's pocket]  That's yours.

    [kisses nurse] 

    Johnny Storm : That's mine.

  • Susan Storm : It's too dangerous for you to go out into public.

    Johnny Storm : You've been saying that for years.

  • [Ben zips Johnny's suit all the way up] 

    Johnny Storm : Thank you. That's so sweet.

    Ben Grimm : I can handle this ship. I can even handle Mr. Blonde Ambition. But I don't know if I should be flying or doing Swan Lake in these suits.

  • Compound Reporter #2 : [to Johnny]  Is it true you can fly?

    Johnny Storm : Yeah, I'm working on that, its actually really difficult.

  • Johnny Storm : You know that looked cool!

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